Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 9

This week…

Tabby finished the assignment before you

Makarri said, that’s not my name

And we moved from 10 HANDS to 10…spellcasting?

Florida didn’t put up its best floor lineup against Oklahoma

But then Oklahoma lost to Michigan

Weather issues messed up the schedule

Cal tried to figure out who won in Baton Rouge

And there was something wrong with the ceiling in Georgia

A Regular Next to a Gymnerd: A 10 Story

Can you be judged on your teammate’s leap?

Splitting the beam AND falling: Double the fun?

Anna Roberts starred in The Invisible Chair

And the judges reviewed their scoresheets

Meanwhile, KJ can do a side somi with a hat on

Though I am worried about all the kidnapping

And we NEED to work on these cowboyed landings

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 9”

  1. The Leanne/Payton (I’m pretty sure that’s Payton) synchronized leap is EVERYTHING

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