National Signing Day 2021-2022

It’s NLI day!

To review:
NLI = National Letter of Intent

The National Letter of Intent is a document signed by future college athletes confirming their intent to attend and compete for a particular school. Signing the NLI signals the end of the recruiting process—i.e., all other schools must immediately cease recruiting that gymnast. The NLI is accompanied by the athletic aid (scholarship) agreement. Gymnasts can’t sign NLIs if they are not receiving athletic aid.

Wednesday marks the beginning of this year’s signing period, during which schools will finally reveal to us which gymnasts have signed on to join their programs for the 2022 competitive season. The large majority will be unsurprising since most of these gymnasts have been verbally committed to these schools since the womb, but there are always a few pieces of interest (usually regarding who doesn’t sign rather than who does).

So, let’s see what we see. If nothing else, this year will be a little different because typically these signing athletes would be tasked with replacing the routines contributed by seniors during the 2021 season, but with everyone being granted an extra year, that’s not necessarily the case this time. There will be more adding, without as much subtracting (potentially).

Many of the US Olympic hopefuls are planning to start college in the 2022 competitive season, but since a number of them have already signed with their schools during a previous period then deferred to pursue the Olympics, they won’t show up in these announcements. But, we are expecting to hear about McCallum, Eaker, Bowers, Suni Lee, Emily Lee, Aleah Finnegan, and Sloane Blakely among others in this week’s announcements.

NOTE: Many teams announce their classes one-by-one on social media, so if you’re desperate to know who has been signed by a particular school, keep an eye on that. I’ll note them here once the schools post their official press release for (at least what appears to be) the whole class.

NLIs 2021-2022

OKLAHOMA Release Jordan Bowers
Danae Fletcher
Moorea Linker
Danielle Sievers
Danae Fletcher is slated to join for the 2021 season. Because Oklahoma’s freshman class wasn’t big enough. It’s been a long while since we’ve heard from Jordan Bowers (she did compete a second of L10 at a new gym in 2020), who headlines this class. Danielle Sievers is the younger sister of Iowa State’s Meaghan Sievers.
Release 2
Sloane Blakely
Leanne Wong
Florida had previously signed Morgan Hurd and Riley McCusker to this class (just those nobodies), but added Sloane Blakely to the cool kids club today to make it an elite trio. As far as I can tell, we’re still waiting to hear about Shilese Jones, who has long been committed to Florida but wasn’t announced as part of last year’s signing class either. In Release Part 2: You Have to Wait Until Saturday edition, Florida also announced Leanne Wong as part of the group that will start in 2022 with Hurd, McCusker, and Blakely.
UCLA Release Alexis Jeffrey
Emily Lee
Jordan Chiles, Emma Malabuyo, Ana Padurariu, and Brooklyn Moors are also slated to start in 2022 after deferring 2021, joining these two signees. So it’s a class.
UTAH Release Kara Eaker
Grace McCallum
This is obviously a damn important class for Utah, with two of the most talented recruits and famous elites of the year both signing. This is a 90s Utah signing class. This is a “we’re trying to compete for titles again” signing class. (Per verbals, there were supposed to be a couple other L10s as part of this class, so we’ll see if that happens later and Utah was just too excited about Eaker and McCallum and was like, “EEEEE ANNOUNCE NOWWWWW” or if there are some changes to the class.)
MICHIGAN Release Abigael Vides
Jacey Vore
Ashley Lane
Vides is the name you’ll recognize from her senior elite sojourn. WOGA’s Deiah-Marie Moody had also verbally committed as part of this class but is not among the announced newcomers.
LSU Release Aleah Finnegan
Tori Tatum
Kaytlyn Johnson
Three elites to LSU, headlined by Aleah Finnegan, and we’re all very shocked she’s going to LSU. Never would have picked it. It was a bit surprising to see Tatum drop back to L10 after a really successful junior elite year in 2018, but that’s pretty much exactly what you want in a college recruit, someone with the elite skill set who isn’t totally beaten down by the elite process. Or, I mean, US elite is a dream…
DENVER Release Mia Hebinck
Momoko Iwai
ALABAMA Release Corinne Bunagan
Lily Hudson
Jordyn Paradise
Bunagan was a US elite for a second, who went on to represent the Philippines at worlds in 2018.
CAL Release Madelyn Williams
Ella Cesario
Jordan Kane
Mya Lauzon
Madelyn Williams is the star in this group, who shined in her short time as an elite. We were expecting British elite Amelie Morgan to be part of this signing class as well, but things sometimes happen later with non-US athletes.
MINNESOTA Release Marissa Jencks
Lauren Pearl
Olivia Reed
Haley Tyson
WASHINGTON Release Leah Smith
Lana Navarro
Ashley Blum
GEORGIA Release Maeve Hahn
Sarah Cohen
(Katie Finnegan was also supposed to be part of this signing class but is joining early for the 2021 season.)
KENTUCKY Release Jillian Procasky
MISSOURI Release Amari Celestine
Grace Anne Davis
Victoria Gatzendorfer
Alonna Kratzer
Jocelyn Moore
Release 1
Release 2
Natalie Briones
Phoebe Jakubczyk
Jade Carey will also be starting her competitive college career as part of this class, but she currently appears on the roster because she has started academically at OSU.
Jazlyn Wood
Mina Margraf
Release Sunisa Lee
Sophia Groth
Caroline Leonard
Sara Hubbard
Waiting on the full announcement, but we do have Sunisa Lee confirmed for Graba Part Deux.
ARKANSAS Release Cami Weaver
Frankie Price
Kalyxta Gamaio
Makenzie Sedlacek
Maddie Jones
NEBRASKA Release Ayzhia Hall
Halle Rourke
Emma Simpton
Savanah Warren
Release Hannah Loyim
Release Mallory Marcheli
Alex Theodorou
Release Ellie Cacciola
Katie Ours
Madeline Tyau
Release Peyton Childs
Hailey Merchant
Lauren Rutherford
Release Josie Bergstrom
Alexa Ebeling
Kendall Laplante
Release Anapaula Gutierrez
Jimena Gutierrez
Brenna Neault
Katya Sander
Release Alyson Fears
Emily Mueller
Release Tasha Brozowski
Athlyn Drage
Josephine Kogler
Lindsay Bacheler
Release Molly Arnold
Trinity Brown
Brie Clark
Kielyn McCright
Brooke Wilson
Release Elina Vihrova
Bella Salcedo
Jessica Johanson
Why did no one tell me that Elina Vihrova was coming to Penn State? I blame all of you individually.
Release Brooke Alban
Anna Leigh
Release Skyla Schulte
Gabrielle Stephen
Release Emma Loyim
Elaina McGovern
Alyssa Vulaj
Release Alyssa Beaulieu
Gracy Mowers
KENT STATE Release Brynne Tsipis
Alyssa Guns
Grace Wehry
Release Keanna Abraham
Allie Gard
Emily Pires
Megan Ray
Bella Trejo
Release Stephanie Berger
Kaitlyn Grimes
Jenna Hlavack
Tori Vetter
Release Hallie Copperwheat
Marisa Aiello
Nancy Kiner
Sidney Washington
Release Lali Dekanoidze
Julia Knower
Isabelle Schaefer
Release Ariana Gilley
Grace Sumner
Release Clara Hong
Mia Davis
Lauren Keener
Caitlyn Allen
Release Sophia Konieczny
Release Madison Greene
Nyah Reader
Lindsay Ockler
Release Lexi Bornhorn
Emily Castiglia
Kennady Kreinbrink
Baylie Lawrence
Kathryn Weilbacher
Release Ruby Mach

21 thoughts on “National Signing Day 2021-2022”

  1. post Covid, NCAA is gonna be lit. I can see Utah winning a national title with Eaker and McCallum as a dangerous duo leading that team. Eaker is gonna be a star AA when she is able to limit her difficulty on events. Her 1 1/2 if stuck is an automatic 10.

    1. Leanne is announcing her decision on Saturday, so I guess it’s not Stanford. Oklahoma, maybe?

    1. I am stunned — in a good way! — that Suni stuck with Auburn. Good for her, and thrilled for them.

    1. I am really looking forward to them in the upcoming years since of how many good recruits they’re getting. They’ve always been my one of my fav underdog teams.

    1. Georgia just has yet to land a top recruit under Kupets. . I am just curious why? I think they will struggle to stay in top 10. Let me guess it is Jay & Danna’s fault.

      1. It is absolutely Jay and Danna’s fault. They ran a championship dynasty team into the ground. None of the top names are going to want to go to Georgia when they are a tier 2 team at the moment. They haven’t won an SEC championship since 2008 and they have finished 4th or 5th the last 10 years. They haven’t won a National championship since 2008 and their 8th place finish in 2018 was out of luck for advancing to nationals and finishing dead last.

        Why would any top recruits want to go to Georgia? They are at best 4th ranked in the SEC and in the last 11 years since their last NCAA title have been ranked at an average 9th nationally. (best finish 5th, worst 13th).
        The top recruits are going to UCLA, Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, Utah, and Michigan, Alabama. Now Denver and Cal have entered that top group.

        Georgia used to pull in the recruits when it was winning everything and the top tier belonged to UGA, Bama, Utah, UCLA, Michigan. Now there is double the competition as teams like Florida and Oklahoma have won NCAA titles, and teams like LSU are winning SECs and coming up in the top 3 at Nationals.

        Jay shows that he is a phenomenal recruiter but has yet to show that in terms of head coaching so we shall see how he does on his own again.

        Kupets is a household name at UGA but the current top ranked recruits aren’t as impressed by her as they would be someone they grew up watching like Jordyn Wieber for example. UGA was hoping her name would grab top recruits, but it hasn’t. Top recruits don’t care about the Olympic pedigree of an NCAA coach, they care about winning conference and national titles. If the team isn’t at the top of the pack, they aren’t appealing as a top option.

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