Regionals Live Blog Day 2 – AHHHHH

Friday, April 2
Scores Stream
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Georgia Semifinal #1
[8] Minnesota
[9] Denver
[18] Georgia
[24] Oregon State
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – West Virginia Semifinal #1
[5] Cal
[12] BYU
[27] Ohio State
[28] Towson
2:00pm ET/11:00pm PT – Alabama Semifinal #1
[7] Alabama
[10] Arkansas
[19] Iowa
[20] Iowa State
3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT – Utah Semifinal #1
[6] Utah
[11] Arizona State
[17] Boise State
[21] Southern Utah
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Georgia Semifinal #2
[1] Florida
[16] Illinois
[25] Central Michigan
[26] NC State
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – West Virginia Semifinal #2
[4] Michigan
[13] UCLA
[29] Kent State
[35] West Virginia
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – Alabama Semifinal #2
[1] Oklahoma
[23] Missouri
[32] Maryland
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – Utah Semifinal #2
[3] LSU
[14] Kentucky
[22] Utah State
[34] Arizona

So, she’s a lot.

And her most is at the beginning. The first batch of semifinals comes from Georgia and West Virginia. I’ll be starting with more initial attention on the Minnesota/Denver/Georgia/Oregon St group (because obviously) to see if Georgia is going to do this thing, and same goes for the Alabama semifinal of death once that starts.

Reposting the rotation guide, updated with the play-in winners and Auburn’s withdrawal.

Georgia floor in the first rotation should tell us something. In those home 197s this year, Georgia went 49.300 on floor on both occasions. Will need to do that from the first rotation this time. And of course Minnesota starting on beam. It’s beam.

OK here we go.

Rotation 1

“There has been so much unknowing this season.”

Koch – BB – Minnesota – bhs loso series, hit, a bit of knees – kickover to scale, smoothly done – 1.5 dismount, a little short, slide back – solid opener.

Perez-Lugones – FX – Georgia – double pike, secure landing – 1/2 to layout, soft in position on layout but fine – double tuck, chest forward, step.

Waiting on scores for the first routines here.

Casali – UB – Denver – short first hs – toe to maloney, good legs into bail, nice vertical position – some short casts – DLO, bounce back. 9.825

Montgomery – BB – Minnesota – bhs loso series, secure – hits leap combination – switch 1/2 with a huge break, leg up and a bend, keeps it on the beam – 1.5 dismount, good stick, but a major break in there.

Magee is on floor for Georgia this week – hits her piked full in well, keeps front foot secure – switch 1/2 to popa, lovely popa position – 1.5 to layout to stag, got flat on the lay and stag, took it far, stayed in but low – double pike and a huge balance check on landing, tried so hard to stay in bounds that she ended up with a huge break. On floor. 9.600

Loper – BB – Minnesota – bhs loso, small adjustment on landing – kickover to beat jump, well done – good switch and straddle – 1.5 dismount, good stick

Glynn had a trouble handstand early in her bars routine and then took her FTDT wayyyy to close to the bar and stumbles off the edge of the mat. Will need to drop that.

Austin – FX – Georgia – double pike, just does keep her lunge back in bounds – weird lines on the Georgia floor – hits front lay out of combo pass, some knees – souble tuck, slide back.

And now we have a major mistake for Denver on bars from Sundstrom, took her Pak way to close, doesn’t come off but will be the equivalent of a fall. Will have to count a 9.650 from Glynn now.

great stick on her Y1.5 from Madi Dagen, bringing the sticks back.

9.950 for Dagen and a 49.175 rotation score on vault for OSU.

Roberts – FX – Georgia – pike full in with a stagger forward, but small – front lay to front full, some knees – double pike, bounce back. 9.850

Brown – UB – Denver – maloney to pak, clean – good hs on low – van leeuwen, strong – hitting cast hs – DLO, a hairrr short with a hop, but a pretty and necessary hit for Denver. 9.900

Korlin-Downs – BB – second half, gorgeous stag ring position – finishes side aerial to stuck full. That’s a fifth hit for Minnesota with Ramler to come.

Cal and BYU both through with hit rotations in the openers, so no reason to stress for them so far. 9.950 for Bordas on beam. Wow.

Baumann – FX – Georgia – 1.5 to front full – double pike, bounce back – nice leap positions –

Ramler – BB – Minnesota – bhs loso, smoothly done – aerial to beat jump, strong – beat to split ring jump, perfect – side aerial to full, holds the stick with a little arms. Excellent. 9.950. 10 from one judge.

Cal with 49.400 on beam and BYU 49.375 on bars.

Hawthorne – FX – Georgia – double pike, OK, chest a tad forward, good amplitude – front lay to rudi to split jump, lots of travel but a nice layout position in initial front lay – double tuck, similar to double pike, chest a bit forward, doesn’t betray a lot.

Ohio State is getting some high floor numbers, so keep an eye on that. Warga finishing – 2.5 to front tuck, little hop to the side – struggles to pull around her wolf jump, not quite there – front 2/1 final pass with a large lunge to the side, not all the way around.

So the big story from the first rotation is Denver counting a 9.650 on bars to go just 48.975 there. That trails the 49.350 for Minnesota and the 49.275 for Georgia, and the 49.175 for Oregon State.

Ohio State with a 49.150 on floor, a good score but clearly trailing the big numbers from Cal and BYU in the first.

A rather pressure-filled beam rotation coming up for Denver now.

Scores feel loose overall, yes?

“She almost competes like she’s an international elite” – Bridget on Lexy Ramler

Rotation 2

Brown – BB – Denver – kickover to bhs, quickly connected, crisp work – switch to split, no trouble – aerial to wolf jump – gainer full, small step. Confident start. 9.900. hello.

Lukacs returns to Georgia’s vault lineup with a hit full in the first spot – 9.800

Baumann – VT -Georgia – hits yfull, short with a little hop forward. 9.800

This dude on the Athens stream has no idea who is competing at any given time.

Magee – Vt- Georgia – sits down her Y1.5. Well short.

Thompson – BB – Denver – side aerial to loso, strong landing – switch to switch with a wobble – finishes side aerial to full, a little close to the beam, good landing. 9.875

Nylin – FX – Minnesota, double pike, controlled step – finishes double tuck, same not. Good work.

Ward – VT – Georgia – Tsuk full – bounce back, medium side, so not her best but a hit –

Bridget just described Oregon State as consistent on bars.

Roberts – VT – Georgia – sticks her Y1.5 – nice work, knee bending throughout, great landing. 9.925

Hawthorne – VT – Georgia – hits her Y1.5 but out of control, a bounce forward and an additional step

Hutchinson – BB – Denver – kickover to bhs, good – switch to split, hits split 180 – aerial to wolf jump – gainer full, another solid hit. 9.875

Georgia 49.075 on vault. Denver pace well above that on beam.

Ramler – FX – Minnesota – double pike, small slide – switch ring and switch 1/2, perfect obviously – 1.5 through to 2/1, secure – 1.5 to layout, whips it around just a tad. Good. 9.925

BYU is working against a miss in the first spot on beam but has hits since then.

Mabanta – BB – Denver – wolf single, nice – bhs loso and falls. Dear dear. They have four hits before this but means a 9.775 will count and undermines the scoring potential some – switch 1/2 to split jump, nice – side aerial to full, deep landing with a bounce back.

Hooten – FX – Minnesota – huge full in, ecellent – switch side to popa, very high – front full to front pike – double tuck, nailed landing.

BYU staying on but checks for 9.7s will keep Ohio State in this.

Oregon State getting the 9.7s on bars. It’s not going to be a big score but it will be one of their better bars.

Vasquez – BB – Denver – the routine – aerial to bhs loso, small lean – switch to split, lovely – y spin, nice extension, shows actual y position – sissone – side aerial to full, step back. A critical routine.

Vasquez goes 9.800 (surprisingly low).

That means Denver goes 49.225 on beam. Georgia 49.075 on vault. Denver cuts into Georgia’s lead, but Georgia still has a .150 lead. Minnesota running away with it through the first two.

48.725 on beam for BYU with a rotation of counting 9.7s. Huge fights because about 16 people looked like they were going to give them a second fall.

LOL. The scores said Cal got a 9.000 from Andi Li but it was really a 9.900. This is what happens when you can’t watch four routines at once. So, you know, no actual pressure on George’s routine then as Cal already has a 49.250 on floor.

Oh and now the rotation of death is about to start. I don’t have the capacity for this.

Cal and Minnesota in very comfortable positions so far. Cal goes 49.400 on floor, Minnesota 49.500.

Oregon State went 48.725 on bars, which they’ll consider a job done. .450 out of the advancing spots and bars is over.

Next Rotation Begins

Finnegan leads of for Georgia in their different-look lineup order with a hit.

Oregon State has an opening fall from Peterson on beam.

Slide back from Ruiz on her final double tuck on floor.

Schild – UB – Georgia – Ray is nice – good cast hs – toe on to bail, short of verticla with a leg break – DLO, pikes down a little but not as much as earlier in the season, hop

Casali – FX – Denver- piked full in, good – a little short on wolf position – 2.5 to front tuck, solid, just a tad short –

Roberts – UB – Georgia – toe on to maloney to bail, pulls it back, a hesitation like she might have gone over but didn’t – DLO, lunge back

Casual stuck Y1.5 from Ramler

9.825 for Schild was high for me for that bail.

Loper follows Ramler with another stick. Minnesota losing their minds.

Alabama regional has started. Klopfer with a beam hit to open.

De Jong on bars – finishes DLO with a slide back.

Loper gets a 10 for her stuck Y1.5 after a Ramler 9.950.

Olsen up 2nd for Alabama on beam – switch to switch 1/2, check – bhs loso, secure, knees and feet – good aerial, hop back on 2/1.

Nguyen – UB – Georgia – small arch on first hs – pak, nice height – maloney to gienger in bars, leg break on catch – short hs – DLO, small hop back

Arkansas has an opening fall from Rutz on bars.

Denver getting the scores on floor so far. 9.900 for Thompson. Hutchinson with a nice rudi to straddle jump to finish hers

Oakley – UB – higgins to piked jaeger, lovely – clean pak – good toe point – a bit short on final cast – FTDT, nearly sells the stick.

Hutchinson with another 9.900 for Denver on floor.

Lovely jaeger to overshoot from Scalzo on bars for Arkansas, hit routine.

Iowa already getting 9.900s on floor from greenwald in the 2nd spot.

Georgia 9.875 from Oakley.

Brown – FX – Denver – DLO, stuck landing, chest down but no question on the control – switch 1/2 to wolf full – 1.5 to layout to split, yes – double pike, bounce back. Still a strong one.

Denver scratched Glynn on floor after her, which means they will count a 9.800 from Ruiz, but that’s fine.

Very checky beam routine from Doggette right now, but they have big scores from the first four. Which got 9.825. OK SURE.

With Iowa and Alabama getting big numbers, a pressure bars for KHambrick now – piked jaeger to overshoot, hit well – small arch in final cast hs – FTDT, stick. That will work.

Ohio State goes 49.175 on bars to keep the pressure on BYU.

Brown goes 9.950 on floor to give Denver 49.425. Denver takes the lead on Georgia by a half tenth going to the final rotation.

O’Hara – Ub – Arkansas – Jaeger is nice – overshoot, maybe a hair short, hard to tell from this angle – DLO, hit. Arkansas will avoid counting a fall and stay in it after bars.

Miner finishing floor for BYU – chest a little forward on DLO, hops to present – split leap full to split jump full was around – 1.5 to layout, small arch in layout –

Luisa Blanco got a 10.000 on beam for Alabama to go 49.500. So it’s that kind of day.

O’hara’s 9.950 gets Arknasas to 49.375 on bars, but they will trail Alabama and Iowa after 1. And Iowa State’s very strong 49.350 will be in last.

Guerin – FX – Iowa – opens out of her full in, good control – switch sdie to popa to straddle jump, strong split positions – front tuck trhough to double tuck, chest down, step forward.

In summary:

-Denver moves ahead of Georgia by .050 going to the final event (UGA BB, DU VT)

-Ohio State remains ahead of BYU by .075 going to the final event (OSU BB, BYU VT)

-Alabama 49.500, Iowa 49.450, Arkansas 49.375, Iowa St 49.350 AHHHHHHHH

You like Denver and BYU here because they’re not on beam, but vault doesn’t always bring the big numbers because of not 10.0 starts.

Cal and Minnesota cruising. Just have to not die on bars.

Next rotation begins

Casali – VT – Denver – comes up a little short on full but OK, small hop forward. 9.700. Not ideal.

Magee – BB – Georgia – bhs bhs loso, small check – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Nice. 9.875

Ruiz – VT – Denver – yfull, better chest up position, small hop in place, some knees. 9.775

Schild – BB – Georgia – aerial to bhs bhs, check – switch to split, good extension – gainer pike is a problem, gets no lift, pulls it around but a large lunge forward.

Hutchinson – VT – Denver – good control on yfull, large straddle on her block

Brown – VT – Denver – vaulting in the 4th spot – presumably no Glynmn again – NAILS her Y1.5, just a tad deep on landing maybe? But exceptional.

BYU opens vault with 9.650. Ohio State 9.800 on beam.

Nguyen – BB – Georgia – bhs loso series, secure – onodi with a large break, bend at the hips – split ring jump, leg-up check – 1.5 dismount, shuffle to the side.

Thompson – VT – Denver – pretty solid control on her yfull – only small movement, good power

9.975 for Brown. Denver goes 49.150 on vault. Denver done with 196.775

Ohio State getting the job done on beam so far, stronger scores than BYU’s vault.

De Jong – BB – Georgia – switch to split, nice – aerial, fights into beat jump – bhs loso, small hesitation, covers it – side aerial to full, stuck. A pretty strong hit.

Georgia will have to count a 9.700 already.

Ramler – UB – Maloney to pak, excellent – van leeuwen, good – toe on to FTDT, maybe a small slide back. Minnesota done with a dominant victory.

Alabama has to work against a miss from Klopfer in the first spot on floor.

De Jong 9.850 on beam.

Baumann – BB – Georgia – Georgia needs 9.900 from their final beamers – aerial aerial to loso, very small adjustment – beat to switch side, lovely extension there – 1.5, holds the stick. Well that score will be massive.

BYU goes 49.075 on vault. Ohio State needs to break 49. On pace to do that right now.

9.900 for Baumann. Georgia needs 9.875 from Oakley to tie Denver. 9.900 to win.

9.850 in the fifth spot for Ohio State will put them ahead of BYU before the final routine!BYU is eliminated

Oakley – BB – Georgia – wolf single – nice – gainer bhs bhs loso, holds it, very small adjustment – split jump to split ring jump, nicely done – gainer full and a lunge back! That’s full tenth lunge, so this should not get 9.900.

The gainer full that decided regionals.

They still give Oakley 9.850, but it comes up .025 short of Denver!

Does Denver not know yet? They’re not a lot of we did it happening?

They’re like, “Is Georgia going to do some petition shit?”

Anyway Blanco is finish up Alabama’s floor rotation – front lay to full is lovely to finish.

49.325s for both Alabama and Arkansas on beam. 49.175 for Iowa. 48.925 for Iowa State.

On the issue of Denver and Georgia, yeah, I think the right team came out on top there. Denver’s performance was stronger overall on three events, everywhere but bars.

Cal and Minnesota through comfortably. HUGE deal that Ohio State beat BYU. That was Ohio State’s most convincing performance of the season by a billion percent, and BYU gave it all away on beam.

The semifinal at Utah is going to start soon, but that will run later so there’s time to focus on just that one if it gets interesting.

Meanwhile we have Alabama 98.825, Arkansas 98.700, Iowa 98.625, Iowa State 98.275

Arkansas will like this setup because they still get to do floor and Iowa has already done floor and still has to do beam. Iowa couldn’t get past 9.850 on vault and they needed more the way this thing has been going.

Rotation 3 in Alabama

Gaskins with a solid Yfull, small movement on landing. 9.850

Henderson finishes bars for Iowa with a bounce back on her FTDT.

Adams – VT – Alabama – does a full and struggles some, chest down, hop forward. 9.675

Ashley Miles has to react to Gerogia being eliminated. LOL.

Olsen – VT – Alabama – also lands pretty short on her DTY, lunge forward. 9.750

Iowa has to start bars with 9.650 from Henderson

And Now we have a bars fall for Iowa. Will have to count 9.650.

Blanco – VT – Alabama – nice Y1.5 – small hop forward, good form

Iowa State hitting a very secure beam so far as other people start 9.6ing.

Quinn – VT – Alabama – realllly struggles on her Y1.5 as well, very large lunge forward – a bad vault rotation for Alabama so far. But Iowa is not taking advantage. Iowa State is but they were behind before this.

Pennese finishes FX with a double tuck, bounce back

De Jesus – BB – Iowa State – bhs loso, hit – check on a sheep jump –

Sania Mitchell has to vault for Alabama? No Graber. Actually hits a pretty solid full, bounce back.

9.800 for Quinn is just cheating.

Somehow Alabama got out of vault with a 49.000.

Hartzler – UB – Iowa – nice piked jaeger – straddle back with an arch, pretty large but pulls it back – giant full to double tuck, stuck

Semple – BB – Iowa State – bhs loso, small lean – cat leap to switch 1/2, a little short of position, small check – switch to split, hesitation in a lot of her combos – side aerial to full, stuck.

Every time we get commentary from Ashley Miles I’m like, “She should do this more.” She’s good.

Shaffer FX Arkansas – falls on her double pike, ankle cruncher and hands down – fall on second pass as well – 1.5 to front tuck, no punch on front tuck and sits it down – doesn’t do a final pass, probably smart. Worried about vault now.

Horowitz – BB – Iowa State – bhs loso series, bend correction – cat leap to switch 1/2 to beat, most secure – kickover, solid – gainer full with a step back. These gainer fulls today.

Alabama vault raised to 49.025

Kaji – UB – Iowa – 1/2 to jaeger, just a tad close but fine – pak, high, some legs apart – DLO, stuck landing. That will help save the rotation.

Utah regional has started. I’ll keep an eye on whether anything funky happens there and then switch over to that after Alabama’s session.

Hambrick – FX – Arkansas – big double tuck, control, chest up – good middle pass to straight jump stag combination – nice lift into her popa – double pike, keeps front foot down, lunge a little large

9.925 for Kaji. Kenlin will finish – good first hs – toe on to maloney to pak, pretty – cowboys her final double tuck but sticks it.

Last four bars for Iowa saved that rotation and kept them in it to live another beam.

Hambrick goes 9.875 to get Arkansas to 49.300 on floor and move ahead of Alabama by .150.

Iowa State will be .350 behind Alabama after a 49.225 on beam.

Long wait for Kenlin’s score.

Over at Utah – Clark – UB – Arizona State – blind to jaeger, nice – small arch on cast – pak, hit, small leg break – some short handstands, the rest clean –

Kenlin’s 9.900 gives Iowa 49.225 on bars. They will be tied with Alabama for 2nd going to beam.

Utah has to work against a beam fall from Stanhope in the second spot.

So, big drama at Alabama. Still a disadvantage to Iowa being on beam now, but they can get big numbers from Kaji and Kenlin.

4th rotation starting in Alabama

Pennese – VT – Arkansas – very solid full landing, good control, one of her best

Henderson – BB – Iowa – good full turn – solid loso – large bounce back on double tuck though. 9.825

Givens – Ub – Alabama – jager and pak, pretty clean – good cast hs – DLO final, small rebound in place. Good. Just a little close on first jaeger . 9.850

Johnston – VT – Arkansas – ooooof, falls – hands down, landed well short. Arkansas, what are we doing about this vault, what with Shaffer having floor issues.

Nick – BB – Iowa – loso series with a lean check – aerial, small wobble into beat jump – switch to split, a little right on position – 1.5, hop forward. 9.775

Olszewski hits vault in 3rd spot, bounce back on yfull. 9.825

Awful fall for Steinmeyer for Iowa State on floor there. Lands on all fours and she’s stopping.

Shaffer is able to vault and does her Y1/2 well, hop forward. 9.850

Machado – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, solid – toe on to van leeuwen, tucks the vl a little on catch – toe full to double tuck, bounce back

Elswick – VT – Arkansas – beautiful yfull, good open, small shuffle on landing. 9.900

Vance – BB – Iowa – bhs loso, hit well – finishes with a stuck side aerial to tuck full

Hambrick finishs vault with a solid Y15 for Arkansas, some knees, small slide back

Adams finishes bars with hop back on double tuck.

Arknasas is done with 49.250.

Adams 9.950 on bars with a non-stick. Alabama will go ahead of Arknasas with one more hit.

Doggette – UB – Alabama – nice hgith tkatchev to pak, slightly short on 1/2 turn on low – good hs – DLO, strong

That will clinch an advancing spot for Alabama.

Kaji – BB – Iowa – they would need a 9.950 from her here – bhs loso, lovely extension – cat leap to side aerial, very strong – split to split 3/4, very secure – bhs gainer full, holds the stick with an arm swing. Well that was very nice.

Doggette got a 10. Sure sure.

Blanco – UB – Alabama – small hesitation on first hs – pretty maloney and pak – good final cast hs – FTDT, small movement

9.925 for Kaji, so Kenlin would need a 9.975 to tie Arkansas.

Kenlin – WHATWASTHAT. Something happened on the springboard and she ran straight into the beam. Well, that’s the end of that. Alabama and Arknasas will go through.

Alabama 9.975 on bars. Really preposterous scoring in that rotation.

I can’t believe I missed what happened with Kenlin as I have already received several texts about GIFs I need to make.

So Iowa will come up two tenths short of Arkansas here. Iowa State will finish up on floor with Turner – double tuck, small slide – finishes with a double pike, short with a lunge.

Second rotation is underway in Utah, Utah and Arizona State with large leads after the first.

Looks like Kenlin ended up with a zero. Probably took too long to remount because they had to make sure she still had a face.

A couple 9.7s start the beam rotation for Arizona State.

Reeves – BB – Arizona St – bhs bhs loso, securely landed, some knee bending – switch to split, a bit short of 180s – good aerial – 1.5 dismount, lunge forward. Another 9.725

Smith – VT – Boise State – hits a yfull, but large bounces back for lots of them so not getting the big scores. 9.800

Blackson pulls out a solid Y1.5 on vault for BSU, small hop. They needed it. 9.875

Boise State 49.025 on vault, could gain some ground if Arizona State keeps 9.7ing. Another 9.750 for White.

Rucker with a possible OOB on floor on her full in. Utah in basically no danger right now.

Scharf – BB – Arizona State – wolf double, hit – bhs loso, leg-up check, not too big – side somi, holds it well – switch to split, another leg-up check – tight rotation for ASU, reminiscent of BYU earlier today – 1.5 is good though, stuck landing.

Another 9.725 for Scharf. Bart says it’s 9.825.

Floor conference in Utah. Looking at Utah’s video of her routine.

O’Keefe – FX – Utah – double pike, chest a bit down – front lay to front full, good amplitude – split leap 1.5, actual real and good – 1.5 to layout, very clean.

Clark – BB – ASU – full turn, small hesitation – bhs loso loso and falls. That means it will be a 48.700 for ASU on beam. Boise State and Southern Utah will enjoy that.

Boise State will move ahead of ASU by one tenth after two events.

Soloski finishes on beam for Utah – DLO, lunge back, looks like she stayed in – the rest was her normal. Utah a major lead after 2.

ASU raised to 48.750 on beam as Scharf’s score ends up at 9.775.

Utah 98.925
Boise State 98.125
Arizona State 98.075
Southern Utah 97.875

Boise State gets to do bars now, so a chance to create a lead there, which they will need because expect Arizona State to make up ground in the final rotation.

Rotation 3

Isa starts with a hit yfull, hop back

Cavinta – UB – Boise State – clear hip to tkatchev, a little flat but fine – bail, gets to vertical well at the end, some pike in the air – good casts – DLO, hop back. 9.850

Hall – VT – Utah – back in doing a Y1.5 – large lunge forward

Blackson – UB – Boise State – bail, some angle – blind to huge khorkina – great final cast hs – DLO, deep landing, couldn’t hold it with a hop forward. 9.800

Sometimes it feel slike the judges don’t realize that the difference between the Y1.5 and yfull is only .05.

O’Keefe – VT – Utah – clean full, small step back, chest just a bit down

Nilson – UB – Boise St – clear hip to tkatchev, good amplitude – a bit short on one hs and on the bail – better final cast hs – DLO clean in the air, nice landing. 9.850

Gutierrez – FX – Arizona State – 2.5 – punch rudi is somewhat out of control, bounce back – front lay to front full, under control. 9.850

Lopez – Ub – Boise St – blind to piked jaeger, clean – good cast hs – bail, better vertical there as well – DLO, stuck landing. Beautiful routine. 9.900

Clark – FX – ASU – bounce back on double pike – double tuck is stronger, chest just a tad forward

Muhlenhaupt – UB – Boise St – good first hs – blind to jaeger, catches just a little close this time, connects to overshoot – a bit short on final cast – DLO, stuck landing. Lovely and will be a good score, but not her best. 9.875

Burch finishes vault for Utah with a hit 1.5 – medium hop forward

Little – UB – Boise St – good first hs – maloney to pak, good rhythm – 1/2 turn on low, pretty solid finish position – nice final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. Ok now. 9.900

Mangahas – FX – ASU – full in, controls landing well – front tuck through to double tuck, step back – stayed in? – judge was about to raise her flag and then decided against it – 9.825

Boise State 49.375 on bars.

Schwartze will finish beam for SUU – side aerial, check – split jump to sheep to beat, hit, not so much closure on the sheep jump – huge break on loso series, doesn’t fall but bends over at the waist – gainer full, stuck.

Scharf – FX – ASU – front tuck trhough to double tuck, chest up – front full to front tuck, pops directly up on front tuck but gets it around fine – switch 1/2 to wolf full, nice positions – double pike, solid, chest just a bit down

9.925 for Scharf, a bit deal for ASU in blunting Boise State’s advantage from bars.

Leonard-Baker – FX – Arizona State – back 1.5 to front full, very strong, control, good extension – split full to wolf 1.5, a bit short on the split full, good clear finishing positions – double pike, chest well down but pulls it out with a step.

Leonard Baker 9.875, Arizona State goes 49.275 on floor, loses a tenth to Boise State. Boise State will lead by .150 going to the last rotation.

Rotation 4

Lopez – BB – Boise St – bhs los series, hit – switch to one-arm bhs, also secure, some knees on bhs – split straddle 1/4 – kickover with a check – punch front full dismount, small hop. 9.850

Mangahas – VT – ASU – nice amplitude on yfull, bounce back – 9.825

White – VT – ASU – clean yfull in the air, does come in a little short with a hop forward though. 9.850

Masiado – BB – Boise St – bhs loso and falls, off line. 9.050

Barbanente – VT – ASU – less control on her yfull – bounce back and an additional step. 9.800

Scharf – VT – ASU – better yfull from her – open position, just a bit of movement. 9.900

Cavinta – BB – Boise St – doing the most in presenting to the judges, which we always appreciate – bhs loso series, hit with a lean – switch to straddle 1/4, good – cat leap to aerial to beat, nicely done – gainer pike, hop forward. 9.825

Leonard Baker – VT – ASU – hits her big yfull, a hop back and then a small additional step. 9.825

Smith – VT – ASU – they need a score from her – pretty strong Y1/5 but a lunge forward.

ElKabchi – BB – Boise St – bhs loso series, very secure – aerial round off with a big break, shuffle and miraculously kept it on the beam – straddle 1/2, another leg-up check, and this one will have to count – beat to side aerial to full, stuck.

9.850 for Smith. 49.250 for Arizona State. Which means Boise State needs 49.125 on beam. Was on track for that before this last routine.

Utah is done and through comfortably with 197.500.

Popp – BB – Boise St – aerial, hit – bhs bhs layout to two feet and falls. That’s it. They would have needed just 9.850 and 9.825 from the final two beam routines to advance.

9.000 for Popp.

Several routines still to go on floor but it’s not possible fro SUU to catch Arizona State.

Muhlenhaupt – BB – Boise State – bhs loso series, hit – beat to sheep, small check into split jump – side aerial, strong – 1.5 dismount, hop forward

Muhlenhaupt goes 9.825, so it would have taken just one more 9.850 beam routine for BSU.

Kho went 9.800 on floor for SUU, so they’ll have Tervort to finish out the team performance. That will also put them ahead of Boise St after BSU’s beam

Tervort – FX – SUU – front lay to front full, good straight shape in layout – switch side to popa, popa was a bit crooked – double tuck, fairly secure but chest a bit down


Minnesota – 197.625
Denver – 196.775
Georgia – 196.750
Oregon State – 196.375

Cal – 197.725
Ohio State – 196.525
BYU – 196.350
Towson – 195.025

Alabama – 197.525
Arkansas – 197.250
Iowa – 197.050
Iowa State – 196.525

Salt Lake City
Utah – 197.500
Arizona State – 196.600
Southern Utah – 195.975
Boise State – 195.825

The only numerical upset there was a big surprise, Ohio State over BYU, though Georgia and Tuscaloosa delivered exactly the drama expected. Basically the lesson of today is it sucks to be Iowa.

The second group of semifinals isn’t supposed to be as exciting. But hopefully someone can pull an Ohio State. See you then.

OK. Part 2. In these opening ones, I will be keeping an eye on how Illinois compares to the others. NC State has been pretty 196y lately, so Illinois won’t be able to come in and blap around.

Also, UCLA. UCLA and Michigan should get through this session comfortably. But I am very interested to see how UCLA compares, especially after Cal’s dominant score in the early session.

UCLA has Kooyman in the bars lineup. No Nia Dennis there.

Rotation 1

O’Donnell – Ub – Illinois – good jaeger, nice toe point – gets to vertical well on bail – a bit short on final cast – giant full to double tuck, slide back. 9.850

Comfortable bhs loso loso series for Richards on beam – side aerial to full, some knees but hit

Chae Campbell starting on bars for UCLA – maloney to bail, a little hip angle on bail – 1/2 to dobule front – step back. solid.

Biondi – Ub – Illinosi – hits jaeger – bail, solid vertical position – DLO, a bit short with a hop forward but another solid showing.

Wilson second up for Michigan on beam following just a 9.700 from Bauman – bhs loso, confident – cat leap to switch side, very large break, wobbles back and forth but stays on – but an excellent double back dismount

Frida Esparza falls for UCLA in the second spot, going over on her final cast hs.

Some iffy early moments for both UCLA and Michigan here.

Takekawa hits bars for Illinois, pikes down her DLO in the second salto with a hop.

Farley – BB – Michigan – following two 9.7s – bhs loso loso, hit, some knee bend throughout – split jump 1/2, a little low – pulls out her side aerial despite being a little low – gainer pike, stuck. 9.800

Fall on floor from Central Michigan, very short landing, nearly all fours, but she looks fine

Kooyman runs her way out of a bars dismount for UCLA.

Mizuki – Ub Illinois – catches a bit close on piked jaeger – overshoot, some hip angle but good height – giant full to double tuck, lunge back

Brooks – BB – Michigan – bhs loso loso, little arm wave check – switch to switch, very nice – kickover solid – double tuck dismount, a little short, step. 9.825

Baumann – BB – Florida – very strong loso series – switch and split, nicely done – switch 1/2, flexes feet, hits good 180 – stuck dismount. A judge already went 10 for Lazzari in the previous position.

UCLA gets 9.875 from Ulias on bars with a lunge back on dismount.

Wojcik – BB – Michigan – aerial, beautiful – a turn-to-the-side check on her series – 1.5, hop forward. Not her strongest but a hit. 9.800

Flatley – UB – UCLA – good first hs – higgins to jaeger, solid – good hs – bail, hits vertical, small leg break – some clean handstands here – DLO, large bounce back. 9.875

Illinois 49.050 on bars, NC State 49.075 on vault. Big deal for NC State if they can be ahead after that rotation since it should have been edge to Illinois there. CMU also with some 9.8s on floor if they can drop that fall.

9.975 for Baumann. I mean it’s the same good routine she’s done 185 times

Frazier – UB – UCLA – maloney to bail, good – shortish cast hs on low – van leeuwen is hit – small arch on cast hs on high, DLO, solid.

Heiskell finishes beam, hop forward on 1.5.

Florida has a leg-up check from Schoenherr but already a preposterous beam score. Possible beam program record if they decide not to see that check on the hop on dismount.

Demarinis finishes for CMU on floor, short on her last double pike but they will drop the fall and will be in good position after 1.

UCLA gets a very high 9.950 on bars for Frazier and a 49.325.

Michigan just 48.925 on beam, which will put them behind Kent State after 1.

49.625 for Florida, but then it’s NC State 49.075, Illinois 49.050, CMU 49.000. So that’s tight for spot 2.

Kent State ends floor with a 9.900 from Fletcher. Will be at 49.175 to Michigan’s 48.925. West Virginia went 48.725 on vault.

Floor is definitely Kent State’s strongest event and I don’t expect this to hold up on vault in the next rotation, but also I didn’t expect to see KSU ahead of Michigan after 1 rotation.

Rotation 2

Townes – BB – Illinois – switch to straddle 1/4, arm wave but secure – kickover, very strong – bhs loso series, smoothly done – sticks tuck full dismount, good

Looks like Clapper bounced OOB on floor leadoff, but tough to tell with this weird-ass floor with the line inside the outline.

NC State got an opening 9.850 from Jordan on bars.

Nelson – UB – NC State – good first hs – tkatchev, hit, solid height, some feet flexing – bail, good vertical, again feet – giant full to double tuck with a bounce back

Borden – BB – Illinois – aerial to fhs to straddle 1/4, very nice – stuck dismount

WVU regional starts second rotation – Poston hits bhs bhs loso series –

Nice stuck DLO on bars from Kent for NC State. They’re keeping this close.

Sydney Williams hit a Y1.5 for CMU on vault, lunge forward, just 9.750.

Poston 9.850.

It’s possible terror time for Michigan because there’s an opening 9.075 from Bauman on floor.

Sakti – BB – UCLA – falls on her standing loso loso series again. 2nd position fall for the second straight rotation for UCLA. Second fall on her side somi, so a must, must, must drop now.

Koulos with a strong double pike on floor for Michigan – front lay to front full, hit, just a tad soft – she gets 9.900

Cox with a shuffle back on her DLO on bars for NC State.

Frazier – BB – UCLA – switch to switch, not bad – cat leap to side aerial to beat jump, hit – gaienr front full with a shuffle forward.

Leg-up check for Noonan on beam for Illinois –

Wojcik gets through her floor with a 9.800 that they can use.

Ooooh Takekawa on beam just did a gainer loso to her knees on beam and fell –

Flatley – BB – UCLA – here we go – aerial to bhs, very smoothly connected – switch to sheep jump, lovely – side aerial, strong – L turn, holds lovely position – bhsa to 1.5 dismount, little hop rising onto her feet.

That was, without hyperbole, the best beam routine any UCLA gymnast has done this season. Which tells us a lot.

NC State went 49.325 on bars, while Illinois will be coutning a 9.675 on beam.

A casual 9.950 on floor for Abby Heiskell.

Campbell – BB – UCLA – wolf double is nearly a problem but she holds it, arm wave and a leg bend – bhs loso series, strong – switch to split – gainer full, little slide back –

Brooks – FX – Michigan – high full in, just does barely keep that front foot down – front tuck through to double tuck, very strong – double pike, chest just a bit down but solid. Another good one. 9.925

Shapiro – BB – UCLA – bhs bhs loso, little check, holds it – switch to switch, nice – side aerial, just a little lean – gainer full, holds the stick with a lean forward.

You know, that beam rock you hand it to when you have a mistake, Nicki Shapiro.

Wilson – FX – Michigan – fab open full in – front lay to front full, very high, little slide – double tuck, slide back.

UCLA 49.175 on beam.

UCLA and Michigan both kind of trying their best to mess this up but the draw is like, “Actually it’s fine.”

Meanwhile, NC State will have a .400 lead on Illinois after 2 events.

Michigan gets another 9.950 on floor for Wilson with multiple slides back, so, you know, Michigan goes 49.525 on floor as UCLA and MIchigan open up a massive lead after two despite not looking great.

Basically the entire Penn State bars lineup gets to go as individuals.

So. After 2. Michigan and UCLA smooth sailing. NC State has a real shot at this. Oklahoma regional to start shortly.

Rotation 3 time

Lazzari hits a yfull for Florida but a pretty large bounce back. 9.800, follows 9.700 from Foberg.

Stronger from Skaggs, bounce up in place.

Foland – BB – NC State – kickover, deep, connects into bhs bhs, some knees – switch to split, hit – full turn with a check – aerial, solid – stuck dismount. 9.775

Reed – VT – Florida – bounce forward on Y1.5

Michigan has a 9.925 to open vault for Heiskell.

Shepard – BB – NC State – solid bhs loso series, confident landing – side aerial, same – split jump 1/2, nice – hop in place on dismount

Florida had Baumann vault a full for 9.825, so Florida goes 49.275 on vault, not ideal but fine for today.

Townes on FX for Illinois – 2nd pass back 1.5 to front full, controls step, some knees – great height on straddle elements –

Over at the Michigna UCLA affair – Brooks just landed an excellent Y1.5 – UCLA already getting 9.900s on floor because the best ones go.

Frazier – FX – UCLA – double tuck, a couple steps back, possible OOB – amazing save if she didn’t

9.975 for Brooks for Michigan vault.

Negrete with a smooth aerial to bhs for NC State on beam – switch to switch 1/2, short of position but secure – straddle 1/2 from side, hit – 2/1, hop back.

West Virginia losing it on beam now.

Campbell – FX – UCLA – front 2/1, controls her step – split leap full to popa, nice extension – double tuck, nailed it – front lay to front full was low, a stagger on landing, the rest was great –

Webb finishes beam for NC State with a nice switch to split – aerial, small check – sheep jump, secure landing – 2/1, step back.

Illinois got a 9.900 anchor from Scott on floor to go 49.200. Webb gets 9.800 for NC State to go 49.075. NC State will have a .275 advantage on NC State going to the last rotation.

Oklahoma crusiing in its opening beam rotation. Maryland went 48.950 on vault. Missouri will be ahead of that if they can drop an early 9.675

UCLA gets 9.825 from Tratz. Nia Dennis anchors – front loso through to double tuck, huge stumble backward and steps OOB.

Webb has a large break on beam for Oklahoma, though it doesn’t super matter because they already have 49.425.

UCLA with just 49.150 on floor but still maintaining a big lead for the advancing spots.

Missouri 49.300 on floor so a major lead on Maryland early.

So basically it’s all about NC State/Illinois right now.

Illinois starts the final rotation with a controlled FTY from Mueller, but some real piking down. Meanwhile, nice back 1.5 to layout to sissone from Jordan on floor for NC State.

Biondi – VT – Illinois – also solid control on Y1/2, a small step back and then a little bounce salute, good form in the air

Takekawa – VT – Illinois medium sized hop back on yfull, following a 9.750 and 9.850.

Jordan got 9.850 in the first spot for NC State.

Cox – FX – NC State – looked like she meant to do a rudi and just did a front 1/2 – so that’s a content problem – front full to front pike, secure landing – back 1.5 to layout, some arching.

Townes hits her Y1.5 for Illinois, small slide back, some knees, good. 9.875.

Powe – VT – Illinois – pretty solid full, good amplitude, small hop back. 9.825. They finish with Waight – y1/2, a solid landing for her, little hop in place, some knees. Also 9.825

Illinois finishes with 49.175 on vault.

Thomas with her only routine of the day for Florida – maloney to clear hip to pak, lovely – good low bar hs – van leeuwen, small pause on handstand on high but gets to vertical – DLO, holds the stick

So NC State needs just 48.925 on floor. But that means four more hits.

10 for Thomas. 10 from all four judges.

197.825 for Florida so far. Gallentine to come.

Michigan is working against a miss from Bauman on bars, but it won’t really matter even if they have one more fall.

gallentine gets 9.950, so it’s 197.950 for Florida.

NC State still got a 9.725 from Cox in the second spot on floor even though she only had a front 1/2.

Nelson – FX – NC State – back 2.5 to front tuck, pretty solid – double pike, chest a bit down, secure landing – switch side to wolf full, quite short of 180 on switch side – 1.5 to front pike, comes up low, a stagger on landing

UCLA gets vault 9.925s from Dennis and Campbell to go 49.400 there. Finish on 197.050, which is a big accomplishment for having trouble routines on every event.

A 9.800 from Nelson on floor for NC State, which means they just need a 9.725 now.

Shepard – FX – NC State – double pike, hops quickly out of it to present – front lay to front full, very secure landing – double tuck, chest down, step, but should be more than the score she needs.

So after all that Michigan ended up with a 197.650. How did this happen, exactly?

Shepard’s 9.925 gives NC State the score they need to pass Illinois and advance, once again before Negrete even goes. But she hits a strong one so that should raise NC State’s total.

Trautman is flooring for Oklahoma. Hits strong DLO – 1.5 to split was a little low on the split position – but that looks like it’s back.

OK so, Michigan and UCLA are through. Florida and NC State (!) are through. Oklahoma is getting a 100 billion, and Missouri is cruising through two with a large lead on Maryland, which had a bad bars rotation for 48.475. So that looks like it’s heading a specific direction.

LSU/Kentucky the final semifinal to start pretty soon.

Boy, this semifinal sure would have been more interesting with a fourth team in it.

Rotation 3 is starting in Tuscaloosa, rotation 1 is starting in Utah.

Missouri will have to make sure it doesn’t have a disaster.

Audrey Davis starts for Oklahoma with a stuck yfull. Lovely.

Chrsitensen – Ub – Missouri – giant full to tkatchev, low but hit – overshoot, osrt of in between a handstand attempt and not – double tuck, secure landing. 9.850

Stern – VT – OU – medium pace forward on her y1.5

Webb – VT – OU – a medium hop forward on her Y1.5 and then an additional step into salute.

Kentucky starts with Davis on bars – 1/2 to jaeger, good – small hesitations in a handstand or two – clean vertical on bail – DLO, step forward.

9.825 for Davis. Desiderio opens beam for LSU with 9.800

Luksik – UB – Kentucky – goofirst first – high Ray, catches very so slightly close – short of handstand on her bail – good final cast – DLO, small shudder but holds the stick. 9.900

Durante – BB – LSU – bhs loso series and falls – looked for a second like she would be able to save it but she couldn’t.

Trautman nearly shows the stick on her Y1.5 but can’t quite hold it, step/salutes out. Oklahoma 49.450 on vault.

Bunn – UB – Kentucky – good first hs – blind to jaeger, some flexed feet but otherwise solid – better bail hs position – short cast hs on high – DLO, stuck landing.

OOB from Utah State in the second spot on floor.

Bryant – BB – LSU – aeria with a large check, leg-up wobble but keeps it on the beam – aerial to bhs is nice – pause after her switch before the straddle 1/4, so that could get interesting – front tuck, another arm wave correction and lean –

Bryant stayed on the beam but it was….errr…reminiscent of those starts for UCLA and Michigan, and like those teams, LSU should be safe enough in this session to withstand some problems.

Nice DLO 1/1 on bars for Angeny, only a small slide back. Kentucky doing well on bars.

I see one judge giving Bryant a 9.7 start and another with a 9.9 start, so this will be an ordeal. The 9.7 judge won’t have given the dance combination, which I wouldn’t have given either.

Worley – UB – kentucky – tkatchev, not the highest but good counter – clean position on her pak – solid final vertical psoition – FTDT and a little stagger on landing.

Still waiting to see what they’re going to do with Bryant’s beam.

After talking, the 9.7 judge changed to a 9.8 start, and the 9.9 judge changed to a 9.7 start. Great. It’s going great. No notes.

Anyway it looks like a 9.375 for Bryant and I expect it to change again before the night it out.

Dean – BB – LSU – side aerial to bhs, hit solidly, knees on bhs – switch to split, hit – aerial to beat, smoothly done – side aerial to full, stuck.

Kentucky went 49.475 on bars, including 9.950 for Worley with a non-stick.

DeHarde – FX – Utah State – double pike, bounce back – rudi to straddle shushunova, a little low but OK – switch side to popa, again a little low but around – rudi to a nice high loso

Johnson – BB – LSU – bhs loso is secure, squeeves to avoid any kind of check – switch to switch 1/2, solid – kickover, .05 check – sticks 2/1, nice one.

Johnson goes 9.900, so they can escape with something fine as long as Campbell hits.

Gutierrrez – FX – USU – pulls around split 1.5, hits split, a little off kilter on landing – front tuck through to double tuck, bounce back and OOB, they needed a really big one here –

Campbell – BB – LSU – bhs loso is nice – aerial to sissone – a couple slight near hesitations here but nothing real – swithc to switch 1/2 – 2/1, slide back. A little nervier than her best, but a strong showing.

Also Missouri is ahead of Maryland by nearly 2 points going to the final rotation, so…

Utah State is done on floor with 49.125 after counting that 9.675 OOB in the final spot – Arizona went 49.050, and LSU went 48.850 after counting that 9.375.

I have a couple questions for the judge who went 10.00 for Campbell’s routine.

Washington is having its individual performances on floor – Cunningham for Washington shows an excellent front tuck through to double back – chest was a little down her on double pike

In the mean time, a reminder that the rotation order for tomorrow has the winner of session 2 starting on vault and second place from session 2 starting on floor – the winner of session 1 starting on bars and second place starting on beam.

Haleigh Bryant’s score has been lowered to 9.225 (the judges still had different start values after the chat so we knew this was going to change.) It’s now 48.700 for LSU on beam.

LSU has enough of a margin in this semifinal that they can withstand a 48.700 on beam, but it does make things a little more interesting.

Interested in exploring the possibility of a conspiracy to make sure Missouri gets a higher score than Iowa so no one can complain about the seedings in Tuscaloosa (spoiler we’ll still complain)

2nd rotation has started in Utah and we have a leadoff two-fall routine for kentucky on beam.

LSU opens with 9.875 for Desiderio on floor.

Shchennikova – FX – LSU – front 2/1 with a bounce forward, stays in bounds – back 1.5 to front full, a bit better control there – switch ring and switch 1/2 look fine – (sometimes her leaps look like she loses her feet but I think that’s just the rolls of toilet paper she has around her ankles – rudi to straddle jump, only a small travel. 9.875

DeHarde – VT – USU – kathy and I agree about her superior technique here – hop back on her yfull

Hargrove with a miss on bars for Arizona in this spot.

Magnelli – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, solidly done – switch side is hit –

Webb got a 10 for Oklahoma in the third spot on bars. The top scores post this week is going to be an experience –

OOB for Ballard on FX? Solid final double back though.

Second Varnadore goes on vault for USU – y1/2 with a medium step forward, still pretty clean.

DeGuzman – BB – Kentucky – wolf single, good – bhs loso, good extension, very small hesitation – aerial, hit – switch to sheep, good closure, some hip angle – 1.5, lunge ot the side.

Edwards – FX – LSU – front 2/1, small slide – slides forward again on front full in combination but does keep this one in bounds (just) – double tuck, good control, just some chest down

Meyer finishes on vault for USU – medium step back on yfull, clean in the air.

Bunn – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, hit, arm wave correction, not large – switch to split, some back leg – 2/1, stuck

Bryant – FX – LSU – doubel front, controls her step forward – controls her middle pass that has three elements now – just a slight bit out of control on leap series – oooooofff front 2/1 and hands down. That’s the second time this has happened this year.

Oklahoma and Missouri through easily. 198.000 for OU. 197.325 for Missouri.

So LSU will count the 9.750 for Ballard but does have the 9.900 from Edwards. Utah State 49.075 on vault.

Worley – BB – Kentucky -a erial to bhs loso, leg-up check, leg goes up to horizontal – 1.5 dismount, slides heels together.

Arizona has to count a miss on bars for 48.500.

9.375 for Bryant. She’s not having a day.

Johnson – FX – LSU – full in, nice and high, bounce back – 1.5 to layout is solidly controlled – switch 1/2 to popa, a little tighter than her usual – double pike, very secure. Good.

Angeny hits a pretty beam to allow Kentucky to escape that rotation unharmed. 49.225.

Johnson gets 9.950 to give LSU 49.350 on floor. Utah State has a .150 advantage on LSU after two events. Kentucky in control.

Even if LSU gets past Utah State, the race with Kentucky could be a minor thing as well since if LSU doesn’t catch Kentucky, LSU would start on floor tomorrow instead of vault and end on beam.

Rotation 3

Brock – VT – LSU – excellent full, very clean and stuck. 9.900

Meyer – UB – utah St – deltchev to overshoot, hit, some hip angle in overshoot – a bit short on cast on high, some loose back – giant full with legs into double tuck, stuck. 9.800

Shchennikova – VT – LSU – lands short on her Y1.5 but saves it with a lunge back. 9.850

Gutierrez – UB – USU – good first hs – maloney to overshoot, some legs but OK – DLO, flings it out but finds the stick. 9.800

Arenas hits her full on vault, not her usual stick with a hop back but a solid one. 9.825

Edwads – VT – LSU – nice pop on her Y1.5 as usual, full tenth lunge. 9.875

Wells – UB – Utah State – good first hs – 1/2 turn on high, a bit short – tkatchev to overshoot, good rhythm – good cast hs on high – FTDT is low, chest down with a lunge forward –

Johnson – VT – LSU – very strong DTY, small hop back

LSU has officially popped Utah State’s dream bubble here. 49.400 with Braynt to come.

Bryant – VT – LSU – her usual excellent hs pike 1/2, slide back. 9.950

Rojas – Ub – USU – maloney with some legs into bail, hits vertical, back a little loose – DLO, hop back

LSU goes 49.525 on vault.

Brooks – UB – Utah State – takes Ray too far and falls.

Haigis for Kentucky with a lovely loso out of her opening pass – double pike, bounce up –

Was that a replay of Brooks on bars or a fall on the redo?

Poor Bart and Kathy having all kinds of audio issues. Sounds like Bart got disconnected. Nadia probably streaming Saw IV again.

Anyway, Angeny had a low landing in the 5th spot on floor for Kentucky but they are on a fine track with the other routines. It’s been 80 hours of wiating for Utah State to do a bars routine.

Varnadore – UB – USU – maloney to bail, a bit short on bail position – good hs – 1/2, late, to front giant 1/2, very good vertical on the front giant – doubel back, solid usable score

Worley – FX – Kentucky – full in, very strong, good control – front full to layout, nearly shows a stick on that one, she thought she was going to, then kind of had to step – very weird double tuck with a bounce back and then another adjustment step as she tries to stay in and kind of turns around and almost goes OOB with the second foot. Three people have done that today. Magee, Frazier, and Worley.

USU 49.025 on bars, so an LSU gain of 5 tenths and now an LSU lead of .350

Worley gets 9.675, so just 49.050 for Kentucky on floor. They will stay ahead of LSU but just by .175.

LSU and Kentucky just have to stay on their events now.

Score adjustment, Kentucky now has a 2 tenth edge on LSU.

Bunn – VT – UK – tries to stick her yfull but it short with a hop forward – 9.750

Johnson – UB – LSU – maloney to bail, hit, loose back in the bail catch those – DLO, stuck. Just a couple loose positions but fine. 9.900

Varnadore – BB – USU – bhs loso, check, some knees – aerial is good -0 switch to switch is clean – gainer tuck 1.5 dismount, small hop. 9.675

Magnelii – VT – Kentucky – very strong on her handspring pike 1/2, hop back – nice amplitude – 9.875

Chase Brock overcasts on a handstand and comes off. Third fall of the day for LSU. Well, now to be back to paying attention for the last four LSU bars routines. Brock also hits her foot on her tkatchev.

Worley – VT – Kentucky – hits Y1.5 with a hop to the side

Kathy trying to explain why Magnelli’s score was lower than she thought but it was actually a 9.875 not a 9.800. You had it Kathy.

Angeny – VT – kentucky – great open on her full, good layout shape, hop back. 9.850

Dunne – Ub – LSU – hits tkatchev to pak cleanly – quite late on 1/2 turn on low bar – good final cast hs – DLO, step back. Some things but a hit. 9.825

Pretty routine from Brooks in the second spot for Utah State.

Another big full from Nixon for kentucky, but another bounce back

Bryant – UB – LSU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, solid – bail, hits good vertical – nice handstands 1/2 turn to double front, step forward – one of her better bars routines, 9900

Patterson finishes vault for Kentucky with another big handspring pike 1/2 but a larger hop back for her.

kentucky done with 49.350 on vault and a 197.125 final.

Shchennikova – UB – LSU – goods first hs – hits Ray to pak, feet on Ray – short final cast – DLO, pikes down, tries to sell the stick but leans forward and ends up stepping

Utah State will have to count a 9.675 on beam.

9.875 for Shchennikova with a 9.950 to 9.650 range. LOL.

Anyway Durante hits in the final spot for LSU, goot stick on FTDT, some loose back positions in there.

And…we have a dismount fall for Utah State on beam.

Durante gets 9.950 on bars (sure), so LSU will finish on 197.025, just a tenth behind Kentucky.

Arizona getting some good floor numbers but it’s too late after bars, and it will be a low beam number for Utah State.

Castles with a pretty 1.5 through to 2/1 second pass on floor.

DeHarde – BB – Utah State – aerial to beat, nicely controlled – bhs loso series, also solid – pike jump to stradlde jump 3/4, low but efficient – gainer full, nice landing. Good work.

Hargrove – FX – Arizona – full in, bounce back – back 1/2 to front full, really crisp layout shape but a slide forward – switch ring to split full – double tuck, chest down but solid. That should get Arizona over 196.

DeHarde got 9.875 on beam instead of 9.950 because she wasn’t famous enough.

Bayles – BB – Utah St – aerial, pretty but a long break before connecting into bhs bhs – switch to tuck jump 3/4, good – 1.5 dismount, hop forward

Arizona does go over 196 with a 196.025. Bayles 9.800 gives Utah State the same, 196.025.

I think I’m going to round up the results and where we stand and everything in a separate post because this one needs to go to bed.

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  1. All of the winey people wining about LSU rough meet but they deserved to go through today over usu.

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      2. i think this poster knows that’s a misspelling and is making fun of it, so maybe take it down a notch, yikes.

    1. LSU might have been the second best team in that session, but the scores were very misleading. If you look at just the scores, one might think that LSU was very close to winning, whereas the actual performances were a distant second to Kentucky. With more accurate scoring, we would have seen how wide the gap truly was between LSU and Kentucky/Utah, and how easily even Arizona State should threaten this kind of performance tomorrow in the regional finals.

  2. Been a nervous wreck all meet. Hopefully the lsu team pushed out those nerves today for rest of post season, very rough meet but was impressed with fight and perseverance we showed. Particularly impressed with Haleigh coming back in the second half of the meet and kiya doing kiya things. Hope Sami can figure it out on beam maybe alyona can go instead tomorrow on beam. I have no idea why Elena arenas has not done bars all season I would have thought she have been a lock for that spot. Yes I thought some scores were a bit cracky but this carried to all teams for me. Thought overall we deserved the second spot. Need definite improvement for tomorrow to advance.

  3. Kathy and Bart are totally the best!!!! So nice, great critique. Honestly want every gymnast to be a success.

  4. Excited for NC State. Thought they won’t likely make Nationals, it is at least good juju for getting the shaft and having to compete in the play-in meet, which should never have happened.

    Nationals is going to be amazing.
    Florida and Oklahoma are obviously the favorites.
    Michigan and LSU had some errors here but should be up there with hit routines.
    Minnesota and Cal are looking like possible contenders for the team title.
    Alabama, Arkansas, and Utah continue to be consistent.
    Kentucky and Missouri are peaking at the right time and could take advantage of others mistakes.

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