Monday Live Blog – February 13, 2023

Monday, February 13SCORESSTREAM
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT
[25] Washington @ [22] StanfordLINKP12I
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[13] Ohio State @ [23] IllinoisLINKBTN

Time to settle in for another couple Monday meets. In today’s rankings, Stanford moved up a couple spots thanks to a season high at Metroplex and Washington moved up into the top 25 thanks to a season high at Arizona, while Ohio State moved up by not competing (a time-tested strategy).

Oh hey there Casey.

Rotation 1 – Washington/Stanford

Chrobok – VT – Stanford – yfull, solid height, somewhat close to the vault, some pike, chest forward, hop. 9.725

Moody – UB – Washington – good first hs – toe on to maloney to pak, small leg break – 1/2 turn on low – a bit of hip angle on final cast but mostly gets there – FTDT with a shuffle back. 9.800

Neault – VT – Stanford – ro full on back pike, solid one – hop back, chest down. 9.775

Russon – UB – Washington – shorter first hs – blind to jaeger, good extension into overshoot – probably dinged for her casts – pretty solid finish position on giant full, connects to stuck double tuck. 9.875

Widner – VT – Stanford – good distance on her yfull, larger bounce back, pretty nice form, slight pike at the end. 9.725

Oppegard – UB – Washington – blind change to jaeger, hit – short cast hs on high – slightly hip angle in bail – very short final cast hs – DLO, chest down, step forward. 9.700

Brunette – VT – Stanford – yfull that made Casey squeak a little bit – best full amplitude so far, but tried to find the stick which ended up chest down and a hop. 9.775

Brooks – UB – Washington – little arch on first cast hs – shaposh to clear hip to bail, some small leg breaks – a bit short on hs – giant full to double tuck, good stick. 9.825

Nguyen – VT – Stanford – extra mat in for her yfull, lands a little short, chest down, hop to the side.9.675

Tubbs – UB – Washington – toe on to maloney, some legs into bail, slightly crooked on catch – swinging out of handstands a bit quick – DLO, small hop back. 9.850

Roberts – VT – Stanford – Y1.5, nice position throughout, hop forward, some direction as well. 9.800 looks like with a 9.850/9.750 split.

SKW – UB – Washington – blind – good piked jaeger to overshoot – strong high bar hs – front giant 1/2 to double tuck, holds the stick with a lean forward. 9.825

After 1:
Washington 49.175
Stanford 48.800

That will be a season low on vault for Stanford. Fairly tight evaluation in the scope of things, especially the 9.750 judge for Roberts’ 1.5, but not many of them really found the landings, so those fulls aren’t going to make it into the 9.8s.

Pretty exhibition bars from Bowles that would have counted in this lineup.

Washington’s 49.175 on bars is one of their highest of the season, so they’ll definitely take it.

Rotation 2

Innes – VT – Washington – pretty good control on her yfull, small slide back, good direction, some pike, some chest forward.

Dean – UB – Stanford – joining in progress – good pak – finishes giant full to double tuck with step back. 9.875

Brooks – VT – Washington – Y1/2 – nearly sticks it, just a slide of heels together – good position. 9.850

Brunette – UB – Stanford – love the blimp’s eye view? – giant 1/2, pauses but does correct and goes the right way – deltcehv is hit, some form into overshoot – DLO, step back. 9.700

Davis – VT – Washington – Yfull, definitely out of the area lines – chest forward, little movement. 9.775

Neault – UB – Stanford – good first hs – maloney to pak, nice legs together position – 1/2 turn on low, good finish position – toe full to double tuck, slide back. 9.850

Navarro – VT – Washington – solid yfull – medium bounce back, some pike at the end. 9.800

Alexeeva – Ub – Stanford small arch in first hs – higgins to piked jaeger, excellent – very short on her next handstand – pak – short hs on high – giant full, solid finish position into double tuck, slide back. 9.800

SKW – VT – Washington – holds the stick well on her yfull, just some chest forward position. 9.875

Roberts – UB – Stanford – clean pak – good hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen, small leg break – giant full, a bit later into double tuck, lunge back. Still gets 9.875

Cunningham – VT – Washington – yfull good distance as always, hop back. 9.850

Widner – UB – Stanford – good first hs – tkatchev, nice toes – solid hs – giant full to bail, hits a good vertical – crisp final cast hs – DLO, slide back. 9.925.

Stanford takes advantage of a better bars rotation and looser scoring on that event to cut into Washington’s lead in the second rotation with a 49.325, but Washington also outperformed Stanford’s vault with better control on those yfulls for 49.150.

After 2:
Washington 98.325
Stanford 98.125

Rotation 3

Stanford has two 48s but also a 49.5 on beam so far this year, so this will be a telling rotation.

Dean – BB – Stanford – don’t think we saw the beginning of her routine – full turn, hit – side aerial to bhs, check – switch 1/2, solidly done into beat jump – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Good one. 9.800

Innes – FX – Washington – front 2/1, some crossover step – switch to wolf full wolf full, clear around – 1.5 to layout, some loss of knees in front lay – rudi, under control. 9.825

Onyshko – BB – Stanford – aerial, just does keep moving into bhs bhs, slow but didn’t stop – switch ring, connects to beat jump, good ring position, just some feet – full turn – gainer pike, stuck. 9.875

Roberts – FX – Washington – double tuck, bounce back – back 1.5 to front lay, solid position on layout – switch 1/2 to wolf full, hit – double pike, pretty deep and lunges back out of control with an extra hop. 9.800

Alexeeva – BB – Stanford – wolf double, hit – bhs loso, smoothly landed – switch 1/2 to beat jump, would say something about the split position but we’re in the ceiling again, so who can say – front gainer full off the end, step forward and still goes 9.925.

Nguyen – FX – Washington – double tuck, flexed feet, under control – front full to front pike, controls the step – switch to switch ring 1/2, nice back leg attention there – double pike, bounce back 9.825

Neault – BB – Stanford – bhs loso, secure, some knee in bhs – full turn – aerial, also secure – split to split ring jump with a check – 1.5 dismount, stuck. 9.900

SKW – FX – Washington – front 2/1, a bit deep with a step out – switch to ring 1/2, solidly done – back 1.5 to front lay, a little low but under control. 9.800

Roberts – BB – Stanford – wolf 1.5, hit – switch 1/2 with a wobble – bhs loso series and falls, big leg swing up, thought she might save it but comes off – resumes with secure side aerial – 1.5, little hop. 9.175

Navarro – FX – Washington – double tuck, large step back but does keep that front foot under control it appears – switch side to popa, overturns the switch side a bit – back 1.5 to lay, a little low but keeps good shape in layout – double pike, some leg separation, chest down, holds the landing. 9.850

Widner – BB – Stanford – switch to split, excellent back leg – bhs loso, solid – aerial, nice position, leg-up wobble before split jump – redoes it to get the combination, kind of keeps one arm moving this time – bhs gainer full, hop back.

Cunningham – FX – Washington – front tuck through to double tuck, good control, some chest position on landing – switch 1/2 to wolf full wolf full, around – double pike, solidly done. 9.900

That takes Washington up to 49.200 on floor, which is right on track for them this season, all of their last 6 floor rotations have been in the 49.2s.

They have Widner’s beam score in on 9.575. Stanford had a big number going there on beam but ended up counting that 9.575 to take it down to 49.075, which will increase Washington’s advantage.

After 3:
Washington 147.525
Stanford 147.200

Stanford’s season average on floor is about 5 tenths higher than Washington’s on beam, so Stanford may still favor its chances here.

Rotation 4

Brooks – BB – Washington – full turn, hit – kickover, small hitch in combination into bhs – switch to split jump, secure – aerial, moves through into beat jump – stag to gainer full, stuck. 9.850

Dean – FX – Stanford – double pike, chest a little down, controls the step – switch full, around – back 1.5 to front full, controlled step, some knee position – switch side to popa, a bit unclear whether we’re going for a straddle or a switch split sometimes from these angles. 9.900

Navarro – BB – Washington – bhs bhs loso, really nice save, really should have fallen, holds a one-foot landing – beat to switch 1/2, seemed like a tight position – 1.5 dismount, small slide back. 9.750

Brunette – FX – Stanford – front lay to rudi, good control, some leg separation in the air – split leap full to wolf full – double tuck, stuck, chest up, holds it. And here is also 9.900.

Bowles – BB – Washington – side aerial to bhs, hit with small correction – full turn, lovely – split to straight jump full, slightly finishes the full turn on the beam – beat, pause before side aerial in attempted combination – gainer front full, stuck. 9.750

Neault – FX – Stanford – double pike, good control, chest down – rudi, lands well, some leg position – switch to split ring full – back 1.5 to layout, hit – 9.850

Davis – BB – Washington – bhs bhs loso, secure landing – beat to straddle 3/4, large break and grabs the beam – full turn, hit – back 1.5 dismount, small step back.

Nguyen – FX – Stanford – DLO, good landing – switch side to popa, looked a little under on that popa – 2.5 to front pike-lay, slides forward. 9.875

Delay on Davis score. I agree with Casey that probably one judge saw the beam grab and the other did not.

9.500 for Davis.

SKW – BB – Washington – aerial to bhs, nice positions, smooth combination – full turn, hit – kickover to beat, right on – switch, wobble, does a beat jump split jump to have a dance combination, but one of the elements in to dance combo has to be a C – side aerial to 1.5, stuck.

Roberts – FX – Stanford – front lay to rudi, great height and form, small slide – double tuck, good stick, gets slightly deep – switch 1/2 to popa, nice amplitude on popa as well. Really strong one. 9.900. For me that was 9.9ier than the first two 9.9s.

Delay on Killough Wilhelm’s score. She won’t get credit for a dance CR 0.2 because she didn’t have a series with at least a C element. 9.575

Moody – BB – Washington – bhs loso loso, good height but a large break, leg up – switch to split is hit – full turn, good – hits 1.5 dismount. 9.850

Sander – FX – Stanford – 1.5 to front lay – switch side 1/2 is a useful skill for value to have in there – double tuck, in control, chest a little forward – sort of a switch side 1/4 to popa after that. She goes 9.850 to finish. 

Stanford goes 49.425 on floor to take the win, compared to Washington’s 48.775 on beam with two 9.5s.

Stanford 196.625
Washington 196.375

That’s Stanford’s 2nd highest score of the season, just behind Metroplex on Saturday, while that is Washington’s 4th best score of the season so far, so still helps a little bit.

Short break before Ohio State and Illinois.

We had a score change for Washington up to 196.375 as Kennedi Davis’s beam got bumped up to 9.650, which may mean they have decided it wasn’t a beam grab?

Rotation 1 – Ohio State/Illinois

Mueller – VT – Illinois – good distance on her yfull, medium hop back, small pike at the end. 9.800

Pritchard – UB – OSU – short first hs – toe on to gienger, good legs together, connects to overshoot, small leg break at the end – giant full, finishes with a solid vertical, some back position, connects to double tuck, slide back. 9.775

Takekawa – VT – Illinois – yfull, lands well short, almost an ankle cruncher – chest down, hop forward. 9.675

Harris – UB – OSU – good first hs – Ray, solid amplitude – toe on to bail, small leg separation – some hip angles – giant full to double tuck with a step-salute. 9.825

Waight – VT – Illinois – Y1/2, pretty large bounce forward, small pike in the air. 9.725

Edwards – UB – OSU – toe on to maloney, good height, connects to pak, some leg separation – 1/2 turn on low – giant full to double tuck, bounce back. 9.825

Fitzgibbon – VT – Illinois – yfull, large bounce back, looked a bit crunched on the table, some pike throughout. 9.725

Vetter – UB – OSU – giant full to high tkatchev, a bit close coming down to catch – bail, holds it in vertical, had some elbow and back position coming in – good final cast hs – FTDT, hop back. 9.775

Townes – VT – Illinois – Y1.5, gets a solid landing with a little hop forward – lots of elbows and shoulder angle on the block. 9.900

Riccardi – UB – OSU – toe on – tkatchev, good amplitude – pak is pretty – nice toes on 1/2 turn on low – stalder, smooth into double tuck, holds it. Nice one. 9.900

Nataraj – VT – Illinois – Y1.5 is an upgrade – good one, small hop to the side and then a little step salute – some shoulder angle, some knees in the air. 9.925.

Miller – UB – OSU – good first hs – toe on to maloney, legs togther into bail, small leg break on catch – a bit short on final cast hs – DLO, chest forward, step forward. 9.850

The Y1.5s from Townes and Nataraj save Illinois for a 49.075 on vault after a rough-ish start, making this Illinois’s 3rd-best vault rotation of the season.

Ohio State will have the lead after 1 with a 49.175 on bars, which ties a season low there. Not enough sticks to get too high there, and some trouble on handstand positions throughout the rotation.

Rotation 2

Score adjustment on Nataraj’s vault, which is now 9.875 instead of 9.925, which makes more sense for that landing control. So it’s 49.025 for Illinois on vault instead of 49.075

Vetter – VT – OSU – yfull, pretty solid yfull, slide back, a little pike. 9.825

Borden – UB – Illinois – jaeger to overshoot, a little crooked on jaeger – blind to rudi dismount, holds the stick with a stagger and little lean. 9.800

Malas – VT – OSU – yfull good height off the vault, large bounce back, some feet and pike. 9.750

Mueller – UB – Illinois – blind, a bit past into a hit jaeger – bail, some hip angle in handstand there – shorter final cast hs position – DLO, small hop back. 9.775

Riccardi – VT – OSU – yfull, medium bounce back, good direction, small pike, small shoulder angle. 9.800

Ewald – UB – Illinois – good first hs – blind to jaeger, slightly close with some elbows – good hs – pak, small leg break – 1/2 turn on low – good final cast hs position – FTDT, slide back. 9.800

Jennings – VT – OSU – nearly controlled the stick on her yfull, step back into salute – good height. 9.875

Mizuki – UB – Illinois – good first hs – blind to piked jaeger, crisp form  – bail, a bit short of vertical – giant full, nice position – double tuck, small movement back. 9.875

Harris – VT – OSU – Y1.5, just a little rise up onto the toes to control the landing, good one – little bit of legs in the air. 9.950

O’Donnell – UB – Illinois – good hs – blind to jaeger, good extension into overshoot, some pike – borderline final cast hs – giant full, a bit late into double tuck, step back. 9.825

Edwards – VT – OSU – Yfull, good height, good open, bounce back. 9.850

Takekawa – UB – Illinois – blind to piked jaeger, solid form – bail, legs together well – DLO, some piking down, chest forward and a bounce ahead. 9.875

Ohio State goes 49.300 on vault thanks to Harris to extend its lead over Illinois after two events, tying last week’s season high vault score.

Illinois goes 49.175 on bars with a couple 9.875s, which matches what Ohio State put up there, so really the difference in this one so far is superior amplitude and landing control from Ohio State on vault.

After 2:
Ohio State 98.475
Illinois 98.200

Rotation 3

Knight – BB – Illinois – candle mount, fine, a  little past vertical – switch to split leap, nice – side aerial to bhs, secure landing – beat to side somi, a couplge huge leg kicks and nearly saved it but came off – resumes with full turn – hits gainer full. 9.100

Gonzalez – FX – Ohio State – double pike, controls landing – front lay to front full, also pretty comfortable – switch side-ish to straddle jump – 1.5 to layout, gets lower in the layout amplitude. 9.775

Mizuki – BB – Illinois – full turn – bhs loso, secure landing – switch to straddle 1/4, got a little behind herself but saved with an arm wave – cat leap to side aerial, bend at the waist and turn to the side – split jump to another straddle 1/4 – gainer pike, stuck. A fight but a hit. 9.800 is high there.

Vetter – FX – Ohio State – double tuck, chest up, controls step back – split leap full to popa popa, gets them around – front lay to rudi, small leg separation, under control. Good. 9.850

Mueller – BB – Illinois – full turn, squeezes to avoid check – bhs loso, check, leg off the beam – switch to switch, back leg a bit low in second switch but not too much – beat to kickover, holds it – 1.5 dismount, stuck. 9.775

Harris – FX – OSU – double pike, good chest up, some knee tuck – switch side to popa, slightly over on switch side turn, nice popa – front 2/1 to stag jump, quick connection – front full to front lay, just a little steppy. 9.850

Townes – BB – Illinois – switch to straddle 1/4, secure – cat leap to kickover, small check – bhs loso, hit, small arm wave to cover lean, some bent knees – tuck 1.5 dismount, stuck with some direction. And it’s 9.925

Gagliardi – FX – OSU – front lay to rudi to double stag, got lower on the rudi put pulled out the combination – switch side to popa to…tucked straddle jump? Just choreography? – double pike, hit, chest down. 9.875

Nataraj – BB – Illinois – bhs loso, good amplitude, extended – switch to straddle 1/4, also solid – beat to aerial – full turn with a check – 1.5 dismount, hop. 9.800

Edwards – FX – OSU – double pike, love the open at the end, but she does come in a little forward – 1.5 to layout, good extended layout – switch side to popa, also good amplitude – double tuck, completed early, good control. 9.900

Takekawa – BB – Illinois – side aerial to bhs, wobble, turns to the side, brings it back – full turn, hit – switch to straddle 1/4 is hit well – bhs gainer full, step back. 9.725

Hodges – FX – OSU – double pike, nice amplitude, chest a little bit forward – split lepa full to popa to popa, shows good positions and completion there – rudi to high loso. 9.925

Illinois has to count the 9.725 from Takekawa after the opening fall so will go 49.025 on beam, which ties their 2nd-lowest beam of the season.

Ohio State finishes floor with 9.925 for Hodges, which brings them to 49.400 there, tying their 2nd-highest floor score of the season from last weekend. Ohio State will now open up a pretty commanding lead of more than a fall after 3 events.

After 3:
Ohio State 147.875
Illinois 147.225

Rotation 4

Pritchard – BB – OSU – I swear Dean just said “Assville, Ohio” – hitch kick to side aerial, secure – full turn, crisp – bhs loso, larger break, bend at the wait to horizontal – switch, shorter back leg, small pause before straddle 1/4 – 1.5 dismount, teeters to a step to the side. 9.675

Takekawa – FX – Illinois – punch rudi to split jump, good split position and shows control – double pike, large lunge, keeps front foot down – back 1.5, misses her punch into front lay, well short and sits it down. 9.200

Hankins – BB – OSU – full turn, good – bhs loso, was off line, did well to save it, big lean correction check – kickover, another arm wave check – switch to split jump 1/4, nice one – 2/1, bounce back. 9.625

Waight – FX – Illinois – double pike, controls it, a little chest forward – 1.5 to layout, good extended layout – wolf jump full to a split jump full as her combination, well short of split on the split full – double tuck, chest forward. 9.775

Harris – BB – OSU – switch to straddle 1/4, good position in the switch – full turn, hit – aerial to back tuck, held well, no correction despite chest forward – 2/1, stuck landing. Very good. 9.850

Ewald – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, ever so slightly under rotated but hit – rudi to loso, some leg separation in the rudi, lower chest in loso – switch side to popa – front full to front lay, under control. 9.875

Jennings – BB – OSU – full turn, nice – bhs, connects through to side aerial, it’s slow but I bet she’ll get it – split to straddle 1/2, leg up wobble – gainer full, long but lower, step back. 9.750

Nataraj – FX – Illinois – FTDT, well controlled, chest up, good – switch ring to switch 1/2 to wolf full, quick and around – front lay to front full, controls the step out. Very good. 9.925

Vetter – BB – OSU – full turn, good – bhs loso, good position, comfortable landing – side aerial, bend wobble at the hips, does well not to go to horizontal to keep it a .1 wobble instead of .2 – switch to straddle 1/4, solid  – 2/1 dismount, a little deep, holds it. 9.750

Mueller – FX – Illinois – double pike, huge bounce back, just does stay in bounds – front lay to front full, little slide forward – switch 1/2 to wolf full, clearly around – double tuck, more control there. 9.850

Hodges – BB – OSU – split jump to straddle 3/4, good rise in 2nd element – bhs loso, arm wave check – standing gainer loso is very strong – 1.5 dismount, solid. That will be enough to clinch the win. 9.925

Townes – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, good lift, small crossover step – back 1.5 to front full, a bit of knees, good control on the step out – shushunova – split leap full to popa, around clearly. 9.950.

That takes Illinois to 49.375

Ohio State 196.825
Illinois 196.600

A shaky beam rotation means this isn’t really the score Ohio State was looking for here in their quest for road scores that might match the big numbers they’re getting at home, but it is currently their road high, and they still have four more road meets after this.

A 196.600 means this is Illinois’s 2nd best score of the season, so a useful result there in the end. Illinois is mostly looking to drop some road 195s, and will have to wait until Big 5 to start doing that.