Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Regionals

This week...

Regionals got scary

Iowa was like, “A 197 will be enough to make Saturday…”

And the judges gave Kentucky and Arizona State the business

So in the end LSU got 49.525 on beam

And the top 8 teams all made nationals

Temple made regionals, got to Utah, then pulled out with COVID

NC State had to compete three days in a row

Cristal Isa remained a true classic

Emi Watterson arrived to the ball at beam o’clock

(And then the parttttty startttttted)

They finally called Gabriela at Starbucks

Worley invented the not-OOB stag celebration

And Magee had to get a look at Georgia’s weird floor lines too

Meanwhile, men’s gymnastics wondered how to get attention

And Evan Manivong was like, “Here. Now I’m more famous than Sam Mikulak”

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      1. And yet, not even ONE US MAG has stepped up an said, “see your way out, b*tch, I’m taking your spot” much less a whole team of gymnasts…

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