Friday Live Blog – January 14, 2022

Bursting through another week of COVID cancellations like Nadia through a crowd of not-Nadia, it appears we still actually have 10 meets on the schedule today.

The LSU/Missouri meet is off, and Georgia withdrew from the Kentucky meet to be replaced by Ball State, but the rest is a go. Refer to the LINKS POST for all your scoring and streaming link needs.

West Virginia, William & Mary, West Chester @ Towson
Yale @ Penn State
Central Michigan @ Eastern Michigan
Ball State @ Kentucky
UW-Oshkosh, Winona State @ Hamline
Texas Woman’s @ Iowa
Auburn @ Arkansas
Arizona @ Southern Utah
Air Force @ Utah State
Oklahoma @ Utah

The live blog plan is the typical one with the SEC/ESPN slate, starting with Ball State against Kentucky, followed by Auburn and Arkansas, then the big one, Oklahoma and Utah. But, also keep an eye on Nellie Kim’s NCAA judging debut I mean definitely the gymnastics at the Iowa/Texas Woman’s meet, as well as some season debuts from West Virginia and Arizona to see how they fit into the hierarchy right now. Lots of legit regionals contenders started with low 194s in the first week, so there’s room to stake an early advantage.

We know Eaker is out for Utah this week, though the severity of her injury is still undisclosed. Auburn is leaving the door open that Lee might join the floor lineup this week, but we shall see. Arkansas was also short a number of potential first-year competitors last week for that iffy performance, so eyes on whether they are back for this one.

In early news, after not competing in the first meet, Latvian elite Elina Vihrova made her college debut with a 9.775 on vault for Penn State, a nice Yfull with a small hop back and some piked position on landing, and followed that with 9.775 on bars. Meanwhile, Central Michigan is counting a fall on bars to start with about a half point deficit to Eastern Michigan.

Eastern Michigan gained another .4 on CMU after the second rotation. Towson’s 48.525 on vault are the only scores that have come in from that quad meet.

Did West Virginia really get two 9.725s and four 9.200s on bars, or has someone made a huge mistake?

I love when all these college teams are like, “one of the most iconic stadiums in sports” and “we’re in the FAMOUS SPORTS FAMOUS PLACE TONIGHT,” and I’m like…you’re in the what now? Is that good?

Rotation 1 – Ball State and Kentucky

Kentucky VT 1: Procasky – nice Yfull to start, good layout position, small hop back. 9.800

Ball State UB 1: Nychyk – toe on to maloney with a leg break to bail, small hip angle, small leg break – good cast hs on high bar – FTDT, deep chest on landing, diagonal step. 9.675

Kentucky VT 2: Wilson – handspring pike 1/2, which Kentucky is all about – pretty solid chest position on landing, completes the vault comfortably, medium-large bounce.

Apparently we don’t have the capability of showing a score of 9.825 so we have to do 9.82 and hold up a hand. GREAT SPORT NO NOTES. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

Ball State UB 2: Sulek – Maloney to bail, leg break on the bail catch – front 1/2 dismount is well done, has enough height for it, a little legs. 9.725

Kentucky VT 3: Nixon – beautiful full in the air, but quite a large bounce back. 9.825

Ball State UB 3: Ruthberg – short first hs – tkatchev is big, but crazzzzy legs – bail, soft knees – FTDT, holds the stick well, some lower leg separation int he air. 9.725

Kentucky VT 4: Magnelli – another handspring pike 1/2, not quite the chest position of Wilson on landing, lunge to the side. OK. 9.750

Ball State UB 4: Sumner – good first hs on low – maloney with some legs, pak, catches too close but works out of it into cast 1/2 on low – best hs of the bunch so far – toe full is late and will get hit – double tuck, step. 9.650

Kentucky VT 5: Patterson – third hs pike 1/2 of the lineup and hers is the best one – good height and chest up, medium bounce back. 9.875

Ball State UB 5: Evans – blind to piked jaeger, solid – bail is a little piked, late twist – shorter cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, small hop to the side. Prettier body position from her. 9.725

Kentucky VT 6: Worley – nice Y1.5 – nearly had her landing, a little slide back. 9.900

Ball State UB 6: Teter – giant full, OK – good height and counter on tkatchev, connects to overshoot – shortish final hs – double front dismount, step back. Most dynamic routine in the lineup, a little bit of knees early, and then the handstand and the step, but a good one. 9.775.

“Kentucky starts with a 58.975.” WOWWWWWWWWWW WHAT A SCORE.

But also Kentucky goes 49.225, which is a strong number to start the season. Three handspring pike 1/2s in that lineup, and Worley’s 1.5, and Nixon’s fall, which should shape up well. The absence of Angeny there is noteworthy though. She and Bunn are in on other events though.

Ball State 48.625, which is nearly two tenths up on last week’s vault score.

Rotation 2

Ball State VT 1: Ostendorf – hits a yfull, some pike throughout, large bounce back. 9.725

Kentucky UB 1: Davis – good first hs – giant full to blind to jaeger, good height – a little loose position on the bail – solid hs positions – DLO, crisp position, lunge back. Good. 9.825

Ball State VT 2: Elsadek – Yfull, better layout position, a little bit of direction, bounce back again.

Kentucky UB 2: Angeny – rushes first hs – blind to jaeger to overshoot, good amplitude, some feet in jaeger – strong cast hs on high – DLO, clean, a tad short, little hop forward. 9.800

Ball State VT 3: Pfister – handspring 1/2 is quite good, has the dynamics, some direction and a little bounce back. 9.850

Kentucky UB 3: Nixon – hits first hs –  Maloney to bail is clean, legs together – good hs on high bar – FTDT, very small foot movement. Excellent. 9.900, one judge went 9.950.

Ball State VT 4: Schweikert – Y1/2, has solid distance there, step forward on landing, some knee softness

Kentucky UB 4: Bunn – good frist hs – blind to jaeger, just a tad loose but fine – bail, hits vertical – solid final cast hs again – DLO, little shuffle back. The landing and some body position, back and feet things, but strong. 9.800

Ball State VT 5: Ruthberg – Yfull, best height of the Yfulls we’ve seen so far, again some direction and a large bounce back. 9.750

Kentucky UB 5: DeGuzman – lovely jaeger as always, great toes, connected to overshoot – good cast hs on height – DLO, flung a little, some leg separation and a lack of control on landing, step and salute movement.

Ball State VT 6: Henry – pulls out a Y1.5 – good height, not the most distance we’ll see, step back, some knees. Good. 9.825

“They gave her the stick glasses but she didn’t stick it.” Thank you Ashley.

Kentucky UB 6: Worley – clear hip to tkatchev, good counter – pak is clean and well done – cast 1/2 on low bar is good, legitimate vertical – FTDT, holds the landing. Saw a couple hip angles here and there, but really strong. 9.950 is a little high for me.

Nice vault rotation for Ball State, a couple high-quality 10.0 vaults in there, very competitive for where they want to be there. 48.950

49.275 on bars puts Kentucky exactly on 197 pace after two events. Good final cast handstands on high bar for this point in the season. That will be about a point lead on BSU.

Still waiting on Iowa and TWU to get started for us.

Rotation 3

Kentucky BB 1: Haigis – bhs loso series, nice amplitude, secure – switch to shushunova, solid back leg in switch – full turn, smooth – cat leap to aerial, a little short on aerial, causing the error with a bend at the lips and a turn to the side – 1.5 dismount, very good, stuck. 9.775


Ball State FX 1: Elsadek – double pike, good control, some flexed feet – switch ring to wolf hop full, shows a clear split on her switch ring, which is nice – front lay to 1/2 to double stag, gets pretty low on the 1/2 and double stag, has to pike it – double tuck is strong, controlled step. 9.700

Kentucky BB 2: Magnelli – bhs loso loso is confident, has a loose knee in the bhs, but it’s a little better in the losos – nice lift on straddle 1/4 – aerial, also a little low, but a smaller correction than Haigis, little arm wave – struggles on full turn with a bend to the side – gainer pike, stuck. 9.725

Ball State FX 2: Ostendorf – double pike, also well controlled – frotn lay to rudi, some loose back position there – wolf hop full is low, doesn’t get up to position, but the switch side is solid – double tuck, nice – they’re ready with those last passes. 9.750

Iowa is underway – Kenlin just stuck a nice Yfull in the second spot with some flexed feet and landing pike. 9.850. Nellie gave it a 9.850. Just in case you were curious, which you were.

Kentucky BB 3: Reigert – side aerial to bhs is a big struggle but stayed on – jussst corrected to put that bhs on the beam but had to wobble a lot. Dismount is solid. Stuck 1.5. Gets away with 9.700, which is high.

Ball State FX 3: Waldo – punch front 2/1 to front tuck, knees on front 2/1, but controls landing – front full to layout to 1/2 to straddle, has to tuck the layout second element rather significantly to get it around – punch rudi final pass is solid, little bounce. 9.675

Kentucky BB 4: Bunn – bhs loso loso series, we could see her getting off line as she went – falls. 9.050

TWU is having a TIME of things on bars.

Ball State FX 4: Ruthberg – front tuck stepout through to double tuck, strong, chest up, controls – double pike, just a tad collapsed in the knees on landing, step is a little large but keeps front foot under control – rudi to attempted straddle, out of control on straddle, doesn’t get up to position. 9.625

“On the beams”

Twist: Nellie Kim is giving fairly normal-for-NCAA vault scores at the Iowa meet. Someone did her drug research. She was even on the high end of the range just there. THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE.

Kentucky BB 5: Worley – cat leap to switch side, hit, a little angled on the split – aerial through to bhs loso series, smallest arm correction – full turn, some lack of control, pretends she was doing LEG FANCY – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Nice. 9.875

Ball State FX 5: Teter – front lay to rudi, some knee form, good control – double tuck, large bounce back, keeps it in – front full to layout is secure and efficient – 9.825

Kentucky BB 6: Angeny – bhs loso loso, right to the end, holds it well – aerial, strong – beat to straddle 1/4 – side aerial to tuck full, little slide. Good work. 9.800

Iowa goes 49.150 on vault. TWU at 46.225 on bars.

Ball State FX 6: Henry – gets her full in around, short landing with a step – front lay to full, knees – switch side to popa, overturns the switch side some – double pike, good position, small slide. 9.825

It’s 48.875 for Kentucky on beam, which is not a disaster for a rotation that was very close to being a disaster, but will taken them off the pace of the first two rotations. Can still go high 196s with some home floor work.

Ball State 48.775 on floor, which keeps then in the hunt for a solid 195 with a hit beam rotation.

Meanwhile, prep a stream for the beginning of Auburn/Arkansas just in case because this thing does not look like it’s going to end in time. But they could also hold the start.

Rotation 4

Ball State BB 1: Ostendorf – bhs loso series, some tight hip psoition but secure – split to tuck jump full, short split position – kickover to beat, slightly deep but again secure – 1.5 good stick. Tight routine but solid. 9.675

Kentucky FX 1: Bunn – very good double pike landing – 1.5 to front pike, not the highest but conrols her step – rudi is underrotated which causes a larger bounce back. 9.775

Elsadek hits her bhs loso loso series for Ball State, some legs, but secure. 9.750

Kentucky FX 2: Howell – Double tuck, a little steppy – switch side to popa, somewhat tight, also overturns her switch side – front full to layout, good rise on layout, some loose back – double pike is very short and falls, takes it to her knees. 9.000

With a fall from Kenlin, that means Iowa is counting a miss on bars.

Fall from Ruthberg on her bhs loso series on beam, so far off line that when she tried to correct her direction it looked like she was working in side position.

Kentucky FX 3: Magnelli – rudi to loso, very well done, love it – switch side to popa, clean work – double pike was very low, chest well down with a stagger back – great until then. 9.675

Ball State BB 4: Sumner – side aerial to bhs, knees but hit – aerial, keeps moving smoothly into beat jump – switch to split jump, short short legs – full turn with a pretty large break bend to the side – side aerial to full, stuck. Nice finish. 9.625

Kentucky FX 4: Haigis – front rudi to a loso that travels 845 miles, nice extension – switch side to popa, hits positions – double pike, bounce back – 9.850

Ball State BB 5: Volpe – side aerial is secure, connects to beat jump – bhs loso series, solid as well, some knees, not the most we’ve seen today – switch to split, a little shy – beat to split jump 3/4, really good – side aerial to full, controlled landing.9.775

Kentucky FX 5: Davis – very strong stick on double pike – switch side to popa, also solid amplitude – 1.5 to front lay, super high 1.5, you think she’s going to do a 2.5 – double tuck, controlled as well – best so far. 9.925

They are SHOCKED by people under 5 feet. Like…it’s gymnastics?

Ball State BB 6: Waldo – aerial, holds it with leg up, was hoping for a connection she didn’t do with her check – kickover with a to the side and arm wave – redoes the front aerial, into a front hs to two feet, nice – switch to straddle 1/4 – punch tuck 1.5, small bounce in place. Cool. 9.675

Kentucky FX 6: Worley – nailed her full in, excellent – switch ring to switch side, hits 180 – front full to front layout, stuck – double tuck, medium control on step – great work. 9.925

Ball Sate done on 194.750.

Kentucky saves the end of the floor rotation with those last three. Gets to 49.150 and a final of 196.525. It’s a very solid first meet performance, though beam and floor didn’t quite live up to vault and bars.

Annnd Auburn and Arkansas is starting.

Rotation 1

Arkansas VT 1: Pennese – hits a yfull, it’s a little sluggish but fine, slide back on landing, some pike. 9.775

Auburn UB 1: Sabados – small arch in first hs – oooohhhhh, misses her Ray and takes it so close that she lands on her stomach on the high bar. What even was that. It was kind of magical. But also terrible. She’ll restart her routine from the beginning – does the Ray again and it’s close but not scary-close, not on her belly – finishes with a hit the second time, bounce back DLO.

Arkansas VT 1: Leah Smith – She’s in after missing last week – a huge Yfull, large bounce back. We’ll see if she upgrades. 9.800

Auburn UB 2: Piper Smith – toe on to maloney, some leg break into pak, good legs – a bit late on 1/2 turn on low – cast hs on high seems solid, terrible camera angle for bars, head on – DLO, good landing. 9.900 OK well.

Arkansas VT 3: Elswick – goes with the full this time – comfortable vault for her, small slide back – pretty solid open position – 9.900 for a non-stuck Yfull. Here we go.

Auburn UB 3: Stevens – toe on to Ray, alittle close but hit – bail, some angle on catch – a bit short on cast on high – DLO, small bounce back. 9.800

Arkansas VT 4: Sedlacek – Y1.5 and hits it – medium hop forward and some knees, good. 9.800

Auburn UB 4: Brusch – toe on to maloney, good legs into bail, maybe some angle in the hips, legs right together – DLO, bounce back – strong form throughout

Arkansas VT 5: Weaver – OUCHERS – she showed a Y1.5 that was super pretty in the air and we could see her do her knee on landing, major hyperextension. Not good. Not not not good.

Auburn – UB 5: We missed most of Gobourne’s routine because of the 18 replays of Weaver’s injury, but her dismount looked good? 9.850

Arkansas VT 6: Hambrick – Y1.5, hits it but a huge lunge forward on landing, not trying to stick that one in any sense of the word. 9.775. Not sure how we got that high since that’s a flat .2 on the first lunge alone.

Auburn Ub 6: Lee – and she’s into the anchor spot now – maloney to pak to van leeuwen, very nice – FTDT, stuck landing. Great. So they got rid of the piked jaeger. They needed to get rid of some cast handstands in that routine at least because she had 55 of them last week and it was just asking for deductions.

9.950 for Lee. Good with it. We can’t see hs well from this angle, but I thought they were fine?

So after that first routine, it’s a 49.400 for Auburn on bars.

Arkansas still goes 49.050 on vault, which is fine, but of course the injury to Weaver is not fine as that’s a Y1/5 they would have been counting on.

Very natural conversation between Sam and Kyla. Kyla’s like, “My goals? To make them more Kyla. Add 15 units of Kyla.”

When this dude says “Gymbacks” it sounds like he’s calling them “Gymbags.” And now “these Gymbags” is my new favorite insult.

Rotation 2

Auburn VT 1: Groth – pretty solid Yfull, great stuck landing, not the most distance or amplitude. 9.875. Well, it’s consistent?

Arkansas UB 1: Scalzo – small leg break in blind change – jaeger to overshoot, good height on jaeger, legs again on overshoot – DLO, holds the landing. Some moments of leg separation but overall good. 9.900

Auburn VT 2: McLaughlin – she vaults? – y full on back tuck – shuffles back with both feet, two steps, gets her chest up pretty well. 9.775

Arkansas UB 2: Sedlacek – maloney a little flat into pak, larger straddle there on Pak – hits van leeuwen, good legs – FTDT, deep with a bounce back. 9.700

Auburn VT 3: Stevens – solid Yfull today – bounce back but good direction and position. 9.800

Arkansas UB 3: Leah Smith – good first hs – maloney to bail, holds vertical forever, just small ankle separations here in combo – toe on to toe circle to high bar – maybe a little tight on final cast – DLO, bounce back. Good debut. 9.850

Auburn VT 4: Hubbard – goes for the Y1.5, but has a large lunge forward and additional steps to control. 9.750

Arkansas UB 4: Hambrick – good first hs – blind to piked haeger to overshoot, great amplitude, just some feet in piked jaeger, strong cast hs on high – FTDT, holds the stick but has to lean to do so. 9.925

Auburn VT 5: Gobourne – pretty Y1.5 in the air, shuffles forward though, step with both feet. 9.875

Arkansas UB 5: Shaffer – good first hs – toe on to maloney to bail, legs RIGHT together, which there will be no reward for because no one else gets deducted for doing it worse than her – short cast hs on high – DLO, lovely and stuck. Great. For me, that was the best one so far. 9.925

Auburn VT 6: Watson – Y1.5 – doesn’t have the stick she did last week with a bounce forward. 9.825

Arkansas UB 6: O’Hara – blind a little late but gets her hand over in time so fine, good high jaeger, legs together on bail, possible hip angle? Tough from our perspective – strong cast hs on high – DLO, pretty, stuck landing, great one. 9.950. I’m OK with that score, really pretty routine.

Huge 49.550 for Arkansas on bars. Would have like to see more separation created between the solid early routines and the lovely final routines, but two excellent sets to end the rotation. They should get those scores for those sets and….not as many other routines should.

Ohashi is there too. Arkansas is just UCLA. Val whispers, “COME TO ME MY POOPSIES” into a shell and they all arrive.

Anyway, Arkansas’s bars rotation has put it .050 ahead of Auburn now after two events. Also get ready for Oklahoma and Utah, which starts in not that long. 

Rotation 3

Arkansas BB 1: Gianfagna – bhs loso series, securely landed, smooth – cat leap to kickover, holds control well – beat to straddle 1/2, not the highest straddle 1/2 split but not bad – 1.5 dismount, small hop. 9.825

Auburn FX 1: Brusch – front tuck through to double tuck, controls landing well – switch 1/2 to a very high popa and wolf full, doesn’t lose her height on the third element of the series like a lot of people do – double pike got a little lower but pulled it out. 9.825

Arkansas BB 2: Lovett – aerial keeps arms moving to loso series, secure landing – swtich to split to beat, leaning a little as it went but keeps it under control – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.900

Auburn FX 2: Groth – front 2/1 first pass, a little control on landing – 1.5 to front lay, maintains a good straight position in that second element – rudi, slight crossover on the step back but keeps her front foot down, comfortable and controlled routine. 9.850

Arkansas BB 3: Leah Smith – hits candle mount – stop calling a candle mount a unique mount in NCAA commentary challenge – switch is tentative, breaks connection into straddle 1/4 – bhs loso series, bent knees on both and a check – this is her question mark event but she’s in the lineup –  hits a comfortable double tuck, bounce back. No dance combination. Still gets 9.675 somehow.

Auburn FX 3: Stevens – front lay to rudi, hit, chest a little low – split leap full to wolf jump full, around – double tuck, deep landing but works it out into a step back, not too large

Arkansas BB 4: Hambrick – full turn, small lean but covers  – bhs loso series, smooth – switch and switch 1/2, OK switch 1/2, actually I had more back leg question on the switch – beat to straddle 3/4, a little slow but gets the straddle 3/4 around well – gainer full, stuck. 9.950

Auburn FX 4: Lee – She’s in on floor today – has the DLO in there as well – chest down, has to pike at the end – switch ring and full are excellent – wolf 2.25 – yeah just load up on dance elements here – 1.5 to front full, kind of deep on landing, slide. Not so comfortable yet on the landings, but will need to be there. 9.875 oh Suni scoring is hereeeeeee

OK so there are some boys (BOYS) on ESPN2, so Oklahoma and Utah starting on streaming.

Rotation 1: Oklahoma and Utah

Utah VT 1: Hoffman – good distance on her yfull, not the highest but far – lunge back – 9.800 is a high start for what we’re going to see.

Oklahoma UB 1: Levasseur – toe on to tkatchev, hit, good toe point – bail, clean legs together – DLO, bounce back. 9.825

Utah VT 2: Hall – doesn’t get her best block on her Y1/5 but somehow finds the stick. They’ll need to take some for height and deepish landing, but a stick. 9.900

Oklahoma UB 2: Sievers – good first hs – maloney to pak, small leg break on pak, good Maloney – some muscling up on her cast 1/2 on low- great ginal cast hs – FTDT is stuck. Excellent finish. 9.875

Utah VT 3: Stanhope – like Hall, she finds a very good landing on her Y1.5 when it didn’t look like she should, small hop. 9.925 no stick so I guess they didn’t mind the amplitude.

Oklahoma UB 3: Thomas – good cast hs – blind to piked jaeger, good – bail is excelelnt – hits hs on high bar well – DLO, a little whippy but stuck. Nice. 9.900

Utah VT 4: Rucker – much higher Y1.5 than the last two but you won’t see it in the scores because she lands short with a step back. Which technically is not allowed to go higher than 9.800 because of the flat .100 for the step and the flat .100 for the short landing. 9.850. College gymnastics. They’ll say that wasn’t short, but…then why did she have to step back.

Oklahoma UB 4: Smith – good first hs – Ray to pak, better distance on her Ray than usual, solid 1/2 turn position on low, good cast hs on high – whippy DLO with a hop forward. Great until dismount. 9.850

Utah VT 5: Burch – Another solid Y1.5 – sort of in between on the dynamics scale for the 1.5s so far, small step forward.

Oklahoma UB 5: Davis – switched the last two in the lineup today – good hs – bliund to her awesome piked jaeger – pak, clean – 1/2 turn on low is strong – another good hs on high – higgins to front giant to double front 1/2 out, stuck. I think you have to take something on dismount because there are some leg separation at the end and a staggered landing even though she stuck, but I didn’t see much else. 9.925

Utah VT 6: McCallum – round off 1/2 on tuck 1/2, does really well to stick a vault that is not easy to get the amplitude on to stick – though there are some things to take, little movement on replay, flexed feet, amplitude. 9.900

Oklahoma UB 6: Bowers – Ray, ood extension – toe on to pak – 1/2 turn on low bar is vertical but a little crooked – good final cast hs – FTDT, stuck. Not quite at the level of Davis for me, but great.

Phew. Huge and quick first rotation.

Utah 49.450, Oklahoma 49.450

For Utah, big step up in the vault department here in terms of the 10.0 starts and their landing control. The judges got excited but it was a good rotation. Oklahoma very clean on bars, everyone had that littttle something to take away the big score, but I actually thought that was evaluated pretty realistically.

Over at Arkansas/Auburn, Auburn went 49.325 on floor to Arkasnas 49.300 on beam, so that thing is still super close, though Auburn is going to beam and Arkansas to floor in a meet that hasn’t been subtle in the scoring department. En route to a huge total for both.

Speaking of huge total, second rotation for Oklahoma and Utah.

Oklahoma VT 1: Davis – good floaty yfull – a leg separation on her block that may be evident from any angle, hop back. 9.775

Utah UB 1: Morgan – maloney to bhardwaj, keeps legs together pretty well on that – cast 1/2 on low is solid – good cast hs on high – giant full a alittle late, hop back on double tuck. A little more hip angle on some of her hs. 9.825

Oklahoma VT 2: Fletcher – nice amplitude on her Yfull, shuffle back, a little bit of pike but only a very little. 9.800

Utah UB 2: Thompson – good first hs – pak, clean – maloney, legs totgher to gienger between bars, not the highest since they never are but fine – DLO, just holds the stick, thought about stepping but didn’t, good one. 9.925.

Oklahoma VT 3: Ramsey – another Yfull, another smaller hop back, good direction. I think that was a little better than Fletcher’s but they may not have left room. Oh they’ll find it, 9.825.

Utah UB 3: Paulson – short first hs – maloney to pak, clean – better cast hs on high – giant full not too bad – double tuck, chest forward with a hop. 9.775

Oklahoma VT 4: Levasseur – nearly found the stick again – little hop to the side, but otherwise similar to last week – angle more complimentary to amplitude this week. 9.950. Well, it’s consistent with last week’s scoring if that was a 10?

Utah UB 4: McCallum – maloney to pak, small leg break – a little short on cast hs – shap 1/2, caught well – not hitting her casts though – FTDT, hop back. Gave away some things but solid. 9.875 is a name score for some of those hs.

Oklahoma VT 5: Stern – went for the stick but landed kind of locked legged, not like the Arkansas incident – short and jarring landing with a shuffle to the side. 9.725

Utah UB 5: Isa – Ray is strong – bail, a little angle on catch but held her vertical – giant full right on top, good – DLO holds the stick but some boat rowing to hold it. 9.850

Oklahoma VT 6: Bowers – found the landing on her Y1/5 this week – lovely layout position, just a little short with a shuffle back though, so that should be taken in addition to the landing. 9.975????

Utah UB 6: O’Keefe – maloney to pak, good power – 1/2 turn on low is OK – short cast hs on high bar – double arabian dismount is excellent and stuck.

I’m still on 9.975 for Bowers. She didn’t even stick. How? Tell Elmo! Rocco doesn’t even have a mouth!

I was all on “You know, I think Utah is getting more overscored than Oklahoma” and then THAT happened.

9.875 for O’Keefe takes Utah to 49.350 on bars, Oklahoma gets 49.325 on vault. So they’re pretty much level. Definitely Utah was better on vault and Oklahoma better on bars. And we still have two more rotations of this nonsense to go.

Anyway it’s 98.800 to 98.775.

Also Auburn is getting huge numbers of beam and could win this and Suni hasn’t even happened yet.

Lee – BB – Auburn – wolf single, easy – aerial, finessed well just a little short but didn’t give away a check – brings back the side aerial to loso loso and hits it! – switch to switch 1/2, a little more hesitant on that one today – bhs to gainer full, still not dialed in on that dismount with a lean to hold the landing. 9.875

Rotation 3

Utah BB 1: Morgan – bhs mount right to loso, risky as her acro series because it’s difficult to connect – little wobble at the end – split jump 3/4 to split jump is working better for her than when we saw it at RRP – hits full turn – side aerial to full, stays with it as the side aerial was getting off line, holds landing, some form things and hesitations. 9.750

That summary of Morgan’s recruiting journey left out some parts.

Oklahoma FX 1: Davis – front 2/1, nice position in the air, but an uncontrolled landing with a lunge forward – 1.5 to layout, gets a little lower on the layout – switch positions look good – rudi, just does control that front foot. I think she’s a good answer for this lineup this season. 9.825

Utah BB 2: McCallum – candle mount, good – wolf double, hit – side aerial to loso series, secure landing, feet – switch, small hesitation into stag jump, we’ll see how they want to feel about that one – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.925. So I guess they felt pretty good about the dance combination.

Looks like an Auburn win in the end over Arkansas, 197.250 to 197.150. Both will be happy with the score.

Oklahoma FX 2: Johnson – front lay to rudi, controls landing – double tuck, a little over and has to lean back with a step – solid height on her dance combination – Oh it’s over? I was expecting another pass. 9.875

Utah BB 3: Randall – bhs loso series, confident – switch, little arm wave before straddle jump 1/4 – rulfova is right on – 1.5 dismount, ends up landing just a little shy and has to take a step back. Good on the beam. Slightly surprised she’s borderline lineup this season. She’d be in for me. 9.800

Eaker update. Just ankle spain. Out for a few weeks, not the season.

Oklahoma FX 3: LaPinta – 3/1 is somewhat under, which causes a lunge forward – front full to layout, excellent lift in the layout, how it should look – split leap full to split jump full, has the height, not the splittiest – double tuck, nearly buckles ont he landing but saves it with a step. 9.700

Utah BB 4: Paulson – side aerial to loso series is right on – switch to split, keeps it going a little faster this time – full turn is a problem, kind of an exagerrated correction there – beat to side aerial to full, holds the stick, a little close to the beam. 9.900

Oklahoma FX 4: Woodard – nice high punch front 2/1, crossover step out of it – 1/2 to front full, controls the step there – switch side to split full, great – front full to layout, has to whip over the layout a little. Pretty positions as always, some landings. 9.875

Utah BB 5: Isa – candle mount, good vertical – bhs loso loso, wobble – full turn OK – nice lift on straddle 1/4 – bhs gainer full, stuck. Nice. 9.925

Oklahoma FX 5: Bowers – hugely huge double pike, wonderful – front 2/1 to front tuck, very solid landing there as well – switch to switch 1/2 and wolf full, she can get higher on those elements than she did today. But still the best of the rotation so far. 9.900

Utah BB 6: O’Keefe – side aerial to loso, very good – switch to split leap, good back leg on switch but loses her knee straightness on the split – non-dumpy full turn – bea to tside aerial to full, can’t hold the stick with a step back to salute. 9.925

Oklahoma FX 6: Smith – double tuck, overdoes it with a bounce back – 1.5 to layout to front tuck, takes it tooooo far, shot way out horizontally throughout, and OOB – switch side to wolf full – double pike, little bounce, shortish. 

It’s 49.475 for Utah on beam, while it’s not going to be an awesome number for Oklahoma on floor. There have been some in-the-tank home scores for Utah today, but you can’t expect to win this meet with that floor rotation if you’re Oklahoma.

9.725 for Smith gets Oklahoma to 49.200

Utah 148.275, Oklahoma 147.975 with one to go.

Rotation 4

Oklahoma BB 1: Dunn – bhs bhs loso series is right on, very crisp – split jump to split jump 1/2, hits her 180s, loses her feet some – gainer full, stuck. Strong.

9.925 for Dunn. It beginnnsssss.

Utah FX 1: Paulson – front tuck through to 2.5 with a crossover step – front lay to front full, controls the step – switch 1/2 to sissone 1/2 is fine, but that’s what the combination is – 1.5 to layout, solid finish. 9.825

Oklahoma BB 2: Bowers – bhs loso series with an arm wave correction – split leap to switch 1/2 to beat jump, another tentative combination with an arm wave to end it, beautiful work though – 2/1 dismount, step back. Won’t quite be the score they need. 9.775, will need to drop.

Utah FX 2: Stanhope – full in, chest up well, completed well, nearly had a great landing but kind of stepped around at the end on her mat – double tuck, a little short, step – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full, great – 1.5 to layout, solid height, just has to whip over the layout some -9.825

Oklaoma BB 3: Davis – bhs loso series, very secure, a whiff of knees in the bhs – split leap to aerial, fast enough for credit, at least I’d imagine – beat to split ring jump and hits the actual position, which is a revolution – 2/1, some crossed legs in the air, stuck. Great. 9.850 though. Interesting.

Utah FX 3: McCallum – good full in, kept under control, maybe the slightest hint of front foot movement – split leap full to popa, great amplitude – rudi, slide back.

9.975. Well, at least now they both have a nonsense 9.975? At least????? At least???? Sigh. A ha ha ha ha death.

Oklahoma BB 4: Thomas – andd she falls on her side somi, which back to back with the 9.975 should seal this one.

Utah FX 4: Rucker – full in is well landed, no movement on this one – switch 1/2 to split full to wolf full, nice extension – front lay to front full, controls step out. Now, this was a stronger routine than McCallum’s. 9.925. Brb exiting this life.

Oklahoma BB 5: Woodard – eeeeesh side aerial to bhs and falls. Don’t usually see Oklahoma fall apart like this, but after the lovely opening bars rotation, it has been a mediocre competition. Finishes with side aerial to full witha  small bounce.

Utah FX 5: O’Keefe – double pike, secure landing – switch throuigh to split leap 1.5, gets it around, lovely split positions, though I don’t love her having to do the 1.5 because wrenching it around is always a little questionable/sloppy for everyone and she shouldn’t have to do non-perfect leaps – wolf double, hit – 1.5 to front full, not ideal with a lunge to the side. 9.850

Oklahoma BB 6: Smith – bhs loso was on line this time, secure – aerial, hit – bhs gainer full, stuck. Well now we know what Ragan needs, two falls before her.

A 9.975 for the road.

Utah FX 6: Soloski – DLO, great height, controls the landing today – switch 1/2 to split jump 1/1, good 180s, a touch of feet on the 1/2 but not bad, front lay to front full – 1.5 to layout, hit, probably seals the top team score in the country so far. 9.925.

Well, Oklahoma didn’t have it at all today. What a fascinating headline. But Utah is also going to have to work on all of these flexed feet etc so that Oklahoma doesn’t outscore them when Oklahoma does have it. Your average skill from Oklahoma is cleaner in execution than your average skill from Utah, which should make Utah nervous come championship time, but right now Utah has the completeness of lineups and, apparently based on today, the consistency.

197.775 Utah to 196.650 Oklahoma.



















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  1. WVU”s twitter has one of the 9.2’s as a 9.15, but confirms falls in the 2, 4, 5 & 6 positions.

  2. WVU’s twitter has one of the 9.2’s as a 9.15, but confirms falls in the 2, 4, 5, & 6 positions.
    (I hope I didn’t post this twice, but it looks like the first attempt didn’t show up)

    1. It got better from there but they finished at 194.0 (49.325 on FX, 48.875 BB, 48.75 VT, 47.05 UB). With a hit bar rotation the scoring potential looks promising, in the 196 range.

      (Towson 194.15, WVU 194.0, West Chester, 192.6, William & Mary 191.05)

  3. There are too many qualified former gymnasts that can do a great job calling meets, but we insist on asking these clueless men to participate.

    1. First time in the big arena, trying to engage new fans. Missouri is always the worst, though.

  4. Your very bias toward OU. Utah is better and it’s clear you do not know what your talking about. Bias writers lose readers and you’ve lost me. Are you writing from Oklahoma by chance? Disgusting

    1. I personnally felt a bit of bias against Grace tbf, but it’s not that dramatic lol. Everyone has opinions and that will obviously affect what you say. No one is 100% objective… you don’t have to read if you get that mad

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