Top Scores of Week 2

The 10.000s

Trinity Thomas – Vault – Florida

Nya Reed – Floor – Florida

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

The 9.975s

Grace McCallum – Floor – Utah

Jordan Bowers – Vault – Oklahoma

Ragan Smith – Beam – Oklahoma

Natalie Wojcik – Vault – Michigan

Naomi Morrison – Vault – Michigan

Natalie Wojcik – Beam – Michigan

Nya Reed – Vault – Florida

The 9.950s

Brie Clark – Floor – Utah State (10.000/9.900 split)

Maggie O’Hara – Bars – Arkansas (10.000/9.900 split)

Hannah Nipp – Beam – Southern Utah (10.000/9.900 split)

Lexy Ramler – Beam – Minnesota (10.000/9.900 split)

The 9.900s

Andi Li – Floor – Cal (10.000/9.800 split)

2 thoughts on “Top Scores of Week 2”

  1. How was Wojcik not a ten?
    How could a judge justify Li’s ten?
    How did Ramler not score a 10 on bars?

    1. I agree that Li’s routine wasn’t really 10-worthy, but it’s nowhere near as egregious as Clark’s and Nipp’s.

      If you mean Wojcik’s beam, I would imagine that the judge took for the dismount landing and maybe amplitude. If you mean vault then it was probably the leg sep in pre-flight. That’s not to say that those routines were any worse than the actual tens from this or other weeks, though!

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