2014 Level 10 Nationals Results

Our Level 10s and future NCAA 9.875ers have concluded competition at their national championships, so it’s time to examine at who they are, what they’ve done, and where they’re going. If you’re not a JO follower (translation: if you’re not a parent of a JO gymnast, basically), the competition is broken down into 8 divisions (Junior A-D, Senior A-D) divided by age. For our NCAA purposes, the junior divisions aren’t immediately relevant because, even though some of them have already done fetus-verbals to college programs, they’re still a long way off and a lot can change.

Full results can be found here, (and associated college verbals and signings can, as always, be found at collegegymfans) but I’m paying attention to only the senior divisions right now with particular emphasis on Senior C and Senior D, the gymnasts we will see entering NCAA programs in just a couple months. Here’s what happened: 


Top 10 AA
1. Taylor Harrison – Ohio State 2014-2015
38.475 (VT – 2nd, UB – 2nd, BB – 2nd, FX – 10th)
Ohio State has been stuck in the 195s for a few seasons now, and with Shaffer, Miller, Aepli, and DeLuca all leaving, they are desperate for this kind of winning-senior-D-level gymnastics to remain somewhere in the vicinity of the top teams. They are in dire need of AAers, so seeing an incoming gymnast win with 9.6s and 9.7s in Level 10 in encouraging.

2. Danielle Breen – Nebraska 2014-2015
38.400 (VT – 3rd, UB – 4th, BB – 5th, FX – 5th)
Nebraska is one of the big winners at JO Nationals this year, with several new recruits emerging or confirming their statuses as potential impact gymnasts. Breen is less well-known, but finishing in the top 5 on every event helps. Don’t expect a post-Wong, post-Super Six slump for Nebraska in 2015. This is a goo-ood class that should continue bolstering the team’s depth.  

3. Kaitlynn Hedelund – North Carolina 2014-2015
38.200 (VT – 12th, UB – 10th, BB – 7th, FX – 10th)
This is Hedelund’s second straight year placing in the top 3 in her division, cracking the top 10 on beam both times. UNC also has Lindsey Lemke, a Geddert’s girl who placed well in the past, coming in next season, so at least there is some prior success coming in this year for a team that has been off the radar lately. Let’s see if it translates.

4. Maddy Stover – Utah 2014-2015
38.175 (VT – 18th, UB – 16th, BB – 1st, FX – 15th)
5. Tiffani Lewis  – Utah 2014-2015
38.125 (VT – 7th, UB – 10th, BB – 7th, FX – 20th)

Nebraska wasn’t the only team that had a good weekend. Utah should be toasting these results, with their incoming class recording solid AA placements. Look at those beam rankings. Utah still needs serious restocking on beam after consecutive years of the cracks emerging at the worst time, and they have the opportunity to wholly refresh that lineup for 2015. The interesting thing about Utah next year is that they’re losing four major contributors, but they’re not losing AAers (Damianova – 3 events, Lofgren – 2 events, Del Priore – 1 event, Hansen – 1 event), so the effect may not be felt as deeply as one would think.  

6. Zoey Schaefer – Washington 2014-2015
38.100 (VT – 29th, UB – 2nd, BB – 15th, FX – 1st)

7. Jordyn Penny – Ball State 2014-2015
38.000 (VT – 18th, UB – 4th, BB – 18th, FX – 12th)

8. Sydney Waltz – Kentucky 2014-2015
37.950 (VT – 18th, UB – 10th, BB – 14th, FX – 20th)

9. Kamerin Moore – Nebraska 2014-2015
37.875 (VT – 7th, UB – 1st, BB – 32nd, FX – 3rd)
Another of the much-anticipated Nebraska gymnasts, but she’s more well known because of her tenure as a junior elite and status as a Geddert’s gymnast. Moore would have placed right at the top with a hit beam routine, and it’s reasonable to expect big things from her. 

10. Alexis Mattern – Ohio State 2014-2015
37.850 (VT – 4th, UB – 37th, BB – 7th, FX – 20th)

Myia Hambrick – LSU 2014-2015
VT – 7th, UB – 10th, BB – 2nd
I expected a higher placement from Hambrick, but a floor error took her out of the top AA rankings. However, she is very strong on floor (she’s an LSU gymnast after all) and always seems to do well on beam – 2 years in a row placing 2nd there at nationals, which is the far more important quality for the Tigers right now.

Taylor Allexerrrr, Utah 2012-2013? (Is she planning to go to another program?)
VT – 1st, FX – 5th

Lauren Li – Penn State 2014-2015
VT – 7th, FX – 2nd

Lia Breeden – New Hampshire 2014-2015
BB – 5th, FX – 3rd

Amber Heltemes – Southern Utah 2014-2015
UB – 4th, FX – 5th

Lauren Rice – Sacramento State 2014-2015
BB – 4th

Nichole Guerrero – Alabama 2014-2015
VT – 4th

Corinne Rechenmacher – Kentucky 2014-2015
UB – 4th

Becca Schugel – Missouri 2014-2015
UB – 4th

Kiersten Sokolowski – Lindenwood 2014-2015
VT – 4th

Mary Jacobsen – Oregon State 2015-2016
UB – 4th

Gigi Marino – Georgia 2014-2015
FX – 5th

Alexis Brown – UC Davis 2014-2015
FX – 5th

Jill Van Mierlo – BYU 2014-2015
VT – 7th

Lianne Josbacher – Boise State 2014-2015
BB – 10th

Anya Olson – Brown 2014-2015
UB – 10th

Also, JaNay Honest competed in this session. I mention that just because at last word, she was set to walk on at UCLA, and she scored a solid 9.625 on vault for her yfull. Given the scoring gap UCLA has seen on vault lately (and losing Courtney doesn’t help), they’re in the market for vaulters.


Top 10 AA
1. Grace Williams – Nebraska 2014-2015
38.725 (VT – 7th, UB – 1st, BB – 3rd, FX – 2nd)
More from Nebraska? Given her years of strong placements in JO, Williams has a chance to be the best of the bunch for Nebraska’s incoming team. Note that Williams and Moore both won their division on bars, and that may be where the Huskers need the most infusion of scoring next year. They don’t have the Wongs and Giblins anymore.

2. Erin Macadaeg – LSU 2014-2015
38.700 (VT – 4th, UB – 17th, BB – 1st, FX – 1st)
We met Macadaeg and her clean gymnastics at P&G Championships last year, and it’s serving her well in JO. As mentioned with Hambrick, that beam placement is her most important virtue, especially considering how hard it will be for even excellent gymnasts to make those vault and floor lineups next year.

3. Kari Lee – Utah 2014-2015
38.475 (VT – 1st, UB – 2nd, BB – 5th, FX – 15th)
For a while we though Lee was going to Arizona, but she switched to Utah, which is a big get for the Utes. She has shown an important mixture of security and power on most of the events boasts an impressive yfull on vault. That vault lineup is going to be a thing.

4. Paige Zaziski – Arkansas 2014-2015
38.375 (VT – 1st, UB – 4th, BB – 10th, FX – 4th)
Arkansas will have to find a way to muddle through without Katherine Grable (as if anyone ever could), so I like those high vault and floor placements from Zaziski.

5. Joslyn Goings – Washington 2014-2015
38.200 (VT – 12th, UB – 13th, BB – 4th, FX – 17th)
Love to see two Washington gymnasts in the top 10 here. That team was so disappointingly depleted this season.

6. Ericha Fassbender – Florida 2014-2015
38.150 (VT – 4th, UB – 10th, BB – 16th, FX – 4th)
The hits just keep coming for Florida. She’s obviously a strong gymnast, but I do wonder where she fits in. It’s a similar wonder I had when Kiersten Wang joined the team, and to some extent Spice, Boyce, and SCP as well. Excellent gymnast, but does she make lineups? Kennedy Baker seems the most likely to fill some of those Macko/Alaina spots, and perhaps Grace McLaughlin in places as well. After that, it’s going to be a clawing fight of 9.850s to make the 6 on those events.

7. Brianna Brown – Michigan 2014-2015
38.050 (VT – 23rd, UB – 4th, BB – 10th, FX – 9th)
Michigan is losing almost a whole team worth of scores from 2014, so it’s hard to be too optimistic about the outlook for next year. Brown is going to be a major factor in restocking that team and will need to contribute all the routines all the time always.

8. Abigail Epperson – Maryland 2014-2015
38.000 (VT – 8th, UB – 4th, BB – 24th, FX – 4th)

8. Emily Liddle – Washington 2014-2015
38.000 (VT – 23rd, UB – 13th, BB – 6th, FX – 15th)

10. Jillian Winstanley – George Washington 2014-2015
37.900 (VT – 10th, UB – 24th, BB – 6th, FX – 31st)

Mackenzie Brannan – Alabama 2014-2015
VT – 1st, UB – 4th, FX – 2nd
For the second year in a row at JO Nationals, she wins the “would have won if not for a beam fall” award and should be one of the major freshmen in the country next year in spite of not making the top 10 here. She’s a likely contender for at least three events for Alabama in making up for the flurry of routines they must replace (11 of 24), especially some of those late Jacob/Milliner power event spots.

Rachel Stypinski – Kent State 2014-2015
UB – 4th, FX – 4th

Lauren Marinez – Michigan 2014-2015
BB – 2nd
(Placing 2nd on beam! You’re the anchor immediately.)

Angelina Giancroce – Georgia 2014-2015
FX – 4th

Hilary Green – Iowa State 2014-2015
UB – 4th

Madeleine Huber – Missouri 2015-2016
VT – 4th

Alex Zois – George Washington 2014-2015
BB – 6th

Shauna Miller – Missouri 2014-2015
VT – 8th

Haylee Young – Iowa State 2014-2015
FX – 9th

Rechelle Dennis – UCLA 2014-2015
FX – 9th

Morgan Lane 
UB – 9th

Stefani Catour – Oklahoma 2014-2015
FX – 9th

Katie Stuart – Kentucky 2015-2016
UB – 10th

Kayla McMullan – Lindenwood 2014-2015
VT – 10th

Heather Hannon – Ohio State 2014-2015
UB – 10th


Top 10 AA
1. Alicia Boren – Florida 2015-2016
38.700 (VT – 1st, UB – 25th, BB – 1st, FX – 1st)

2. Lizzie LeDuc – LSU 2015-2016
38.325 (VT – 7th, UB – 10th, BB – 7th, FX – 3rd)

3. Kirah Koshinski – West Virginia 2015-2016
38.225 (VT – 4th, UB – 23rd, BB – 3rd, FX – 7th)

3. Haylee Roe – Illinois 2015-2016
38.225 (VT – 7th, UB – 7th, BB – 12th, FX – 5th)

5. Abigail Ambrecht – Alabama 2015-2016
38.200 (VT – 4th, UB – 12th, BB – 15th, FX – 9th)

6. Shannon McNatt – Utah 2015-2016
38.125 (VT – 14th, UB – 21st, BB – 15th, FX – 1st)

7. Phoebe Pummarachai – UC Davis 2014-2015
38.050 (VT – 7th, UB – 19th, BB – 3rd, FX – 13th)

8. Alex McMurtry – Florida 2015-2016 (2014-2015)
38.025 (VT – 1st, UB – 44th, BB – 6th, FX – 7th)

9. Rachel Cutler – Minnesota 2015-2016
37.875 (VT – 28th, UB – 7th, BB – 18th, FX – 10th)

10. Brooke Kelly
37.850 (VT – 7th, UB – 1st, BB – 7th, FX – 39th)

We have another year before most of these gymnasts appear in NCAA so there’s plenty of time to address them, but Alicia Boren is becoming a JO queen. She wins every year. Florida is the big standout in this group with Boren and McMurtry (who isn’t so much with the bars but has been excellent on the other three events throughout her JO career), and if Florida is cornering the market on the top JOs now too . . .

Sabrina Garcia – Penn State 2015-2016
VT – 7th, UB – 2nd

Mackenzie Anderson – Arkansas 2015-2016
UB – 5th, FX – 10th

Kaitlin Green
BB – 2nd

Amanda Huang – Alabama 2015-2016
UB – 2nd

Sienne Crouse
UB – 2nd

Sarah Means – Boise State 2015-2016
VT – 3rd

Sarah Lippowitsch
BB – 3rd

Kristyn Hoffa – Washington 2015-2016
FX – 4th

Emma McLean – Michigan 2015-2016
FX – 5th

Jessica Ling – Michigan State 2015-2016
UB – 5th

Gracie Cherrey – Georgia 2015-2016
UB – 7th

Maria Ortiz – Iowa 2015-2016
VT – 7th

Delaney Cahill
BB – 7th

Selena Ung – Minnesota 2015-2016
BB – 7th

Jessica Jones
BB – 7th

Josalyn Ray – San Jose State 2015-2016
VT – 7th

Kennady Schneider
UB – 10th


Top 10 AA
1. Olivia Karas – Michigan 2015-2016
38.400 (VT – 1st, UB – 1st, BB – 10th, FX – 6th)

2. Sydney Snead – Georgia 2015-2016
38.225 (VT – 2nd, UB – 4th, BB – 10th, FX – 6th)

3. Lacy Dagen – Florida 2015-2016
38.150 (VT – 4th, UB – 18th, BB – 1st, FX – 13th)

4. Kasey Janowicz 
38.100 (VT – 9th, UB – 7th, BB – 15th, FX – 2nd)

5. Mackenzie Austin – North Carolina 2015-2016
37.800 (VT – 21st, UB – 9th, BB – 8th, FX – 13th)

5. Shani Remme
37.800 (VT – 26th, UB – 12th, BB – 7th, FX – 6th)

7. Makenna Merrell – Utah 2015-2016
37.775 (VT – 23rd, UB – 4th, BB – 4th, FX – 21st)

8. Brittany West – Pitt 2015-2016
37.725 (VT – 30th, UB – 20th, BB – 5th, FX – 6th)

9. Brittini Chappell – Arizona State 2015-2016
37.675 (VT – 21st, UB – 12th, BB – 15th, FX – 13th)

10. Meaghan Sievers
37.650 (VT – 5th, UB – 12th, BB – 34th, FX – 10th)

Several of the Senior A gymnasts haven’t made verbals yet, which is surprisingly nice to see. We do have a few top finishers here going to the usual suspect schools, and a few people who excelled on a couple events, like Lehrmann for Oklahoma who has done junior elite, and Kelley for LSU who we’ll obviously hear much about in the coming years. She didn’t have a great competition overall but still won floor.

Shynelle Agaran – Maryland 2015-2016
UB – 2nd, BB – 1st

Katelyn Lentz
UB – 4th, BB – 1st

Nicole Lehrmann – Oklahoma 2015-2016
UB – 3rd, FX – 10th

Mikailla Northern
VT – 7th, FX – 4th

Mikayla Waddell – Penn State 2016-2017
VT – 7th, BB – 4th

McKenna Kelley – LSU 2015-2016
FX – 1st

Ally Hoyer
FX – 2nd

Aya Mahgoub – Rutgers 2015-2016
VT – 3rd

Alexandra Hyland – Kentucky 2015-2016
FX – 4th

Morgan Wilson
VT – 5th

Sydney Converse – Iowa State 2015-2016
UB – 7th

Danielle Mulligan – New Hampshire 2015-2016
BB – 8th

Alyssa Sgro
UB – 9th

Cortni Baker – Towson 2015-2016
BB – 10th

Skyler Memmel – Western Michigan 2015-2016
BB – 10th

Riahanah Ali – Rutgers 2015-2016
VT – 10th

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  1. is alex mcmurtry coming to florida this year or next? i know she is slated for the 16 year but i have seen rumors that she is graduating early and coming to florida a year early

  2. Taylor Allex has a YouTube channel and posted her vault from nationals, it was a very well done 1.5Y. I asked what her future plans are for college so hopefully someone will respond. -Jacob

  3. I also saw her floor routine from this year and it is pretty hard (double Arabian, rudi, 2.5+front tuck). Which ever school she goes to will be lucky because she can score huge on vault and floor. -Jacob

  4. Taylor Allex is going to be a Sun Devil next year. Can you say awkward when competing against Utah?

  5. Why in the world is she going to ASU?! She could go to a much better school. Does anyone know why she left Utah? And what year she will be entering in? -Jacob

  6. I spoke with her and her mom at the airplane back from JO and they told me that she will be graduating early and will be joining Florida next season 🙂

  7. That's a good question, she looked good in pre-season at Utah and then suffered an injury and was only able to compete vault towards the end of the regular season. I think the injury was hard for her to deal with and it didn't really seem like her heart was in it. I think some time off did her good and hopefully ASU will be a good fit for her.

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