Monday Live Blog – January 27, 2020

Monday, January 27
Scores Stream
10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT – [3] UCLA @ [25] Stanford   FREE

Haven’t heard anything about live scores yet, so fingers crossed for a return of the google sheet.

UCLA is going to “exploring depth” mode for today’s meet, with Shapiro and Poston in the beam lineup and Flatley and Lashbrooke in the floor lineup (also Hano is back to floor). Frazier is competing only bars.

Looks like it’s going to be RTN for the scores.

This is being kept for posterity:

Stream is live. Looks like we’re just starting the touch warmup.

I hope this camera that’s mostly the crowd is what we get for the whole meet. Oh wait, no, the opposite of that.

Rotation 1

“OK guys we’re live.” Are we though? Are we?

Cole – VT – Stanford – small hop on her full – better control overall this season on her vaults. 9.800

Hano – UB – UCLA – small loose back on first hs – ray to overshoot, good amplitude – quite short cast on high – giant full to double tuck, very small slide. 9.850 is high.

This dude really made a syllable meal of saying “Felicia Hano”

Bryant – VT – Stanford – excellent vault for her today – nearly stuck, small absorption bounce – great amplitude as always. 9.825

Kooyman – UB – UCLA – shap to pak, a bit of legs but pretty solid – late position on 1/2 turn on low – short final cast hs – DLO, a bit short, small hop. 9.775

Navarro – VT – Stanford – slide back on her full, should be a bit lower score than the last two because of a larger pike throughout the vault. 9.775, not enough separation between her and Bryant.

Kocian – UB – UCLA _ Stalder shap to pak, lovely close on cast 1/2 on low, but maybe a little short – good final cast – solid landing on FTDT, not a clear stick it seemed but it was also out of frame and cool cool cool. 9.900

Widner – VT – Stanford – excellent power and direction on her full, a larger bounce back on her landing as well though. 9.800

Flatley – UB – UCLA – good first hs – higgins to a clean jaeger – casts look good – toe on to bail, maybe a little rushed there – they’ve worked on these casts this week – a bit out of control on DLO, bounce back. 9.850

Brunette – VT – Stanford – bounce back on her full as well, similar size bounce to Widner but had a bit more piked shape in hers. 9.725

Frazier – UB – UCLA – good first hs – maloney to pak, very nice positions – short handstand into van leeuwen – not quite there on the handstands today – nice stick on DLO though. 9.900

Hoang – VT – Stanford – solid control on her full, though she did come in a little short with a step forward, so there will be some piking and chest position deductions to work through there. 9.750

Ross – UB – UCLA – “Kayla Ross” – maloney to bail, actually perfect – shoot to high , solid – I think she rushed that final cast handstand today, holds onto the stick well. 9.950. Fine with that.

After 1: UCLA 49.450, Stanford 48.950

Those bars scores were quite soft as I thought UCLA was a little off on the cast handstands for the most part today. Nothing problematic but they weren’t as crisp as they can be but were scored pretty much like their normal.

Steele went in exhibition and seems interchangeable with Kooyman at this point. I’d probably opt for Steele but Kooyman got a reasonable score today. Steele got 9.825 for her exhibition.

Stanford bounced back on a bunch of Yfulls and sort of got a “bounced back on a bunch of yfulls” score for the effort.

Also, twitter is fun right now about this terrible production of a meet broadcast if that’s your kind of thing.

Rotation 2

Tratz – VT – UCLA – she’s back to this one for the first time this year, but isn’t on floor today. EXPLANATION PLEASE.

Friday is not six days from now. MY GOD.

Tratz – VT – UCLA – OK for real this time – nice stick on her full – looked like not her usual distance on this vault, but she popped right up and stuck the landing. 9.825

Lawson – UB – Stanford – small leg breaks in the shap to bail combination – a litlte short on cast – giant full to double tuck, stuck landing. 9.850

Kramer – VT – UCLA – one of her hits on the Y1.5 – slightly underrotated and her right knee collapsed in a little bit, small hop.

Waguespack – UB – Sanford – shap to pak – cast 1/2, a bit late – some borderline handstand, mostly clean – DLO, overcooks it with an awkward lunge back. 9.625

I love hearing them try to figure out these background airplanes during the meet.

I’m dying.

We don’t know who is in a lineup ever of what’s happening.

Anyway we missed the beginning of Brunette on bars with all of them WHO IS CHLOE LASHBROOKE debacle but she had a nice DLO with a small hop. 9.875

Lashbrooke – VT – UCLA vaulting instead of Poston – regular, solid full, a little off to the side on the table, small hop back and a little piking. 9.825

Anyway, now we’re having a conversation about healthy baking??????

Widner – UB – Stanford – hits tkatchev – good toes – a bit of a leg break on bail – some short hs positions but the last one was better – DLO, small shuffle back. 9.700

Dennis – VT – UCLA – glorious full – great height as always and one of her stuck landings. Strong. 9.900

Bryant – UB – Stanford – hits tkatchev, a little low but clean – pak position is excellent and pretty solid on the cast 1/2 on low – good final cast – DLO, flings it out a bit with a bounce forward, biggest deduction of the routine there. 9.800

Hano – VT – UCLA – comes up a little short on her Y1.5 this time with a hop to the side, not too large a hop though. 9.825

Garcia – UB – Stanford – SHE PLAYS THE PICCOLO. hit jaeger to overshoot, not the highest overshoot but solid – short cast hs on high – dismounts layout 1.5, deep landing, small hop. “Stuck the landing.” No. 9.625

Ross – VT – UCLA – also a little deep on her Y1.5 today, small hop to the side and and then another step to control to salute. 9.900 is a bit high because she landed short short.

UCLA got out of vault with a 49.275 we think, although we never got a score for Gracie Kramer because that’s an encapsulation of this entire meet. So that might change.

Stanford 48.850 on bars. Sounds like the best routine was the one we didn’t get to see most of, from Brunette.

So we think it’s UCLA 98.725, Stanford 97.800

Apparently Kramer had to redo her vault at the end of the rotation and went 9.825? Huh? Did we have another vault runway photobombing?

Rotation 3

Stephenson – BB – Stanford – anyone else lose the stream during her aerial? Yeah.

It was only a matter of time. But messes are fun, aren’t they? I’m glad we’ve been able to enjoy this together.

Now watch Kyla’s going to get an 11 on floor and we won’t even be able to talk about it.

Anyway, I’m going to hang around here and hope the video comes back. On silent would be fine. We don’t need audio. In fact we’d prefer not to have it.

Stanford has to work against a 9.500 in the first three beam routines. UCLA has gone 9.875 9.850 9.850 to start floor.

We’re back to see Gracie Kramer on floor, solid landing on the second pass, this angle showed some crookedness in the switch side position – Nice routine, what we saw of it. 9.875

Navarro – BB – Stanford – bhs bhs loso series, lovely extension, small adjustment on landing- switch to split to straddle jump 1/4, pretty short on those this time, especially the straddle 1/4 – 1.5 dismount, good distance, small hop

Hano – FX – UCLA – hits her DLO, some chest down today but securely done – front full to 1/2 to double stag, a little piked over – split leap full to wolf jump full, clearly around – double pike, controlled well. Not quite all the way back there but close. 9.900. Judges are like, NO YOU’RE BACK

Really enjoying discussions of People magazine’s most beautiful people and dads being in accidents during these routines.

Bryant – BB – Stanford – OK don’t scare us this time – bhs loso, good – beat to switch split jump, nice – front tuck, sort of steps out of it – double tuck dismount is non-terrifying, step back. 9.900

Ross – FX – UCLA – whip to double tuck, maybe a small bounce – back 1.5 to layout – split leap full to popa to shush – double pike, good control there, nice position in the air. A moment of knees here and there, really strong. I see a 10 from one judge, looks like a 9.975 in the end. I had it at 9.900.

“Exhibition run.” Anyway Cole hit beam in exhibition and Emma Andres went OOB on floor.

Stanford drops a 9.500 and gets a big 49.325 on beam. UCLA goes 49.475 on floor.

After 3: UCLA 148.200, Stanford 147.125

UCLA will expect a mid 197 here now, while Stanford is still in line for a solid mid 196.

Rotation 4

Glenn – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, very secure, good extension – aerial to her excellent split jump – switch to split jump combination – nothing to take in the execution of these skills – the speed of combination is kind of borderline but not enough to take for – maybe a bit rushed in full turn – gainer full, stuck. Excellent.

Another leadoff 9.975 for Glenn.

Cole – FX – Stanford – 2.5 to front tuck, well controlled – switch ring to a switch 1/2, somewhat short in switch 1/2 – not the highest rudi into stag but hit and under control. 9.725

Poston – BB – UCLA – beat to straddle jump 3/4, small lean correction – bhs bhs loso, right on – 1.5, stuck landing. She had a break on the straddle 3/4, and some knee form things here and there, but definitely her most secure beam routine overall. 9.850

Lawson – FX – Stanford – 1.5 through to double tuck, solid landing, some chest position – split leap full to jump full, not quite up to 180 on those – double pike, does well to control landing, looked like she was going to come in short. 9.800

Ross – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series with a small lean, and then a little larger lean to correct it with a leg up – switch ring to beat, hit – literally almost fell on choreo with a large arm wave? LOL – aerial to beat, moves through despite being a little off, which is sort of characteristic of this whole set for her – strong side aerial to full. 9.750

Widner – FX – Stanford – DLO, a bit short, small hop forward. “Sticks it.” front lay to front full, secure – switch ring to switch 1/2, a bit short on switch 1/2 position – double pike, overdoes it with a lunge back. 9.800

Flatley – BB – UCLA – aerial to aerial to korbut combination, pretty elements – side aerial, solidly done – L turn to split jump to beat, a little pause controlling that L turn – bhs 1.5 with a hop forward. 9.875

Hoang – FX – Stanford – DLO, nice rise on that one, controls that front foot – split leap 1.5, good split position but under on the landing rotation – front lay to front full, solid – double pike, small bounce. 9.850

Dennis – BB – UCLA – smooth full turn – side aerial through to side somi Wevers still, pretty quick, check on the side somi – switch to split, some back leg on switch – 1.5 landing is truly crazy in that she kind of tried to pretend she stuck it but by the time she leaned and then spun around several times, I’m not sure she had actually ever showed control. LOL. No one cared. 9.875

Bryant – FX – Stanford – awesome full in, huge – front foot may have come up a little but the height – front tuck through to double pike, nailed landing – switch side to popa, good popa – open double back, a medium stagger backward. 9.875

Not knowing the difference between “routine” and “rotation” is…a thing.

Shapiro – BB – UCLA – getting to do a routine – switch to split…1/4, and then a little dance correction move lean thing – bhs to one-arm bhs to loso, pretty solid, small check – full turn, check – beat to side aerial to full, small slide on landing and off to the side. Good hit. Probably not into the lineup full time but a realistic option. 9.800 is sort of high.

Brunette – FX – Stanford – front lay to rudi, well controlled landing, just a bit ragged – wolf hop 1/2 to split leap full, not sure if that was supposed to be a full on the wolf but I’d credit 1/2 – double tuck, bounce back. 9.800

So UCLA will finish up with a 197.575, which they’ll take for what was a fine-but-not-ideal meet on any event. This was just kind of a weird meet on the floor in addition to our preposterous watching experience, and you saw that in several places with UCLA’s performance.

Stanford ends up with 196.250, which is a season high by a big ol bunch for them. No misses was a victorious story there. Competitive-enough lineups of six on each piece.

Just put a mic on Tabitha instead of trying to have commentators. Solved the problem right there.

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  1. oh good i’m glad we’re talking about whether the gymnasts are photogenic, this is absolutely how people talk about male athletes too

  2. Does anyone else find these commentators innocently hilarious? Through the eyes of babes

  3. So many spreads of 0.1+ today. Hano floor 9.85/9.95 Kooyman bars 9.7/9.85 Kocians bars too I believe. Also many athletes from UCLA didn’t travel to this meet. Marz has a sizable face bruise and it looks like she hurt her ankle.

    1. marz has eyeshadow under her eye with 24 written in memory of kobe bryant, not a bruise

  4. What kind of recruiting does UCLA do? It seems like elites and ok level 10s from Southern California…do they put much effort into it? Off topic but just thinking …

    1. Pretty sure the walk-one aren’t recruited. They are fans and want to be a part of ucla gym. But I could be wrong.
      I would like to see ucla with more ninja l10’s. Given how well their walk-ones do, imagine if they recruited top L10s

      1. Chae Campbell was elite at some point – not to say she isn’t currently a ninja at L10, but I usually think of that as recruiting someone who never made an elite run and stuck to JO.


    hilarious how these guys clearly don’t know a kip from a cartwheel

  6. I love how G Glen finishes her elements classic-style with her arms up. I’m really not a fan of the snap-your-arms-down as soon as you land trend.

    That was a flawless routine. Goddess.

  7. Since beam leadoffs NEVER receive a 10.0 (an unwritten rule apparently), what would Grace Glenn score if she went sixth in the beam lineup?

  8. Kyla be like “Shoutout to that one time Flavia fell on her beam choreo. All keens have our moments”

    1. It was a fun list of comments, but I do appreciate Stanford streaming the meet so fans could watch for free. Thank you.

  9. “Stanford gymnastics is like one of those pop-up restaurants that’s only open one Thursday every year and no one knows when it’s going to be or who’s doing it, and the only dish is a wicker chest of octopus foam.”

    A classic quote from Spencer summarizing this broadcast.

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