Double Turn (Floor Exercise)



Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Double turn
Double spin

One of the silliest standalone composition choices in all of modern-day elite gymnastics, the double turn is still kicking somehow. It is valued at just B, and of all the B skills that could be used in a routine, it is among the riskiest because of the relative likelihood of falling out of it and incurring a significant deduction (or slightly shuffling and incurring a minor deduction) on a nothing element when there are so many other skills to choose from. More often, we’ll see it as the second skill in a turning combination, but even then it seems a single L turn would be safer.


Currently performed by
Lilia Akhaimova (RUS)
Farah Boufadene (ALG)
Nia Dennis (USA)
Lisa Ecker (AUT)
Claudia Fragapane (GBR)
Margzetta Frazier (USA)
Houry Gebeshian (ARM)
Hong Un Jong (PRK)
Daniele Hypolito (BRA)
Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska (POL)
Angelina Melnikova (RUS)
Brittany Rogers (CAN)
Pauline Schaefer (GER)
Anastasia Sidorova (GEO)
Eythora Thorsdottir (NED)
Toni-Ann Williams (JAM)
Lieke Wevers (NED)
Rose Woo (CAN)


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