How 10 Do You Feel?

Which vault should be a 10? Both? Neither?

Vanessa Zamarripa – 10.000

Tory Wilson – 9.975

7 thoughts on “How 10 Do You Feel?”

  1. I am a huge Utah fan but was disappointed that a judge threw a 10 for that vault. Tory has done better vaults this season and giving that one a 10 kind of cheapens it. Save the 10 for one where there's not obvious movement on the landing.

  2. I'd give Wilson a 10 over Zam. Zam's chest is low over and when I watched the meet (different angle than that video) her legs are kind of funky in the air… At that meet, Hong had a better vault than Zam.

    Anon… the only movement I saw on the landing for wilson was her going into relve

  3. What movement are you talking about from Wilson? She stuck that cold! I would give both vaults a 9.975 as they were both incredible, but maybe not quite perfect.

  4. In comparison, the judges got it backwards. Wilson's was the better of these two. There were landing issues for each, with Wilsons the lesser of the two. But you can't (as an individual jugde) give a 9.975, so maybe I understand reluctance to drop to 9.95 for Wilson. It was a great vault.

    I find it interesting that almost all of Zam's 10.0 vaults have come on the road — which tells me that she's the last vault of the night that the judges see and that by comparison they'd given a big score to a lesser vault and have no where else to go. Tens are not always about perfection, they are often about what came before…

  5. Of the two vaults Tory should get a 10 (if that's the question). After Tory earned her 10 the following week Greg Marsden said something to the effect of “For a gymnast to get a 10 2 things have to happen. It has to be an amazing routine and the judges have to allow it to get a 10.” Obviously the judges at the UCLA allowed a non-perfect vault to earn a 10. Had the same judges been at both meets the scoring might have been different but the judges allowed Vanessa to earn a 10. I saw Tory's vault live and it felt like an eternity from the time she hit the mat to the time she saluted but in real life it was quite short. Having a big name obviously helps your case and I think Vanessa brings in a pedigree on vault on often gets the benefit of the doubt (and not only on vault. 9.95 in last year's Super Six on beam, are you kidding me?!?) If you had to give a 10 to either vault it should go to Tory but maybe neither of them truly deserves to be called a perfect vault.

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