Skilling Eve

As if somehow the show knew that we would be so starved for gymnastics that we would take anything—the season 3 premiere of Killing Eve introduced us to our new assassin handler, who also happens to be a former gymnast.

I mean obvi. It’s the natural career path. How did it take us even three seasons to get here?

Nastia, let’s do this thing, is what I’m saying…

Anyway, we meet our new favorite Dasha via backstory…


Because I’m really loving this piked Jaeger in your 1974 bars routine.

You know…how you were just over there chilling with your Maloney.

With the bars that far apart.

I am nonetheless ready for Nellie Kim’s official response where she tells us that she did both the piked Jaeger and the Maloney in 1974 and they were perfect.

Although, we know this isn’t Nellie Kim because…Soviet elite from 1974 who now coaches while also training future assassins as a side gig? This is the Elvira Saadi story, and I’ll hear no further arguments at this time.

That said, home girl’s feet aren’t making any 70s Soviet teams with this attitude

Side note: even North Korea doesn’t pretend that Pak Gyong Sil had been born yet in 1974.

But the rest of it…right on target.

I mean, I think they have that inscribed on the wall at Round Lake, UCLA-style.

And this leo is direct from Ludmilla Tourischeva’s basement

This pain of a nation face bruise is a lovely touch

And this reaction to the presence of a boy entering the gym could not be more pitch perfect

Brb, FedExing this GIF to Daria Spiridonova while she tries to decapitate herself in quarantine…


Only one way to deal with that nonsense

The fifth apparatus in Soviet gymnastics: chalk-themed murder

Also historically accurate: that thing where you encounter your former pupil in present day and both immediately try to strangle each other

And then we laaaaaaauugghhh with vodka


The chance to inspire a future generation is such a privilege

Even when she has to deal with Becky Cameron over here falling on an aerial cartwheel

God, you’ll never kill Eve at this rate.

Anyway, champions achieved!

Plus, Villanelle taught us how to deal with Valentina

In conclusion, me want this jacket.

6 thoughts on “Skilling Eve”

  1. Who was the stunt double for the episode that does the Jaeger, Pak and maloney at the beginning?

  2. In their defense, they wouldn’t have been able to find a gymnast who could do the bars at the 1974 settings. Though maybe they should have stuck to the beam for realism.

  3. I love your blogs! Delicious. Can you do a piece about coaches parting athletes on the head and touching their faces? It happens ALL THE TIME and I think it’s super weird.

    Also, a piece devoted to the blunders of Al Trautwig would be hilarious!


    1. Dude, Nastia’s dad used to kiss her on the mouth! Idk about you but that’s weird to me.

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