Wolf Turn Double (Floor Exercise)



Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Wolf turn double
Double wolf turn
Hellish nonsense
Demon work

Currently the most loathed skill in all of gymnastics, the wolf turn is an inelegant, fragile, wobbly garbage fire even in the best of circumstances. And we all know it.

The double wolf turn on floor is a popular composition choice to flop around with your mushy leg and inexact finishing position (the wolf 2.175 turn is a world favorite), since it is valued at D just like the double L and double Y turns, though without nearly the same risk of falling out of the turn. The risk of falling is mitigated even further by the preposterous execution determination that putting your hand down or butt-spinning out of a wolf turn isn’t deducted to the same degree as a regular fall. BUT WHY?

All of this means that we’ll never stop seeing it ever. Until it is downgraded. I know what I’m asking Santa for in 2020.


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