Men’s Olympic Qualification – Subdivision 2

On to subdivision 2!

Here we have Japan, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Brazil, and the race to see which Japanese gymnasts advance to the all-around final should be intense. It very realistically could be any of the 4 of them depending on the day and consistency, and if everyone crying at the end of every high bar routine at event nationals is any indication, there’s going to be kind of a lot riding on it.

Japan now knows the assignment, which is China’s 262.061, which leads Russia by a tenth.

In general, Great Britain has occupied 5th place in the team hierarchy lately, ahead of Switzerland, but we’ll see if GB’s team position holds up this year because there are some scoring holes in this group of four and they’ll have Whitlock up on just 3 events (but you COULDN’T select Becky Downie because she doesn’t do the AA).

Individually, we’ll have Uchimura competing on PB in rotation 1 (presumably to warm up) and high bar in rotation 2. Zanetti also goes to rings in rotation 2. Rotation 6 will also be a big deal, with Whitlock’s pommel horse and Petrounias on rings coming then.

THE WALKING OF THE TRAINERS! It’s what we wait four years for.

GB is hoping to survive rings in the first rotation without having to count a 12. Japan has some big scores to fill on PB.

Rotation 1

Hall on rings first, the world feed’s love of rings continues. Good cross – a little low on planche, to the point where it was in between planche and maltese, but too high for a maltese – straddle planche – solid first two handstands, the third was archier – double double, small slide. 13.733 they’ll take it.

14.716 for Shek on first vault.

Kaya – PB – healy is good – peach half, small adjustment – little hesitation after peach – front straddle – bhavsar, looking solid – tippelt, smoothly up to handstand – stutz to one is good – double front 1/2 out, nice early 1/2 turn, holds stick. Strong finish.

Looks like we have a miss for Shek on his second vault.

15.100 for Kaya to start for Japan, but that’s just 9th place on the event.

Strong 14.400 for Fraser on rings. As well as they could have wanted to score fro the first two routines.

Davtyan – VT 1 – hits a Kas 2/1, great height, just a little under rotated with a lunge back, pretty twisting position. 14.733

Second vault is an AMAZING Dragulescu. Great stick. 15.00 for that. 14.866 average and into first place on vault.

14.433 for Bull on HB! That puts him into 3rd and dumps Deurloo to 4th.

Braegger has a pretty large error on his double double second pass with about 5 little steps back into the corner.

GB with 41.499 on rings, as well as they could have hoped with having to count GRM.

Nory scratches horse. They’ll count a 12.800 from Soares.

PB update, Hashimoto went 15.300 and Tanigawa 15.241.

14.766 for Karimi on HB! They’re racking up the scores there, and those 14.4s that looked good earlier might not look so good.

Rumbutis with a little shuffle on DLO 1/1 on HB.

Kitazono – PB – healy, solid – struggles on pach 1/2, off line and lots and hand placements, good high front straddle – stutz, a little short of vertical handstand – tippelt is clean – smooth bhavsar – small hesitation on 1/2 turn – stuck dismount is great. A couple nervies so I wouldn’t put that in the 15s, but they don’t need a score for him.

14.900 will be dropped. Lol.

Kohei not doing PB after all despite being on the start list.

Japan – 45.641
Switzerland – 42.232
GB – 41.499
Brazil – 39.400

A look at Shek’s first vault, which was very strong, but on his second vault he crashed a double front pike 1/2 out attempt.

On to rotation 2, everyone doing about expected so far. Japan’s PB score just ahead of Russia, well behind China.

Rotation 2

Kohei HB warmup takes his Bretschneider to Mars.

Hall – VT – Kas 1.5 is solid, small hop to the side. Seems like everyone figured out the springboard today, or they got a new one. 14.333

Yusof with a hesitation up to handstand on a scissor, later a major leg separation and bottoms out on the horse

Corral is a little ragged early on PB but gets through, double front 1/2 out with a large stumble back.

14.033 for Kaya on HB.

Karimi went 14.766 on floor as well. He’s using up his hits.

14.600 for Regini Moran on his first vault.

Just 13.400 on HB for Tanigawa.

A miss for Regini Moran on second vault puts him at just a 14.000 average.

Souza hits rings with a couple hesitations. Lunge back on double double.

Kitazono – HB – Yam, a little pike – tak 1/2 is late – Cassina is hit – Kolman quite nice – double double layout, stuck landing. Excellent.

I notice we’re not seeing Tomas Gonzalez on floor…

Braegger’s is the first 13 for Switzerland on PH so far.

14.433 for Kitazono, thought it might be higher given the scoring today.

We did not see Zanetti’s rings but he went 14.900, which is 2nd so far on the event.

Hashimoto – HB – tak 1/2, pretty good – Cassina is solid – Kolman, quite good rhythm – layou ttkatchev to tkatchev 1/2 – tak 1/1 is EXCELLENT – yam, piked, low – double double layout, hop forward. Exceptional work from his as well.


Uchimura – HB – Bretschneider is hit – Cassina a little close, elbows working out but fine – Kolman was good and noooooooooo, falls on Rybalko. Resumes to hit it – Yam is non-bad – tak 1/2 is lovely – DLO 2/1, slide back.

Goodbye cruel world. 13.866.

After PB and HB
China – 89.165
Japan – 89.140
Russia – 88.089

So we’re saying it’s close.

A look back at Karimi’s beautiful floor.

Rotation 3

Kaya – FX – nice double front 1/2 out – lock legged on front double pike, shuffle back – a couple small hops here and there – 3/1 dismount is similar, little slide back

Whitlock – PB – tippelt, solid – straddle to arms, healy – peach to one, a little archy – double pike, step back. Fine, solid, some things a little sluggish and low. Gets out of there with a 14.100 though.

13.933 on floor for Kaya.

It couldn’t go well for too long for Karimi. 11.900 on horse.

Rumbutis fully tucks a Sivado at one point but otherwise through pommel horse.

14.466 on floor will help Tanigawa get back into the AA race.

Nory really struggles on a Kas 1/1. It looked beautiful in the air but he landed really short, nearly knee down.

Just 42.166 for Brazil on vault. Eesh. Souza into 4th place on vault saved it.

I like all the shots of the coaches.

Kitazono 14.666 on floor. He’s continuing to make his AA case, which is very exciting.

Yusof with a step back on double double tuck on rings.

14,733 for Petrov on horse puts him in 4th place.

Close-up of Eddy Yusof’s bulge as he changes into pants. He looks at the camera like, “OK…”

Pretty line from Corral on high bar, finishes with a double layout full, step back.

Hashimoto’s 14.700 on floor is the top score for Japan. Hashimoto and Kitazono extend their AA lead.

We didn’t see Fraser get a 15.400 on PB and go into 4th place.

Japan 132.972
GB 128.931
Switzerland 123.096
Brazil – 122.232

Impressed by GB so far. They’re exceeding their 2019 level.

For comparison on the events they’ve done so far:

On PB, HB,and FX
Japan 132.972
China 132.330
Russia 131.155

Rotation 4

On to Karimi on rings while we see Tanigawa’s head on PH so we know that he didn’t fall off because that head didn’t drop out of the shot. Nice stick on dismount for Karimi. Low D but clean.

13.833 for Tanigawa. 13.300 for Karimi.

Yusof – VT – hits a Tsuk doubel pike, a bit short, step forward, landed it. Fairly tucked.

Braegger follows Yusof with a miss on a Kas 1.5, sits it down. Which means they’ll count Baumann’s 13.5

Hall gets GB over the 14s on HB with a 14.066.

Fraser on high bars now, through his major releases well, just a bit of legs on catch with the Kolman – tak 1/1 got kind of crooked – step on landing. GB continuing to look comfortable.

13.916 for Kitazono on horse. A decimal like that means that the reference jury had to intervene.

Kaya is through PH with a stronger routine, just got a little low at the end. 14.833 well now. That’s 3rd place on PH.

Nory is going to scratch PB as well.

Hashimoto anchors the team scores on horse for Japan – flare spindling his way into our hearts – it was going splendidly until he started listing on his dismount and had to get around all his twisting in a diagonal position and couldn’t stick even though pommel horse.

Still a 14.766 because nothing matters. Japan will have to count a 13.9 on horse and will lose a little ground to China, but will remain ahead after 4.

Just 0.016 separate Kitazono and Kaya now for the second AA spot.

Kameyama comes through with a hit in his lone routine.

After 4
Japan 176.487
GB 170.330
Switzerland 165.161
Brazil 164.665

Kameyama 14.266 ties him with McClenaghan for the top spot on horse.

Whitlock with a really nice stick on his double double layout for 13.400.

I’d say Japan is looking good to qualify in first place at this point.

Rotation 5

Hall – FX – double front pike is nice – double double a little over with a slide back – randi side pass, just a little mocement – 2.5 to layout, small hop – 3/1, another small pace. Good, lots of little steps though.

Kitazono 13.33 on rings. Kaya is capable of beating that by a lot.

Hall starts with 13.866 for his floor.

Over to Le on vault, sits down a handspring 2.5 attempt.

Yep, 14.366 for Kaya on rings, who will now have a big lead on Kitazono heading to vault.

Barretto on HB – tkatcehv and layout tkatchev and tkatchev 1/2 are hit, nearly caught his feet on layout but didn’t, layout tkatchev 1/2 – DLO 1/1, stuck landing.

Fraser 14.066 on floor. Having a nice day.

Hashimoto through rings with a hit. Just a couple small hesitations, stuck double double.

15.200 for Baumann on PBars and that won’t even make finals.

Hashimoto at 13.866.

Tanigawa helps Japan out with a 14.300 in the anchor spot on rings.

Braegger finishes with a double front 1/2 out on PBars with a step back. Really strong PB numbers here for Switzerland to help out what had been a kind fo meh performance thus far.

15.066 for Braegger, and SUI gets 44.966 on PB. That means it should be a piece of cake for them to pass Ukraine at least. GB probably too far out in front of SUI but GB will have to get through horse (or at least just rely on Whitlock to save it).

Brazil needs 41.395 on floor to go ahead of Ukraine, which is doable for them.

Japan needs 43.042 on vault to qualify ahead of China.

14.133 for Nory on high bar will not do it for him.


Rotation 6

Barretto – FX – kind of sluggish on double front, a bit deep on landing – 1.5 to front full – just a couple hops back on a rudi, not a lot of D here

14.700 on VT for Kitazono – a good 85.948. And Kaya falls on vault! That means Kitazono will finish ahead of him! And Tanigawa is still in it!

Hashimoto with a casually excellent Kas 2/1. 14.866.

88.531 is the best AA score by a MILE today.

Fraser with an excellent day. 86.298 final score. Into 5th.

Whitlock to pommel horse – he does have a pretty large leg break on a travel and gains some clear pike at times but he got through it.

A fall from Tanigawa on vault as well!

Japan still qualifies ahead of China, but BOTH Kaya and Tanigawa had a shot to get into the AA final for Japan and BOTH fell on vault. So it will be the teenagers Hashimoto and Kitazono.

regini Moran falls on horse, but they had three good scores before that and weren’t going to count his. GB will move into a comfortable 4th right now.

Braegger finishes for Switzerland on HB and can’t catch his Cassina, no chance to get those hands around. So a pretty rough day for Switzerland but they’ll still be in 5th after 2 subs.

A miss from Nory on floor for 12.800 means Brazil will NOT pass Ukraine and will sit in 7th of 8 teams.

After 2 Subdivisions

1 Japan – 262.251
2 China – 262.061
3 Russia – 261.945
4 GB – 256.594
5 Switzerland – 249.193
6 Ukraine – 247.492
7 Brazil – 247.263
8 Spain – 241.462

Everything else is done and PBars has barely started. Bull is just 2nd in the order.

And now we have 8 more hours to wait for his score.

I think the PBars judges left early.

In the AA we have

currently the top 8, accounting for 2-per.

Bull goes 13.566. Still currently in Q position on HB in 6th place.

Karimi can finally go and instantly dies on a peach 1/2 attempt (we think?) loses body position and collapses off the bars. And the day started so well;. LOL the stream went to commercial during his resumption. OVER IT.

Actually quick to get the score for Karimi at 13.400, which puts him currently 11th in the AA.

Rumbutis finishes PB with a preposterous stutz where he completely lost form and clattered off the bars.

So that was fitting.

One more subdivision to go. See you then.

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