Men’s Olympic Qualification – Subdivision 3

It’s the turn of the US, Taiwan, Germany, and South Korea in the final subdivision, which will also give us all the answers we need about who is advancing to which final.

For team goals, Great Britain put up a really solid 4th place number earlier with a 256.594. Beating that should be the goal of the US team, and it’s certainly not a given that they’d do so. Average scores this year have been putting the US men more like 254 or 255, so they’ll need to step it up to qualify in 4th here.

Any team who goes better than 249.193 here is automatically in the team final.

These are the current cutoffs for event finals, so at very minimum, gymnasts must do better than that to get into EF.

Floor – 14.666
Horse – 14.666
Rings – 14.400
Vault – 14.000
PBars – 15.233
HBar – 14.333

For this one, NBC has both the world feed and the dedicated US routines feed.

And Bridget and John have appeared for the US sub.

Showing the US “maybe they’re not the most talented team”

Touch for the first rotation now.

Per Bridget, if the US believes in themselves, they will turn into better gymnasts than Russia.

Herder up on floor. Looks like like our “US only” feed does not have it’s life together? Nice double front pike to start his routine. Several hops.

He goes 13.733.

TPE started with a 10 on horse to sort of needs a hit from Tang in the second spot. A very quick but hit routine. 13.000

A miss from Moldauer leading off PB for the US and a 13.900.

Good coverage of Mikulak watching Wiskus on PB. Very helpful. 10/10.

A 14.700 for Wiskus, a big score for him, as PB scores have been all day, to get the US back on track.

Lee Jun Ho up 3rd on HB for KOR, following two modest scores – his late pirouette initiation is unexpected – DLO 2/1, step back. Hit.

Malone – PB – hits underswing 1/2 mount – makuts is clean – peach, small hesitation – moy – tippelt, smoothly up to handstand – healy clean – diam a little sluggish but OK – stutz is good – double pike, larger bounce back. Fine.

14.633 for Malone.

Mikulak – PB – healy is hit – peach to one with some walking – tcuk 1/2 to arms and front straddle to swing are hit – bhavsar, good – tippelt, solid – stutz, a little short – double front 1/2 out, stuck. A couple hesitations but the best he’s been this whole summer on PB.

15.433 for Mikulak and he goes into 3rd place on PB. Will make a final.

15.266 for LCK on horse is the same as McClenaghan and Kameyama.

Rings is the only event still running with a ton more people left. Nice stuck dismount for Edalli.

USA goes 44.766 on PB, which is the 5th best number of the day there.

Meanwhile Colak went 14.933 on rings to get into 3rd, and Asil went 14.800 to sit 5th.

Lodadio is here for this event, nice pull up to inverted cross – good straight position in maltese – double front and double pike to land in cross – legs dip in planche, couldn’t hold that straight – two paces back on double double tuck – not his strongest.

14.633 does still put him in 8th, right on the edge.

Yulo is doing rings to finish out the rotation – a secure routine but doesn’t have RINGS rings – lands very high in a cross – double double tuck was nice in the air, small hop.

After 1
USA 44.766
TPE 41.166
GER 40.432
KOR 29.299

The US will be pleased with that PB. TPE would have wanted more from horse to try to get there as a team. Moldauer in trouble for his AA hopes after that lower PB score.

Rotation 2

Wiskus – HB – yam, some feet – Kolman, just does fingertip it, some form – kovacs is hit – tak 1/1 is a little crazy but not that bad on the vertical – tak 1/2 – hop full – DLO 2/1, hop forward. Through it. 13.700

Kim – FX – double front pike 1/2 out good – tucked version, also solid, scoot back – front full to randi, chest down but hit – 3.5, legs, hop – 2.5 to front 2/1, slightly under, another 0.1 – 3/1, hop back. 14.9!

14.766 vault average for Asil. Both he and Onder are in EF position now. Radivilov out.

Dunkel does a full Russian straddle on horse but stays on.

Moldauer went 12.933 on HB. Malone went 14.533, which is currently in EF position in 4th, knocking Deurloo to 8th with Mikulak still to go.

Tang Chia-Hung’s rings is the choice, rather than Yulo’s vault or Mikulak’s HB.

Yulo with a 14.712 vault average that will get him into the final.

A mess for Mikulak on HB goes just 12.866, so the US will have to count Moldauer’s score.

US 41.166 on high bar, which is not good. Lower than GB there.

A 15.066 for Ryu Sunghyun on floor will get him into that final as well.

A nice 14.500 for Tvorogal on PB.

Korea with a 43.699 on floor that really helps.

Tikhonov on PB is the last one to go in this rotation and is off on a peach 1/2.

The US is currently running just behind Great Britain on PB/HB scores. Malone and Wiskus now lead the AA race for the US.

US the top team in this sub on 85.932. Korea second on 82.998.

Rotation 3

Herder with a large bounce back on his rings dismount. 13.333

Lee CK with a nice Kas 1.5 for 14.500, pretty.

Moldauer goes 14.866 on floor, which would currently get him into the final. That’s more like it.

Lee Jun Ho’s hand placements were ALL OVER THE PLACE on that horse dismount, but he did it? A 12.900 for him, second 12.9 in a row for KOR.

43.233 for TPE on vault. Nice.

14.733 for Wiskus on floor, which puts him in 9th on the event. Another big score. He’s having a REALLY good day through his good events.

Arican just got a 15.566 on PBars. You knew it would be big.

Malone – FX – front full to double front pike, solid – 2.5 to 1/2, bails out a little and bouncy possible OOB – double double tuck, hop back – doublr double is hit, littel hop – 1.5 to 1.5 – stuck 2/1 – 3/1, slide.

13.666 for that. They’ll want to drop. Did get OOB. But that would mean Mikulak would have to not die.

Mikulak – FX – randi, bounce back – goes for the 1.5 to double front and sticks – doubel front pike, a little short, hop back – good stick on front full in combination – sticks 2/1 – 3/1 is an adventure, large bounce to the side.

14.466 for Mikulak still. Imagine if it had been good.

US ends up 44.065 on floor, which exceeds expectations there.

Onder – PB – finishing out rotation 3 – a hesitation on peach to one rail but saves it into a healy – front straddle to L catch – doubel front 1/2, stuck. Good. 15.200.

The US moves to horse now. That should be interesting.

Rotation 4

Ryu gets through rings for Korea, opening with a 13.166.

Moldauer goes 14.233 on horse to start hte US out correctly.

Edalli on high bar – yam, quite piked – layout tkatchev is nice and high – layout tkatchev 1/2 – tkatchev 1/2 – stalder 1.5 very late – DLO 1/1, some pike, step.

Toba – VT – Kas 1.5, deep landing and a large lunge forward

13.366 for Wiskus on horse, not ideal but he was always going to be mid-13s. Will put a real dent in his AA hopes.

Yulo – HB – goes over the wrong way on his tak 1/2 and has to readjust – hits a Kolman – lovely Kovacs position – giant 1.5 is pretty good – DLO 2/1 is lovely, step back. Eeesh 12.300

13.633 for Malone on horse that will have to count. Kind of relying on a Mikulak hit now.

Mikulak delivers on the assignment by staying on, but just a 13.900. It was nice on the horse, so methinks they did not care for that pause in the dismount

Yoder to finish for the US on horse – he gets through his opening one pommel spindle work comfortably this time – up to handstand smoothly – a really clean routine. Let’s see what happens to the score.

15.200 puts Yoder into 4th place and into the final. Knocks out Petrov.

7 tenths separate all the US all-arounders with 2 events to go. Mikulak, Wiskus, and Malone are separated by 2 tenths.

The US is about 6 tenths behind GB’s pace on the equivalent events.

Rotation 5

Shiao opens for TPE on high bar – good layout tkatchev – tkatchev, nice toes – stalder, good extension, a bit late – DLO 2/1 is ooooooofff – lands on all fours

Wiskus opens with 13.866 on rings which is not bad for him in his quest to hold on in the AA.

Yulo – FX – noooooo opens with a DLO 2/1 and brushes with his hand on a large lunge forward, probably fall – a ton of other landings errors in here as well – pulls it together on some of his middle passes but even a bounce back on the 3/1 dismount.

Just 13.566

On to Malone on rings now – a little short on his doubel double tuck with a hop forward. Not his strongest showing but still gets 14.200, which puts him .4 ahead of Wiskus now going to vault. Hard to gain four tenths on vault when everything is the same

Yang Hak Seon time on vault – opens with a NICE handspring 2.5.

Second vault is an attempt at Kas 2.5 but he crashes it down down down. He’s still in 8th somehow, but Shin is yet to go.

Dauser with a good hit on PB, only a small shuffle back on doubel front 1/2 out.

Mikulak went 13.866 on rings to sit 2nd among the Amercians. 2 tenths behind Malone, 2 tenths ahead of Wiskus.

Annnnd a 15.733 for Dauser on PB, which knocks Belyavskiy out of the final.

Tommasone went all raggedy on horse – a huge straddle on a Russian and then full spiderlicious on his dismount.

Skin Jaehwan does excellently on both vaults to place first and knock Yang out of the vault final.

US will need to go 42.632 on vault to pass Great Britain for 4th place. Germany is just looking for a 40 on high bar to get safe.

US All-Around after 5
Malone 70.765
Mikulak 70.531
Wiskus 70.365
Moldauer 69.965

Rotation 6

Shiao lands a bit short on his 3/1 dismount on floor with a step, but a good hit.

Oooof. 13.000 for Wiskus on vault. There goes the AA.

14.133 for Moldauer, followed by Malone, who holds the stick on his Kas 1.5 with a lean and a swim.

14.533 secures a spot in the AA final for Malone.

Mikulak – VT – Kas 1.5 – hits, hop forward, will end the day and get the US ahead of GB in the team scores, which is a solid accomplishment despite having some moments like the Mikulak high bar.

Mikulak’s 14.133 gets him into the all-around final and gets the US ahead of GB by about a tenth and a half.

Really pretty stick on a DLO 1/1 on high bar from Dauser. That will clinch a TF spot for Germany, knocking out Brazil.

Ait Said on rings now, just a small hop on dismount for 15.066, which will get him into the final in 3rd place, knocking out Lodadio.

The teams are all done:
1 Japan – 262.251
2 China – 262.061
3 Russia – 261.945
4 USA – 256.761
5 GB – 256.594
6 Germany – 249.929
7 Switzerland – 249.193
8 Ukraine 247.492
9 Brazil 247.263
10 Taiwan 246.263
11. South Korea 244.794
12 Spain 241.462

Brazil misses by two tenths.

Arican still has to go on horse to make things official, but his 14.233 wont get in, so…

All-Around qualifiers
1 Hashimoto 88.531
2 Nagornyy 87.897
3 Xiao 87.732
4 Sun 87.298
5 Fraser 86.298
6 Dalaloyan 85.957
7 Kitazono 85.948
8 Onder 85.665
9 Malone 85.298
10 Mikulak 84.664
11 Asil 84.524
12 Hall 84.431
13 Lee CK 84.332
14 Souza 84.298
15 Dauser 83.731
16 Tang CH 82.932
17 Pakhniuk 82.731
18 Karimi 82.565
19 Gischard 82.498
20 Herder 82.398
21 Lee JH 82.398
22 Yusof 81.898
23 Kovtun 81.581
24 Soares 81.332

First alternate is Plata.

Floor Final
1 Dolgopyat 15.200
2 Nagornyy 15.066
3 Ryu 15.066
4 Zapata 15,041
5 Kim HS 14.900
6 Moldauer 14.866
7 Xiao 14.866
8 Karimi 14.766

First alternate is Wiskus.

Horse Final
1 Lee CK 15.266
2 McClenaghan 15.266
2 Kameyama 15.266
4 Yoder 15.200
5 Whitlock 14.900
6 Sun 14.833
7 Kaya 14.833
8 Belyavskiy 14.733

First alternate is Petrov. Hashimoto out on 2-per.

Rings Final
1. Petrounias 15.333
2 Liu 15.300
3 Ait Said 15.066
4 Colak 14.933
5 Zanetti 14.900
6 Asil 14.800
7 Abliazin 14.800
8 You 14.800

First alternate is Lodadio

Vault Final
1 Shin 14.866
2 Davtyan 14.866
3 Nagornyy 14.783
4 Asil 14.766
5 Abliazin 14.733
6 Yulo 14.712
7 Souza 14.700
8 Onder 14.466

PBars Final
1 Zou 16.166
2 Dauser 15.733
3 You 15.666
4 Arican 15.566
5 Mikulak 15.433
6 Fraser 15.400
7 Pakhniuk 15.333
8 Belyavskiy 15.325

First alternate is Hashimoto. Xiao out on 2-per-country

HBar Final
1 Hashimoto 15.033
2 Karimi 14.766
3 Srbic 14.633
4 Malone 14.533
5 Nagornyy 14.466
6 Kitazono 14.433
7 Bull 14.433
8 Deurloo 14.400

First alternate is Georgiou

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      1. Were you able to see all the US routines on that feed? Because it sounds like it lacked many of them, and even went split screen with swimming at one point. Definitely not what I was expecting it to be. If you have a different link with all of the routines, please share!

  1. Obviously, bummed for Yulo’s FX, Sam’s HB, but probably the most shocking thing to me for the US was that they survived PH with no falls – I hope they can repeat that.

    Commentators say Alec is best chance for medal, but I still think it’s Brody on HB. Team USA bringing home any medal will be a win. The strange China/Russia team choices may result in even more drama in TF.

    I hope Japan can bring home some gold medals. I suspect China will walk away with the most medals, but it’s looking like there’s going to be a nice variety of countries with excellent chances of taking home medals which I love! Say what you will, but MAG > WAG for entertainment.

    Now only if we can convince them to add FX music and choreo …

    1. Yeah, I’m pleasantly surprised that the American men survived PH with no falls.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed John Roethlisberger as a commentator. I’d like to see him as the 3rd commentator on NBC primetime gymnastics coverage one of these days (no offense to the current guy). He’s casual and approachable, but also has the refinement for the big stage. As for Team USA, maybe we’ll go back to that fun 2004/2008 era when they came home with a medal. I’m rooting for them to squeeze out a bronze! You never know.

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