Sunday Live Blog – January 23, 2022

Well, this should be interesting. I’m sure the lack of first-person details about the Alexis Jeffrey situation won’t lead the gymternet to watch every interaction between the UCLA gymnasts and the coaching staff with a magnifying glass on 1/16 speed. That would never happen.

One thing we do know is that Marz Frazier did not travel with the team, suffering a foot injury in last week’s meet that appears to be more serious than originally thought.

In other developments, UC Davis joined this competition at the last minute when its planned visit to Alaska was called off, and the Pac-12 Network intends not to show them and pretend this is a dual meet between UCLA and Oregon State, which should make for a…unique broadcast.

That basketball that’s on the Pac-12 Network right now still has a long time to go, so if you’re watching on TV…try readying the streams.

Moors enters the beam lineup this week for UCLA, replacing Poston. Campbell and Malabuyo replace Frazier and Padurariu on bars. Carey is anchoring everything for OSU again. Jakubczyk joins beam.

Davis has been mentioned on the broadcast. An upset. “You may see them briefly from time to time.”

Rotation 1

Oregon St VT 1 – Chavez – “Generally, if it’s a 10.0, it’s a blind landing.” No. Does a Yfull, solid work, bounce up in place. 9.775

UCLA UB 1 – Esparza – “Getting a bit of a pep talk from Dom Palange.” That’s Emma Malabuyo. good first hs – maloney to pak, solid legs together – hits hs on low – van leeuwen, clean – DLO, stuck landing. Very good start. 9.875

Oregon St VT 2 – Gonzales – full-on back pike – but I thought it had to be a blind landing – lunge back, chest up pretty well. 9.850

UCLA UB 2 – Campbell – some hip angle in first hs – maloney to bail, good bail, some legs on Maloney – stronger cast hs on high bar – 1/2 turn to double front, struggles on landing control with a lunge back and an additional step. 9.700

Oregon St VT 3 – Letzsch – yfull – bounces back on her Yfull, a little piking, feet slightly apart. 9.775

UCLA UB 3 – Malabuyo – maloney to pak, very small leg spearations – really good 1/2 turn on low – rushes final cast hs – DLO, leans way forward to try to hold the landing and a hop, so again will lose a bunch on the dismount. 9.800

Oregon St VT 4 – Yanish – huge yfull as always and some of her better landing control, only a small bounce back. Alisa is basically like, “You know how the SEC Network has the distance measure…” 9.875

UCLA UB 4 – Ulias – toe 1/2 and can’t get over, has to hop off. Restarts her routine – tiioe 1/2 to jaeger, lovely – toe on to bail, small amount of hip pike – good hs on high – DLO, jarring landing shoots her forward, possible hand touch. 9.000

Oregon St VT 5 – Dagen – lands a bit short on her Y1.5 with a lunge back to save it. 9.775

UCLA UB 5 – Chiles – piked thatchev to pak, very clean – hip angle in cast – maloney to gienger, good amplitude for a between bar gienger – good cast hs on high – FTDT, only a little hop in place. Good work. 9.925.

So she has 1.1 of bonus in that routine when she needs 0.6. To answer the question someone had, the Gienger satisfies the turning requirement in her routine because it’s a release with 1/2 turn.

Oregon St VT 6 – Carey – DTY, comfortably completed, bounce back. Yep. 9.900, so they only took for the hop. You could probably take for legs, but DTYs tend to get some form forgiveness.

UCLA UB 6 – Flatley – giant to higgins to jaeger, lovely – solid cast hs – toe on to bail, hit – rushes final cast hs – DLO, hop in place. Good hit. 9.875

Oregon State goes 49.175 on vault, which is a useful number. Yanish and Gonzales had good ones in addition to Carey.

UCLA also goes 49.175 on bars, which they’ll absolutely take, considering the fall in the middle and last week’s performance. Chiles showed improvement, Flatley and Esparza were clean, and Malabuyo should be establishing a place for herself in this lineup as we go.

Davis not done on beam yet, but they are counting a miss, though Otsu also has a 9.900.

Rotation 2

So, UCLA and Oregon State are rotating like a dual meet, even though there’s also Davis. This is throwing me off so much.

Davis went 48.425 on beam.

Moment of bars truth for Oregon Sate now. And kind of moment of vault truth for UCLA.

UCLA VT 1 – Malabuyo – Yfull, some issue on her landing, lands crunched over with a bounce back as well. 9.700

Oregon St UB 1 – Yamaoka – short first hs – toe on to maloney, good – cast, short – toe on to bail, short of handstand – lots of short casts here – giant full, late into double tuck, hop. Got through it this week. Lots of verticals to take. 9.700. Oregon State will take a 9.7 all day.

UCLA VT 2 – Poston – handspring pike 1/2, hits it this time. Chest forward, bounce back, another little step. 9.650. Thought it would be a little higher. I would have had it in the 9.7s.

Oregon St UB 2 – Dagen – short first hs – tkatchev, good height, somewhat close – cast short – bail, hit – short hs – toe on with elbows – goes for a giant full, can’t get it around in time and has to lose form completely and add an extra swing. 8.850

UCLA VT 3 – Flatley – good open position on her yfull, fairly large bounce back. Her dynamics have improvement on that vault. 9.825

Oregon St UB 3 – Domingo – toe on, some hesitation into Ray to overshoot, solid, some legs – better cast hs verticals – blind to front giant 1/2 is jerky, into double tuck, little hop. 9.800

UCLA VT 4 – Moors – handspring pike is a struggle this week, chest well forward with a large lunge forward. 9.650

Oregon St UB 4 – Bird – very short first hs – bail to stalder to toe circle up – short cast hs – tkatchev, good height – again, the handstands aren’t there – FTDT, little hop. 9.750

UCLA VT 5 – Chiles – Tsuk full this week, hit, a little bit of pike in the air, a shuffle back, good distance, not her Yurchenko height. 9.875

Oregon St UB 5 – Jakubczyk – good first hs – blind to yezhova, legs apart – small hesitation on low – maloney to gienger, also good – well short on final cast hs – double arabian dismount, flung a little, gets it around, hop. Good hit, a lot of give-away moments in there, but hit. 9.800

UCLA VT 6 – Campbell – big yfull as always but doesn’t have the landing this week, lands too far forward and hops. 9.800

Oregon St UB 6 – Carey – maloney to bhardwaj, legs right together – van leeuwen, hit – good final cast hs, the first two were borderline – FTDT, little rebound in place.

9.950 for Carey with a 10.000 from one judge. I don’t see the 10 there with the landing and a couple maybe handstands, I’m more with the 9.900 judge.

UCLA 48.850 on vault, which is honestly a solid escape for how many landing problems they had in that rotation.

Oregon State goes 49.000 on bars for the first time since March 6 2020.

After 2: Oregon State 98.175, UCLA 98.025. Davis getting some solid floor numbers so far, nothing lower than 9.7, still with a couple more routines to go. “You might see some of Davis” feels like it was a lie.

Davis goes 48.975 on floor to gain some ground on UCLA and sit at 97.300.

Rotation 3

Alisa says Esparza will be jumping into the floor lineup for Campbell’s spot.

Oregon St BB 1 – Jakubczyk – hits candle mount – cat leap to side aerial, little wiggle hesitation – switch to split, short back leg on switch – bhs loso, secure – 1.5, large lunge forward. 9.775

UCLA FX 1 – Ulias – rudi, controls step, some legs – switch to split 1.5, pulls it around – split leap full to split jump full, around, a little bouncy – 1.5 to layout, not the highest, but laid out on her layout. A few concentration pauses in the middle of choreography. 9.850, surprised it went that high.

Oregon St BB 2 – Letzsch – aerial to bhs, keeps arms moving enough, good extension – switch ring, pretty split 180 but not so much closure, a leg-up check on landing – split to split ring jump, open back leg – side aerial to full, hop back. 9.825

UCLA FX 2 – Flatley – 3/1, nearly fully around, lunge back – front 2/1 is well controlled, into a pretty sissone – swtich ring to switch 1/2, good – 1.5 to layout, solid. 9.850

Oregon St BB 3 – Domingo – aerial, a bit low into back pike but gets it, secure landing – good style on full turn – switch to straddle to split 3/4, good straddle but short on the back leg on the slit elements – gainer full, stuck. Good. 9.925 is a bit much for me.

UCLA FX 3 – Tratz – just a double pike to start, but solid landing – split leap full to split jump full, the leap was a little low but the jump was strong – 1.5 to layout, fine – double tuck, chest down but good control again. Very comfortable work. 9.875

Oregon St BB 4 – Gonzales – aerial to back tuck, again a risky series that’s a bit slow but will get credit – switch 1/2, pause before split jump, some back leg – “the back leg, I want to see it snap” – side aerial to full with a step. 9.850

UCLA FX 4 – Moors – doublr front is very deep, lunge forward, big, keeps it in bounds – high loso side pass – switch ring to switch 1/2 to wolf full, a little bouncy, great ring position – front full to front tuck and falls. So what was the point of this meet again? 8.800

Oregon St BB 5 – Dagen – bhs loso series, secure, feet – switch to switch 1/2, step back and arm wave, some lack of amplitude – side aerial to full, chest forward, arm wave to hold it. Good presence to save some things, but several corrections. 9.800

UCLA FX 5 – Malabuyo – double tuck, drops into it well – 1.5 to layout to a possible attempt at a jump, it was mostly just a four-limb flail – switch ring to switch 1/2, awesome positions – dobule pike, really low, chest forward, hop-present up to try to cover it. 9.775

Oregon St BB 6 – Carey – slightly hesitant on full turn – aerial, again keeps it moving enough into bhs loso – switch, switch 1/2, front leg a bit short, beat jump – a little hesitant in her combinations but fast enough for credit – gainer full, little bounce

Carey goes 9.975. I just don’t see it.

UCLA FX 6 – Esparza – front tuck through to double tuck, chest forward like Malabuyo’s last pass, lunge – switch 1/2 to 1/2 sissone, arm wave control, solid positions – double pike, bounce back OOB – switch 1/2 to a great popa –  9.650

UCLA has to count the 9.650 from Esparza but that’s enough to get to 49.000 on floor. Oregon State goes 49.375 on beam to create a real lead now.

After 3: Oregon State 147.550, UCLA 147.025, UC Davis 146.400

Oregon State’s all-time AA record is Chari Knight’s 39.750. Carey would need 9.925 on FX to tie, 9.950 to beat.

Rotation 4

UCLA BB 1 – Padurariu – solid candle mount – aerial aerial to bhs, small shiver on landing – split jump, walk to full turn – beat to sheep, good actual closure on sheep, wobble – side aerial to full, holds landing, little adjustment. Good. 9.900, scores staying loose on beam.

Oregon St FX 1 – Gonzales – front full to lay, controls landing, some legs – switch 1/2 to 1/2 sissone, some feet on switch – double pike, chest down, little adjustment step – swtich ring to switch 1/2, solid – 9.775

UCLA BB 2 – Malabuyo – wolf single, hit – bhs loso, leg up and arm wave correction – aerial, hit – split jump t0 split ring, great positions, little adjustment on landing – bhs to 1.5, hops together. 9.825. I don’t know how you get the score quite that high.

Oregon St FX 2 – Bird – front lay to rudi to straddle jump, nice height and control on the straddle, a bit of leg crossing – switch 1/2 to popa, high – 2.5, lunge forward, some legs. 9.825

UCLA BB 3 – Moors – a Valdez because of course she does – switch to split, hits her 180s – aerial works through to fhs, a little deep and a a wiggle – full turn, walks out of it to cover – side aerial, solid – fhs rudi, shuffle back, little movement but both feet. A delight. 9.850

Oregon St FX 3 – Letzsch – 1.5 to front full, controls the step out, good height – switch ring 1/2 is not bad at all, back spin – double pike, high, chest a tad forward, presents quickly – a triumph. 9.900

UCLA BB 4 – Poston – she’s back into the lineup with Campbell scratching after that vault landing – beat to split jump 3/4, leg form, secure – bhs bhs loso, wobble, some foot flexing – 1.5, stuck. One of her better ones. 9.875

Oregon St FX 4 – Dagen – front 2/1, pulls it around, control issue with hop tot he side – switch 1/2 to popa, good lift there – front layout to front full, preposterous camera work, looked like a little correction on landing – double pike, good height, some chest position. 9.850

UCLA BB 5 – Sakti – switch directly to bhs loso, hit – switch 1/2, little wobble into beat jump, another little check – cat leap to side aerial to full, full gets ragged in the form and a step back. But good on the beam. Getting rid of the loso loso combination was necessary. 9.825

Oregon St FX 5 – Yanish – DLO, find the landing well this time, pikes down a little to control it – front full to layout, bananas the layout a little, bounce forward – some control bounce on leap combination landing – double tuck, slide back. 9.900, they’re setting it up for a Carey 65.

UCLA BB 6 – Flatley – aerial, works quickly into bhs loso but falls, way off line. That’s what happens when you try to actually connect things I guess – L turn to split jump is nice – switch ring, hit – bhs 1.5, slide back.

Oregon St FX 6 – Carey – double double, slide back, so open – front full to layout to sissone, arm wave correction on the sissone – switch 1/2 to popa is not bad – the old college gymnastics strategy, if she can’t dance keep, just her on the ground most of the time – doubel tuck, nicely done. A couple things you have to take. We’ll see if they bother.

9.975. They barely bothered. There were deductions on the first two passes.

39.800 for Jade Carey in the AA, which is an Oregon State record and ranks 69th place all time in NCAA performances.

FINAL: Oregon State 197.000, UCLA 196.300, Davis 194.700

This is the performance where Oregon State officially said last season was behind them. Also, Letzsch is really good.

UCLA’s 196.300 is a pedestrian score for this team and this roster, but let’s be honest, we all thought it was going to be a lot worse after a week I assume full of Very Important Team Meeting.

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  1. I like UCLA’s floor lineup a lot better this year. Last year I felt like you could see the elements of “we’re trying to get this one to go viral” on almost every routine. These ones seem a lot more genuinely varied and dynamic. And, y’know, Brooklyn.

  2. This is going to be another punt year for UCLA. Sounds like Waller has lost the lockerroom and the senior leadership. Could they fire him soon, beg Valorie Kondos Field to come back and coach the rest of the way to salvage the year and help re-establish faith in the program, and then in the offseason make a play Wieber and Co. to leave Arkansas come home to UCLA?

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