Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 6

This week…

The judges found the 198s we hid on top of the refrigerator

And even though we calmly tried to explain the rules to them

Your leg had to come off to get a 9.7

Oklahoma nearly set a school record vault score

And LSU/Florida had 22 scores of 9.925 or more

Anyway, Nia Dennis graduated from college stick to college literally screaming and running away

Metroplex was the worst at COVID

The cat-in-a-windstorm leap was born

And quickly became the talk of the town

Trinity Thomas had the 5th-best AA performance in history

The hands couldn’t be trusted

But neither could the feet

So we tried both

The cause of 90% of UCLA injuries was revealed

And this dude had his watch set for splat-o’clock

10 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 6”

  1. >The cause of 90% of UCLA injuries was revealed

    Yes. It’s no wonder that UCLA junior Norah Flatley is still injured as two of the freshmen are clearly beating her up…

    Wow those freshies will do ANYTHING to get into the lineups!

    Even sadder, it looks like Ellen is enjoying seeing this abuse. 😉

  2. >And this dude had his watch set for splat-o’clock

    Which is more likely:

    1. This dude’s noisy watch alarm had gone off and distracted the gymnast to the point that she crashed.

    2. This dude’s watch has that new earthquake-detecting seismograph feature and he was checking to see if the fall set off any tremors.

    3. This dude was actually the corner judge and Carol was texting to his smart watch telling him to NOT raise the out of bounds flag since the gymnast was “just barely over the line”.

    1. There was no commentary for this meet and I thought it was intentional for a minute! When she dismounted and looked disappointed, I figured it was a mistake.

      1. Never been gymnast but that just looks SO HARD to do on purpose! That’s why it confused me so much.

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