Who Will Qualify As Individuals?

From each of the four regionals, one all-arounder and one athlete on each event (who aren’t part of a qualifying team) will advance to nationals as individuals. Thursday’s scores will decide individual qualifiers—though we won’t actually know who they are until after Saturday when we know what teams made it. Tiebreaks are used, the first being to count all four judges’ scores, then if they’re still tied, we go to the head judge’s score, and then if they’re still tied, we go to NQS.

To help visualize who is in contention for these spots, I’ve broken the athletes into their regionals and listed the top 12 ranked athletes in each category at each regional. Those in italics are seeded to advance with a team, while those in bold are not seeded to advance with a team.

NC State Regional

1. Sierra BrooksMichiganEvening
2. Abby HeiskellMichiganEvening
3. Natalie WojcikMichiganEvening
4. Audrey BarberMarylandEvening
5. Sienna SchreiberMissouriAfternoon
6. Naomi MorrisonMichiganEvening
7. Jordan ChilesUCLAEvening
8. JerQuavia HendersonIowaAfternoon
9. Norah FlatleyUCLAEvening
10. Hannah JoynerRutgersEvening
11. Deja ChamblissGeorge WashingtonAfternoon
12. Emma MalabuyoUCLAEvening

While Jordan Chiles would be the smart-money pick here, it’s Audrey Barber who is highest ranked of the non-Michigan AAers.

1. Haleigh Bryant LSUAfternoon
2. Sierra BrooksMichiganEvening
3. Jocelyn MooreMissouriAfternoon
4. Naomi MorrisonMichiganEvening
5. Natalie WojcikMichiganEvening
6. Gabby WIlsonMichiganEvening
7. Abby HeiskellMichiganEvening
8. Chae CampbellUCLAEvening
9. Reyna GugginoMichiganEvening
10. Amari CelestineMissouriAfternoon
10. Kiya JohnsonLSUAfternoon
12. Deja ChamblissGeorge WashingtonAfternoon
12. KJ JohnsonLSUAfternoon

Jocelyn Moore has four straight 9.950s for her Y1.5.

1. Natalie WojcikMichigan Evening
2. Sami DuranteLSUAfternoon
3. Haleigh BryantLSUAfternoon
4. Jordan ChilesUCLAEvening
5. Norah FlatleyUCLAEvening
6. Abby HeiskellMichiganEvening
7. Sierra BrooksMichiganEvening
8. Gabby WilsonMichiganEvening
9. Alyona ShchennikovaLSUAfternoon
9. Abby BrennerMichiganEvening
11. Jacey VoreMichiganEvening
12. Aleka TsikniasMarylandEvening
12. Audrey BarberMarylandEvening
12. Katie ChamberlainPittEvening

Michigan and LSU dominate the bars standings, but Chiles and Flatley stand out as individual favorites. This could be Flatley’s chance, especially if Chiles makes it for AA.

1. Natalie WojcikMichigan Evening
2. Sienna SchreiberMissouriAfternoon
3. Kiya JohnsonLSUAfternoon
4. Emma MalabuyoUCLAEvening
4. Helen HuMissouriAfternoon
4. Haleigh BryantLSUAfternoon
7. Abby HeiskellMichiganEvening
7. Hannah JoynerRutgersEvening
7. Elizabeth CultonNorth CarolinaEvening
7. Adeline KenlinIowaAfternoon
11. Aleah FinneganLSUAfternoon
11. Christina DesiderioLSUAfternoon
12. Emily ShepardNC StateAfternoon

This is a deep beam regional, with most of the UCLA lineup and most of the Missouri lineup seeming realistic should they not get through as teams.

1. Gabby WilsonMichigan Evening
2. Sierra BrooksMichiganEvening
3. Lauren GuerinIowaAfternoon
4. JerQuavia HendersonIowaAfternoon
5. Naomi MorrisonMichiganEvening
6. Natalie WojcikMichiganEvening
7. Jordan ChilesUCLAEvening
7. Amari CelestineMissouriAfternoon
9. Belle HuangRutgersAfternoon
9. Abby HeiskellMichiganEvening
11. Audrey BarberMarylandEvening
11. Jocelyn MooreMissouriAfternoon

We could very well have a situation where Guerin, Henderson, Chiles, and Chae Campbell are all competing for one spot.

Auburn Regional

1. Suni Lee AuburnAfternoon
2. Raena WorleyKentuckyAfternoon
3. Megan SkaggsFloridaEvening
4. Leanne WongFloridaEvening
5. Cassie StevensAuburnAfternoon
6. Hannah DemersCentral MichiganEvening
7. Payton MurphyWestern MichiganAfternoon*
8. Rachel DeCavitchKent StateAfternoon
9. Sarah MoravanskyWestern MichiganEvening
10. Rylie MundellDenverEvening
11. Sloane BlakelyFloridaEvening
12. Dani PetrousekWestern MichiganEvening

*Unless Western Michigan advances as a team, then evening.

Raena Worley stands out here as a clear frontrunner to advance as an individual should Kentucky not go.

1. Trinity ThomasFlorida Evening
2. Nya ReedFloridaEvening
3. Makayla MaxwellIowa StateEvening
4. Drew WatsonAuburnAfternoon
4. Raena WorleyKentuckyAfternoon
6. Savannah SchoenherrFloridaEvening
7. Megan RobertsGeorgiaAfternoon
8. Arianna PattersonKentuckyAfternoon
8. Suni LeeAuburnAfternoon
8. Derrian GobourneAuburnAfternoon
11. Megan SkaggsFloridaEvening
12. Rylie MundellDenverEvening
12. Caitlin KhoSouthern UtahAfternoon

Makayla Maxwell has a 10.000 this year for Iowa State. Even if Iowa State does not advance out of the play-in, Maxwell will have a place to compete as an individual on Thursday.

1. Suni LeeAuburn Afternoon
2. Trinity ThomasFloridaEvening
3. Leanne WongFloridaEvening
4. Mara TitarsolejLIUEvening
5. Raena WorleyKentuckyAfternoon
6. Megan SkaggsFloridaEvening
6. Colby MillerOhio StateEvening
8. Shylen MurakamiSouthern UtahAfternoon
8. Derrian GobourneAuburnAfternoon
10. Cally NixonKentuckyAfternoon
11. Savannah SchoenherrFloridaEvening
11. Rylie MundellDenverEvening
11. Aria BruschAuburnAfternoon

LIU’s Mara Titarsolej ranks as the top bars worker here among those who aren’t favored with a team, and qualification would be a major accomplishment for 2nd-year LIU.

1. Suni LeeAuburnAfternoon
2. Trinity ThomasFloridaEvening
3. Sophia GrothAuburnAfternoon
4. Leanne WongFloridaEvening
5. Sloane BlakelyFloridaEvening
6. Raena WorleyKentuckyAfternoon
6. Megan SkaggsFloridaEvening
8. Hailey LuiNew HampshireEvening
8. Alyssa BaumannFloridaEvening
8. Leah ClapperFloridaEvening
11. Gabby McLaughlinAuburnAfternoon
11. Alyssa WorthingtonNew HampshireEvening

Auburn and Florida truly dominate the beam standings, so if they both go through as teams and then Worley goes through for AA, the beam qualifier from Auburn could be the most wide-open race of all.

1. Trinity ThomasFlorida Evening
2. Nya ReedFloridaEvening
3. Derrian GobourneAuburnAfternoon
4. Suni LeeAuburnAfternoon
4. Raena WorleyKentuckyAfternoon
6. Leanne WongFloridaEvening
8. Maddie DiabIowa StateEvening
9. Rachel BaumannGeorgiaAfternoon
10. Elexis EdwardsOhio StateEvening
11. Hailey DavisKentuckyAfternoon
11. Soraya HawthorneGeorgiaAfternoon

Maddie Diab is another Iowa State gymnast with a 10 this year. Baumann and Hawthorne probably represent Georgia’s best chance to get something to nationals.

Oklahoma Regional

1. Lexy RamlerMinnesotaAfternoon
2. Ona LoperMinnesotaAfternoon
3. Hannah ScharfArizona StateEvening
4. Audrey DavisOklahomaEvening
5. Andi LiCalAfternoon
6. Nevaeh DeSouzaCalAfternoon
7. Maya BordasCalAfternoon
8. Kennedy HambrickArkansasEvening
9. Angelica LabatIllinois StateEvening
10. Malia HargroveArizonaAfternoon*
11. Emily WhiteArizona StateEvening
12. Leah SmithArkansasEvening

*Unless Arizona advances as a team, then evening.

If Minnesota doesn’t go, then Ramler/Loper would be the clear pick, but if not, this one just looks like a gaggle of 39.4s and 39.5s where most of Cal’s team seems as likely as each other.

1. Jordan BowersOklahoma Evening
2. Ona LoperMinnesotaAfternoon
3. Katherine LevasseurOklahomaEvening
4. Mya HootenMinnesotaAfternoon
5. Alex TheodorouArizona StateEvening
6. Suki PfisterBall StateAfternoon
7. Nevaeh DeSouzaCalAfternoon
7. Allie SternOklahomaEvening
10. Angelica LabatIllinois StateEvening
10. Amanda ElswickArkansasEvening
10. Hannah ScharfArizona StateEvening
10. Danielle SieversOklahomaEvening

Theodorou stands as ASU’s best chance for an event qualifier, with a few individual qualifiers like Pfister and Labat in with a realistic shot.

1. Audrey DavisOklahomaEvening
2. Emily MuhlenhauptBoise State Afternoon
3. Andi LiCalAfternoon
3. Lexy RamlerMinnesotaAfternoon
5. Jordan BowersOklahomaEvening
6. Emily LopezBoise StateAfternoon
6. Karrie ThomasOklahomaEvening
8. Alexis StokesBoise StateAfternoon
9. Ragan SmithOklahomaEvening
10. Ona LoperMinnesotaAfternoon
11. Katherine LevasseurOklahomaEvening
11. Maya BordasCalAfternoon
11. Danielle SieversOklahomaEvening
11. Madelyn WilliamsCalAfternoon

The regionals of bars will see many of the top bars workers in the country miss nationals regardless of which teams advance. This is definitely Boise State’s best look at a qualifier, but beating an entire Minnesota or Cal lineup is an ask.

1. Ragan SmithOklahomaEvening
2. Lexy RamlerMinnesotaAfternoon
3. Carly WoodardOklahomaEvening
4. Katherine LevasseurOklahomaEvening
5. Amanda ElswickArkansasEvening
6. Audrey DavisOklahomaEvening
7. Hannah ScharfArizona StateEvening
7. Sirena LintonArizonaAfternoon*
9. Kennedy HambrickArkansasEvening
9. Milan ClausiCalAfternoon
9. Adriana PoppBoise StateAfternoon
12. Maya BordasCalAfternoon
12. Carley BaylesUtah StateAfternoon

*Unless Arizona advances as a team, then evening.

While this one may not be quite as wide open as beam in Auburn, it’s close…

1. Mya HootenMinnesotaAfternoon
2. Ragan Smith OklahomaEvening
3. Brie ClarkUtah StateAfternoon
4. Jordan BowersOklahomaEvening
5. Grace QuinnCalAfternoon
6. Ona LoperMinnesotaAfternoon
7. Halle RemlingerMinnesotaAfternoon
7. Lexy RamlerMinnesotaAfternoon
9. Andi LiCalAfternoon
9. Bella SalcedoPenn StateAfternoon
11. Carly WoodardOklahomaEvening
12. Kendra CombsKent StateEvening

Will Brie Clark do the Biles I to try to get that individual spot as Utah State’s best shot at a qualifier?

Washington Regional

1. Jade CareyOregon State Evening
2. Grace McCallumUtahEvening
3. Sadie Miner-Van TassellBYUAfternoon
4. Madi DagenOregon StateEvening
4. Skyla SchulteMichigan StateAfternoon
6. Mia TakekawaIllinoisEvening
7. Skylar Killough-WilhelmWashingtonAfternoon
7. Kyla BryantStanfordEvening
9. Jada MazurySan Jose StateEvening
10. Kyla KesslerUC DavisAfternoon
11. Lauren MacphersonSan Jose StateAfternoon*
12. Jaudai LopesSan Jose StateEvening
12. Gabrielle StephenMichigan StateAfternoon

*Unless SJSU advances as a team, then evening.

If Oregon State is eliminated as a team, it would be a huge surprise if Carey doesn’t go for AA.

1. Jade CareyOregon State Evening
2. Grace McCallumUtahEvening
2. Lucy StanhopeUtahEvening
4. Sadie Miner-Van TassellBYUAfternoon
4. Shallon OlsenAlabamaAfternoon
6. Jaedyn RuckerUtahEvening
6. Alexia BurchUtahEvening
8. Gabrielle StephenMichigan StateAfternoon
9. Geneva ThompsonWashingtonAfternoon
10. Cammy HallUtahEvening
11. Arayah SimonsIllinoisEvening
11. Kyla BryantStanfordEvening
11. Amara CunninghamWashingtonAfternoon

It’s quite possible that we could see a Yurchenko full advance as a vault specialist from this one if Miner-Van Tassell doesn’t get one of her top scores.

1. Jade CareyOregon State Evening
1. Grace McCallumUtahEvening
3. Luisa BlancoAlabamaAfternoon
4. Makarri DoggetteAlabamaAfternoon
5. Anyssa AlvaradoBYUAfternoon
6. Mia TakekawaIllinoisEvening
6. Sage ThompsonUtahEvening
8. Cristal IsaUtahEvening
9. Cam MachadoAlabamaAfternoon
10. Jada MazurySan Jose StateEvening
10. Delanie HarknessMichigan StateAfternoon
11. Amelie MorganUtahEvening
11. Skylar Killough-WilhelmWashingtonAfternoon
11. Maile O’KeefeUtahEvening

Alvarado has the slight edge here among on the non-Utah/Alabama/Carey ones, but I wouldn’t count out Michigan State’s lineup.

1. Maile O’KeefeUtahEvening
2. Cristal IsaUtahEvening
3. Luisa BlancoAlabamaAfternoon
4. Abby PaulsonUtahEvening
4. Jade CareyOregon State Evening
6. Mia TakekawaIllinoisEvening
6. Elease RollinsBYUAfternoon
8. Grace McCallumUtahEvening
9. Skylar Killough-WilhelmWashingtonAfternoon
10. Emma MilneSan Jose StateEvening
10. Gabrielle StephenMichigan StateAfternoon
10. Amelie MorganUtahEvening
10. Baleigh GarciaMichigan StateAfternoon

Mia Takekawa has a 10.000 this year, and though she’s technically as likely to go for bars as for beam (or both), beam is her main thing.

1. Jade CareyOregon State Evening
2. Sydney SoloskiUtahEvening
3. Lexi GraberAlabamaAfternoon
3. Grace McCallumUtahEvening
5. Kyla BryantStanfordEvening
5. Ashley HofelichMichigan StateAfternoon
5. Brittney VitkauskasBYUAfternoon
8. Maile O’KeefeUtahEvening
8. Lilly HudsonAlabamaAfternoon
8. Tara KofmehlNorthern IllinoisEvening
11. Sadie Miner-Van TassellBYUAfternoon
12. Anna KaziskaSEMOAfternoon
12. Skyla SchulteMichigan StateAfternoon
12. Delanie HarknessMichigan StateAfternoon
12. Megan Ray UC DavisEvening

Kyla Bryant had the misfortune of getting the same regional as Carey, which puts a damper on her AA qualification hopes, so floor looks like her best shot.

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  2. Can an individual qualify for multiple apparatuses? Let’s say Jordan Chiles earns the AA spot, can Norah get bars AND beam? Or just one?

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