Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 6

This week…

So um in Florida

Someone gave this a perfect score

And two people gave this a perfect score

So we were like

And Trinity was like, “??????Uh….”

And the entire relevance of this as a sport was like

I mean who is even judging the meets?

But you know the real problem is that there’s too much complaining about scores

Elsewhere, Suni must only ever do interviews next to basketballies

And she asked him to do a floor leap for no deductions in college

We got the latest updates from Metroplex

And searched for footage of the first rotation of ASU @ UCLA

But it’s OK we received a very relevant replacement segment instead

Bev got canceled by ESPN

Haleigh Bryant better watch out for her spot in the lineup

We found the beam witch, but she’s immune to kicks

And it was another win for O-U-Radish-O


3 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 6”

  1. Sad you decided against shading Choi Clark and Anaya Smith getting the same vault score

  2. I absolutely loved Ohio State’s leo. It’s refreshing to see a unique design that incorporates a well-known university tradition. It’s a shame the only two college gym “news” sites/blogs both decided to hate on the design (BBS and CGN).

    In addition, we need to start looking at the positioning of judges. With the added landing mats sometimes making it hard to see small foot movements to coaches blocking their views on bar dismounts, the NCAA needs to ensure judges can clearly see the full routine. Maybe raising them up would provide a better line of sight.

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