Friday Live Blog – January 28, 2022

I’ll be following the SEC slate tonight with the live blog, starting with LSU/Georgia, then on to Florida/Arkansas and Alabama/Auburn.

Check out the links post for all your scoring and streaming needs.

6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT[18] Western Michigan, Ball State, Oshkosh @ Eastern Michigan
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT[6] LSU @ Georgia
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PTTowson, Pitt @ [25] North Carolina
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PTRutgers, Cornell @ Kent State
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PTWhitewater, Gustavus Adolphus @ Hamline
7:30pm ET/4:30pm PTWest Virginia @ Iowa State
7:30pm ET/4:30pm PTEau Claire @ La Crosse
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PTAlaska @ Air Force
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT[13] Arkansas @ [4] Florida
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT[9] Alabama @ [8] Auburn
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PTWashington @ [16] Arizona State
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT[23] Utah State @ [21] BYU
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT[19] Southern Utah @ Boise State

Starting with LSU/Georgia, LSU has been off for two straight weeks and hasn’t competed since that 196.9 in the opening weekend, so we’ll see what we see. Depending on how the meet goes, it will be either OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE RUSTY or OBVIOUSLY THE WEEKS OFF HELPED THEM HONE BEAM AND FLOOR and we don’t know which one it will be yet, but either way it will have been so obvious. For Georgia, I mean, um, hitting seems important. Last week’s meet had a big number going…on three events.

Usually after a beam meltdown we’d be talking about whether there will be pressure to change the lineup. In this case, other than getting Finnegan back in there, I’m not sure there are any changes you’d want to make.

For LSU’s lineups, Bryant is in on vault and bars, but not beam and floor. Durante is in on bars and beam. Finnegan is in the lineup on beam, and Dunne is in the lineup on floor. No Johnson or Bryant on floor, so that could be an adventure.

Rotation 1

Georgia VT 1 – Cashman – Yfull – good height, pace back, some pike, not the most distance. 9.775

LSU UB 1 – Johnson – maloney, some legs into bail, a little short of handstand today – toe on – DLO, good stick there. Not her best handstands, but a solid finish.

OK 9.900 for that tells us scores are soaring today. Sometimes I feel like her routine merits 9.900 and then it’s like 9.825 in the leadoff. This was the opposite.

Georgia VT 2 – Magee – pulls around her Y1.5 but still struggling with the finish, short with a lunge back. 9.700 still high.

LSU UB 2 – Rivers – good first hs – toe on to maloney, little form – solid vail hs position – good cast hs on high – tkatchev, shome tight hips but shows the counter rotation – DLO, deep landing, little arm wave. 9.900

Georgia VT 3 – Ward – shows the landing control on her Tsuk full, only a small step back. 9.825

LSU Ub 3 – Dunne – good tkatchev into pak, little leg separation – some hesitation in 1/2 turn on low – a bit short on final cast – DLO, finds the stick well, loose knees in the air. 9.825

Georgia VT 4 – Baumann – Puts out the Y1.5 – and it’s EXCELLENT. Stuck landing. No question about the landing. Just some soft knees in the air and a leg separation on block. 9.950

LSU UB 4 – Bryant – blind to jaeger, high – bail, only a small hip angle – solid final cast – double front 1/2 out, holds the landing. Best so far. Still 9.900 though. Everything is 9.9.

Georgia VT 5 – Lukacs – Also does the Y1.5, much better for her, stuck landing, rises up on toes to try to show the stick, very good, some clear knee form. 9.900

LSU UB 5 – Shchennikova – good ray (feet) to pak, clean – a little shy on 1/2 turn on low – solid final cast hs – normal DLO but doesn’t stick this time, bound forward. So I have that at 9.700, we’ll see what the judges do. 9.775. I’ll live.

Georgia VT 6 – Roberts – Y1.5 – hop forward, not too large but definitely a tenth. More knee form than the last two. 9.875. That was absolute softest possible 9.850 for me because of the landing and the knees.

Important upgrades from Georgia on vault today.

LSU UB 6 – Durante – “Durant” good first hs – blind to jaeger, high, just a tad crooked in teh air – pak is fine this week – 1/2 turn – good final hs as well – FTDT dismount, deep chest, rises up on toes into step salute. 9.825

So. LSU 49.350, Georgia 49.325

Georgia will be thrilled with vaulting. Good upgrades and several very strong landings. If they can get Hawthorne in there as well, this will live up to preseason expectations as Georgia’s strongest event.

LSU kind of used up its best routines in the beginning of that lineup, but Bryant and Rivers had very nice showings. Dismount things spoiled some of the other scores. So a good number but closer than LSU would have wanted.

Rotation 2

LSU VT 1 – Rivers – Yfull – good height and open position, bounce back, some direction. 9.850. Well at least it’s consistent?

Georgia UB 1 – Hattaway – 1/2 turn on high into gienger, only loses legs at the end – short hs – bail, legs break, not quite to vertical – short cast on high – DLO, flung out, step forward. Through it, gave away a lot. 9.725

LSU VT 2 – Johnson – Yfull – another strong one, also a big vault, bounce back, better direction. Clean vault. 9.850

Georgia UB 2 – Ward – shap with leg breaks in both phases – bail, some hip angle on catch and can’t clear hip out of it and has to stop – finishes DLO, step forward. 8.975

LSU VT 3 – Shchennikova – we couldn’t really set it because Garrett was in the way, but what we saw had a lunge to the side off the mat. 9.575

Georgia UB 3 – Finnegan – Huge Ray, excellent – toe on to a fully straddled pak, some muscling out of it – late 1/2 turn on low bar – FTDT, doesn’t quite show the stick into step salute. Great moments, but lost some on the pak-low-bar business. 9.800

LSU VT 4 – Edwards – can’t control her Y1.5 landing, large lunge forward for .2 off, and then another .1 hop. 9.725, which is higher than the landing deductions. That has to count.

Georgia UB 4 – De Jong – toe on to Ray, also solid, just a tad close – good cast – bail, loses her back a little in that hs – shortish final cast – DLO, good landing. 9.875

LSU VT 5 – Johnson – DTY – kind of an odd block for her on that DTY and yet almost still stuck it. Little hop and wayyyy off to the side of the mat, so angled that even a college judge might take it. 9.875

Georgia UB 5 – Schild – toe on to Ray, good open hips – bail, leg break – pretty close on her cast hs – DLO, that piked position, step back and another little step. 9.850

LSU VT 6 – Bryant – thought she was going to stick that handspring pike 1/2 and I think she thought she was too, ends up having to take a hop forward.

Georgia UB 6 – Roberts – toe on to maloney to bail, much better legs than the rest of the lineup – some back arch in hs on high bar – DLO, quick step salute. 9.875

Somehow Georgia gets out of that bars rotation with a 49.125. With having to count the routine from Hattaway, it could have been a sub-49 rotation, which they’d have to worry about in a real world meet.

LSU goes 49.150 on vault, which is not an LSU vault score. They didn’t have the landings from Shchennikova or Edwards, and while Johnson and Bryant did well, neither was their best, so they couldn’t save the lineup as much as they usually do.

After 2: LSU 98.500, Georgia 98.450

Meanwhile, UW Oshkosh is at a quad meet at Eastern Michigan and just set a vault record and came .075 shy of setting a bars records. Amazing what happens to the scores suddenly when DIII teams go to DI meets.

Georgia has a little skit from Perez-Lugones and Ward about embracing your nonspecific differences nonspecifically.

Rotation 3

Moment of beam truth for Georgia.

Georgia BB 1 – Magee – straight jump to straddle 1/2, good hold with one foot slightly off, didn’t check – bhs bhs loso, small arm correction – full turn to fake wobble running? – 1.5 dismount, lunge to the side. That was a bit of a “don’t eff up, don’t eff up” routine, but she hit it. 9.775

LSU FX 1 – Desiderio – good height on DLO but a bounce back, chest forward – 1.5 to layout, dance out – she’s performing floor with strong amplitude and no mummification – split leap full to jump full, solid work – double tuck, bounce back again similar to DLO, does well to not place her foot down because it would have been OOB. 9.700

Georgia BB 2 – Finnegan – bhs loso and falls – HERE WE GO – side aerial, leg up and arm wave – switch side is hit – 1.5 dismount, good stick. 9.075

LSU FX 2 – Arenas – front 2/1, a little short, slide back, some knees – front lay to front full, has the height, controls the step, leg separation – switch 1/2 to wolf full, clearly around – double pike, wayyy short, falls then goes right to her head for a little forward roll. Didn’t actually land on her head though. 9.200

Georgia BB 3 – Hawthorne – bhs loso series and falls. MY GOD. GEORGIA. Good switch split jumps – kickover from knee is solid, but slow into wolf jump – 1.5 hop to the side. 9.250

This rotation has been NOT CUTE so far.

LSU FX 3 – Dunne – first time! – front tuck through to double tuck, chest up, bounce back – swtich to switch ring 1/2, seemed OK, tough from this angle – double pike, has control, chest pretty far down, but that works. 9.800

Georgia BB 4 – De Jong – hit full turn – switch to split, short back leg on switch – aerial to straddle jump – bhs loso series, hit – she almost explodes because it’s not another fall – side aerial to full, little hop. A SECOND HIT. IT’S A SECOND HIT. 9.875

LSU FX 4 – Edwards – front 2/1, bounces forward out of it – front full to front full, shows more control there – switch side to popa to straight jump – double tuck, bounce back. We don’t talk about Edwards enough in the list of funny runs for floor passes. 9.825

Georgia BB 5 – Baumann – long pause before series – side aerial to loso is secure – small hesitation in choreography – beat to switch side, lean forward to hold it – 1.5 stuck. A third hit! 9.925 very high. That was a congratulations on hitting beam score.

LSU FX 5 – KJ Johnson – good secure full in, chest just a bit forward – 1.5 to layout, little shudder on landing – switch side to popa, good amplitude – double tuck, a little forward, step. 9.875

Georgia BB 6 – Cohen – bhs loso series, large break with a bend at the hips, but pulls it back this week – switch to straddle jump – Ashley keeps referring to “what…they did last week” – side aerial to split jump is strong – 2/1, stuck. 9.750

So…it was better?

LSU FX 6 – Shchennikova – front 2/1, mostly controlled, little slide forward – 1.5 to front full – switch 1/2 to switch ring 1/2, a bit low – “another athlete with a plastered smile” LOLOLOLOL – rudi to loso is nice. Better floor for her. 9.900

48.575 for Georgia on beam. Which is like a 50 I guess. BUT Georgia really wanted a gaudy home score here, and if floor goes as expected, it will only be a mid-196.

LSU gets out of that floor rotation with 49.100, which is not great but great wasn’t really expected given the lineup going today.

After 3: LSU 147.600, Georgia 147.025

Anyway, Oshkosh ended up with their #2 score ever, 191.600.

“What stands out to you, Ashley?” “Welllll….”

Rotation 4

Oooookay. We’re talking about it. I thought they would take a pass. Commentator tells us LSU is taking on Alexis Jeffrey and shows Jay’s quote from the press conference, re: everyone being cool with it. Your serve, Pac-12 Network. 

LSU BB 1 – Desiderio – switch to switch 1/2, small correction on landing – bhs loso, secure, flexed feet – aerial, smooth – cat leap to gaine rfull. Good. Only small hesitations. 9.900.

Georgia FX 1 – APL – double pike, just a little shy, quick and small hop to cover – 1.5 to front full got somewhat awkward, knees and crossover step – switch side to popa, didn’t end up landing where she wanted in terms of leap completion  – double tuck, chest down. 9.800

LSU BB 2 – Finnegan – bhs loso loso series, no trouble – switch to split, hit – aerial, holds it well – bhs 1.5, step forward. Again a hesitation, a knee, that step, but not too much to take. 9.875

Georgia FX 2 – Magee – piked full in, just a bit staggered, slide – switch 1/2 to popa, lovely – 1.5 to layout, just gets a little low in the layout – double pike, somewhat short, step forward. 9.800

LSU BB 3 – Durante – aerial, moves through to bhs bhs with a check at the end, a little slow in combination but will get it – swtich to straddle 1/4, two large arm circles to hold that one – side aerial to full, stuck. Will be a lower score but not in the basement. 9.775

Georgia FX 3 – Roberts – piked full in is well controlled, just a little stagger – switch side to popa, overturns the switch side a little but good finish position – front tuck through to double tuck, shows control, chest down. 9/850

LSU BB 4 – Shchennikova – tries candle mount but rolls right through to support – aerial, little shoulder dip to beat jump in combination – bhs loso, holds it, hit – switch to split is good – gainer full, some pike. 9.725

Georgia FX 4 – Lukacs – double pike, only small movement, good amplitude – 1.5 to layout, doesn’t rise in layout but fine – switch side to wolf full – double tuck and injury alert. Major pain. She’s down. This is not good.

LSU BB 5 – Dean – side aerial to bhs, held well onto her toes, knee bend – switch to split jump, hit – aerial to beat jump, hit – side aerial to full, holds landing, good. 9.800

Georgia FX 5 – Baumann – wolf turn 1.5, doesn’t get double around – 1.5 to front full, good height, control, just a bit of knees – switch side to straddle, great height – double pike, nailed landing. Will be short of 10.0 SV because she didn’t get her double wolf around for credit.

Yep. 9.725. Start value.

LSU BB 6 – Johnson – full turn, hit – bhs loso series, nice, pretty – swtich to switch, hit – does a split jump after, not quite as high – kickover, solid – bhs 1.5, step into salute. Good one. 9.900

Georgia FX 6 – Hawthorne – double pike, bounce back – good height on split positions – front lay to rudi to split jump, lack of control with a couple large arm waves. But a countable score. 9.900

LSU 196.850, Georgia 196.100

LSU, I’ll say probably closer to rusty than to rested. 196.850 is fine, but anytime it’s under 197 for LSU, it’s not what they wanted. None of the lineups quite there yet. 

Georgia counted a fall on beam, and 196.100 isn’t really want you want for Big Home Meet, but since the last two were 194s, “just get a 196” would have been the goal here. So that job’s done at least.

We’ve learned that the Georgia gymnasts all either bring cultural diversity or faith to this team. Note that they did not have Alyssa do this one. 

Now we have Florida/Arkansas starting, which gets a little head start on Alabama/Auburn.

Rotation 1

Florida VT 1 – Edwards – shorter landing on yfull, chest forward with step – good height though. 9.750

Arkansas UB 1 – Scalzo – short first hs – blind to jaeger to overshoot, solid – closer on final cast hs – DLO, pikes it down at the end, buckles some with a step forward. 9.775

Florida VT 2 – Skaggs – yfull, pretty work, small slide back. 9.875

Arkansas UB 2 – Gianfagna – Ray to overshoot, good amplitude but hits her feet on the mat swinging through after overshoot – short cast hs on high – FTDT, a bit short, hop forward. 9.625

Florida VT 3 – Schoenherr – Y1.5 – much better for her – great stick – just some knees in the air – 9.950

Arkansas UB 3 – Smith – maloney to bail, some hip angle but good legs together throughout – strong cast hs on high – DLO, small slide back. 9.800

Florida VT 4 – Reed – Y1.5 – nearly finds the stick on hers, small hop forward, a bit more extended than Schoenherr, more distance of course. 9.900. Reasonable score! Accurate!

Arkansas UB 4 – Hambrick – shortish first hs – blind to piked jaeger to overshoot, great releases – missing some cast hs – FTDT, step back into salute. 9.850

Florida VT 5 – Wong – ro 1/2 on pike 1/2 with a bounce back this time – we’ll see how they treat it – better chest up position today. 9.850

Arkansas UB 5 – Shaffer – toe on to maloney to bail, great legs together positions – major arch on high bar but pulls it back – DLO, short, lunge forward. Not her strongest. 9/725

Florida VT 6 – Thomas – doesn’t quite stick the Y1.5 today, but only a small step back.

9.975. Really though? Really. Obvious step back. You were doing OK before that too.

Arkansas UB 6 – O’Hara – Gets caught up in her blind change and has to hop off. resumes and hits her jaeger – bail, lovely – short cast hs on high – DLO, short, step forward.

So Arkansas will be on 48.775 on bars, which is not what they wanted.

Florida goes 49.550, for a very good vault rotation that showed a lot of improvement and was even being scored pretty realistically until a judge gave Thomas a 10 for stepping.

Rotation 2 getting started in Florida.

Arkansas VT 1 – Pennese – hits a yfull, bounce back, more pike throughout. 9.775

Florida UB 1 – Blakely – maloney to pak, legs together – 1/2 turn on low, not bad – hits final cast hs – loses some form in 1/2 turn with a hesitation – double front dismount, step. Good toes in double front. 9.850

Arkansas VT 2 – Smith – medium slide back on her yfull – better height and open position. 9.775. Didn’t get enough reward for better everything.

Florida UB 2 – Skaggs – good first hs – tkatchev to pak, lovely, small legs apart moment – rushes cast 1/2 on low bar – shortish final cast hs – DLO, does well to hold the stick and turn her control movement into presenting, what are you saying about. 9.900, we’re zooming.

Arkansas VT 3 – Shaffer – as lovely as ever on the y1/2 – shuffle forward – nothing should ever be taken for form on that vault. 9.850

Florida UB 3 – McCusker – Maloney to pak is nice – toe on to van leeuwen, legs together – VERY short on final cast hs – higgins to front giant 1/2 to double tuck – probably a better dismount choice for her. Going to get her more scores. But she isn’t collegeing her handstands yet. 

9.925 is not in the realm of reality.

Arknasas VT 4 – Elswick – looked like she had enough juice on that Yfull but lands with her chest well forward, lunge. 9.700

Florida UB 4 – Schoenherr – shortish first hs – 1/2 to jaeger, nice high jaeger – toe on to bail, some hip angle short of vertical – rushes 1/2 turn into double front 1/2 out, stuck. Great releases but should see some handstand deductions in there.

9.975. I can’t anymore.

Arkansas VT 5 – Sedlacek – pulls around her Y1.5, it’s deep with a bounce back. Good distance. 9.775

Florida UB 5 – Thomas – good first hs – maloney to pak, hit – toe on to van leeuwen, small leg break – stronger vertical positions – DLO gets odd in the form in the first salto, loses leg position, small hop. 9.925. YOU MEAN NO 10?????

Arknasas VT 6 – Hambrick – Y1.5 – OK, but she does take a back crossover step, which can get ruined. It wasn’t. 9.850

Florida UB 6 – Wong – good first hs – maloney to pak, only small legs apart – hits cast hs on low – van leeuwen, legs together – solid cast hs on high – DLO, stuck landing, a bit deep but safe deep. That was the best one so far.

And it’s a 10 for Wong. Was it a 10? Not really. Were any of these bars routines any of the scores? No.

49.025 for Arkansas on vault.

Florida goes 49.725 on bars. I literally had this one at 49.350, but go off.

49.725 ties a Florida record.

Auburn and Alabama is starting.

Stevens – VT – Auburn – lands yfull, chest well forward, lunge. 9.775. Oh we’re going REALLY high.

Hudson – UB – Alabama – good first hs – toe on to maloney, legs apart – bail, short of vertical this time with a hip angle – better cast hs on high – giant full, a little late, double tuck, holds the stick with a lean. 9.750

Groth – VT – Auburn – small bounce back on yfull but not a big vault, so should get distance and amplitude deductions. 9.850. Took no distance or amplitude deductions.

Waligora – UB – Alabama – good first hs – blind to jaeger to overshoot, close to bar on overshoot, struggles to cast out but does – DLO 1/1, a little short, hop. 9.800

Lee – VT – Auburn – she’s vaulting – clean Yfull, better distance, bounce back. 9.875. One judge didn’t even take the required .1 for that landing.

Adams – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, great leg positions – good hs – van leeuwen, legs together – great cast hs – toe full is late into double tuck, out of control with hop back. Was perfect until final sequence.

Hubbard – VT – Auburn – hits her Y1.5 – medium bounce forward, and then a bit out of control – 9.800

Florida and Arkansas starting third rotation.

Skaggs – BB – Florida – wolf, hit – switch to split, lovely – bhs loso series, arm wave, hodls it back – switch side looked a little tighter than usual – side aerial to full, rises up to toes to try to hold thew stick, can’t step forward.

Machado – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, legs – good cast hs – van leeuwen, better legs – solid hs – full turn is very late – double tuck, hop forward. 9.850 is high there.

Watson – VT – Auburn – hits her Y1.5 – small hop and then another hop, too much energy there. 9.825

Blanco – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, lovely – 1/2 turn on low, OK – nice final cast hs – FTDT, stuck landing. This will be a test of the scoring. That was very nice. 9.925

Gobourne – VT – Auburn – didn’t quite get her usual block, pulls her y1.5 around though, shuffle back, but was short. 9.825

Doggette – UB – Alabama – short first hs – tkatchev to pak, great amplitude but hits her foot in the mat swinging through – short final cast hs – DLO, good stick. Not the routine they needed.

It will be 49.175 for Auburn to 49.125 for Alabama after 1.

Not wild about that rotation for either team because the scoring was loose in a lot of places to even get them that high, and it’s still just 49.1s.

Meanwhile in Florida, Shaffer is up 2nd on floor for Arkansas – good double pike – 1.5 to layout, slide forward – split leap full to popa is nice – double tuck gets awkward on landing, legs buckled and a couple steps back. 9.675

Baumann – BB – Florida – up third in the lineup after 2 9.875s – bhs loso series, solid – switch to split, good back leg elevation – aerial to beat jump, smooth – side aerial, nice – 1.5 dismount, holds the stick but a lean to get under control. 9.925. So possible 10 before the dismount control issue.

Hambrick – FX – double tuck, larger step back but also keeps front foot down – rudi to back lay to double stag, slight control – switch 1/2 to popa is nice – double pike, hips a little behind feet, again controls it. 9.850

Wong – BB – Florida – switch to split leap – bhs loso series, clean – full turn, smooth – aerial, check – side aerial, beat jump connection – so they ditched one of her acro elements, which is good – 2/1, nice landing. 9.925.

Alabama/Auburn rotation 2 starting.

Olsen – VT – Alabama – nice stick on her DTY, has she done that in college? Not much? Knees, chest a little forward, but strong. 9.900

Watson – Ub – Auburn – tkatchev is high but very close – bail, short of vertical – better final cast hs – FTDT, shuffle back. 9.750

Waligora – VT – Alabama – hits her Y1.5 but not a super high vault, step back. 9.825

Thomas – BB – Florida – swtich mount, good, doesn’t connect to split leap – full turn – one arm bhs to loso, no trouble at all – aerial to beat jump to korbut, smooth – side aerial to full, holds with a little rebound.

10 for Thomas. Of course it was. I feel like that landing wasn’t 10.

Auburn gets a hit from Stevens on bars. Quinn follows on vault for Alabama with a bound forward on her y1.5

L Smith – FX – Arkansas – piked full in, solid landing, chest just a little forward – fron ttuck throught to double tuck, slight stagger – switch side to popa is kind of short of split – double pike, hit. 9.825

Graber – VT – Alabama – well short, multiple lunges back. 9.725

Brusch – Ub – Auburn – maloney to bail, doesn’t get quite to vertical there – nice final cast hs – DLO, bounce back

Clapper – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, hit securely, some knees – switch to split, hit – side aerial to full, stuck.

9.975. Everything is the same and there are no deductions.

49.700 beam for Florida. Well well well. I’m dead. That also ties the beam record.

Doggette – VT – Alabama – nearly finds the stick, step back

Gobourne – UB – Auburn – rushes first hs – great tkatchev into pak, loses form just at the end – 1/2 turn on low OK – shortish final cast hs – FTDT, stuck but could get a .05 for forgetting to bring her heels together until later. Probably didn’t. 9.925

Luisa Blanco sits her Y1.5

Lee – UB – Auburn – good first hs – maloney to pak to van leeuwen, lovely – hits final cast hs – FTDT, hop back. Didn’t have anything until the dismount though. 9.925

Jesus Florida is at 148.975 through three events.

Auburn goes 49.350 on bars to Alabama’s 49.025 on vault with two counting 9.7s.

After 2: Auburn 98.525, Alabama 98.150

After 3: Florida 148.975, Arkansas 147.000

Florida needs only 49.475 on floor to set a new all-time Florida record. FLORIDA.

Rotation 4 starting with Florida and Arkansas

Gianfagna – BB – Arkansas – bhs loso, secure – cat leap, pause before kickover to beat jump. I wouldn’t give connection on the cat leap but she did do that beat – beat to straddle 1/2, leg up check – 1.5, little slide forward on salute. 9.800

Alabama/Auburn starting rotation 3

Hollingsworth – BB – Auburn – hits bhs loso series – swtich, good back leg, shorter on switch 1/2, leg-up check – split jump 1/2 from side is good – side aerial to full, holds stick, chest forward. 9.750

Skaggs – FX – Florida – wolf double, hit – rudi first pass is odd, like she wanted to rebound into something and then elected not to and just did a little hop – split leap full to split jump full – 1.5 to layout, clean layout psoition. 9.750. SV.

Machado – FX – Alabama – double pike, foot slide – 1.5 to front pike, step – pulls around wolf turn – switch to switch 1/2, good switch – double tuck, secure landing

Lovett – BB – Arkansas – good full turn – aerial, small hesitation before loso but pretty close to kept it moving – switch to split to beat – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.925

Brusch – BB – Auburn – full turn, some styling it out – aerial into split jump, short back leg and a check – bhs loso, arms quickly snapped back to hold – switch to straddle 1/4, OK – stuck gainer full.

Blakely – FX – Florida – solid landing on double araiban – double tuck bounce back – 1.5 to layout, a little short, soft knees it around. 9.875

OIsen – BB – Alabama – piked full in, goes way off line and steps back OOB on her controlled step – switch through to split leap 1.5 to split jump 1/2. I’d say split 1.5 was short of rotation – front tuck through to double tuck, chest position, lunge back. 9.675

Leah Smith hits a good double tuck to finish beam for Arkansas. 9.900

Stevens – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, secure – some knee position – split jump to stag ring to beat jump – a truer stag ring than most if that’s what she was going for – kickover to knee, good, right into wolf turn – stuck dismount. 9.875

Baumann – FX – Florida – 1.5 to front full, dances out – pulls around switch 1/2 to 1/2 sissone – double pike, keeps front foot secure. How this is scored will tell us how high this rotation will get. 9.750 OK there. Since when?

Waligora – FX – Alabama – front lay to front 2/1, pretty well controlled, some form in front layout – split leap full to wolf full, a bit short on split leap – has some trouble with layout in combination but Ok, loses form  and tiptoes out of it. 9.825

Sedlacek – BB – Arkansas – bhs lay-pike – split to straddle 1/4, short with a lean forward – some checks in here – 1.5 with hop. 9.750

Groth – BB – Auburn – bhs loso bhs, right on – switch to switch 1/2, a bit short on switch 1/2 but not bad – aerial is quite smooth – side aerial top full, stuck. Lovely routine. 9.825

Wong – FX – Florida – 3/1 lands short, ARTS out of it – 1/2 to front full, hop to the side – 9.850 for ART

Hudson – FX – Auburn – front 2/1 is nice – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good leap positions – 2.5 good stuck landing – double tuck, chest down but another secure landing – nice one. 9.900

Hambrick – BB – Arkansas – hits her series securely – switch to switch 1/2, some feet but pretty good on the 180 position –  beat to straddle 3/4, little lean – gainer full, stuck. 9.925

McLaughlin – BB – Auburn – switch, small hesitiation befroe bhs loso series, which is strong – beat to side aerial, secure – swtich to straddle 1/4, very high straddle 1/4 – gainer pike, hit. 9.925

Clark – FX – Florida – she’s in? – 1.5 to front full, a little ragged but OK, steps out – switch 1/2 to 1/2 sissone, she’s getting the Baumann routine then – double tuck is solid. That will be a usable score. 9.750

Blanco – FX – Alabama – double pike, little bounce – double tuck, lunge back, keeps front foot down – 1.5 to layout is a bit of a struggle, really arches that one around.

Elswick – BB – Arkansas – bhs loso, good height – split jump to split 3/4 – hits the split 3/4, a little short on the split jump – aerial, hit – bhs 1.5, stuck. Nice one. 9.925

Reed – FX – Florida – DLO, slide abck – front lay to rudi, pretty, little movement – switch 1/2 to wolf full, nice and high –   double pike hit –

Lee – BB – Auburn – wolf single, hit – aerial to bhs, her “I want to win” composition – switch to switch 1/2, little arm wave – bhs gainer full, stuck. Good. 9.975. So one judge was like, I no longer recognize balance checks. 

Arkansas came up witha  big beam rotation there to finish on 196.475, which is a solid final score for how this was looking for a while in there.

Nya Reed goes 9.950, though that only gets Florida to 49.175 on floor, so no all-time team record, which saves me from having to rage about that at least. Thank you Florida. It is still 198.150, the highest score in the country this year.

Graber – FX – Alabama – full in, a little forward, step, good cover – switch side to wolf jump 1.5, good attention to detail in that series – front tuck through to double pike, little slide. Nice.

Meanwhile, it’s 49.450 in beam for Auburn, to 49.325 on floor for Alabama thanks to Graber’s 9.925. Auburn extends the lead.

After 3: Auburn 147.975 to Alabama 147.475

Rotation 4

I need Kathy saying “I’m sorry were you talking to me?” replayed for me twice a day.

Burgess – BB – Alabama – full trun, smooth – one-arm bhs to loso, secure – cat leap is low, into switch side, much better height – switch to beat, nice – side aerial to full, hop back. Pretty. 9.900. It begins.

Stevens – FX – Auburn – front lay to rudi, slightly ragged, chest down, secure – split leap full to wolf jump full, not quite all the way around on wolf – double tuck,  nailed landing.9.875. Someone’s getting a 10 in this rotation.

Doggette – BB – Alabama – bhs loso, large break, bend forward, hips to horizontal, leg up – switch 1/2, little check but good presence to save it – 1.5 dismount, lunge forward. 9.700 is quite high too.

Brusch – FX – Auburn – front tcuk through to double tuck, chest up, secure landing – switch 1/2 to popa to wolf full, excellent height – double pike, controlled step. Excellent routine. Should be a huge score even in normal circumstances. 9.875. I mean, this is what I don’t understand, because that was clearly stronger than Stevens.

Graber – BB – Alabama – bhs lay-pike, secure – switch to straddle 3/4 – cat leap to kickover, little lean forward – gainer full, hit. 9.925.

Groth – FX – Auburn – Are we doing “Groth” or “Growth” because if I were her, I would be like…I decide this is not pronounced Growth. front 2/1 with slide forward, but some of the better form on that pass – 1.5 to layout, very nice, clean – rudi, little bounce. Great form, some landings. 9.900

Waligora – BB – Alabama – bhs loso series, secure – side aerial, small check – split jump to tuck jump full, slightly under rotated, scoots feet around – 1.5, stuck. 9.925.

9.925 is the score. You are 9.925. I am 9.925. We are 9.925.

Watson – FX – Auburn – double arabian – holds the stick onto her toesssss, better legs than most double arabians – 1.5 to layout, a bit of soft knees – switch side to popa, a little underrotated – double tuck, little slide. 9.900

Hudson – BB – Alabama – aerial to bhs loso, nailed it – full turn, kind of a large wobble, leans – switch to beat, hit – side aerial – 1.5, stuck. 9.925

Lee – FX – Auburn – DLO, good, little bounce, much better than her first floor – switch ring to split leap full, everyone else should get deducted for those elements – 1.5 to front full, step, did it stay in bounds? A lot better on the passes than her first one. 9.925

39.700 in the AA for Lee.

Blanco – BB – Alabama – aerial, nice – full turn, smooth – bhs loso series, secure – swtich to switch 1/2, very small correction – 2/1 dismount, stuck. Good.


This is already Auburn’s 2nd-best meet ever.

Gobourne – FX – Auburn – open double tuck, controls landing – switch side to wolf full, great height, shows clear finish on wolf – front full to layout, pretty well controlled there – double pike, finds her landing. Very good.


Auburn’s like, never mind now we’re sad.

FINAL: Auburn 197.525, Alabama 197.125


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  1. Love, love, love hearing Ashley Miles. She needs a new partner, but she is FANTASTIC.

  2. Georgia posted the full diversity video with every athlete on their Instagram. SECN only played the middle. APL says “I am a proudly queer Cuban-American woman and i bring educational awareness to differences around me.”

  3. So I guess Florida’s score ends up being pseudo accurate in the end? If they got normal scoring on beam and bars and if they had hit a normal floor… shrug. What a weird meet. Again…

  4. Leah Clapper is so much fun to watch on beam. I’ve never seen anyone perform a beam routine like she does.

  5. Why oh why did Alyssa Baumann only score a 9.75 on floor?? That was one of her better ones. Am I missing something?

    1. Judges originally had SV at 9.9, after an inquiry (I’ve never seen one filled out and submitted so quickly before), her SV was raised to 10 and score raised to 9.85.

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