Handspring 1/1 on, 1/1 off (Korbut)


Known as
Handspring 1/1 on, 1/1
Handspring 1/1 on, full off

Named after
Olga Korbut (SOV)

This is the least known of the eponymous Korbut skills, yet is also the only one that still exists as written in the code of points (the other Korbuts are either unofficial or banned). The full on with full off is a complicated little monster, partially accounting for its absence in modern gymnasts—along with its lowish value.

The complexity of this vault, however, bestowed it with a rare steadiness in value for most of the open-ended era. While most vaults have seen 3-4 changes in value since the open-ended code began, this one remained steady for many years until the universal 0.4 downgrade of 2022. That 0.4 downgrade means it continues to be undervalued, worth just 0.4 more than the version with no twisting, when the addition of a full twist to a vault would typically warrant a 0.8 increase since 1/2 twists are worth 0.4 each.

3.60 (2022-)
4.00 (2009-2021)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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