Week 6 Rankings & First NQS Update

While NQS won’t officially take effect in the rankings until next Monday, most teams have now completed enough meets to have a prospective NQS (explained), so let’s check in on how things look.

Teams are still ordered by their average here, but below that is their current six-score NQS slate.

Any scores in BOLD can no longer be dropped.

1. Oklahoma – 198.105

Oklahoma NQS
Road score 1198.425
Road score 2198.325
Road score 3198.125
Home/road score 1198.225
Home/road score 2197.925
Home/road score 3197.925

This 197.960 NQS currently ranks as the 11th best NQS in college gymnastics history, and it’s February 14, and Oklahoma has six whole meets remaining. Meaning: there’s every reason at this point to expect Oklahoma’s NQS record to fall again this year. That 197.6 looks ripe for dropping this weekend.

2. Florida – 197.838

Florida NQS
Road score 1197.875
Road score 2197.325
Road score 3
Home/road score 1198.350
Home/road score 2197.900
Home/road score 3197.825

Florida has not yet competed in enough road meets to have an NQS, which will be rectified with Friday’s ESPN2 visit to LSU. Florida has four road meets left on the schedule, so there’s still plenty of time, but there is some work to do on the road scores since that 197.325 will also need to be dropped to stay up among the very top teams.

3. Michigan – 197.792

Michigan NQS
Road score 1198.300
Road score 2197.400
Road score 3196.975
Home/road score 1198.125
Home/road score 2197.975
Home/road score 3197.975

Like Florida, Michigan will be pretty comfortable with four of these scores as of now, but will want to drop the road 197.4 and 196.9 since it’s basically 197.9-or-bust for the top 4 teams at this point. With three road meets remaining, Michigan will look for at least two of those to be giant numbers.

4. Utah – 197.679

Utah NQS
Road score 1197.750
Road score 2197.600
Road score 3197.275
Home/road score 1198.200
Home/road score 2197.975
Home/road score 3197.275

Utah currently sits behind Michigan in NQS land, Michigan with two 198s to Utah’s one. While Utah doesn’t have any of those 196 stragglers, 197.2 is the basically the new 196 (which is the new zero). A 198 road would be very useful at this point in trying to match what Michigan is putting together. How the lineups handle the Grace McCallum injury (still waiting for severity confirmation on that) in Monday’s next meet will be telling. Getting Lucy Stanhope back from her heel injury becomes more important now, especially for vault.

5. Auburn – 197.446

Auburn NQS
Road score 1197.700
Road score 2197.350
Road score 3197.200
Home/road score 1197.750
Home/road score 2197.500
Home/road score 3197.175

There is a somewhat large gap emerging at this point between the top 4 and the rest, Club 198 and Club Not. Auburn has a pretty nice setup for staying in the top 8, though, having not scored anything out of the 197s all season and basically just looking for a gradual improvement on those lowest numbers.

6. UCLA – 197.425

Road score 1197.850
Road score 2197.450
Road score 3197.275
Home/road score 1197.800
Home/road score 2197.275
Home/road score 3196.900

UCLA is keeping it very close to Auburn right now, with better road scores but weaker home scores through the first half of the season. That’s usually the setup you’d prefer because home scores can be replaced at any time, giving UCLA more opportunities to move up than a team that’s waiting for road meets.

7. Cal – 197.317

Road score 1197.525
Road score 2197.475
Road score 3197.375
Home/road score 1197.600
Home/road score 2197.525
Home/road score 3196.400

Cal is a little behind Auburn and UCLA right now, but with a secret weapon in the form of that 196.400 that can be dropped. That means Cal has more room to grow with a hit score than Auburn or UCLA would have (i.e. if all three scored 197.500 this weekend, Cal would move ahead of both of them). But Cal could eventually be handcuffed by not having that big 197.8 or two on the slate, so will also be looking for a truly gigantic score this weekend.

8. LSU – 197.200

Road score 1197.500
Road score 2197.250
Road score 3196.775
Home/road score 1197.700
Home/road score 2197.450
Home/road score 3197.150

Now that LSU has started to find the scores, things are beginning to look pretty competitive with the Auburn/UCLA/Cal group. It may take a little longer to match them because LSU cannot drop that 196.7 this weekend, competing at home against Florida. Though that provides its own possibilities for a hearty, top-of-the-line number that LSU would also need to stay in the coveted top 8 (seeded to make nationals).

9. Alabama – 197.196

Alabama NQS
Road score 1198.000
Road score 2197.375
Road score 3196.525
Home/road score 1197.850
Home/road score 2196.975
Home/road score 3196.450

After a slow start, Alabama has chalked up some big numbers in the last two meets that could make Alabama the prime spoiler for the top 8 if maintained. Alabama will still need at least three high scores from the remaining five meets, if not four, so there’s not much room for a backslide left.

10. Denver – 197.150

Denver NQS
Road score 1197.200
Road score 2196.725
Road score 3
Home/road score 1197.500
Home/road score 2197.425
Home/road score 3197.125

Denver still needs another road meet to get an NQS and will generally need to pump up those road numbers if getting into the top 8 is going to be a thing, since everyone in the 1-9 spots has at least a 197.5 road score. The good news for Denver is that four of the remaining five meets are on the road.

11. Kentucky – 197.083

Kentucky NQS
Road score 1197.275
Road score 2196.575
Road score 3196.575
Home/road score 1197.825
Home/road score 2197.125
Home/road score 3197.125

Kentucky is also among the teams with a little bit more urgency in the road score department because of those two early-season 196.5s, at least if a last-minute push toward the top 8 is going to be in the cards. But, those home 197s do provide more ranking security than the teams in the 13+ range have right now.

12. Oregon State – 196.961

Oregon State NQS
Road score 1197.300
Road score 2197.275
Road score 3196.850
Home/road score 1197.375
Home/road score 2197.275
Home/road score 3197.200

Oregon State basically can’t wait for NQS to start because NQS would have Oregon State ahead of both Alabama and Kentucky (and probably Denver) if it were in effect this week. It’s just a first-meet 195 that’s keeping Oregon State down in the average standings, but that has already been dropped for an NQS slate that’s basically just one more road score from being very solid.

13. Ohio State – 196.833

Ohio State NQS
Road score 1196.825
Road score 2196.350
Road score 3196.250
Home/road score 1197.575
Home/road score 2197.225
Home/road score 3196.775

We also have a pretty significant gap starting to emerge between the top 12 and the remaining teams, with Ohio State’s NQS a fair distance behind that of Kentucky. We’ve seen the record-setting home performances, and now Ohio State will be eager to replicate that at road meets. It nearly happened yesterday, but beam problems led to what was still a road high but also kind of a missed opportunity.

14. Arkansas – 196.738

Arkansas NQS
Road score 1197.125
Road score 2196.675
Road score 3196.225
Home/road score 1197.475
Home/road score 2197.400
Home/road score 3195.525

The other teams will need to watch out for Arkansas because there’s still a 195.5 score hanging around and counting. Another of those 197.4s, and Arkansas would be right up level with Kentucky’s NQS. Arkansas visits Kentucky on Friday, and Kentucky will be eager to show that they are not actually level. Arkansas’s 197.1 at Metroplex this weekend was a big deal because we hadn’t seen that at road meets yet.

15. Michigan State – 196.713

Michigan State NQS
Road score 1196.950
Road score 2196.550
Road score 3196.400
Home/road score 1197.450
Home/road score 2197.200
Home/road score 3195.725

Michigan State is in a very similar position to Arkansas at this point, with a straggling 195 from Saturday now on the slate that should be easily dropped in the future. Michigan State will be well-served by the NQS system this year because there have been several lower scores in the early season that don’t really reflect the team’s scoring potential and can soon be dropped.

16. Missouri – 196.663

Missouri NQS
Road score 1196.800
Road score 2196.625
Road score 3196.525
Home/road score 1196.975
Home/road score 2196.625
Home/road score 3196.425

While Michigan State should be well-served by NQS, Missouri’s season thus far is exactly the kind of season NQS is designed to punish. They’ve been consistently in the mid-196s, without any disastrous lows but without any huge highs to lean on either, and NQS is all about the highs. So while Missouri’s current 196.600 is better than Arkansas and Michigan State, those two teams still have low 195s to drop to allow them to zoom up, while Missouri does not. The 197s need to start coming soon if Missouri is to avoid being left behind.

17. Minnesota – 196.542

Minnesota NQS
Road score 1197.075
Road score 2196.875
Road score 3196.325
Home/road score 1196.675
Home/road score 2196.225
Home/road score 3196.075

Minnesota’s best performances so far this season have come at road meets, which will be important because with just one home meet remaining on the schedule, Minnesota needs to get some more big road numbers to have a shot at the top 16 (seeded at regionals), especially with several of the teams currently ranked below Minnesota by average, like Iowa and Georgia, having higher prospective NQSs.

18. Iowa – 196.533

Iowa NQS
Road score 1196.900
Road score 2196.575
Road score 3196.475
Home/road score 1196.875
Home/road score 2196.225
Home/road score 3196.150

Iowa is in a safe spot right now, and within sight of a spot in the top 16, but is probably going to need to break out for some program-recordy scores to get there in the end considering that all of the teams in the top 15 already have at least two 197s this season.

19. Georgia – 196.514

Georgia NQS
Road score 1196.925
Road score 2196.850
Road score 3196.425
Home/road score 1197.225
Home/road score 2196.125
Home/road score 3196.100

With a higher NQS than Minnesota and Iowa right now—and that home 197 along with a couple high 196 road scores—Georgia is probably establishing itself as the most compelling lurker at this point, the most likely threat to spoil the top 16.

20. Arizona State – 196.450

Arizona State NQS
Road score 1196.900
Road score 2196.800
Road score 3195.775
Home/road score 1196.800
Home/road score 2196.375
Home/road score 3196.050

Arizona State competes at home next Monday, but will go on the road the following weekend for a chance to get rid of that 195.775, which will provide a glowing opportunity to move up.

21. Southern Utah – 196.429

Southern Utah NQS
Road score 1197.125
Road score 2196.275
Road score 3196.175
Home/road score 1196.925
Home/road score 2196.600
Home/road score 3196.100

Southern Utah has a higher NQS than Arizona State right now, a 197 road from last weekend, and 6 meets remaining instead of the 5 that most teams have, so SUU has some real assets in its corner and will consider itself in the same general hunt as teams like Minnesota, Iowa, and Georgia.

22. Stanford – 196.314

Stanford NQS
Road score 1196.725
Road score 2196.225
Road score 3196.175
Home/road score 1196.625
Home/road score 2196.275
Home/road score 3196.100

Stanford has been consistently in the 196s all season, which is something we haven’t always been able to say about this team. Actually, ever. This is the first time in team history that Stanford has gone 196+ in all of its first seven meets. The season high of 196.725 is lower than that of any team ranked ahead of Stanford right now, so increasing the team’s peak scoring ability will be goal from here on out.

23. Illinois – 196.279

Illinois NQS
Road score 1196.575
Road score 2196.300
Road score 3195.775
Home/road score 1196.700
Home/road score 2196.600
Home/road score 3196.275

With a current NQS higher than Stanford’s and a score in the 195s that needs to be dropped, Illinois will still feel OK about the competitiveness of the scores thus far, even if we’re now getting to the portion of the rankings where there’s quite a lot of teams to pass between here and the top 16.

24. Maryland – 196.215

Maryland NQS
Road score 1196.875
Road score 2196.475
Road score 3195.875
Home/road score 1196.425
Home/road score 2195.425
Home/road score 3

There’s much still to be determined for Maryland, without enough scores for NQS, with two other 195s hanging around, but also a whopping EIGHT meets left. Basically, we don’t know anything yet.

25. Washington – 196.079

Washington NQS
Road score 1196.750
Road score 2196.550
Road score 3196.375
Home/road score 1196.350
Home/road score 2195.825
Home/road score 3195.475

Washington is a little bit farther back from the top 16 but, with a couple 195s still to drop, is probably the last in the group of teams that still looks in contention for a seeded regionals spot, at least without something truly wild happening. I’d imagine everyone in the top 25 right now should feel pretty safe for the regionals top 36 unless they really start imploding (Washington had a weak beam yesterday and still got a score that’s not bad for top-36 purposes).

26. Towson – 195.983

Towson NQS
Road score 1196.450
Road score 2196.025
Road score 3195.850
Home/road score 1196.375
Home/road score 2196.125
Home/road score 3195.075

27. Arizona – 195.983

Arizona NQS
Road score 1196.475
Road score 2195.700
Road score 3194.950
Home/road score 1196.800
Home/road score 2196.100
Home/road score 3195.875

28. NC State – 195.954

NC State NQS
Road score 1196.125
Road score 2195.525
Road score 3194.775
Home/road score 1196.650
Home/road score 2196.375
Home/road score 3196.275

29. North Carolina – 195.946

North Carolina NQS
Road score 1196.275
Road score 2195.975
Road score 3194.625
Home/road score 1196.325
Home/road score 2196.250
Home/road score 3196.225

30. Penn State – 195.893

Penn State NQS
Road score 1195.875
Road score 2195.525
Road score 3195.475
Home/road score 1196.550
Home/road score 2196.350
Home/road score 3196.000

Penn State is a team with a Road Score Red Flag right now. Three road meets left on the schedule and no road 196s yet.

31. Boise State – 195.690

Boise State NQS
Road score 1196.075
Road score 2195.300
Road score 3195.050
Home/road score 1196.325
Home/road score 2195.700
Home/road score 3

Boise State has one of the smallest schedules this year with only 10 total meets, so every meet is more urgent.

32. Ball State – 195.683

Ball State NQS
Road score 1196.550
Road score 2195.650
Road score 3195.450
Home/road score 1196.300
Home/road score 2196.050
Home/road score 3194.100

One more 196, and Ball State is going to start to look fairly safe. One of the safest of the not-safe teams so far given those 196s and that 194 that can go soon.

33. San Jose State – 195.670

San Jose State NQS
Road score 1196.300
Road score 2195.850
Road score 3195.250
Home/road score 1195.800
Home/road score 2195.150
Home/road score 3

34. Nebraska – 195.650

Nebraska NQS
Road score 1196.325
Road score 2196.150
Road score 3195.800
Home/road score 1195.325
Home/road score 2195.300
Home/road score 3195.000

35. BYU – 195.617

Road score 1196.650
Road score 2196.475
Road score 3195.175
Home/road score 1196.150
Home/road score 2195.475
Home/road score 3193.775

BYU is in a precarious position now but will look pretty safe once that 193 goes.

36. Kent State – 195.395

Kent State NQS
Road score 1195.925
Road score 2195.675
Road score 3195.025
Home/road score 1195.925
Home/road score 2194.475
Home/road score 3

37. Western Michigan – 195.367

Western Michigan NQS
Road score 1195.925
Road score 2195.525
Road score 3195.425
Home/road score 1196.600
Home/road score 2194.875
Home/road score 3193.850

38. Pitt – 195.346

Pitt NQS
Road score 1195.775
Road score 2195.275
Road score 3195.150
Home/road score 1196.550
Home/road score 2195.950
Home/road score 3195.075

Pitt’s NQS is happier than some of the other teams in this ranking zone because of those couple good home scores, but the road scores need to arrive if regionals is going to be a thing this year.

39. George Washington – 195.333

George Washington NQS
Road score 1195.550
Road score 2195.375
Road score 3195.350
Home/road score 1195.300
Home/road score 2195.250
Home/road score 3195.175

40. West Virginia – 195.329

West Virginia NQS
Road score 1195.575
Road score 2195.200
Road score 3194.925
Home/road score 1196.375
Home/road score 2195.100
Home/road score 3194.800

41. Rutgers – 195.203

Rutgers NQS
Road score 1195.150
Road score 2194.700
Road score 3194.675
Home/road score 1196.375
Home/road score 2196.325
Home/road score 3195.550

42. Iowa State – 195.125

Iowa State NQS
Road score 1195.875
Road score 2195.825
Road score 3195.300
Home/road score 1194.875
Home/road score 2194.800
Home/road score 3194.075

43. Central Michigan – 195.095

Central Michigan NQS
Road score 1195.600
Road score 2194.100
Road score 3
Home/road score 1196.250
Home/road score 2195.425
Home/road score 3194.100

43. UC Davis – 195.008

UC Davis NQS
Road score 1194.050
Road score 2193.950
Road score 3193.675
Home/road score 1196.750
Home/road score 2196.175
Home/road score 3195.450

44. Northern Illinois – 194.986

Northern Illinois NQS
Road score 1195.950
Road score 2195.075
Road score 3194.675
Home/road score 1195.500
Home/road score 2195.375
Home/road score 3194.725

45. Utah State – 194.825

Utah State NQS
Road score 1195.800
Road score 2195.675
Road score 3193.425
Home/road score 1195.900
Home/road score 2193.325
Home/road score 3

46. Penn – 194.421

Penn NQS
Road score 1195.250
Road score 2195.025
Road score 3194.900
Home/road score 1194.800
Home/road score 2193.525
Home/road score 3193.025

47. Illinois State – 194.391

Illinois State NQS
Road score 1195.850
Road score 2194.625
Road score 3194.350
Home/road score 1195.200
Home/road score 2194.275
Home/road score 3194.125

48. LIU – 194.310

Road score 1195.100
Road score 2195.025
Road score 3194.150
Home/road score 1194.400
Home/road score 2192.875
Home/road score 3

49. SEMO – 194.308

Road score 1195.350
Road score 2194.700
Road score 3191.775
Home/road score 1196.175
Home/road score 2194.500
Home/road score 3193.350

50. Temple – 194.265

Temple NQS
Road score 1195.300
Road score 2194.950
Road score 3194.225
Home/road score 1193.650
Home/road score 2193.200
Home/road score 3

51. New Hampshire – 193.979

New Hampshire NQS
Road score 1195.275
Road score 2192.875
Road score 3192.600
Home/road score 1195.900
Home/road score 2194.475
Home/road score 3192.750

52. Lindenwood – 193.954

Lindenwood NQS
Road score 1196.175
Road score 2194.525
Road score 3193.800
Home/road score 1195.425
Home/road score 2193.200
Home/road score 3193.125

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  1. Not sure if you have time for this, but it would be really interesting to see a post about the relative value individual gymnasts hold for their teams. For example, a gymnast at Oklahoma might be an underperformer compared to the team average, but the same gymnast at a lower-ranked team might be a key contributor or even superstar. The opposite could be true in which a superstar gymnast far exceeds their team’s average, and without them, the team would be much lower in ranking. It would be particularly interesting to see how a gymnast’s impact changes when they transfer to a new team.

    I’m not sure how or if that could take into account intangible value, like leadership, lead-off role, reliability, clutch performances under pressure, public/online presence, etc..

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