Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs — Week 4

Just bye

The rules committee added a “no OOB if so pretty lolz” exception

And the judges were like

USAG and FLO officially ended their partnership

Artur Dalaloyan posted a cryptic retirement poem but really just meant he’s chilling at home

Georgia made an equality video

And only peed in their pants a couple times on beam this week

Suni won the AA and no one cared at all

Penn State hosted the inaugural competition in artistic magwagstics

A broadcast turned sentient to become a judgmental CV queen

Lea Mitchell invented the back handspring to transverse layout stepout

And then there’s the Achilles situation

Meanwhile, you’d miss a connection too if you had to tumble inside this spinning vortex

It’s not a lack of control; it’s a mantis jump (A)

Yada yada yada, Florida led the country with 198.250

10s. Where are the 10s? Why is no one reeaaaaaaaddy?

And you SAID you wanted to see choreography down on the floor

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