Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs — Week 10

A proper lady finishes her full turn in side saddle

Sometimes it’s best just to stay down

Timed mat hurdling should be the regionals tiebreak

And you didn’t fall, you just finished early

Nice try, but no

The system has been hacked!

West Virginia meeting RTN in the alley...

Suni entered the traditional gold medalist post-acro series era

College salute 1/1 (C, or D in bonus combination)

And Lexy Ramler did two bars routines in the same rotation

Meanwhile, 42 teams are now out of contention

And 39 teams remain for 36 postseason spots

As UCLA heads into regionals selection like

There’s always room for conditioning

And if you can dance out of your acro on floor…

Anyway, I’m ready for trophy season