Women’s Olympic Qualification – Subdivisions 1 & 2

Unlike for the men, some of the women’s subdivisions are grouped together in the same session running back-to-back, so I’m keeping them in the same post.

Here, we have the Japan and Italy subdivision up first, and the big one, the Russia, China, Great Britain subdivision, up right afterward.

In the first, I have Japan penciled in as the most likely #4 team, so we’ll see if the actual performance merits that, or whether Italy can regain some 2019ishness despite all the broken. Ferrari and Murakami should also give us a sense of what counts as a good floor score at these Olympics. I expect both teams to make the team final, but they’ll have to, you know, stay on a couple times.

Japan has Hiraiwa listed last for the team on every event, so I wonder if that just means they’re trying to score-build for her—or if she won’t necessarily do the AA if the three before her hit. Should be some good AA races here. Murakami is of course expected to make it for Japan, but the second Japanese gymnast and both Italians are up for grabs.

So allegedly today we are going to get the apparatus feed in addition to the main broadcast. Ideally that means we’ll avert another Nagornyy situation from yesterday.

Because Italy starts on vault, Italy will expect a mega-point lead on Japan after 1.

Back to the Australians for commentary because it’s not a US session. The main feed has started. The apparatus feed has not, therefore I am still skeptical.

Vanessa is having a “CAN I TAKE MY MASK OFF OR NOT” moment.

Oh, no, the apparatus feed is fencing. Ma’am you misunderstood the assignment. Now it’s nothing again. Better than fencing.

Touch warmup now. Apparatus feed is live just in time!

Rotation 1

Hatakeda – BB – switch mount with a check – front tuck, hop forward – aerial, solid, not connection into straddle wolf combination – side aerial, lean forward – side somi – switch – switch 1/2, breaks connection – bhs loso is smooth – full turn, over turned a little – double pike, step back. A somewhat nervy one, not her strongest, but got through.

Maggio – VT – solid Y1.5, small hop forward, soft knees – 14.100

Magistrati with a whip double tuck and a 2.5, small steps – good switch ring – double pike, another only small hop back front tuck to 2/1, bounce back

Ferrari – VT – struggles to control the landing on her DTY with a larger lunge back, good amplitude, some crossed legs. 14.200

Hatakeda goes 13, so they’ve definitely take it.

Sugihara – BB – candle mount, solid, good toes and vertical – side aerial to split jump to korbut, a little slow in combo but clean – bhs loso and a fall, was really tight and piked in the air – single Y spin and another huge break, grabs the beam – aerial to split ringjump to straddle is pretty – switch ring, leg up check – double pi,e step back. Uh oh.

D’Amato – VT – Alice – solid DTY, medium hop back, crossed legs – 14.333

I missed Varinska’s bars but she fell for 11.633. Oh Varinska.

Straight jump double full from Nayak on floor.

Good Maloney to gienger from Ting on bars, catches close on her jaeger but works out of it – leg break on bail – dismounts with only a flyaway.

Asia D’Amato – VT – similar DTY but a bit larger bounce back than Alice had. 14.233

Italy gets three hit DTYs to count. Not their very strongest versions, and vault scoring a little tighter (in a good way) so far than we’ve seen in other meets.

11.566 for Sugihara. Will need to drop.

Murakami – BB – candle mount, hit – small check on her bhs loso series – aerial to split jump to straddle is solid – front tuck, little arm wave – survives wolf double, tight but fine – switch ring, good – double pike is a short landing with a pretty large lunge forward but nice on the beam. Useful hit. It works.

Nekrasova also dismounts bars with a flyaway.

13.466 for Murakami on beam. They’ll take it.

Hiraiwa – BB – lovely style – wolf triple, good extension – layout 2 feet, hit – split jump to wolf jump, good – switch ring, larger arm wave correction – aerial, good – split ring jump, check – wolf double, easy – side aerial, check – 2.5 dismount, hop. Pretty work.

Japan gets through beam with three hits, so they’ll take it.

Italy 42.766, which is not quite the score they wanted on vault. Would have been aiming for 43s. Will be interesting to see if all the vault scores are a little lower than we typically see.

Hiraiwa’s 13.533 is the top beam score of the rotation, puts Japan on 39.999 for beam.

Ashikawa – BB – bhs mount – bhs loso series, wonky leg on bhs but ends up solid – split ring jump, really good back leg extension – swithc to sheep, a little tentative – side somi, again a very small adjustment – split jump 1/2 from side is actually much closer to how it will be expected to be done in the next code than most people do – switch ring,. check – side aerial to split jump, lovely basic splits – 3/1, step back. Nice!

13.900 for Ashikawa. That will be the mark to watch.

Italy 42.766 to Japan’s 39.999

So Italy does have a big lead, but they would have wanted more.

Rotation 2

Italy on bars to Japan on floor should favor Italy as well, will expect to expand the lead.

Hatakeda – FX – solid landing on full in, just some leg separation in the air – good control on held-leg double – 2.5 to front full with a hop – good control on double pike final pass.

Maggio – UB – church to pak to stalder full to shaposh to tkatchev – hit the combination! – bail, full to shoot, hit – double pike dismount, a little scrappy but solidly hit

A hit beam for Ana Derek, finishing gainer tuck with a step.

13.700 for Maggio. 13.333 for Hatakeda.

Sugihara – FX – Saw her fall out of a turn attempt at the beginning – good extension on leaps – later turns like the double L turn have been nice – double pike, shuffle back

Alice D’Amato – UB – Maloney to tkatchev, good, just a ltad close – piked Downie to pak is good – van leeuwen, small amount of leg break – front giant full to double front, cowboys but hits, small hop. Another useful result. 14.233

Ting HT – BB – good candle mount – aerial to bhs, well extended – switch to split ring jump to bhs, confident – side somi, secure – split jump 1/2 fromt side to straddle 1/2 to straight jump 1/1 and falllssss no. It was going literally perfectly until then. And finishes with a stuck dismount.

Asia D’Amato – UB – Church to pak, good, some elg separation – maloney to tkatchev, a tad close, legs – tkatchev, adjust hands and some short pirouetting into her front giant full, double front, hop forward. 13.933

Murakami – FX – double y spin, stumbles a little out of it but seemed to get 2 around before that – double double tucked, solid, small movement – DLO, bounce back – 2.5 to front full, a little shy, slide back – double L turn is around – switch ring, good – doubel pike, shuffle back. Some landings but nice job. Deserves a good number.

Drat. Ferrari is scratching bars. I was really hoping for an AA surprise.

Nekrasova breaks her intended kickover front to switch split combination.

13.933 for Mai, which will set the standard, though it’s not quite the 14 I thought people needed to feel safe about the final. We’ll compare to Ferrari.

Hiraiwa – FX – triple turn is a little under – huge amplitude on DLO with lands it short and fully OOB – switch ring and split leap full are nice – 2.5 to front lay, whips around the front lay – double y spin is around for credit – well that double wolf attempt is going in the hall of fame – front 2/1, knees and a crossover step.

Varinska gets through beam. Her 2 foot layout was pretty piked, and a large break on side aerial but a hit. Solid side somi.

12.666 for Hirawia on floor will be dropped.

Italy 41.8666 on bars to Japan’s 40.599. Similar to the first rotation in that Italy has a need but they would have wanted it to be heartier to protect against what might be to come when italy goes to beam and Japan to vault.

But still, it’s a 4 point lead for Italy now, 84.632 to 80.598, which is not insignificant. But now come the events where Japan will expect to gain multiple points each time.

The D’Amato’s currently lead Maggio, and Murakami and Hatakeda are out in front for Japan.

Rotation 3

Mai hits a warmup rudi. Mostly. Sort of.

Asia D’Amato – BB – loso mount, leg-up check but keeps it on – bhs loso, secure – split 1/2 from side, fine – switch to split leap to bhs, smoothly connected – switch 1/2, check – side somi, controls it – aerial, solid – double pike dismoumt, hop. Good work. One large break at the beginning, then get it together. 13.133. One down.

Hatakeda – VT – OOOF – very short y1.5 and sits it. Surprised by that. Open door in the AA race now. 12.266

Sugihara – VT – clean Y1.5, medium hop forward, pretty nice body position. 14.266. HUGE score for a 1.5.

Maggio – BB – a break on her bhs loso loso, leg up but controls it – switch ring, arm wave – side aerial, secure – aerial, good – switch leap, flexed back foot, solid landing – 1.5, small hop. Another hit. 13.066

Murakami – VT1 – smartly going DTY to start – solid as usual, though a bit larger bounce back than she would have wanted – 14.433. She can do a few tenths better than that. A little deep.

Murakami – VT2 – going for the rudi – she lands it! Chest well down but a hit vault – It ended up outscoring her DTY because sigh.

Ferrari – BB – planche mount, solid as always – bhs loso with some corkscrew legs – aerial, small hesitation – wolf jump to sissone – switch, pauses and break connection into sheep jump – switch ring, doubtful on credit – double pike, short with a bounce forward. Execution score will take a hit, but it’s a third successful beam routine. 12.500

Hiraiwa – VT – nearly a big problem for Japan as she was also short on her Y1.5 but she saved it with a quick hop back. Bullet dodged. 13.733.

Alice D’Amato – BB – front tuck mount, small hop forward – punch front, same – bhs loso, tentative on landing but hit, small adjustment – switch to split leap to split jump, pretty – wolf double, a lean bend, keeps herself together – switch ring – aerial, hit – split 1/2 from side, lean forward wobble – 3/1 dismount is under, but probably enough for credit, hop back. 12.600

Ana Derek’s mood has been “Guess who didn’t get a zero on vault this time because I’m not doing vault”

So, Italy will have to count a 12.600 on beam. But they all stayed on it.

Japan nearly erases Italy’s entire 4-point margin in a single rotation, now sitting just 4 tenths back and enjoying the advantage because bars is higher scoring than floor.

Mori – BB – loso mount is comfortable – bhs loso, wobble, knees in the air – split leap to side somi, hit – split 1/2 from side – side aerial, check – switch 1/2 – split and wolf, short on wolf position – breaking connections but not taking large errrors on – switch leap to y spin, good – 2.5 dismount and her legs NEARLY die on her but she stays standing somehow.

Mori goes 13.133 but she’s not doing the AA and is here for floor anyway.

It’s now Murakami and Hiraiwa with the edge in the AA for Japan, and the D’Amatos are staying in front of Marrio, but tehre are only a couple tenths in it.

On the men’s streams, they would go back after the rotation and show, maybe, the best score or an event final qualifier that they missed during the rotation. For the women they’re like, “Here’s an 8 on bars.”

Rotation 4

Sugihara – UB – stalder to shaposh to gienger, hit, low but fine – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, solid – toe full to bail, shoo tto high – double pike, stuck landing. 13.366

Maggio had a layout as one of her passes. Not sure what’s up here. Finishes double tuck that is fine. 12.700

Vidiaux VT 1 – She has posted the Tsuk 2/1 – and she lands it, chest down with a pretty large lunge to the side.

Murakami – UB – AHHH! Falls on her Church. Rsumes with pak, clean – maloney to gienger, fine – piked jaeger, good – toe full to bail to toe shoot – FTDT is also a struggle, deep with a bounce back.

Vidiaux VT 2 – Handspring rudi is attempted but nowhere close, way under, lands on her hip.

Asia D’Amato – FX – DLO, bounce back – double Arabian and gets Senoh’d right out of bounds, flung to space, hands down – full in is solid – double back is also fine, small shuffle.

Just 12.133 for Murakami. 53.966 AA

Hatakeda – UB – inbar full to inbar Shaposh to pak to stalder to van leeuwen – piked jaeger, hit, come feet – toe full to FTDT, hit, small hop. She didn’t do the full difficulty she can do by adding that stalder. 14.133

Asia with 11.833 on floor.

Ferrari – FX – double double is hit, hop to the side – whip to full in, great height, bounce back – switch leap full-ish – Ferrari leap, bouncy – double y spin, around – split leap 1.5 – front loso to double tuck, solid landing, small movement. Let’s compare to Mai.

14.166 for Ferrari!

Hiraiwai – UB – Maloney to pak – ahhhh pak is too close and he has to hop on – van leeuwen – stalder 1/2 – really nice high piked jager – hesitation up to handstand – stalder full – double pike – step back.

Japan will count a fall on bars.

Alice Damato – FX – 3/1, hit, small bounce – double pike, again just a small hop, solid – fall out of double Y attempt – switch to split leap full – front 2/1, a littel low, hop – switch ring –

11.7 for Hiraiwa, so Japan will count Murakami’s 12.133 and end up on 162.662.

Alice D’Amato goes over 13 and Italy will end on 163.330. Kind of a big upset!

Mori – FX – whip to full in, good, hop tot he side – 2.5 to front layout, pulls it around – switch ring — 3/1 is ragged but hit – falls out of doubel y spin so probably not getting credit for that one – switch full – doubel pike, just a tad short, hop.

13.400 for Mori. Won’t make it back, but a solid routine.

AAers this far are Alice D’Amato and Maggio for Italy and Mirakami and Hatakeda for Japan. D’Amato has the highest score overall thus far.

AND NOW it’s Russia and China. ACK. What are we going to do? But like actually?

The race to see who’s the second best team. And based on what we saw in the first sub, GB also should aim to be in 3rd place after this group.

Basically, there’s going to be a 2-per race on most apparatuses and in the AA for China and Russia, though I’m most interested to see which Russians make the AA final.

We’re walking in now. Russia on floor in the first rotation. They’ll want to try to be above Mai’s 13.933 to feel super safe about the final. China is on vault. They’ll want to hit vaults. Similar for GB on bars. That is mostly a get-through event for this team.

Gerasimova is sleeveless today. Big idea.

Into the touch warmup.

Rotation 1

Urazova – FX – piked full in, small hop – 2.5 to front tuck, controls it, some legs – split leap full, solid – wolf triple is around , wolf double – double tuck, stuck landing – 2/1, small hop. Good start. 13.633

Jessica Gadirova through bars with a hit – 13.800, really nice score for her. Good sign.

We have delay on vault to start. Sure.

Tang – VT – Added back the DTY! It’s hit, chest well down and a step forward, but hit.

Kinsella – UB – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, solid – Ricna , hit – pak, smooth – maloney to gienger – ohhh weird dismount! Ended up with a fall. Not sure what happened there, got lost? 12.633

Listunova – FX – DLO, hit, step back – 3/1 is short, hop forward =- 2.5to front tuck, secure – double tuck, step.

Ou – VT – going for just a full, hop back and some piking. 13.633

Zhang – VT – hits a Tsuk 2/1, lunge back and only slightly under rotated.

Morgan – UB – piked jaeger, hit – Rcina to pak – adds a cast hs before maloney to bhardwaj, gets it round – van leeuwen, caught – toe tuck 1/2 dismount, hop – it’s a solid routine, a little bit of form on everything, but nice recovery.

Lu – VT – Just a Tsuk full from her, step back. China will have to count a lower-difficulty vault after all, which is what they wanted to avoid.

Long wait for Listunova’s score, but it is in at 14.000, which is ahead of Murakami.

13.833 for Morgan on bars, top score for GB thus far.

Melnikova – FX – DLO 1/1 is strong, hop back – double L turn double turn, falls out of double turn – DLO, bounce back – switch 1/2 – 1.5 to a beat jump? wolf triple is comfortably around – wolf double slightly more teetery – double pike, pretty large bounce back.

Jennifer Gadirova saves Great Britain’s bacon with a hit on bars in the 4th spot. Low difficulty but through it for 13.066.

Melnikova still gets a 14!

Akhaimova – FX – DLO 1/1, chest down, stagger on landing – DLO, same landing – double arabian was nice and high but a little jarred on landing again – wolf triple is easy peasy – wolf double – mayyyybe pulls around her double L – full in, best pass of the bunch. Too many landing errors to get A SCORE there

Gehani is off beam on a round off back tuck.

13.633 for Akhaimova is level with Urazova.

Gerasimova doing the AA in the individual spot but puts her hands down on a double tuck on floor. Oh Gerasimova.

So, advantage to Melnikova/Listunova in the Russia race and Tang/Zhang in the China race.

China 42.366
Russia 41.633
Great Britain 40.699

Russia being that close to China even though China was on vault and Russia was on floor is a win for the Russians.

We’re looking back at Jessica Gadirova hitting her tkatchev 1/2 to Yezhova to get one of GB’s good bars scores.

Rotation 2

Morgan – BB – good bhs mount – bhs loos loso series, hit – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut, back leg gets low on the 1/2 – wolf double with some arms but fine – aerial to split jump to sissone, nice – a check on a split jump from side – 2/1, small hop. Good solid hit. That’s why she’s here. 13.033

Zhang – UB – jaeger, good height – pak, clean – maloney to gienger – some short hs – toe full is late – FTDT, stuck. Did what she can do. They’ll want to drop, but it’s something if they can’t.

Listunova – VT – DTY with crazy legs on the block, a little knee bending, step back. 14.300

Urazova – VT – solid DTY, much better height than Listunova, a little forward with a hop. 14.600

Kinsella – BB – candle mount, rolls out a little quickly – wolf triple, teeters but is around – side aerial to loso and loso and falls. Wow. She’s having a day. I thought she was on.

Tang – UB – maloney to pak, nice amplitude – van leeuwen, hit – healy to Ling to front giant full to piked jaeger, a little close on piked jaeger with a muscle up – DLO, step back.

Melnikova – VT – hits DTY but a larger bounce back than she wanted, much larger. 14.466.

14.433 for Tang. Good number.

Melnikova VT 2 – goes for the Cheng and lands it! It’s an adventure, chest down, bounce back, but landed

Lu – UB – Tkatchev to gienger, hit – healy to ling to piked jaeger to pak, love that piked jaeger – van leeuwen – a bit short on final cast – FTDT, some chest, step forward. Good. 14.700. Tha can hold up.

Jessica Gadirova hits bhs loso loso series, some knees and a check – finishes with a nice high doubel pike. Just 12.866 though.

Akhaimova – VT – hits her rudi, a pretty large bounce back but chest was up, 14.766, early her reason to be on the team compared to Listunova’s score.

Ou – Ub – inbar to inbar shap to pak, lovely – maloney to gienger, very close on gienger and has to muscle out of it – front giant full is late, anotehr great piked jaeger – a very short handstand on 1/2 turn – FTDT, hop back. Not ideal.

Akhaimova nice work on her Tsuk 2/1 – ahead of Melnikova on vault average.

Jennifer Gadirova – BB – candle mount, hit – switch to switch 1/2, breaks connection into back tuck – bhs loso loso, holds it – aerial to straddle, nice and high – breaks combo into split 1/2 to split, larger leg-up check there – doubel tuck, little step.

13.3 for Gadirova gives GB three hits on beam and a 39.199 there, which is fine.

Lonnng wait for Ou Yushan’s score, which I expect to be low. And Fan Yilin has to go after her.

Iliankova is lurking around bars like, “BITCHES FINISH.”

13.500 for Ou Yushan, which will count but is not what China wanted.

Russia will take a .500 lead on China after 2, as they both go to huge events next.

Fan – UB – Here we go – inbar Shap to pak to stalder shap to gienger, strong combination – inbar 1/2, little hesitation but works through – healy to ling 1/2 to Fan dismount, step back. Through with a hit.

In the AA race, Urazova is a smidge behind right now, and Lu and Tang have an advantage for China.

14.600 for Fan Yilin. She’ll be in 2nd place for China but also that’s 2nd overall.

Rotation 3

Ack. Russia to bars. China to beam.

Zhang – BB – candle mount, good – switch ring to split ring to korbut, comfortable combination – bhs bhs layout 2 feet, hit with an arm wave – aerial,wobble – full turn with a larger bend at the hips – full turn! – swithc to sheep jump, another hesitation step – split 1/2 from side, excellent – bhs bhs 2/1, small step. Good, will be big score, but opened the door for teammates.

Listunova UB – inbar shap to Ricna, hit – inbar full to pak to stalder shap 1/2 – good hs – inbar 1/2 to jaeger, caught – 1/2 turn, late – double double tuck, goes for it, crazy form but lands chest up well, step back. 14.766 and ahead of both Chinese gymnasts.

Ouch 13.966 for Zhang on beam.

Zhang Jin running under camera dot com.

Tang – BB – loso mount is good – round off layout 2 feet, super high, excellent – gorgeous aerial to straddle jump to double stag – 2/1 dismount, college salute. Beautiful.

Melnikova – inbar full to komova to pak to van leeuwen is good – hits her piked jaeger – 1/2 turn – toe full to FTDT, step. Got it.

14.933 for Melnikova and she leads bars.

14.333 for Tang Xijing.

Urazova – UB – inbar full to komova to pak to van leeuwen – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, clean – toe full to FTDT, stuck landing. That was the best so far.

Lu Yufei – BB – switch ring to split ring jump, small pause before bhs – round off layout to split jump, excellent – aerial to straddle to stag ring, strong – side aerial, good – switch to split ring leap, pause to bhs – 2/1, lunge back,. Excellent. 14.100, tight.

Urazova goes 14.866, behind Melnikova. Disagree.

GB has 12s from Morgan and Kinsella on floor.

Jennifer Gadirova – FX – DLO 1/1, hit, some piking, bounce back, stays in bounds – DLO, so high, medium bounce back again – she has pops, huge split leap 1.5, she has Daiane Dos Santos too-much-amplitude-too-function problems – front loso to double tuck, solid, small hop to the side –

Ou – BB – hits candle half mount – front hs front tuck, secure, arm wave – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut, nice float on Korbut – switch ring to split ring, leg-up check, also a bit of lack of ring risk on the switch – aerial, another pause – side somi, another large arm wave – 2/1, step back into salute. More trouble on that one than her teammates had. 13.933. No finals for Ou.

Gerasimova falls on bars.

13.800 for Jennifer Gadirova, good score.

Jessica Gadirova nailed her Silivas landing, very open, small step – switch full, high – DLO, solid landing, small slide – switch ring, split leap 1.5 was high and out of control – double tuck, bounce back

Guan Chenchen – BB – switch to switch 1/2 to bhs combination, good – layout to split jump – switch to switch side to split 1/2 to straddle 1/2, great, greattttttt – fhs to front tuck, small step – split leap to aerial to korbut, strong – double pike, small hop. Yay!

Jessica Gadirova goes 14.033 on floor! Murakami already down to 5th.

Iliankova – UB – clear hip tkatchev piked – tlatchev 1/2 to yezhova to shap to pal to van leeuwen – toe full is late, FTDT, pace forward. Given the scores it will be tough, but I’s prefer this in the final.

Yay! 14.966 for Iliankova.

Russia is going to have a big lead on China going to the final event, but it’s Russia on beam.

Awful long wait to give GCC a 15…

14.933. I suppose we can accept this.

Giving her the same E score as Ou is a CHOICE.

Rotation 4

Anyway now we finally get to warm up for the life terror that is Russia on beam. The 3 are all separated by three tenths, so it will entirely be about who masters beam.

Urazova – BB – loso mount, hit – bhs bhs loso, a little tentative but fine – switch to y spin to 1.5, a little slow into 1.5 turn but great elements – aerial, arm wave correction – split jump to onodi – smooth wolf triple and wolf double – side aerial – sissone to a little sassy hop – bhs 2.5, nearly step, small step. Good one!

We have some balking in the British vault warmup.

Tang opened floor for China with 13.366.

Big 14.000 for Urazova on beam, setting the mark to beat at 57.099.

Melnikova – BB – switch to switch mount sequence into split leap, lovely – bhs loso, solid – aerial to split jump to straddle jump – bhs 1/1, hit – wolf double, smooth – side somi, lean forward but holds it – split ring jump, secure – double pike, small hop forward. Yes you did!

Zhang goes 13.433 on floor.

13.733 for Melnikova, which moves her ahead of Urazova and into the AA final.

Kinsella pulled out a DTY but a large lunge back. Not her day.

Lu – FX – quad turn, pretty close to around – stuck full in, nbd

Listunova – BB – wolf triple, solid – wolf double, a little mor arm wavey – fhs to front tuck, holds is with a small check – switch to split leap leap, a little slow in combination, just some small hesitations – even though the skills are great – aerial to split ring jump – double tuck, lunge back. NOW WE WAIT.

Noooooo it’s not enough. 13.866. I legimitately thought she was going to win bronze, and now she’s out of the AA final entirely.

Meanwhile the Gadirova’s are about to double handedly get GB into 3rd place.

Long wait for Lu’s floor score as well.

Akhaimova falls on beam.

Just a 12.466 for Lu Yufei on floor. So…I must have missed something when I was watching Russia on beam…

Gerasimova finishes up the day for us. Gets 13.766 but not a day to remember for her.

So here’s where we are.

Russia looked excellent and qualified WELL ahead of China, leading by 5 points. China will have some answering to do, at least unless things look better in TF, because this was supposed to be the renaissance of vault and floor and it very much wasn’t.

The AA upset as Melnikova and Urazova qualify in the top 2 positions and Listunova is left in 3rd, 2 tenths behind Melnikova and out of the AA final.

The low floor score for Lu Yufei that I still don’t quite get put her less than a tenth behind Zhang Jin for the second AA spot for China.

The Gadirovas will both make the AA final with great scores—55.199 for Jessica and 54.699 for Jennifer.

Inquiry on Lu Yufei’s floor score was accepted, so she moves ahead of Zhang Jin for China’s second AA spot! Wow! Now that’sssssss some 2-per-country AA final drama.

Current chatter is regarding why Great Britain got .3 taken off the team score. Oooooh drama abounds.

Ahhhh, apparently it’s for the balking in the vault warmup (guhhhhh). She was permitted two vault warmups, and because she balked twice and then went over on her third attempt, she took too many warmups.

New post for the US subdivision coming up.

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  1. “Nagornyy situation”

    If you’re ever looking to rename the blog…

    Anyway, very excited for subdivision 2. I really hope the feed decides to show us plenty of Chinese beam. Also Murakami floor.

  2. FYI, yesterday the supposed dedicated US stream for session 3 was actually (once it got started) the Australian commentators with the standard feed. (once I figured that out I ditched Bridget & John). Maybe the same will hold today.

    1. Can you clarify this? I really want to avoid bridget & john so any help would be appreciated.

      1. Yesterday for the US men there were two streaming options, one labeled the main feed & the other labeled US feed (or something like that). In fact, the main feed was Bridget & John, and the Australians were on the “US” feed.
        Today it looks like we may have the option of a “main” feed, an events feed, and a “US Cam.” I’m guessing (hoping) the main (or the “US Cam”) feed will be Bridget & John, and the other of those two will be the Australians again.

      2. (and the Australians were showing the same footage as Bridget & John – it was only the commentators that were different. I think; in any event, they were at least very similar feeds.)

  3. I’ve been spoiled by domestic scoring but that 42.399 for China’s beam makes my heart hurt

  4. The blatant over scoring of Russia and underscoring of China (have to see what the US scores look like to see which one it is or if it’s both) is either terrible judging at best or corruption and racism at worse. Despicable

    1. Yes. At first I thought it might just be one event. Russia was nauseatingly, criminally overscored everywhere–love the floor scores they get gifted with for routines which feature tumbling at a good NCAA level and their vault scores for the DTY that nearly all Russian team gymnasts did twenty-five and thirty years ago!

  5. Was China underscored? At least on bars and beam? Because with the total they got, it seems like GB, Japan and Italy can overtake them if they go 12 for 12 and that seems not right.

  6. Balance Beam scoring needs to change. The judges clearly slammed China with “slow connection” deductions, which shouldn’t exist. If someone did the same elements but didn’t try to “connect” them, they wouldn’t get those deductions. What sense does that make? None. A connection is either fast enough to get the connection credit or it isn’t, which is handled by the D-panel. Should have nothing to do with assessing execution. There’s already an overall “fluency” deduction that can be taken if a judge feels a routine is too sluggish.

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