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2020-2021 Freshman Playlists

Freshman playlists are now up for the big four conferences, with (probably, most likely, we’ll see) more to come. Because there might be a season?

Although clearly the real sport has become gymnasts publicly calling out the COVID-responsibility levels of other teams, and I am fully here for it. Why have we even been bothering with routines and skills until now? This new sport is so much better.

As always, I try to use YouTube links when possible to provide for full accessibility, but if they’re not available or too old to be relevant, I’ll go with Flo.

Some teams have not finalized their rosters yet, so those are listed as TBC and include the gymnasts who have previously announced commitments to join those schools this coming season—unless we’ve since heard official deferral news about them (e.g. Jordan Chiles, Ana Padurariu, etc.).

SEC Freshman Playlist

Big Ten Freshman Playlist

Pac-12 Freshman Playlist

Big 12 Freshman Playlist

Freshman Feature: Secret Weapons

For today’s freshman feature, I’m looking at the top JO athletes in this year’s incoming class that I haven’t yet previewed as part of a team’s overall freshman outlook.

Chloe Widner – Stanford

Widner is a Texas Dreams athlete who won the Senior F title at JO Nationals this year, which followed a 6th-place finish in 2018 and a 2nd-place finish in 2017. She’s joining Canadian elite Jade Chrobok in this incoming class for Stanford, one of the most exciting the team has brought in for years.


Helen Hu – Missouri

Hu finished her JO career with two consecutive 2nd-place AA finishes at JO Nationals in 2019 and 2018, winning the bars and beam titles on each occasion.


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Freshman Feature: Utah, Cal, Alabama


What Is This Class?

This year’s four freshmen comprise one of the best single classes Utah has pulled in for a while. In some ways, that makes it difficult to preview because it’s just sort of…”yeah, they could all do the all-around. The end.”

The name brand in the class is junior national champion Maile O’Keefe, who had a meteoric rise in the elite ranks to spend a couple years looking like a potential 2020 Olympian—but went from potential Olympian to mysterious wisp of smoke disappearing into the atmosphere almost overnight. O’Keefe did return to compete JO in 2019 with successful scores, so there shouldn’t be as much “is she still good?” mystery as there might have been otherwise.

O’Keefe’s former elite classmate Abby Paulson took a similar route, competing elite as a junior and young senior before stepping away and returning to L10 for the 2019 season. Paulson finished 7th at JO Nationals this year, with a 2nd-place result on floor, and should end up as one of those second-tier elites who is so sought after in NCAA because she has a bunch of skills from which to choose only the best ones—and yet is also still fully alive.

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Freshman Feature: UCLA & GeorgiA


What Is This Class?

Gymnasts deferring until after the Olympics have left UCLA with an unbalanced duo of classes entering for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. A gargantuan phalanx of stars will march in for 2021 (as we wait for the official announcement on that), leaving a somewhat sparse and less heralded group entering to compete in 2020.

That’s not to say they won’t be significant. The high-profile athlete in the bunch is former elite Kalyany Steele, who finished 13th AA at nationals in 2017 with pretty competitive difficulty across the four pieces that would serve her very well in coming up with NCAA routines. She hasn’t competed since that nationals in the summer of 2017, however, so she carries a bit of “where is she now?” along with her.

The remaining freshmen fall into the category of walk-on projects. They’re not big names or obvious lineup prospects, but there’s reason to think we’ll see at least routine options from each one. Emma Andres notched the best JO finish of her whole career in 2019 by reaching nationals and placing 25th AA. Plus, she has the leaps.

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Freshman Feature: LSU & Oregon State


What Is This Class?

There was a time when LSU’s new 2020 class looked like it would be a problem. The team was losing Finnegan and Priessman and Kelley and just flat-out didn’t have the routines coming in to replace that quality. And then they went to work.

I’m old enough to remember when Kiya Johnson was a Georgia verbal for the 2021 class. Yada, yada, yada, now she’s at LSU for this season and enters as easily one of the top five JO gymnasts in the national class. Johnson has won two consecutive JO national AA titles and projects as a weekly all-around contributor for LSU.

Also new to the class is Alyona Shchennikova, who switched over from Michigan to LSU this year and brings with her…you know, being Alyona Shchennikova. Her Achilles tear this summer is a big asterisk, though LSU is promising that we’re going to see Shchennikova on a couple events this season.

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Freshman Feature: Oklahoma & Denver


What Is This Class?

The headliner of Oklahoma’s incoming class is of course Ragan Smith, and I’m not going to spend a ton of time here breaking down “oh, well, she has this skill on this event” because it’s Ragan Smith. We know what she could do. Her contribution to Oklahoma and overall success in NCAA will be based entirely on how many pieces her back and legs are in on a daily basis (ideal: 1). If she’s at full health, she can give you four big events—and if she’s at medium health, she’s probably still giving you two excellent events—but it all depends on avoiding the broken-elite path.

Because let’s be honest, if everyone were confident in Smith’s health state, she’d probably be trying for 2020 right now. Heading to Oklahoma this year (a move I wholeheartedly endorse) reads as, “Yeah, I’m physically dust, and I can’t do more elite.” The hope is that starting at Oklahoma now, instead of after another year of hard grind in an Olympic attempt, will preserve her for a successful NCAA career.

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