2015 NCAA Schedule

NCAA gymnastics. Like a pearl in a mud factory. That’s not an expression, but it should be.

It’s coming. Kind of not that soon, but it’s still coming. The excitement is starting to build. Bridget Sloan is so excited she’s doing double layouts about it. I agree, Bridget. I agree.  

And yet, there’s still so much waiting to do. We have over three whole months until the first meets begin (and a whole World Championship of Extreme Ankle Wrapping to get through first—beginning this week!), but we can start to smell it. The dust clouds are gathering. The schedules are being released.

We’re still waiting on a number of schools to get with the program. I’m not naming names (Big Ten), but you need to get those schedules out yesterday. Even so, enough schools have released their competition slates for 2015 for it to make sense to put together my annual season schedule. I’ll continue adding teams over the next month as the final schedules are released to us lowly plebs. 

The full composite schedule for D1 and D2 teams can be found at the tab above (for easy reference throughout the preseason and season). Or just use THIS LINK. I have capitalized that for no reason. It felt like the thing to do, but I didn’t mean to holler. I’m sorry.

All the usual disclaimers apply. Many teams have not released their schedules yet, and many of the days and times could change, especially as TV schedules are made and adjusted, particularly for the Pac-12 Network. (Do we know what the SEC Network plan is yet and how much coverage they are taking on?)

The current schedules released by the schools also feature all the usual contradictions in time zones (since apparently we don’t teach that at colleges) and meet participation (where six different teams think they’re all competing in the same quad meet), but we’ll get all that figured out as we go.

Once we get closer to the season, I’ll do a quick-reference, greatest hits version of the schedule to isolate the top meets, but for now, enjoy the behemoth.