Monday Live Blog – February 15, 2021

Michigan and Nebraska, starting now. Meet is on the Big Ten Network. Scores are here. Very interested to see how Michigan looks after the weeks off.

Rotation 1

Heiskell – VT – Michigan – strong height on her yfull, good lift, laidout position – chest up, small slide back. 9.850

Piringer – UB – UN – shortish first hs – maloney to bail attempt, large leg break and possible no handstand credit – giant full with legs into double tuck, hop back. Had been missing so important to come in with a hit.

Brenner – VT – Michigan – Y1.5 – pretty solid, comes in a little short, slide back, some knees. 9.900. 9.950/9.850 split and I have some questions for 9.950.

Long wait for Piringer score. I’d guess they’re discussing whether they gave the bail handstand or not. I also see a UTL posted, and if they don’t give her bail credit, then she would get a UTL deduction as well because she wouldn’t have two Ds.

They end up with 9.650 for Piringer, which is quite charitable. Would have decided to give the bail to get to 9.650. And now that has been raised to 9.750, which I don’t get.

Lorange – UB – Nebraska – good frist hs – maloney to pak, nice position on pak – quite late on 1/2 turn on low bar – slightly short cast – giant full into double tuck, gets low on the double tuck, chest down and a lunge forward. 9.675

Wojcik – VT – Michigan – strong Y1.5 but not her best – medium hop forward, great distance, has the form. Some leg break on block. 9.875

Another bars judging convo.

Thaler – UB – Nebraska – loose arch on cast hs – maloney to pak. pretty combo – again rather late on 1/2 turn on low – short cast hs on high – giant full into double tuck, hop. 9.775

Morrison – VT – Michigan – another solid Y1.5, medium pace forward, good height and direction.

Colombo – UB – Nebraska – shortish first hs – higgins to high piked jaeger, nice – short hs out of it – pak, solid – ooof can’t cast up out of it, pauses and has to redo it into 1/2 turn on low – higgins to front giant full to double tuck, hop. 9.775 pretty high for that handstand cast error.

Brooks – VT – Michigan – good Y1.5, smaller hop forward, has the distance of course, a little bit of knees.

Roby – UB – Nebraska – short first cast, but close – blind to jaeger, hit, good toes – solid cast on high – pak, smooth – a bit better on 1/2 turn on low, still a little short – better casts – DLO, small movement. Nice. 9.875

Wilson – VT – Michigan – only the full, bounce back, an easy vault for her – chest up, opens early, good layout, but kind of a large bounce.

Guggino does exhibition on vault – really solid full, basically sticks, steps out to salute. Not the most amplitude or distance, but an option. Good landing.

Nebraska just 5 on bars, but Roby saves the rotation with a 9.875 for 48.750. They got through with five hits, which is progress. Michigan 49.375 on vault for a mostly on-track vault rotation similar to what we were seeing before the shutdown, save for Wilson doing only a full.

Rotation 2

Piringer – VT – Nebraska – pretty solid full, medium bounce back, a little bit of pike at the end. 9.800

Heiskell – UB – Michigan – blind to jaeger, catches close with some leg break – nice high pak – solid cast hs – giant full to double tuck, deeper landing there with a step forward. 9.825

Dujakovich – VT – Nebraska – strong height on her full, bounce back, some feet in the air, some pike. Solid. Olivia relates that they’re not having her bring the 1.5 back. 9.775

Koulos – UB – Michigan – blind to jaeger, good toes, not the highest – bail, good toes there as well – casts look solid – DLO, small step back. Really clean work. 9.850

Comin – VT – Nebraska – excited to see her in a lineup – solid dynamics, a medium bounce back but lots of potential there – 9.800

Brenner – Ub – Michigan – short first hs – jaeger to overshoot, strong amplitude there – better cast hs on high – DLO, small slide back. 9.900

Press – VT – Nebraska – a Y1/2 an does it as a legitimate Yurchenko Arabian with a 1/2 turn before a layout salto. Very good. 9.875

Wilson – UB – Michigan – blind to piked jaeger, hit – bail, gets to vertical in the end after a little angle in the air – some short casts in here, none large – DLO, bounce back. 9.900

Lorange – VT – Nebraska – yfull is more of a struggle for her, lands chest down with a bounce back – feet apart in the air. 9.675

Brooks – UB – good first handstand – clean piked jager – bail, gets to vertical well – best casts of the rotation by far – DLO 1/1 with a full tenth bounce back. 9.850

Curtis – VT – Nebraska – a gigantic bounce back into Wisconsin on her yfull, good distance, some clear piking. 9.675

48.925 for Nebraska on vault.

Wojcik – UB – Michigan – good first hs – toe on to her huge deltchev – short next cast – bail, rushes a little but got tovertical – strong final cast hs – DLO, great stick….to lean salute. 9.900

49.400 for Michigan on bars.

After 2: Michigan 98.775, Nebraska 97.825

Morrison in exhibition for Michigan with a really strong gienger, legs together – definite lineup possibility.

Also, Nebraska got a crap-ton of bars scores raised, Roby up to 9.925 and Piringer up to 9.750.

Rotation 3

Bauman – BB – Michigan – another emergence in a lineup today – full turn – bhs loso series, good legs, secure – switch 1/2, a little slow into split jump, small check, but pretty nice switch position – side somi, non-ugly, straight legs like Koko Tsurumi – side aerial to full with a fake-stick step forward. Well, that should stay. 9.850

Curits – FX – Nebraska – double pike, solid position, just a little steppy – front full to layout, a bit soft – switch ring to switch 1/2, a bit short on 1/2 – double tuck, a bit bouncy, stays in. 9.825

Wilson – BB – Michigan – cat leap – bhs loso and manages to stay on the beam impressively because I think both her feet momentarily exploded on landing, a strange moment but not a huge check – switch side, arm wave – full turn, over turns it and a bend correction – double tuck was excellent but lots of deductions in there. 9.775. Got away with that one.

Dujakovich – FX – Nebraska – double pike, good height, some foot shuffling – split leap full to popa, short on split full position – rudi, slide back – 1.5 to full is pretty solid. 9.800

Farley – BB – Michigan – bhs loso series, secure, feet flexed – split jump to split 1/2, looked short – 1.5 turn, lovely – side aerial to split jump, good gainer pike, good stick, just a bit deep. 9.850

Piringer – FX – Nebraska – double tuck, small slide back, good chest up – 1.5 to layout, good rise, keeps her layout position – switch side to popa – double pike, that one was shorter with a step forward. 9.875

Mariani – BB – Michigan – side aeiral, small pause before split jump, good elements, slower connection – beat to switch side, strong – bhs loso series, small adjustment – 1.5 dismount, step forward. 9.875

Press – FX – Nebraska – DLO, hits, legs apart, slide back – split leap full to popa, gets up to split positions, somewhat out of control – 1.5 to layout, under control but again some ragged form – front lay to front full, good. Front lays are a strength for her. 9.725

Brooks – BB – Michigan – bhs loso loso, very solid – swtich to switch, back leg positions look solid, though tough to tell from this angle – full turn – kickover, secure – double tuck, lands short, hop forward. 9.900 with what would have had to be a full tenth on dismount.

Higgins – FX – Nebraska – front 2/1, a little under, step adjustment – switch side to popa, high, a tad crooked – rudi, pretty solid – nice side pass sequence, I like that – 1.5 to layout, very solid. Good work. 9.825

Wojcik – BB – Michigan – aerial to beat, smooth – switch to split, lovely positions – bhs bhs loso, right on – extended arms sequence before 1.5, stuck. Beautiful.

Annnnnd she got a 10.000.

A lovely routine. And the scores had been rising toward it in this rotation.

Lorange – FX – Nebraska – double pike, secure, flexed feet – front lay to front full, solid, just some loose position again – switch ring to switch 1/2 – back 1.5 to layout, has to tuck the layout to get it around and has legs apart in the combo.

So that’s 49.475 on beam for Michigan

Dean giving Olivia credit for calling a 10.000 for Wojcik today pre-meet. I’m assuming it went a little like, “I saw that LSU/Florida scoring, so every one of Natalie Wojcik’s routines should get an 11.”

Nebraska 49.050 on floor to keep close to 196 pace, which would be a big deal for them.

After 3: Michigan 148.250, Nebraska 146.875

Rotation 4

Lorange – BB – Nebraska – bhs loso, pretty solid – switch to split, short on split, small lean – hits side aerial – split jump 3/4, just a couple low split shapes – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 9.850

Morrison – FX – Michigan – double pike, keeps front foot down – overdoes her double tuck, large bounce back – split leap full to popa to popa, solid height, landing positions looked good – front lay to front full, some legs apart on lay. 9.775

Curtis – BB – Nebraska – wolf hop to front tuck, comes up well short and falls – resumes with bhs loso series, another large break at the hips – switch to split is nice – 1.5 dismount, good stick. 8.900

Koulos – FX – Michigan – split leap full – 2.5, hit, under control – double pike, the same, comfortable landings – some shorter split positions – front lay to front full, very secure work. 9.850

Higgins – BB – Nebraska – hit candle mount – beat to sheep, solid landing – bhs bhs loso, hit well with a minor arm wave – straddle jump, good position – gainer pike with a step salute. 9.800

Brenner – FX – Michigan – full in, solid landing, just a bit crunched coming into the landing – 1.5 to front lay, strong – switch side to popa, some indistinct landing positions there – double pike, solid, small foot movement. 9.875

Thaler – BB – Nebraska – aerial, small hesitation into bhs bhs, good bhs shape – switch to beat, pretty – kickover with a small check – full turn, another small correction – 1.5 dismount. 9.875

Brooks – FX – Michigan – great full in, keeps front foot down – 1.5 to layout, gets a little low in layout but fine – short back leg in second split full in combination – double pike, controlled landing. 9.875

Roby – BB – Nebraska – aerial to bhs bhs, strong, good extension on aerial – split jump to stag ring, small correction – side aerial to full, holds stick. Good. 9.875

Wojcik – FX – Michigan – double pike, a little over witha slide back – split leap full to wolf jump full – front 2/1 to front pike, a little legs – rudi to straddle, under control. 9.875

De Jesus Cortes – BB – Nebraska – kickover to back tuck series, large break, arm wave and turn to the side, stays on – side aerial, another check – split jump 1/2 from side, hit – cat leap to switch side and falls. Nebraska was close to a hit meet. And yet. Finishes punch front full and sticks. 9.025

Wilson – FX – Michigan – big full in from her as well, secure landing – front lay to front full, landing under control, great layout shape – huge switch side and popa straddles – double tuck, bounce back. 9.925

FINAL: Michigan 197.650, Nebraska 195.300

So seems like Michigan is doing fine?

14 thoughts on “Monday Live Blog – February 15, 2021”

  1. Michigan judging is officially in the “carol club”. Colombo’s 9.775 is crazy and Brenner’s vault was not a 9.9.

    1. Does this mean Michigan made it? Carol always shows up for the teams that really don’t need the extra gifts.

      1. Yep! They’ve made the big league!

        Also, Piringer’s bars was raised to a 9.75, which seems nuts.

  2. A significant snow storm is approaching Ann Arbor Michigan, but it shouldn’t hit until this meet is over.

    1. Pretty much the entire country, outside of the SW, is going through severe weather right now. I mean Austin got 6-7 inches of snow on top of ice. Parts of Texas have negative temps. The SE is experiencing tornados. The PNW had snow and ice. The Midwest has been hit with snow and bitter cold.

  3. Commentator / Michigan gymnastics alum Olivia Karas sounds very well-spoken with a natural/smooth voice on this televised Nebraska@UMichigan meet. Some other commentators stumble with their speaking and/or sound like they are just reading.

    A quick google search shows her 2019 degree is in communications and writing from U Michigan where the six-time All-American gymnast also earned many academic honors.

  4. Bravo Wojic. It was a real treat to watch her (well-deserved 10.0) beam performance.

    Did Lorange end her floor routine well before her floor music ended? I think she was already hugging teammates before her music even ended?

  5. Wojcik’s 10 was well deserved. The judge, however, who gave Wilson a 9.85 for that beam should have to undergo some more training before judging again.

  6. Michigan’s performance was really really exceptional. In reality, it was just a couple tenths from Oklahoma and Florida’s performances instead of the six tenths it was judged as. The good news for Michigan is they have clear places they can squeeze more tenths on – Bauman’s beam (and maybe bars), Wilson upgrading on VT, etc.

    Also seems to me at this point that Thomas, Brown, Webb, Ramler, and Wojcik are the group of the top AAers in the nation. Thomas is probably the favorite for gold at nationals if she hits perfectly but any one of the rest can make the podium or slip ahead if Trinity is not 100%.

      1. I don’t really see Bryant going 9.95 on bars or beam right now. I think what sets apart that group of five is they can go 9.95 regularly on at least three events:

        Thomas: All 4
        Webb: All 4
        Wojcik: All 4
        Brown: Vault, bars*, floor
        Ramler: Vault*, bars, beam

        Ramler and Brown have only gone 9.95 once on each * event, but they are both so consistent on their other two events for 9.95s that they can make up for it.

        I do think Haleigh can get into that range though. I believe she’s training the double front half-out on bars which would improve her scores greatly as the current dismount is hard to stick. On beam, I think she’ll end up removing the front tuck (the judges are usually taking a mark on the landing), and of course, when she starts sticking her vault it will be an auto-ten too.

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