Women’s Olympic Qualification – Subdivision 5

The decider.

Currently, Canada sits in the cutoff position, 8th as a team with 160.964. A familiar spot for Canada.

On the events, the last three spots currently belong to Steingruber, Murakami, and Black, who will have to try to survive Andrade, Moreno, and Yeo in this final group.

On bars, the last three spots currently belong to Biles, De Jesus Dos Santos, and Popa with people like Derwael, Seitz, Bui, Adlerteg, Kovacs, and Andrade still to perform among others.

On beam, the last three spots belong to Biles, Urazova, and Ashikawa, and while this is not such a beam-heavy group, there are Saraiva, Derwael, Schaefer, and Andrade here.

On floor, the last three spots belong to Melnikova, Murakami, and Jennifer Gadirova, but there are not a tonnnn of 13.8ables in this group. Andrade and Saraiva are here.

Germany going with unitards of red and white today.

Big deals in the first rotation with Saraiva on beam, Germany on bars, Yeo and Moreno on vault, and the flock of imprisoned demon birds that is Belgium’s floor rotation on….well floor.

Rotation 1

Brassart – FX – held leg double, maybe drops a tad early – split leap full – the crow has been freeeddddd – full in – chest a bit down, hop to the side – double pike, solid – switch 1/2 – this bird I think has rabies – front full, good – doubel tuck, hop back. 12.766

Lee YS hits a yfull, hop back –

Voss opens for Germany with a good bars hit. 13.866 is an excellent score for her.

Yeo – VT – she posted the rudi, not the Yeo – GREAT rudi, holds the straight shape well, hop to the side. 15.000

Schaefer – UB – maloney, good amplitude to pak – 1/2 turn and toe shoot, a litlte sluggish – GREAT height on gienger – but falls on piked jaeger. Alas.

Yeo VT 2 – DTY is also excellent, small hop, should make finals easily.

14.800 average gets Yeo into the vault final, knocking out Ellie Black. Top non-American score.

Moreno – VT 1 – rudi is also very good, hop back, some legs, should score well. 14.833

Derwael with a couple steps back on double tuck on floor – split leap full –

Moreno – VT 2 – Tsuk 2/1 – chest down, lunge sideways and out of the area, but OK.

Seitz – UB – maloney to Ricna is clean – piked jaeger, solid – Downie to pak, strong – van leeuwen, pretty solid form – toe full is quite late – FTDT, hop to the side. Was great until the last couple skills. We’ll see what happens.

Moreno also into the vault final spots, knocking out Murakami.

Good DTY for Kovacs and 14.500, small step back, chest a little forward

Saraiva – BB – bhs mount is good – round off layout, very solid – switch to sissone, gorgeous – bhs loso loso, hit – switch ring, excellent closure – aerial to split to bhs, nicely done – side somi, saves a break, minimizes it, could have been bad – split ring – double pike, chest down, step.

Bui – UB – good pikes jaeger to pak – maloney to bhardwaj, slightly angled – van leeuwen, some legs apart – toe full into gienger, great gienger – 1/2 turn on high – double pike, shuffle back. Nice.

14.700 gets Seitz into the bars final, knocking out Popa.

13.966 for Saraiva puts her ahead of Ashikawa and in 8th postition for the beam final now.

Andrade – BB – switch mount, hit – switch 1/2, secure – bhs loso series, larger bend at the waist – aerial to split ring jump to bhs, not question of whether that back leg was high enough there – split 1/2 from side, good – switch ring, check bend – side aerial, holds it – split to sissone – full turn another check – double pike, lunge back. A few too many things in there but not bad –

13.733 for Andrade is actually a lot higher than I thought it would be with all those checks. Bodes well for her today.

Traukova – BB – front tuck mount, really good – switch, large break, leg up – split leap to split jump, flexed feet, wobble – bhs loso, secure – side aerial, very large break and a step back – side somi, hit – split1/2 from side, all over the place form but hit – wolf 1.5, an adventure – front full, hop forward

Eventful rotation!

Yeo is now the 3rd qualifier on vault and Moreno is 6th, knocking out Murakami and Black. Seitz is now the 5th qualifier on bars, knocking out Popa. Saraiva is now the 8th qualifier on beam, knocking out Ashikawa.

42.632 on bars for Germany, among the best bars score of the day. Belgium’s floor scores give them a slight edge on Canada.

Rotation 2

The saga of Germany on beam, about to continue.

Seitz – BB – switch mount – front tuck, check – bhs and….only does a back handspring – side somi, hit – double tuck, also solid – switch, right – wolf jump split jump – side aerial, secure – front full dismount, stuck. Well, the sucky part is that was straight-up the most solid I’ve ever seen her on beam with the actual element landings…but she didn’t have an acro series. 12.333

Derwael goes 13.900 with a pretty ragged Y1.5, knee bending, locked landing, lunge

Brassart – VT – DTY nearly hand down, just avoids it

Saraiva – FX – full in, step back, solid – split ring 1/2 landing is erratic – double tuck, lunge back – split leap 1.5 is around – nooooooo she ended up injuring herself on her double pike final pass and she’s limping off.

ooooof Voss is off beam on her series, not great, not ideal. 12.266

Schaefer – BB – switch ring with a check – dobuel turn, hit – Schaeffer is great too, but she has some leg-up wobbles on simpler things

Andrade – FX – front through to huge fullin, stuck landing, amazing – DLO 1/1, shuffle back, nice – looked like she didn’t get double y turn all the way around – DLO, nailed landing – split leap full – double pike, a bit short, hop forward.

14.066 puts Andrade in 4th on floor, knocking out Jennifer Gadirova.

Kovacs – UB – inbar full to stalder shap 1/2 – short cast hs – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, great height – Ricna, hit – stalder tkatchev piked to pak – van leeuwen, strong – FTDT, struggled on landing, chest down with a lunge

12.966 for Schaefer. It’s going to be a rough old beam score for Germany.

Wow Kovacs still got 14.433 which nearly put her in the final.

Bui – BB – bhs loso with a step back, gets her straight jump 1.5 well – stuck her gainer layout. Hey look at that hit beam from Kim Bui at the Olympics.

Lee YS – UB – inbar full just a bit late, inbar shap to pak to stalder shap 1/2, nice – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, solid – half turn is pretty late – stulder full to FTDT, some really nice pieces there. We’ll see if the pirouettes get her. 14.333, also nearly htere for her.

12.666 for Bui, which is germany’s #2 beam score.

Nice held leg double turn from Mohamed on floor.

Germany up on Belgium by 2 tenths after 2 rotations.

Rotation 3

The main EF contenders here are two big ones, Derwael on bars and Andrade on vault.

Saraiva is scratching vault because of her injury on floor, so we’ll look at Andrade to start there.

Andrade – VT – opening with the Cheng – and it’s excellent, super height, just a little bit of legs, good direction, small hop. 15.400. Biggest single vault score we’ve seen.

Andrade – VT2 – DTY, again great, hop back.

Annnnd Andrade knocks Steingruber out of the vault final. Wow. I thought they were harsh on Steingruber. Her vaults were better than some who placed above her.

Voss – FX – 1.5 to front full with a couple bounces forward, I think just does stay in bounds – 2.5 to front layout – falls out of L turn double – double pike, quite short, chest way down, stagger – 2/1, nice –

Big 14.100 on bars for Lisa Vaelen.

Big Tweddle to Yezhova from Verkest on bars –

Schaefer – FX – doubel L turn to double turn – double front, good – attempts quad turn, but gets 3 around – front 2/1, small hop – split leap full – front full, hop forward

Derwael – UB – Nabieva, hit – stalder piekd tkatchev – stlader tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova to shaposh to pak to van leeuwen, good – toe full to FTDT, shuffle back. She did her thing. We’ll see if ditching the Nabieva 1/2 turns out to be in her favor.

15.366 with a 6.7 D and an 8.666 execution.

If Lee didn’t know she had to do the big girl routine in the final before…

Bui – FX – really strong DLO – double tuck is high, hop back – split leap full – 2.5 to front pike, hop – switch and switch full – doubel pike, small hop. She’s having a solid day. 13.200

Team final looking extremely attainable for Belgium right now as long as they stay on beam.

The Last Rotation!

Derwael – BB – loso mount, hit – bhs loso, also secure – switch to split ring, great switch, a little two-part on split ring – aerial, check – side somi, lean – wolf triple is comfortable – lots of positioning for her wolf double, but it’s fine – gaienr pike full, small step

Bui – VT – hits a yfull, bounce back

13.766 for Derwael as she enters the final AA standings in 6th place, at least for now before Andrade.

Adlerteg – UB – piked hindorff to pak to shaposh to bhardwaj, a little crazy but hit – clear hip full to taktcehv – DLO, small hop, extrta step. Hit. A delightful routine – we’ll see if they get her for too many formies.

14.533 for Adlerteg is jusssst behind Biles and out of the final.

Good DTY from Seitz for 14.266. Germany moves ahead of Canada! But Belgium can move ahead of Germany. Germany needs to pad it with Voss

Voss – VT – nope, struggles on DTY, chest well down, pitches forward. She did not have a day.

It will now be easy for Belgium to pass and make the team final.

Vaelen on beam has a large break on bhs back tuck but stays on – side somi, check – punch front, large break – 2.5 dismoutn, lunge

It;s only 12.500, but that’s enough for Belgium to get into 6th! 6th!

Brassart – BB – this could get them ahead of GB – hits a solid layout 2 feet series – switch ring, hit – double pike, hop to the side

Yeo Seojeong will deliver the last floor routine – DLO, nice and high, bounce back – 2.5 to front full, good, little hop – wolf double – split leap 1.5, under on split position but skill is around – double tuck, large bounce back –

And Belgium qualifies in 5th, sure why not

One last thing to go, Andrade’s bars, which will decide a lot about her AA placement and the bars final.

Andrade – UB – maloney to staldfer full, pretty late – nice high piked tkatchev into pak – van leeuwen, legs right together – piked jaeger, just a tad close – toe full a bit better on finishing position – FTDT, stuck. Great.

14.200 is not enough!

It will be Biles into the bars final.

Qualified teams:
Great Britain

Qualifed to AA final
De Jesus Dos Santos
Jes. Gadirova
Jen. Gadirova
Al. D’Amato
Lee YS

To vault final

To bars final

To beam final

To floor final
Jes. Gadirova

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