Olympic Trials Routine Guides

I’ve put together routine guides with intended D-scores for each of the competitors at Olympic Trials, for whatever use you might see fit.

Simone BilesEmily Lee
Skye BlakelySunisa Lee
Jade CareyEmma Malabuyo
Jordan ChilesGrace McCallum
Kayla DiCelloRiley McCusker
Amari DraytonZoe Miller
Kara EakerAva Siegfeldt
Addison FattaMyKayla Skinner
Shilese JonesLeanne Wong

3 thoughts on “Olympic Trials Routine Guides”

  1. This is amazing Spencer! I’m not sure how you know whether this is their planned upgrades they were going to debut here, their last routine or a psychic reading, but I am grateful for the details. πŸ’“

    1. This looks like the best guess at their trials routines based on a combination of recent competitions and what they’re training/are capable of.

      In many cases, we don’t know what a gymnast will show up with because their routines change frequently or they have difficult skills they’ve shown before in competition but haven’t competed recently. For example, DiCello has shown a Chusovitina on floor before, Carey has shown a Silivas, and Skinner has shown a full-in dismount on beam. And there’s always the possibility that Wong or Chiles could debut an Amanar.

      It will be very exciting to see what people actually end up competing. I imagine based on current “rankings” that strategies will be different for different “groups” of gymnasts. Biles can simply walk through the frot door and make team. Chiles and Sunisa Lee would likely not upgrade anything further because their current routines are so strong and so essential for the team as-is. Gymnasts like DiCello and McCallum don’t need to upgrade, but need completely hit meets both days of trials. Other gymnasts like Skinner will likely feel the need to throw every last bit of difficulty they can safely do to make a case as the fourth member of the team. McCusker is in a unique position in that she potentially works as the fourth member of the team or as the second individual. It will be up to her and her coaches what they do at trials. And finally, while Carey has nothing to prove, I believe what she ends up showing on vault (and possibly floor) will have an impact on who else makes the team.

  2. it is again just mind boggling to see how far ahead simone is on her D score compared to everyone else!

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