National Semifinals Live Blog

Have you had your nervous breakdown yet today? Don’t worry. It’s coming. The semifinals will take place at 2:00 ET and 8:00 ET. 

Live stream – Semifinal 1
Live scores – Semifinal 1

Live stream – Semifinal 2
Live scores – Semifinal 2

Here’s a quick comparison of the regional championship scores for the teams in each semifinal, with the top three on each event highlighted.

Looks like we’ll just have the one main feed for the semifinals, which I’m fine with. Yes, we’ll miss some routines, but it’s better than having separate feeds for each apparatus like the men’s championship did. It was impossible to follow, especially because the live scores were pokey. (Really, when the live scores are down, meets should be halted until the scores are working again because otherwise it ceases to be a sporting event since no one knows what’s going on.)

Speaking of live scores, we have to deal with statbroadcast scores for championships, so I already have a hundred million complaints that you’ll be treated to throughout the day. The ONE THING you want when following an NCAA meet is to see all the scores for all the teams in a single view. I don’t want to have to click things.

In conclusion, everything everyone has ever done is wrong. Words to live by.

In the first rotation, Utah’s beam is going to be the big deal. All eyes on that performance because a miss, or even a 49.000, would open things up tremendously. Also in action will be Georgia, Michigan, and UCLA (vault, bars, and floor), all looking for something in the 49.400 area. That’s above the RQS for all of those teams on those events, but qualification in this session is going to require an above-normal kind of day. It’s probably most essential for Georgia. One of those bouncy opening vault rotations would take them right out.

Lineups are out thanks to lineup angel Elizabeth Grimsley.
Lineup notes: 
-Elizabeth Price is in the floor lineup. Repeat. Elizabeth Price is in the floor lineup. Stanford is bringing it. Also, Becky Wing is out on bars, replaced by Rice. Wing fell at regionals, but her routine is lovely. Rice is also a consistency worry on bars, so keep an eye on that. 

-UCLA has Cipra in for Honest on vault (good), and Hall in for Gerber on floor (…). But it’s also UCLA, so who even knows. It could all be an elaborate trap.

-Florida has Spicer in for Caquatto on vault. Probably a wash either way?

Everything else looks the same, including Georgia keeping Kiera Brown in the beam lineup. I applaud the risk.

Your event will begin soon. It better.
CLOSEUP OF THE BEAM. Is there anything anyone producing any kind of gymnastics video loves more than a closeup of the beam? Closeup of the beam before the competition starts (representing the calm before the storm…), closeup of a beam in a dark gym as the lights turn on (representing the hard work no one sees…). Always a closeup of the beam. It’s not gymnastics without it. 

Introductions over. Start getting freaked out now. Warmups time. Almost there. Seeing bits and pieces. Kari Lee wobbling on beam, Gigi Marino having a large step to the side on her 1.5. The usual.

Here we go.

Persinger – VT – Good control on the landing – small hop forward – some clear piking and not a lot of distance.

Stover – BB – switch to straddle 1/4 is fine – finishes with an out-of-frame gainer full –

Pinches – FX – short on her split position in there a bit – finishes a bit low on her double pike with a lunge forward. 

Artz – UB – good high piked jaeger to overshoot – camera angle is terrible bit final hs looked a little short, hop back on DLO.

Broussard – VT – Great height and maintains nice form throughout, but a hop back.

Hall – FX – We cut to floor to see Pua Hall standing OOB. I could have told you that before the routine started. Don’t get at all why she is in instead of Gerber. Split leap and straddle looked OK. Secure on double pike with low chest. Can’t afford OOBs at nationals. Pinches already had a 9.725. Oh, UCLA.

Utah already has a fall from Dabritz. Delaney to go now.

Delaney – BB – small check on series but fine – straddle was a little short, tuck jump full is fine – full turn – fine gainer loso – sticks gainer full – the save begins.

Brianna Brown’s DLO looked fine.

Jay – VT – STICKS 1.5. Very well done, just some legs, but good.

This commentator knows who no one is, also the live scores are terrible. Enjoy the complaining everyone. Also buffering.

Cipra has a small slide back on her double pike. But she also went OOB. Very poor start for UCLA on floor.

Lee – BB – Walks back out of her loso series but stays on – split and straddle look good – hits side aerial well – sticks double full. They’re getting through.

Francis – FX – solid landing on her final pass, but we’ve seen just bits and pieces and endings of these floor routines.

Casanova – UB – good full turn – nice legs together on piked gienger and overshoot – late on final full turn but sticks the double back. Michigan being exactly as solid as they need to be in this first rotation as UCLA throws it away.

Rowe – BB – Solid on loso series – comfortable kickover front – finishes 1.5. They just need to get through one more.

Peszek – FX – We see some of a double pike final pass that looked great.

Now to the individuals – Caitlin Brown from Iowa State on bars – hop back on double tuck dismount – good routine, leg separation on gienger.

Lothrop – BB – small check on switch side 1/2 – you can really see the leg issues on the loso series from this angle but she hit it – short on switch side, the usual – good full turn – switch and straddle 1/4 are fine – hop on 1.5. Looks like they got through it.

Second half of Bynum’s floor routine – front to double tuck looked fine. She also needs a 13.500 for this routine – solid second double tuck to end.

O’Connor – BB – secure loso series – comfortable full turn – switch to straddle 1/4, good extension on the straddle 1/4 – straddle jump to loso is also solid – a few form issues, but a very strong beam routine with no wobbles.

Horth  – FX – 1.5 to front tuck with a small slide to finish the routine and the rotation.

Replays now – Lindsay Mable with a beautiful full with a small hop – lovely in the air and excellent height.

UCLA goes sub-49 on floor. OUCH. Still cannot get my head around Hall coming in unless there was an issue for Gerber. Hall has difficulty, but of course she was going to go OOB. Gerber is much, much cleaner. That’s big news for Michigan.

Also, I think the commentator just said Jordyn Wieners, or something. It wasn’t right, whatever was said.

Not that we know who’s winning, but the second rotation is about to start. If it even matters.

Cobbling together from twitter, Michigan at 49.225, utah 49.175, Georgia 49.100, UCLA 48.950. Not great for anyone, because of both the performances and some tighter scoring. Michigan will feel great about a lead right now.

Boyce – FX – Opening front double full was the usual – solid on the 1.5  to front pike – leaps look good – some piking on the rudi but good control. Solid opening hit.

Cipra – VT – Very short – lots of piking and a hop forward. UCLA has a case of the yucks today so far.

Sugiyama – BB -large break on the loso series – hesitation into the switch side but gets it – tentative on full turn but no break – solid pike jump to back tuck – 2.5 with hop back to the center. Endured.

Vaculik – UB – WAIT – you cut to Vaculik bars POST Gienger? What is this life? Lovely bail – finishes with the usual straddled DLO but stuck. Good work of what we saw.

Baker – FX – Great piked double arabian in the air (because obviously) slide forward on landing – excellent double pike – nice switch – 1.5 to half to huge straddle – great routine.

Just saw a score fo 9.725 for Bynum on vault. Oh UCLA. Bye now.

Peszek – VT – Small hop back for Peszek on her full. The usual vault. The only Bruin who showed up today.

Price – UB – Yes, let’s watch her stand around for six years instead of any other routine – great form throughout on shaposh – church and bail – some leg separation on the DLO and a small hop but should be a big score. At least maybe Stanford arrived today.

Brown – BB – small check on aerial – hunches on her double full dismount but solid.

Horth with a slight case of the UCLAs on vault – slightly short with a hop. Jordyn Wieber doing some PISSED walking near the podium. I would be too.

JUST a 9.675 for Sloan on floor. AA is wide open.

Hunter – FX -The usual DLO – just does manage to keep that front foot planted and not take a slide – 1.5 to layout to pike is perfect – switch side and popa and hit – excellent open double back, should be a tremendous score.

49.575 for Stanford on bars. STANFORD.
UCLA goes 49.000 on vault. Already excited for the Miss Val interview. Michigan looks to be getting through beam so far with Chiarelli still to go, but Stanford is putting the pressure on.

Chiarelli – solid loso series – good straddle 1/2 – hits side aerial – hits full turn – finishes double back – Michigan is right in this thing. Big 9.900 for Chiarelli. 98.475 for Michigan, which is a bit lower than they would have wanted, but based on how things are going so far, should be OK for now.

Bridgey on floor to end – slide back on double pike.

Brown – ISU – BB – hits her one-armed bhs to loso with just the smallest check – short on split on the split jump full – front aerial to front full dismount is strong.

“Tori Ann” Williams bounces quite a bit out of her DLO and probably won’t make floor finals for that. Ugh, it begins.

Florida goes 49.375 on floor, which is enough so far the way things look.

After 2 rotations: 
Michigan 98.475, UCLA 1.200 (97.950, in case you actually need it because the scores are horrifying)
Stanford 49.575, Florida 49.375, Utah 49.175, Georgia 49.100

Huge start for Stanford, Florida and Michigan will take their scores right now. Georgia needs to come up big on bars now, which they can. Same for Utah on floor. They will both be looking to pass Michigan’s pace to consider this a useful rotation.

Rotation 3:

Spicer – VT – A slight case of the UCLAs. Comes in short with a bounce forward.

Wing – BB – already won the hair competition – solid aerial and clean on the loso – good turn – good switch – sticks gainer full – Stanford keeps it going.

Baker – Excellent full – huge height – does hop back – still not winning the stick competition –

Jay goes 9.850 on bars.

Lewis – FX – a little erratic on her leap series combination landings but the positions look good – solid double pike landing – crazy legs on her front layout to full – slide back on double tuck. Not bad.

Schick – UB – Falls on her piked jaeger, so that’s not ideal. We’ll watch Kytra Hunter prepare to vault instead. They were like “You fell? BYE NOW.”

Hunter – VT – large lunge forward on her 1.5. That shouldn’t get back to vault finals.

Rice – BB – straddle to sheep – small check on sheep – good full turn – a little low on kickover front but no wobble – solid loso series – hops legs together on gainer full –

Brown – UB – Big usual tkatchev, clean on the pak – good final hs – hop back on tuck full dismount.

Williams – VT – Get this EF, please! small hop back on her full, and not much control on the salute. Great power but slightly uh oh.

Lothrop – FX – a little low on the tuck full with a lunge back – clean 1.5 to layout with a little arch in the layout – low on the double tuck landing as well with a slide back.

Rogers – UB – all the stalders – and Ricna – looking extremely clean – slicks DLO. Nailed that routine. Georgia got through and did what they could on bars it appears, didn’t get hit too badly for the brown dismount either with a usable 9.850. 9.950 for Rogers.

Vaculik – BB – slightly off line on her rulfova but holds on and pulls it back – hits loso series – check on full turn (girl!) – hop back on 2/1. Good routine – a couple errors – usable score. Stanford is super in this, but will still have to get through floor.

Mable – UB – small leg break om gienger – this is her leat amazing event, but still good – snother small leg break on pak – hesitation in a handstand and hop on tuck full. Should still be fine, but not huge.

Tutka – FX – I can never not call her Becky Tootka after that one commentator did that one time. solid enough landing on tuck full – step back and to the side – CRAZY form on her front layout into her middle pass (it was like tucked and straddled at the same time, and I want to send it to a shelter), but she did complete the pass this time. Good straddle and wolf – strong double back. 9.875. With that layout?

My sun and stars Kato – UB – does have a leg break on her pak, but handstands and releases look excellent, bends a bit to hang onto her DLO stick, but it’s going to be tough to make it back to finals with that after Stanford and Rogers. 

O’Connor on FX – stars with a very strong double back landing and is quite solid on the double pike as well – so she’ll definitely score 16 tenths below all the Florida rotuines – some foot form in her split leaps – hits rudi. Another piece of good work. She brought it today.

Waltz – BB – check on her three series – adn a few wobbles creeping in throughout –

Stanford 98.875, Florida 98.750, Utah 98.525, Michigan 98.475, Georgia 98.450, UCLA 97.950
-Stanford and Florida followed instructions by breaking 98.700 for their first two events, but regardless, we have a good fight going on for these spots. Stanford still has to get through floor, while Michigan gets to get through floor. Utah still has vault on which to make a big move, and Georgia will try to survive the last two events. UCLA and I are going to need to have a little chat after this meet.

People looking good for EF right now are Sloan and Jay on vault with 9.925, Rogers and Price on bars with 9.950 (and hopefully Shapiro and Hong with 9.925), and Hunte ron floor with 9.950. No one really safe on beam yet.

Lotrhop – VT – One of her stronger vaults actually – does have a leg break in the air and a hop back, and not the distance of the others.

Reynolds – BB – Rotation of truth for Georgia -check on kickover front – strong loso series, solid and well-executed – hits switch side – secure side somi – small hop on 2/1. As well as could be hoped for her.

Partyka – VT – Just great – sticks her full – good leg form – should be a big score.

Meraz – UB – Crooked on her bail – that DLO – bends to hang onto the stick –

That thing where your internet dies during the national semifinal. Good thing I didn’t have to see Brittany Rogers fall.

Chiarelli – FX – solid on the tuck full – 1.5 to a slightly ragged layout this time – switch side and popa are good – small slide on double pike, still a useful hit.

Utah went 49.450 on vault, which is close enough to what they were looking for.

Box – BB -secure on loso series – check after her switch split – leg-up wobble on her aerial as well – not one of her good ones, this – and when they really needed a good one – gets in her leap series with a switch again to straddle 3/4 – solid 1.5 landing.

Artz – FX – lands quite short on her double pike with a large lunge, but they already have five pretty usable scores, so they’re still in this thing. Still a 9.850. OK. Sure. Fine.

“If you want to follow along with the live stats, you can find them on” Sort of.

Brown – BB – THIS ROUTINE. Please get this. Good full turn – such a long pause before her series, but she hit it – switch to straddle 1/4 – hits her side aerial as well – gainer pike. SHE HIT BEAM YOU GUYS.

No Peng-Peng in bars final. UCLA goes 49.250 on bars, which is like a 50 compared to the rest of the day.

Mable – BB – NOOOO big wobble on her acro series – slight check on aerial – good switch into her straddle 3/4 – pretty full turn – step to the side on full dismount. Sadness.

Georgia falls well behind Michigan now Michigan at 147.850, Georgia at 147.350, UCLA at 147.200. UCLA trying to fight not to finish last now. And fight to get some people to beam final. Utah pulls away after vault with a 147.975. Two events left for Florida and Stanford sill.

Michigan has to put up the early standard. I originally wrote “Michigan has to put up the early Stanford,” which basically sums up what I wanted to say anyway. Those Michigan vault landings have been an issue, so look out. Stanford has to bring those floor landings as well. Everything must be perfectly controlled.

Parker – VT – Near stick on her full – leans forward to hold onto it – but that’s the kind of landing I was talking about – some of her better control.

Shapiro doing some front layouts and demonstrating how to do front layouts, even if it’s just a layouts pass. Splits and dance elements look great. “So much intelligence on this squad” … and another Stanford cliches. does well to control her double pike and keep it an. Good showing.

Jam-Buddhist – UB – solid shaposh – crooked vody into the bail but keeps the legs togehter – straddle on the DLO and a step back. OK.

Gerber – BB – tight on full turn with a check – nice aerial – clean loso series – strong switch and split – wobble on side somi (chest very far forward) but keeps it together – solid 1.5 dismount. Good routine. I’M SO GLAD SHE DIDN’T DO FLOOR.

Chiarelli – VT – There’s your stick. One of her best vaults. Great full. Just a 9.875. Um…OK?

Caquatto – UB – good first hs – strong Ray – hits the bail, well composed on the cast hs – small hop back on DLO –

Spector – double arabian – OK, let’s just bring out all the difficulty for championships – good switch side, a little crooked on popa – front layout to front full with a stumble, just stays in – OK double tuck

Brown of ISU bounces back on her full.

Francis – BB – If she doesn’t make beam finals, I will burn Fort Worth Texas to the ground. wobble on y spin (GIRL!) – PERFECTLY nails her dismount though.

Hanset – FX – bounces a bit on her double pike to finish.
Toni Ann on bars – good shaposh – clean legs on the bail as well – arches a bit on final handstand – hop back on tuck full.

Peng – BB – Everything is automatically magical – great switch and split – perfect on her layout 2ft. Check on her front tuck – solid double turn – sticks double full. 

Price – FX – finishes with a double pike with a small slide – wish we could have seen the whole thing.

Peszek – BB -Excellent aerial to back tuck. If Sam gets a 9.900 or better, she knocks Peng out of beam final. WHAT IS THIS WORLD TWISTED? Sticks her full. Great routine. I need her in finals because I can’t deal with that being my last Sam Peszek routine.

Rice – Saw one second of her routine – slide on double pike.

Horth on beam now – deliberate style – nice on the loso series – switch and straddle 1/4 – fine aerial – sticks gainer full.

For the two teams who have finished right now, we have Michigan at 197.025 and UCLA at 196.400. UCLA gave this thing up pretty much from the first routine. Stanford just basically needs to land vaults to go ahead of Michigan (anything 49 will do), same with Utah on bars, just a 49.075 to pass Michigan, and Florida just needs to hit beam as well. If Florida, Utah, and Stanford do anything remotely near their normal level, they will be the three. Florida still has to hit beam, though.

Sucks for Michigan because I think those vault scores were HARSH, especially for Chiarelli. If this ends up being really close, and I’m Michigan, I would be pissed.

Hanset – VT – fine on her hs front pike half – not her best landing with the hop back – and she’s already usually working from a score disadvantage. Just a 9.750.

Boyce – BB – step on gainer full dismount. 9.625. RUH ROH.

Lewis – UB – Nice full – tkatchev is fine – hits bail – final hs perhaps short? – legs apart on DLO with a hop in place. Usable.

Rice – VT – VERY short – large lunge forward. Lots of those happening today.

Persinger – FX – Double pike looks fine – staggered landing on rudi but secure. I’ll miss this one.

N McNair – VT – Better – not much distance but just a smaller hop forward.

Fassbender – BB – check on her aerial to bhs – fine full turn – sheep jump is OK, usual NCAA – small hop on layout full. OK routine, but I wasn’t happy with the connection on the aerial to bhs at all.

Stanford getting terrible vault scores. SECRET WEAPON IVANA HONG. 

Hong – VT – Pretty full – small hop back and not a ton of distance, but lovely.

Lothrop – UB – Fine jaeger – hitting hs – solid on the bail – hop back on DLO. Areas to take, but just the regular work they needed.

STANFORD just goes ahead of Michigan with the vault from Hong. The 9.950 from Price was huge.Utah is getting what they needed on bars as well. Down to Florida.

Babalis – FX – solid double back – quite low on her middle pass with an awkward step – bounce on double pike.

McMurtry – BB -solid ont he punch front – hits her loso series – switch is it – hops back on her 2.5 landing but got through it.

Box – FX – good double pike – solid 1.5 to layout as well – switch side is a little crooked but NBD, popa is fine – secure double tuck.

O’Connor finishes on bars – she has had a strong day – small step on DLO.
Hunter – BB – not that we saw the crucial routine to decide the meet, but she got it. Nice double back to end.

Utah, Florida, Stanford. 

Jay – FX – one of the better landings on the full out – still low but controlled step back – nice 1.5 to layout – bounce way back out of her double pike, just stays in. Well, that typifies the day.

Williams – BB – Her last routine of the day – hits her loso series – step forward on 1.5.

Mable – FX – lands squatty on her double pike – why – but lovely attitude turn and amazing straddles –  rudi to straddle to front tuck is great – finishes excellently, just the landing on the double pike.

So there we have it. Utah, Florida, and Stanford. I was about to say “not to pat myself on the back,” but that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. Before the season started, my Super Six picks in the preseason rankings were Florida, Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama, Utah, and Stanford. So we’ll see if it happens. 

Gutted for Michigan. Great day, just not enough. Didn’t see enough routines to really make a declaration about fairness, but some of those vault scores…at the same time, Artz did get a 9.850 on floor for a not-so-much landing, so perhaps it ends evenly. Dying of joy for Stanford. And we still have another semifinal!

Hunter and Peszek at 39.600 in the AA. Shouldn’t hold up in the evening session, and Courville probably becomes the favorite now, with Jordan, Atkinson, Beers, Clark, and DeZiel being invited into the competition now that none of the early session competitors made a huge mark.

Event Final qualifiers:
VAULT – Price (Stanford), Lee (Utah), Sloan (Florida), Jay (Georgia)
BARS – Dabritz (Utah), Sloan (Florida), Rogers (Georgia), Price (Stanford) — no Hong or Shapiro, the worst
BEAM – Peszek (UCLA), McMurtry (Florida), Hunter (Florida), Artz (Michigan), Chiarelli (Michigan), Hong (Stanford)
FLOOR – Hunter (Florida), Chiarelli (Michigan), Dabritz (Utah), Baker (Florida), Caquatto (Florida), Box (Georgia), Sugiyama (Michigan), Rice (Stanford), Peszek (UCLA), Lee (Utah)

OH GOD THAT FLOOR FINAL. I’m already dead about it. Also, not all those beam 9.900s were created equal.

Oklahoma, LSU, and Alabama are looking at that first semifinal and thinking, “We GOTS this.” No one was all that amazing through four whole events.



How has it been three hours since the last semifinal ended? It has been 11 seconds. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to have been more productive during the break and less constantly-thinking-about-Ivana-Hong. Oh well, it happens.

Second semifinal on the way soon now. Let’s all root for it to be not boring.

Starting to get some lineups. Jennie Laeng is back for Nebraska on three events. LSU is switching things up a little as well. No Hambrick on beam. Ewing back in on three events. Charity Jones is vaulting for Oklahoma instead of Lovan.

While we wait, point of consideration. If Stanford had not been able to bring back Price on floor and Hong on vault, do you think they make Super Six? I’m going with no.

All the walking in now.
When national championship teams get introduced and you’re like, “Wait, I’ve never seen or heard of that person before in my life.” 

The LSU and OU fan sections are right next to each other. Such best friends. No one is doing death glares at all. But one thing they can both agree on, NO CLAPPING FOR ALABAMA.

All the teams having a competition to see who is the danciest. WE’RE JUST GOING TO BE LOOSE AND HAVE FUN AND STAY IN OUR BUBBLE, said everyone.

Dana Duckworth. Because sometimes you need to wear a red jumpsuit to nationals.
Saw people talking about the Nebraska leotard. Just saw it myself. It’s like Spider Bordello themed.


Savona – VT – Glad she has finally made the lineup she was born for – strong full – big height – step back – good work.

Frost – FX -Legs arpart on DLO but controls the landing relatively well – popa and wolf full are fine – switch was medium – dances out of her middle pass a littel but not a problem – secure double pike – solid, regular start.

Kopec – UB -hits jaeger, flexed feet – looks shortish on some of these handstands – step back on DLO – could there be a worse angle and zoom level for bars?

Williams – BB – hits her loso series without a wobble, legs – smallest check on switch half and on side aerial – good full turn – finishes 1.5.

Hambrick – VT – One of her great ones – stuck landing, so clean, very well done.

Brannan – FX – solid on the double arabian – control the step forward enough to stay in bounds and stay planted – secure double pike – 1.5 to a slightly arched layout, but solid. No major problems.

Walker – UB – The scores sticking in the lower 9.8s early, but walker can be better – solid tkatchev – clean legs on the pak – a little late on her half turn – good legs together on the DLO and stuck. Well done.

LSU went 49.375 on vault.

Harrison – VT – solid vault – pretty good form, just a little piking and hop –
Lauer finishing beam with a stuck 1.5. Looked a little tight throughout what we saw.

Beers – FX – very secure landing on her DLO, some legs apart which is really apparent from lese angles – bounces out of her front layout front full – that front leg is still a bit low on the switch ring – minorly low chest on the double back final pass but secure.

Blanske finishes beam with a nice double full. Drouin-Allaire from GW on bars – clean work mostly, stronger than her regionals performance, but still pretty short on her bail.

C Sims – FX -has to bounce slightly back out of her big DLO – middle pass clean enough – good height and position on straddle and split – solid double pike.

Another beam dismount for Nebraska – from DeZiel – Nebraska getting stuck under 49 so far here, which will not help the quest to challenge.

Woodford puts up a pretty solid floor routine – she did well to qualify for the AA from that session where all the Penn State AAers fell -piked and low on her punch rudi dismount, however.
Watkins on beam – hits loso series – very secure punch front as well – switch to tuck 3/4 – hits 1.5 dismount. Nice work.

After 1: Alabama 49.400, LSU 49.375, Auburn 49.250, Nebraska 48.875.
At least they’ve pulled the live scores together in the second session to make them a little less embarrassing. Overall, nothing too surprising in the first rotation. Alabama and LSU out well. Ashleigh Gnat’s DTY won’t make vault finals because life. Alabama will certainly take that 49.400 for a solid-but-not-their-greatest floor rotation. Auburn did what was needed to put themselves in position to capitalize on a mistake, and Nebraska did not. Sub 49 beam is not what they needed.

Note that Nina McGee is rotating with Oklahoma and will be doing floor in the next rotation. Also a crucial rotation for Auburn on beam if they will hope to challenge anyone.


McNeer – VT – Sticks the full like she has been doing all season. Strong.

Pretty big wobble for Kadous already. Switch to pike jump is solid – hits the loso series – gainer full – strong after the early error.

Gardiner – UB – clean form on the bail – fine finish on the full – just manages to hold onto her double tuck.

Brannan – VT – Controlled landing on her 1.5 – just a small step.

Capps – FX – a little low on her double pike, but not bad – secure landing on the front layout front full – good switch side and popa – 1.5 to loso is pretty. Good routine. Simple skill selection, but happy to be proven wrong with that usable hit. Should be any more 9.7s with that.

Demers – BB -good full turn – small check on loso series – good switch to a fine sheep, needs more closure but for an NCAA sheep I’m not arguing – side aerial to a pretend-stuck full –

Beers – VT – Good scores so far for Alabama on vault – fine full from Beers – good power but did have a hop back, which she shouldn’t really be doing for a full. 9.900 for that doesn’t seem consistent with some of the other scores, does it

Dowell – FX – does a double front to stag and JUST barely keeps it in – for a second it looked like she was going to Kyla-at-Jesolo that stag. 1.5 to front full with another bit of a bounce – pulls it together for the end, but will get docked a bit for lack of control there. Shouldn’t be a huge deal. 9.925 seems enthusiastic to me.

Walker – BB – controls her front well – doesn’t give away much – solid on the loso series – fine full turn – split to sheep with another small check – sticks gainer full – a few moments of tightness but solid work.

Jackson – FX – Leaps look strong – good double pike to end with just a bit of a slide-

Important 49.225 for Oregon State on bars. What would you do if Oregon State qualified?

Atkinson – BB – good full turn – secure loso series – hits a pretty aerial – nice high wolf jump, doesn’t cheat that – and goes for the double pike! Sticks it! That will teach you never to make her do the 1.5, which is always worse, even though they think it’s safer. 9.950.

Scaman – FX – some bounce on her double back final pass.

Drouin-Allaire – BB – hits her loso series solidly – crooked on switch side – full turn – switch to split jump is good – she’s doing well – low on 2/1 with a step to the side, though.

McGee – FX – Nailed her DLO – perfect landing – switch side to wolf full is hit – front full to a bit of an arched layout – very secure double pike as well – Great routine. 9.925 – why it’s below Scaman and tied with Dowell, I have no idea, but should make it back since she’s currently in 2nd and Oklahoma and Alabama have already gone. Unless LSU gets three 9.950s…

Oklahoma and Alabama continued to control things in that rotation. Auburn and Oregon State doing well to stay afloat to wait for the error.

After 2: 
Alabama 98.875, Auburn 98.525
Oklahoma 49.475, LSU 49.375, Oregon State 49.225

Big rotation coming up for LSU on bars. Still don’t have enough separation from the contenders to feel safe, but scores on bars have been more enthusiastic in this session than the first. We’ll know after Savona and Gnat go.


Jones – VT – She’s on this team, remember? Just a casual stuck full. When healthy, that’s what we expect to bring to this team.

Lauer – FX – solid double back – switch side, popa, and split half are all within reason – nice 1.5 to layout to stag – well done.

Gnat – UB – good full turn and hits her gienger pretty solidly this time – a bit ragged on the bail with sloppy legs – legs apart on DLO but sticks. The hit they needed from her after a low score from Savona.

Dowell – VT – A little short and off to the side on her 1.5 with a step back. Not her best.

Ohlrich on beam, filling in for McMillan, big break on her series – check on tuck jump full – solid aerial – hits full turn – gainer full – pulled it together but did have a large error.

Jackson – VT – There’s a 1.5! Great stick, distance, and direction.

Williams – FX – a bit piked on that rudi with a slide – somewhat squatty on double back landing –

Jordan – UB – Big scores before her from Wyrick and Zamardi, so important – Big height on jaeger as usual – clean on bail – small bounce in place on DLO –

Perez – BB – solid enough aerial – adjusts to cover a check on her loso – split leap is hit – step forward on sheep – hop on gainer full. 

Lambert – FX – Huge and secure DLO, same on the front tuck through to double back – she looks in line for a big score with this so far – switch side and almost-popa to prone – a bit low chested on the double pike dismount.

HUGE 49.425 for LSU on bars. Those 9.9s they haven’t seen in a while. A glimmer fades for Auburn with that score…

Armijo on bars – legs together through all her giant work – clean on the bail – nice handstands – sticks the DLO – good for her.

Blanske – FX – A little piked in that rudi – somewhat short on the double back dismount with a lunge-dance.

Gardiner – FX – Oregon State having a mess on beam to take themselves out of it – but Gardienr and Tang can save it – check on aerial – strong bhs loso series – holds onto her side somi – sitcks gainer full – that was better.

Watkins finishes floor with a clean double pike, but did have some lack of control in there. Morris of Boise State also to beam now, soft legs in her loso series but hit – pretty full turn – very short on split jump full – short on 2/1 with a bounce.

Harrison – UB – crazy legs on her pak but was clean before that – girl likes her shaposhes, but those feet. stumbles back on dismount.

Jaworski – BB – props for the front tuck mount – wobble – round off to loso is secure – switch side – good 1.5 dismount.

After 3: Oklahoma 99.025, Alabama 98.875, LSU 98.800, Auburn 98.525, Nebraska 98.300, Oregon State 98.100
Yep. That’s about it for that. Yep. Beam still to come for the leaders. Important bars performance for LSU there. 9.900 from Zamardi and Wyrick is like a beam of hope.

Laeng – VT – Good clean body position but a short landing with a big hop.

McNeer – UB – Sticks DLO.

Webster – FX – low on her piked full in with a slide back – splits look fine – clean 1.5 to layout – hits double tuck – some low chest as well but fine.

Martin – VT – BIG full and just does appear to hang onto the stick long enough – little bit of a lean back to salute, but should be a good score.

Macadaeg – BB – fine on the full turn – that’s often the biggest struggles in this routine, but not today – with a little wobble on her first acro – not a big deal. OFF ON HER LOSO SERIES. Coming off a fall from Hall in the first spot, it just got real. Auburn, your silver platter has arrived.

Lambert puts up a big vault as always – but does hop back.
Auburn couldn’t have asked for more now, but it’s not safe yet. Kluz on floor now, coming off usable 9.8s from the first few competitors – bounce back on double tuck dismount.

Ewing – BB – solid switch side. They haven’t completely thrown this away yet, but these next four have to be strong – solid loso but wobble on her straddle 1/4 – the kind of wobble they can’t afford. step on 1.5. Still gets a 9.850 even with the wobble.

Clark – UB – some leg break on the shaposh – strong bail – finsihes with a stick on her huge DLO. No trouble so far for Alabama. 

Demers – FX – very clean front layout front full – switch split could be stronger, but finishes with good form on the double pike – slide back.

Alabama went 49.275 on bars, which is not stellar but will be more than enough right now.

And now a fall from Gnat. You’re welcome Auburn.

Rott on floor now – secure on her layouts to front pike middle pass. Hands down on her double pike dismount. Giving it back.

Courville trying to salvage something, or her AA hopes, on beam – check on the arabian but hits it – another almost-check on the loso series – hits sheep – strong leaps – aerial to sissone – hop back on gainer full.

Atkinson – FX – low chest on tuck full first pass but great landing – front full to front layout is clean as well – low on double pike with a step forward but pulls it out –

Jordan – BB – Even more pissed beam-face than usual – early wobble for her as well – very strong on the loso series – good switch and straddle 1/4 – comfortable full turn – hits her aerial – hop forward on 1.5. 

Very comfortable floor work from Drouin-Allaire. She’s having a pretty good day. At this rate, she’ll win the AA. Harrison having a bit of a wobblefest on beam. She is rotating with LSU, so taking a cue.

LSU trails Auburn by almost EIGHT TENTHS. Auburn ahead of Nebraska by .350, Auburn to vautl and Nebraska to bars. Auburn could never have asked for or expected a better chance to make Super Six. Suddenly, this is the Auburn show, and I’m all about it. 

Webster – VT – Fine full – hop back – they just need to be normal, fine, regular. 9.750, though.

Kmieciak – UB – a little crooked on her bail but fine – tkatchev early was solid – sticks the stuck full – not a problem.

Guerroro – BB – Small check on series – good switch and straddle 1/4 – another check on side aerial – hop forward on 1.5. OK.

Witherby – FX – a bit low on double pike dismount with a lunge. “one of their leading personalities all year long” = “This is a name I’ve read on a piece of paper.”

Demers – VT – ooooh, really wanting the stick there comes in pretty low with a lunge as well.

Wofford – UB – nice full turn – huge jaeger and very clean feet – strong position on the bail – sticks her tuck full – yes you did – good routine –

Perez – FX – 1.5 to half is clean to finish the nothing of that routine we saw.

Rott – VT – Huge full – huge hop back, but good power and form.

Scaman – UB – very clean legs on her bail – step forward on tuck full but good.

A Sims – BB – strong loso series – hesitation on her leap series to pause in the combo – wobble on her huge switch side – full turn – and then almost wobbles a little just walking – one of her more nervy showings but staying on – large lunge back on double tuck – did she have a leap series in there? No, she did not. One judge still gave a 9.800, so whatever. 

Tang bounces a bit on her rudi to finish.

McGee – UB – good full turn – low height on gienger but secure and legs together – hop forward on DLO.

Alabama counting a 9.650 now – Auburn finishes 197.075.

Beers – BB – finishes with a 1.5 way off to the side, large step off the mat.
Maddie Gardiner just sat her floor dismount and everything is the worst.

Jimenez – FX – Goes OOB on her opening pass. The day started well for OSU but since bars has gone exactly like it looked like it would after the McMillan injury. almost sits the front tuck after the 1.5 dismount. Came into the event after injuries, but was never expected to do this event.

Clark also had a big lunge on her beam dismount. Not a good beam for Alabama today, really.

I’ve lost live scores. Anyone know where we are?
Alabama 197.100, Auburn 197.075. I’m glad it doesn’t look like the meet it coming down to that, because there would be a riot after that Alabama beam.

LSU goes to floor but is out of the meet already unless Oklahoma has a historically terrible beam rotation. Nebraska would have to be epic on bars to do anything now.

 Breen – UB – finishes with a hop forward on DLO. A bit for toes throughout.

Savona – FX – Strong opening pass, obviously, solid on the full in as well, just does keep it together enough not to slide – good height on her popa – how devastating for this team.

KJ is curing all the world’s ills as usual before Oklahoma goes on beam –

Sorensen – BB – switch to split jump is nice – BIG wobble on aerial and comes off – KJ was already celebrating, but now a fall. Sadness. Repeats the skill with a wobble – connects into bhs. Sticks gainer full.


DeZiel – UB -Piked jaeger is solid – sticks her tuck full.

Gnat – Sticks her DLO – strong 2.5 to layout – good splits – just the smallest slide on the double pike. Nice.

Nice full from Kelsey Morris but we need to see Oklahoma beam, people. Clark sticks her dismount. Not showing every moment of Oklahoma’s beam now is just irresponsible.

Courville – FX – strong double arabian – just does keep it in bounds – bounces back on the double pike, which probably takes her out of the AA. good switch ring and splits – a little squatty on double back as well.

Capps – BB – very strong loso series – smallest twitch on her aerial – good switch and straddle positions – sticks gainer full. What they needed.

Hall needs a 9.975 to tie Nebraska. She can do it.

Looks like she came in short on her DLO a bit with a step forward, though, excellent front full to layout and stuck – big bounce back on her double tuck and OOB. NOoooooo.

Oklahoma already in, even with the falls.


Brewer having a couple wobbles in this routine but staying on – hits her double back. And there it is, you lucky, lucky dogs.

Harrison finishes things on floor, trying to slog her way through the cloud of depression on floor right now – solid enough work, some form. Nina McGee on beam has a balance check in there – high switch side – leg form on loso series but held onto it – nice straddle 3/4 – loves her 3/4 jumps – sticks gainer full. 

Oklahoma 197.400, Alabama 197.100, Auburn 197.075, Nebraska 196.675, LSU 196.550, Oregon State 195.875.

In conclusion, you’re all tremendous disappointments. No one had a great day. No one. Though a hit meet from Oklahoma would have blown everyone away. Tomorrow should be crazy exciting. Unless Oklahoma dominates, which based on today, could very well happen.

Surprisingly, no one in this session broke 39.600 in the AA (WHAT?) which means Peszek and Hunter’s 39.600 is the lead score.

EF qualifiers from session 2:
VAULT: Hambrick (LSU), Jackson (Oklahoma), Scaman (Oklahoma), Williams (Alabama)
BARS: Wofford (Oklahoma), Dowell (Oklahoma), Courville (LSU), Bailey (Alabama), Zamardi (LSU), Wyrick (LSU), Kmieciak (Oklahoma), Aufiero (Oregon State)
BEAM: Atkinson (Auburn), Williams (Alabama), Jordan (LSU), Kmieciak (Oklahoma), Clark (Oklahoma), Capps (Oklahoma), Gardiner (Oregon State)
FLOOR: Scaman (Oklahoma), Gnat (LSU), Blanske (Nebraska), Dowell (Oklahoma), McGee (Denver)

And with LSU not making Super Six, my preseason prediction is spoiled!

I know they only do press conferences with the advancing teams, but if there were a dual DD/Miss Val press conference right now, I would watch the crap out of it. 

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  1. Outside of Chiarelli's VT score, I thought scoring was fair in the first session and all teams were judged equally. In this session, it seems Alabama and OU are being given the benefit of the doubt.

  2. If Atkinson goes 9.9 on VT, she would pass Peszek and Hunter in the AA standings!

  3. I literally can't believe it, my two favorite teams, LSU and Michigan aren't going to the Super Six, awesome. Gutted for Courville, Hall, and Jordan… And for myself lol. -Jacob

  4. Given the scores that LSU got with wobbles, those Bama beam scores seem low. Must have been missing connections.

  5. BAMA 197.100
    AUB 197.075
    OU 148.525
    NEB 147.500
    LSU 147.500
    OSU 146.875

    Per Oklahoma's twitter. -Jacob

  6. I don't understand — one judge gave Sims a 9.3 and one gave a 9.8. And there was NO conference! wtf?

  7. I see that LSU only need 49.575 to tie auburn. That's totally doable for them.

  8. I think that LSU score is wrong. They need a 50 to tie Auburn I believe.

  9. remember how we were all complaining that session 2 was so obvious and it would be super boring to watch? OOPS.

  10. Peszek and Hunter tie for first in the AA and Courville and Atkinson will tie for the bronze. I still can't believe LSU fell apart on beam:( -Jacob

  11. Wow, what a crazy day.

    My hopes for tomorrow: (1) Utah; (2) OU; (3) Stanford; (4) Auburn; (5) Alabama; and (6) UF
    My expectations for tomorrow: (1) OU; (2) UF; (3) Alabama; (4) Utah; (5) Stanford; and (6) Auburn

  12. but if there were a dual D-D/Miss Val press conference right now, I would watch the crap out of it. HAHAHA same. Ugh LSU not advancing has ruined my whole weekend lol:( The only thing that could make it up is Utah winning but I don't think that will happen. -Jacob

  13. Dear LSU….. HAHAHAHAHhahahahaHAHAHAhahhaaa!!!! Go back to 196 land where you belong. Go Gators.

  14. If Alabama hadn't had those mind farts on beam they'd be right there with the Sooners. Oklahoma has been solid on beam all year so it's either a fluke or signs of things to come.

    Basically, this Super Six is WIDE OPEN. Seriously, OU, Utah and Florida are all capable of showing cracks ON THE SAME NIGHT and Auburn, Stanford and Bama are all capable to leaping. Heck, the bammers already have a trophy due to LSU and Florida messing up at the same time.

    How crazy would it be for Rookie Dana, Storybook Auburn or at long last Smyth and Stanford to steal the title from what was suppose to be the Age of Sooners and Gators.

  15. I am still sick to my stomach today for LSU. They had the talent to win this year and next year they are starting all over! I'm pulling for Utah too;)

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