Jump or Switch (Dick) to Cross Split

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Jump to split
Switch to sit split

Named after
Marisa Dick (TTO) – switch version only

The jump to a sitting split in cross position requires quick a bit more risk and ouchie than does the version in side split, which is why it is valued at a nearly-usable C whereas the side split is just a filler element at A value. It’s exceptionally difficult to do this mount and make it look not-awkward, and therefore those who have elected to do it are few and far between.

In this case, jumping to a sit split and doing a change-leg (switch) jump into the sitting split are not differentiated as different elements in the code, with the switch version being a newer element named after Marisa Dick and teeheeheehee Dick. But more on that when it comes to her second eponymous skill.


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