Top Scores of Week 6

For the top scores of week 6, we’re looking at the routines that got a 10.000, a 10 from one judge, or a consensus 9.950 from both judges. It was…a week.

The 10.000s

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

Ona Loper – Vault – Minnesota

Anastasia Webb – Vault – Oklahoma

Natalie Wojcik – Beam – Michigan

*This technically counts as part of week 7 because it was a Monday meet, but we all know I’m going to forget by then.

The 9.975s

Trinity Thomas – Vault – Florida

Trinity Thomas – Bars – Florida

JerQuavia Henderson – Floor – Iowa

Evy Schoepfer – Vault – Oklahoma

Anastasia Webb – Beam – Oklahoma


The 9.950s

Lynnzee Brown – Floor – Denver

Taylor Pitchell – Floor – Central Michigan (10.000/9.900 split)

Sierra DeMarinis – Floor – Central Michigan (10.000/9.900 split)

Luisa Blanco – Beam – Alabama

Kendall Whitman – Floor – George Washington

Kennedy Hambrick – Floor – Arkansas

Kiya Johnson – Vault – LSU

Haleigh Bryant – Vault – LSU

Alyona Shchennikova – Bars – LSU

Sami Durante – Bars – LSU

Ellie Lazzari – Beam – Florida

Trinity Thomas – Beam – Florida

Alisa Sheremeta – Beam – Missouri

Gabby McLaughlin – Beam – Auburn

Lexy Ramler – Beam – Minnesota (10.000/9.900 split)

Lauren Guerin – Floor – Iowa

Arayah Simons – Floor – Illinois

Karrie Thomas – Beam – Oklahoma


Anastasia Webb – Floor – Oklahoma


Kyana Georgia – Floor – Cal

Sarah Clark – Beam – Arizona State

The 9.925s

Nia Dennis – Floor – UCLA (10.000/9.850 split)

27 thoughts on “Top Scores of Week 6”

  1. How on earth did that vault of Evy Schoepfer go higher than 9.9? Please, no more complaining about LSU overscoring from OU fans!

    1. I’m normally the first to scream that scoring is the worst in the SEC, but yeah, that Schoepfer vault score is disgraceful.

    2. Each week seems to bring the newest case of the worst scoring in college gymnastics history, but Schoepfer’s vault takes the cake.

      Both judges were derelict in their duties, but the judge who gave a 10 should be disbarred permanently. Someone who knows literally the BARE minimum about gymnastics would know there was supposed to be a deduction for not sticking there…

      I don’t like delving in conspiracy theories, but with judging that bad it seems there could be a scandal or paid off judges

  2. Kendall Whitman with *3* E passes?! And the second pass with a freaking punch front layout out of a front double full?! I was thinking before her last pass, why is she doing a three pass routine given the opportunity for more deductions on the 3rd pass and the difficulty of the first 2. Oh that’s why. Just because they wanted to show 3 E passes in one routine.

    1. Yes!! Super impressed with Whiteman! And it is all super clean too! In a sea of routines that are overmarked, that was one of the few that stood out as deserving at least the 9.95 she got! While we all complain about the judging (deservedly so), I’m glad I got the chance to see that routine!

  3. My main takeaway is that crack scoring is not just an SEC thing. It’s a new pandemic.

    Also, Trinity Thomas and Ona Loper are two of my favorites to watch this year.

  4. Shchennikova’s bar routine makes me crazy. It’s like the judges think “oh, she’s a former elite with great difficulty!” and go blind. The flexed feet, the missed handstands, and her double “layout” which is more of a pike-arch-pike. That routine gets 9.8 TOPS.

    1. Omg yes. Thank you. It’s great she is healthy now but I just can’t with her form.

    2. I think it’s more the fact that Schennikova has huge feet and wears those braces rather than them not being pointed. Just like not everyone’s a skinny-mini, not everyone’s feet can point straight down…

      1. It’s tape, not braces, and have you ever worn tape on your ankles? I have, for many years. You can still point your feet with tape on your ankles. It’s flexible that way. And the size of your feet doesn’t prevent you from pointing them FFS. I’m not expecting people to be skinny minis. I’m not even sure what being skinny has to do with pointed feet, so that comment is ridiculous.

        I will just add that there are times where she points her feet more than others. Compare her handstand prior to the Ray to when she is mid-release. Her feet are more pointed during the handstand than mid-release. I don’t think you can blame flexing her feet mid-release on the tape.

  5. Honest question – do these judges get paid? Like, is this their job? The stakes at my job are a little higher if I can’t differentiate, say, a cold from pneumonia, but I can’t imagine what level of just not giving a f*** it takes to consistently perform so terribly at your job.

  6. I love how Trinity’s floor showcases her great power AND her flexibility / extension. And the expression on her face—not like she’s about to take over the world, but, rather, she’s already taken it over and is just too cool to mention it.

  7. The GW floor routine is insane!!!! Hope she transfers to a big name school because she could 100% be NCAA floor champion, her tumbling is even more difficult than Haleigh Bryant’s

    1. It’s so sad that you have to go to a big name school to be NCAA floor champion (I think you’re totally right though).

    2. She could still be NCAA champion at George Washington. There have been athletes outside of the big name schools to have become NCAA FX champion.
      Arkansas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Bowling Green, Arizona, Nebraska, Kentucky have had FX champions

  8. Is that tumbling not the same as Haleigh’s? The first and third are and the middle pass looks similar to me, now that haleigh added the FHS? No expert though.

    1. Whitman from GW does front double full + front layout and then also a solo front double full. Haleigh does front full + front lay and solo front double full so she has one less twist in the combo pass

  9. i feel like we talk about over scoring in the SEC but we don’t talk about OU over scoring because 9.975 for that vault is so wrong

  10. Some judge thought that Nia Dennis rebounding out of control into the stratosphere on her final pass was worthy of a 10 😱

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