2021 UCLA Bruins

Nia Dennis
  • Competed VT, FX each meet in 2020
  • #1 returning score on both (9.915 FX, 9.875 VT)
  • Competed 2 BBs (hit 1 of 2)
  • Competed UB in 2019, avg 9.814
Savannah Kooyman
  • Competed UB each week in 2020
  • NQS of 9.805
Kendal Poston
  • Competed 9 VTs, 5 BBs in 2020
  • #2 returning score on VT (9.820)
  • Avg of 9.675 on BB
Nicki Shapiro
  • Returned to roster to compete 5 BB, 1 UB
  • Hit 4 of 5 on BB (avg 9.690)
  • Scored 9.775 in single UB routine
Pauline Tratz
  • Competed 4 VT, 4 FX in 2020
  • Avg 9.800 VT, 9.638 FX
  • 2019 NQS of 9.900 FX, 9.850 VT
Lilia Waller
  • Returns to roster for 2021
  • Last on roster in 2018, did not compete
Norah Flatley

  • Competed UB, BB in 9 of 10 meets in 2020
  • #1 returning score on BB (9.885)
  • #2 returning score on UB (9.845)
  • Competed 6 FX, hitting 5 of 6
Margzetta Frazier

  • Competed AA first 3 meets of 2020
  • Then limited to UB due to injury
  • #1 returning score on UB (9.915)
  • Avg 9.925 FX, 9.817 VT, 9.800 BB
Samantha Sakti
  • Competed BB in 8 meets in 2020
  • #2 returning score on BB (9.830)
Sara Taubman
  • Did not compete in first 2 seasons
Sekai Wright
  • Missed most of 2020 season
  • Competed 2 VT, avg 9.750
  • NQS of 9.855 in 2019
Emma Andres
  • Competed 3 FX, 1 VT (9.750) in 2020
  • Avg 9.817 FX
Paige Hogan
  • Did not compete in 2020
Chloe Lashbrooke
  • Competed 6 FX, 2 VT in 2020
  • #2 returning score on FX (9.860)
  • Avg 9.775 VT
Kalyany Steele VT
  • Competed 6 UB in 2020
  • Hit 5 of 6, NQS of 9.660
Chae Campbell
  • Metroplex
  • 3rd AA, 2019 JO Nationals
  • 9th AA, 2020 Nastia Cup
Frida Esparza
  • Head Over Heels
  • 2018 Mexican AA champion
  • 32nd AA, 2018 World Championships
Sara Ulias
  • Paramount
  • 3rd UB, 2019 Region 1

2020 – 3rd
2019 – 3rd
2018 – 1st
2017 – 4th
2016 – 5th
2015 – 11th
2014 – 8th
2013 – 4th
2012 – 3rd
2011 – 2nd

UCLA held its own through 2020, recording plenty of strong scores and setting itself up as a compelling pick to make the team final and one of the more convincing options to score a championship upset, if an upset was to be had. Though, in the final year of the Ross/Kocian class, UCLA would have entertained hopes of an actual national title, hopes that were not able to play to a conclusion because of the abbreviated season.

Kyla Ross – VT, UB, BB, FX
Madison Kocian – UB, BB, FX
Felicia Hano – VT, UB, BB, FX
Gracie Kramer – VT, FX
Grace Glenn – BB
Anna Glenn – (VT, UB)
Macy Toronjo – (UB, FX)

Frida Esparza – VT, UB, BB, FX
Chae Campbell – VT, UB, BB, FX
Sara Ulias – UB


Expectations for UCLA in 2021 will be lower than is typical for this team. Given what routines have departed and the gymnasts deferring until next season, it’s just not even mathematically possible for the handful of new athletes to make up for the scores that have been lost, so athletes who weren’t scoring high enough to make lineups in the past will now be called upon to contribute critical routines. I do, however, kind of wish Miss Val were still head coach just so she could tell us that “actually I think this year’s team is better than last year’s team because they’ve had to work harder for it.”


2020 Event Ranking: 5

Lineup locks: Nia Dennis, Sekai Wright, Kendal Poston, Chae Campbell
Lineup options: Pauline Tratz, Marz Frazier, Frida Esparza, Norah Flatley, Chloe Lashbrooke, Emma Andres, Kalyany Steele

Last season, UCLA was able to get by on vault without much from Pauline Tratz and with Sekai Wright being temporarily ineligible, but that luxury no longer exists and having both competing full time will be critical in 2021. Otherwise, UCLA gets down to “Yfull for 9.750” pretty quickly on the depth chart. Wright and Tratz need to join the might-as-well-be-a-10.0-start Yfull from Nia Dennis and the hs pike 1/2 from Kendal Poston (another vault that will have to carry more weight in 2021) in the meat of the lineup. I also expect to see weekly contribution from Chae Campbell, who has a gigantic Yfull of her own.

So if you have Dennis, Campbell, Wright, Poston, and Tratz, that’s a reasonable five, and there are a number of other very viable Yfulls on this team—including from Frida Esparza who could see time here—to fill out a group of six. But that’s still a lot of fulls. Too many for a top team. It could get very 9.8y. So in the quest to find new scores among familiar faces, I’m thinking about Marz Frazier, who is too good at vault to be…not really a vaulter in college. And what of Kalyany Steele, who had a DTY ages ago in elite but competed only bars last season? Someone like that will have to emerge to keep UCLA from getting stuck in the friend zone of 49.2s on vault in the no-Ross/no-Hano era.


2020 Event Ranking: 2

Lineup locks: Frida Esparza, Marz Frazier, Norah Flatley, Kalyany Steele
Lineup options: Chae Campbell, Nia Dennis, Nicki Shapiro, Sara Ulias, Savannah Kooyman

UCLA has lost some…kind of famous bars routines, but does return a solid core that can get 9.9s and prevent this lineup from falling too, too much. Weirdly, it’s not the one I’m most concerned about. Marz Frazier scored at least 9.900 for every bars routine last year, Norah Flatley can certainly get 9.9s depending on the dismount, and Kalyany Steele started to find her way toward the end of last season and should continue to grow into a more critical lineup contributor this year. Perhaps most importantly, newcomer Frida Esparza is an absolutely tremendous bars worker from whom the world will be expected right away. No pressure, but be Kyla, ok byeeeeee.

That’s an essential and competitive four, but a relative lack of options for routines five and six could still be a stumbling point. Ideally, Nia Dennis would be there, but she was not able to compete bars at all last season. I imagine the team will get Chae Campbell in there, who racked up consistently high bars scores in JO with worthwhile amplitude, and Sara Ulias has some pretty tools on bars to work with. Nicki Shapiro went once last season for 9.775, and Savannah Kooyman has made a career of being able to go as needed for a road 9.7/home 9.8. And I see “as needed” happening a lot this year. There could be a 9.750ish nestled into the #2 or #3 spot for the Bruins in 2021, but that’s actually not an unusual phenomenon for them.


2020 Event Ranking: 5

Lineup locks: Norah Flatley, Frida Esparza, Samantha Sakti
Lineup options: Nia Dennis, Kendal Poston, Marz Frazier, Chae Campbell, Nicki Shapiro

Norah Flatley will be called upon to move to a position of lineup leadership in 2021, now as the most experienced true beamer on UCLA’s team. Samantha Sakti, who started strong then missed some time last year, will be counted on even more, and Frida Esparza should be nearly as important on beam as she will be on bars. So…you’ve got three? What else is there?

Nia Dennis has been a sometimes-beamer throughout her time at UCLA, but it would be a major boost to the team if she could turn into an always- beamer in her senior year. In terms of max scoring potential, she can be right up there with the lineup locks. The last couple seasons, Kendal Poston has been the scrappy backup trying to fight her way into the lineup, and now the waters have parted for her to get in there every week if she can prove consistency. It’s these returning athletes and these returning routines that will have to step up for UCLA to fill out lineups and have a chance to develop competitive scores without as many “look at my toe, thank you for the 10” athletes this year.

Marz Frazier is another who started out in the lineup last season pre-injury, and while beam has pretty much always been her 4th-best piece, it’s still a very countable score. I’d say the same is true for Chae Campbell, who never got the same scores on beam as the other events in JO but has the ability in both the acro and leap positions. And of course, it would make the world right and good if Nicki Shapiro were suddenly just a world-beating beamer in 2021.

None of this year’s sophomores competed beam last season because there was no reason for them to, but since things aren’t looking super deep in terms of returning beamers, UCLA may also need to call upon a routine from someone like Emma Andres to fill out the list.


2020 Event Ranking: 1

Lineup locks: Nia Dennis, Marz Frazier, Frida Esparza, Chae Campbell
Lineup options: Pauline Tratz, Chloe Lashbrooke, Norah Flatley, Emma Andres

Where…where did everybody go? UCLA is coming off two consecutive seasons ranked #1 in the country on floor, a feat that can largely be attributed to a bunch of gymnasts who aren’t here anymore. That’s why the most important factor in UCLA’s effort to retain floor as a strength in 2021 will be the health of Marz Frazier. Her floor can warrant actual, real-life 10s when she’s at her best, and that’s more critical then ever right now. There were times in recent seasons where we were trying to decide who among Dennis, Frazier, and Tratz would get left out of the floor lineup. Now, you’d basically die without any of those routines.

Frida Esparza can pull out some unexpectedly big tumbling, and Chae Campbell has the leap amplitude, acro repertoire, and performance comfort to find herself right at home in the lineup. UCLA will hope to count on both of them. We’ve seen other athletes on floor—Norah Flatley has gone, Chloe Lashbrooke and Emma Andres showed floor last year—but they’ve been in a bonus-routine role that they won’t be in any longer. The moment of “oh wow, Norah Flatley-slash-Chloe Lashbrooke is going on floor this week” “oh wow, she got a 9.925” can’t be a pleasant surprise anymore. It…kind of has to be plan A. But the fact that there are that many returning athletes who have scored 9.9s before does mitigate some of the concern.

16 thoughts on “2021 UCLA Bruins”

  1. The “Someone called Katelyn Ohashi fat 10 years ago, everyone gets 10” era is gone!

    1. This is a stupid comment. Yes, some of those scores weren’t realistic, but they were excellent routines that deserved excellent scores. Although judges may give unrealistic scores, it’s unlikely out of pity. By your logic, Maggie Nichols and Oklahoma only recieved high scores out of pity for Maggie not making the Rio team.

      1. Where did I mention Maggie Nichols? I was commenting on UCLA which is a different team than Oklahoma. Repeat after me, “UCLA and Oklahoma are different”. Repeat it again. Again.

  2. UCLA just needs to survive this year and wait until they can get Malabuyo, Chiles, Moors and Paidurairiu to get them back at the top

    1. Lets be realistic- Malabuyo is still training with KZB for the ympics, right? We all know where that road leads…

      Ucla has one of the worst track records for recruiting broken elites who have near to nothing to give once they reach college. Remember watching walk on compete aa because none of the scholarship athletes were healthy. We will see if Waller can turn that around.

      1. Yes I mean even when that group of four next year arrives Florida Oklahoma and Utah are getting even better signing classes for 2021. And right now a top 8 ranking for UCLA seems to be relying on 2 of Esparza, Campbell, Dennis, and Frazier doing the AA, and who knows if that will happen?

        To your point on Malabuyo though, Ragan is doing pretty well in college and so did Kennedy Baker so I wouldn’t count Emma out on being a star at UCLA

  3. Feel like bars will be the only UCLA lineup this year in the national top 5 (IF they can get Dennis in). Vault is behind all the other top teams and beam and floor have too many untested routines vaulting up into key places.

    1. I agree. There are a lot of missing routines, especially on BB. Too many routines to replace with this freshman class. However, when I stated in a previous post that UCLA might struggle to stay in the 5-8 range, I was called delusional. At least someone agrees with me! No one really has the ability to get auto-10s like Ross had either. Frazier on FX is possible, but she is also bouncy on her landings at times.

      1. I feel like Ross hit NCAA at just the right moment with just the right attributes. She was undeniably clean but I feel like if she were there during one of the mini-eras of tougher scoring she would not have hit so many 10s with her difficulty. I’m sure someone will point out many an undeserved ten in other errors versus a squeaky clean Ross but my point remains. I also wonder if UCLA lost some of their Miss Val bonus with her gone. Its rarely mentioned how many times she hectored judges and seemed to get away with it.

        All that said- they will be loaded when the 2022 season rolls around.

    2. I still think floor will achieve a high ranking with Dennis, Tratz, Frazier, Flatley (who was scoring quite well), Esparza, and Campbell, who have great tumbling. I believe that they’ll stay in the 5-8 range and depending on if Esparza and Campbell perform AA and score as well as they could and Dennis and Frazier get back to full strenth, they could challenge for Four on the Floor although it would be an uphill climb.

      1. Def. but it will all depend on what this UCLA team will look like without the leadership of that senior class who were super consistent. It is not just Ross that they lost but Kocian and Glenn provided strong UB/BB and BB respectively. Grace Glenn’s BB leadoff routine is arguably the biggest routine lost from last year due to her perfection in that spot and always got the team off to a strong start with an immediate high score. Kramer was consistent in VT and provided that FX punch to give the back end the scoring boost. Felicia Hano was underrated for her AA ability and consistency. It will all depend on what happens with entirely new line ups. There is something to say about a team having to use someone that was previously the back-up on an event. Not only will Florida, Oklahoma, Utah, LSU, Michigan be in the mix. But Alabama, Minnesota, and California all got stronger this season. You also have to include rising Arkansas, Kentucky, improving Missouri, Georgia and Denver. UCLA could make Four on the Floor or they could be 10th. We won’t know until we see how UCLA performs. If they struggle the first few meets, it will be a challenge to stay in the top 8, and the new NQS format could potentially hurt them, but it also might benefit them as well. IMO UCLA, Georgia, and California will be the most intriguing teams to watch to start the season. Just to see how they end up.

      2. Tratz had a standout freshman year and has been slipping ever since. You can’t even count on her for a 9.8
        Bring back Jordyn weiber caliber floor coaching.

  4. I’ll be curious to see who gets the lead off position for beam. Grace Glen is pretty irreplaceable, but I don’t see any legit candidates. Esparza, maybe? How is her steadiness, I’m not too familiar with her.

    Flatley needs to be an auto-9.9, on bars and beam, but really floor, too. They need to find the right routine that she can hit perfectly every time. There’s really no excuse, she is more than capable.

    Id love to see this be the year Nia pulls together a solid aa program. Talk about capable – its all in her mental game.

    Yes to project get Marz a 10 vault.

    Ucla just seems to squander so much talent… sigh

    1. “I’d love to see this be the year Nia pulls together a solid aa program. Talk about capable – it’s all in her mental game”
      I feel like pretending it’s all just a mental game, doesn’t work out with Nia. She had a torn labrum and i believe a torn bizeps. No wonder she wasn’t competing bars. She had surgery in fall i believe, so hopefully she can do AA this season!

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