Friday Live Blog – [5] Alabama @ [1] Florida; Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia’s Crazy Beam

Friday, January 29
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Alabama and Florida. We’re not goin’ for no city championships.

Dana has done a whole heap of depth exploring in the first couple meets, which I always support (unless it’s still going on in March and terrible), so it will be interesting to see how the lineups actually shake out today for a real showdown in which Alabama can’t really afford to use B-team routines. We should have a better idea of who’s in favor for late-season lineups and who is “such great depth and spirit,” especially on floor, based on today.

Or not. Floor lineup is Sims, Giancroce, Brannan, Winston, Bailey, Beers. So looks like we’re still in the exploring phase. Dana Duckworth is like a fantasy gym nightmare. Florida’s lineups remain intact.

For those of you without access and log-ins and subscriptions and the like, the Penn State/Illinois meet is free for everyone, so enjoy your scraps. Go, fetch.

Here we go. Kathy has already used the term “dynastic synergy.” LOVE.

Caquatto – VT – temp alligator tattoos, so that’s happening, becasue GATORS – just OK full – pikes and comes in a bit short with a hop forward – a correction for her as she usually bounces back, just looked to overcorrect this time.

McNeer – UB – Very strong Ray – has to control her swing into the handstand afterward – legs together on her bail – short final handstand – leg break on DLO second salto, comes in a little piked with a hop – lost her usual quality there toward the end.

Fassbender – VT – better distance than Bridgey but similar result, coming in shorter and hopping forward. 9.850. Oh, here we go. McMurtry already got a 50.

Vaculik sticks bars dismount for UGA.

Giancroce – UB -solid toe on – good rhythm – height on tkatchev – some leg break on that pak – steps back up to high – short final hs as well – similar dismount to McNeer – pikes and a hop.

Sloan – VT – reverse angle on this one – usual fab form and height – looked like a small hop in place – “so she’s trying for no deductions” – Oh, really, Kathy? 9.900. They couldn’t give higher because she didn’t stick, but hers was way more than .050 better than Fassbender’s. Oh, judging.

Beers – UB – leg break on the shap and the pak but moves through with good rhythm – excellent final handstand – late on her half turn but sticks the double front this time – necessary for Alabama coming off two weaker landings and coming into the nerve-wracking double front portion.

Boren – VT – Sticks her 1.5 this time – here we go – what is this horrible reverse angle? – legs apart on the stick – 9.950. Inevitable. By far her best vault of the year.

Winston – UB – borderline first handstand – great height on Ray but feet, great form on pak – covers having to recast on the low which will hurt the score – short final hs – great legs on DLO with a hop

Baker – VT – She sticks as well – remember when I said Florida hadn’t been working the vault landings yet? They are now. better power and distance than Boren but a little more off to the side – quivers the feet a little as she lands, so it shouldn’t be a 10. Also a 9.950.

Bailey – UB -pretty jaeger – good bail – missed her foot on the low bar and had to recast as well – arches final hs but pulls it back – and amazing stick on her full out, though she did lose her foot on her attempted transition back to high bar

McMurtry – VT – Her usual lovely full – hops back this time to the tune of what could be a full tenth, but the landing should be the only deduction. 9.850. Fair score in a vacuum, but let’s compare her vault to Fassbender’s with the same score.

Rogers did a lovely bars routine for Georgia as usual, just losing her legs on the pak and a small hop on the DLO, but it should be a big score.

Brannan – UB – also a very nice and extended jaeger – some angle on her bail handstand – tight on all the handstands really on this one, but sticks her DLO – does pike it at the end a little but a necessary and strong stick. 9.900. Stick bonus.

Exceptional vault rotation for Florida. Really excellent. Scores going high for both teams as expected, but excellent from Florida there. Waiting on the final total but it should hit 49.5.

9.925 for Rogers gives Georgia a 49.325 on bars. Good start, didn’t have to count a mistake from Schick. Everyone else at least 9.825.

After 1: Florida 49.500, Alabama 49.325
Great vaulting from Florida. When you stick 1.5s, good things happen. That’s as well as Boren and Baker can vault, and it showed up in the scores. McMurtry goes 9.850, which is inconsistent to the judging early in the rotation. Alabama was just OK on bars this time, with a couple weaker dismounts, some mistakes and recasts, getting some benefit of the doubt on the scores and some stick bonus to get Beers and Brannan into the 9.9s. A fine rotation, but not overwhelming.

49.250 on bars for Michigan, 49.025 for Nebraska on vault.

McNeer – VT – good stick on her full – looked like she didn’t get a ton of block there, some piking and not amazing height, but she got it around for a stick.

Baker – UB – good oepning hs – height on tkatchev – good legs together on the bail – hitting hs positions for the most part – good finishing position on half turn – usual large hop forward on doubel front – that dismount kills her score every time.

Guerrero – VT – She also sticks her 1.5! Great vault – not quite the same power and distance as Baker, legs on the block and knees in the air – Kathy commenting on the legs apart stick, which I think the judges have ignored this season after it was such a deal last year.

Boren – UB – good first hs – a little closer on her tkatchev but got good height – they’ve worked the toes and details well, fewer flexes and separation than in preseason videos – hits bail – medium step back on DLO

Bresette – VT – Some piking on her full and a larger bounce back – will be interested to see if she stays in the lineup once everyone is ready. She’s the borderline one.

BDG – UB – hands peel off on her shap – never seen her do that before – reddoing the skill – does well this time and holds her bail – sticks her straddled DLO as usual – odd fall –

Coach Owen gets a 9.925 for haircut.

Brannan – VT – a little short on her 1.5 this time with a step back and slightly mushville in the knees, not too bad, though. They need a stick from her.

Bridgey – UB – good first hs and excellent Ray – good vertical position on bail with legs together – step back on DLO was the only major thing, but great routine.

Dana Duckworth: “mild to moderate salsa dancing”

Bailey – VT – short on her full – still looks as new as it is – large lunge forward and chest down.

Georgia not doing well on vault – Marino travels several furlongs out of her 1.5. Already counting a 9.7.

Sloan – UB -Sloan Ray – great handstands – better legs on bail this time – two steps back on DLO this time – was 100% getting a 10 if she had stuck that, but overall weak landings in the dismounts in this rotation so far, opposite of vault.

Beers – VT – strong 1.5 – step forward, but will score better than Guerrero’s effort in spite of the landing because of form and distance.

(Rogers also put up a strong 1.5 with a step.)

McMurtry – UB – hits her Ray, though it’s sort of a piked straddle, but very high – clean bail and toe shoot, solid hs – sticks an exceptional tuck full – Kathy points out the general pikiness of her body position on bars – her best bars of the season so far. 10.000. OK. So, Alex McMurtry has a 10 on bars. Florida. Discuss. Be sure to point out that it’s total BS.

Jay sticks 1.5! Looked like she was coming in short but she just hung onto that. Great vault – her best legs on vault I’ve seen so far this year. Just a 9.900. Not much difference between hers and the 9.950 stuck 1.5s in the Florida meet. Just scoring.

After 2: Florida 80,000 million bazillion, Alabama 98.525
Fine vault for Alabama, but not enough sticks to get close to what Florida scored there. Guerrero did very well to stick, but the deductions are still there. They’ll be willing to give Beers the huge scores because she got a 9.900 for a non-stick.

Florida’s bars was medium for that whole rotation, with the BDG fall and SLoan not dismounting at her usual level, but then McMurtry and a 10. Yeah, McMurtry. Welcome to stuck landings and what they do for your score.

Baker – BB – wolfy – fine and secure on the loso – good split, tight on her straddle 1/2 and didn’t reach 180 – side aerial to full dismount with a hop – but nothing major there. 9.875. Why the hell not?

Sims – FX – good control on the double pike landing – great straddles – good form on 1.5 to an arched layout – generally giving a clinic on split – lacks control with a slide on the final pass, which will be the largest deduction.

Ernst – BB – good front chicken dump, very secure – clean walkover to back tuck as well, no breaks so far – split and sheep “combo” – stick gainer pike -9.925.

Giancroce – FX – bounes back on double pike – not bad on her straddles – very clean form on 1.5 and good pop into the layout while maintaining layout form – I agree with Kathy about enjoying her movement style, but also violin music will always get the “artistic” narrative – clean double back as well, jsut low chest – very nice

Fassbender – BB – solid walkover – small bend to correct on loso – very slow in everything – short on “sissone” position with a wobble – sheep jump is not sheepy enough at all, adds an extra element to get the combo – side aerial to full with a slide back.

Brannan – FX – “smile like I’ve got a secret” – a bit squatty on the arabian landing with a lunge forward – hits switch ring – low chest on double pike with a very small slide – maintains pretty good form in her elements – 1.5 to layout and just controls it well enough

Boren – BB – leg up wobble on FCD – another bend at the hips on her loso series, two significant wobbles early – better on the dance elements – good standing loso as well, but her score will not overcome the early wobbles. And by that, I mean she’ll get a 20. Small hop on a pretty strong double back dismount, low but it’s a double back.

Winston – FX – Good DLO, slighty short coming in but well controlled and good position maintained – the 1.5+layout passes have been much better in the last couple routines than most in NCAA right now, just holds onto the control of her middle pass to avoid giving away a slide – high double tuck with a slide back.

McMurtry – BB – secure FCD – don’t love her form on her loso series, small check – good switch to shush hip circle – 2/1 somewhat off to the side and a small hop, good form. Automatic 10. 9.925. Judges, I was kidding.

Bailey – FX – her double arabian is very well done, no cowboy, great position and security on landing – layout to front full middle pass – fine on the rudi, a little ragged legs, but the highlight is the double arabian there.

Sloan – BB – good walkover to beat jump – clean loso series – good switch and split – no wobbles, hitting all these combinations – so ready to give her a 10 – secure side aerial – sticks 2/1 – OK, let’s see what score this gets. Oh wait, we don’t have to. Obvious 10. Scores are crazy today, but that one is more realistic than the others. Don’t really have a problem with it alone, but taken as a group it will be taken as part of the crazy. Thoughts?

Beers – FX – Comes in short on her DLO with a lunge forward – having to perform during the Sloan 10 celebrations – slide forward on middle pass as well – doing fine but not Beersian control on these landings – better on the double tuck dismount, very strong on that one.

Florida 148.500, Alabama 147.975
If Florida gets a usual Florida home score, we’re seeing our first 198 of the season. It will overshadow what Alabama is doing, but this is a very strong meet for the Tide as well. The most composed Alabama performance so far this year, and also taking advantage of the scoring today, which is not exclusively charitable to Florida. More charitable, yes, but Alabama is getting the benefit of the doubt too.

Also, Georgia is going to beam now, so eyes open. A weak vault rotation took them off the expected pace, but it’s really going to be all about beam.

McNeer – BB – walkover to bhs, looks a little tense early but not showing up in wobbles – a couple very tiny bends and corrections, though – another on her loso series – very high switch and split, well performed – sticks 1.5 – got more comfortable as it went

McLaughlin – FX – The first two Florida floor routines will tell us where the scoring of this rotation is going – front lay front full is fine – Kathy is unhappy with her toe point – good twisting form and control.

Shelby Hilton is getting recognized at the Kentucky meet, so you can pretend you’re crying about that instead of the judging insanity.

Vaculik is in on beam for Georgia and hit!

Brannan – BB – This has alway sbeen her nemesis – secure on loso series – switch and a wobble on the stag – FCD is solid – larger hop forward on 1.5 – won’t be a big score because of the tightness and the checks, but endured

Fassbender – FX – 2.5 to punch front goes OOB – traveled very far on it and Kathy also foreshadowed it, so… – slide around ont he double pike middle pass – short on dance elements – also a small slide on 1.5 to front pike – OK but inexact, and the OOB will destroy the score.

Two hits for Georgia! Jay had some checks and some formies but stayed on.

A Sims – BB – these splits, everyone – pulls back her back foot on the loso to avoid a wobble – sticks double tuck with great chest position. Excellent routine. 9.975, trying to even the balance.

Oh, look how that happened. They have rescinded the Fassbender OOB. I see.

Boren – FX -she lands her tuck full staggered but good control this time – spends several hours face-down on the ground in the middle of this routine. Leaps are a bit short and uncontrolled bouncy this time – 1.5 lay with a small bounce – excellent double back, good chest position.

Beers – BB – Nice opening leaps – stumble on the side somi with a step but pulls it together and stays controlled – good loso series – better closure on the sheep – sticks the 1.5. Good one.

Three beam hits for Georgia! Rogers very pretty.

Sloan – FX – 1.5 to 2.5 – good landing, steps back but looked under control – hits her split and straddle very well – secure on the double pike as well – A Sac leg caress – 1.5 to lay – let’s see where the score goes because there’s not much to take in the landings there –

Bailey – BB – very controlled L turn but perhaps a little less horizontal than it usually is, it’s usually pristine – small checks on both the loso and the side aerial to side position – does well not to wobble on the tuck jump full and go straight into the next jump – small hop on 2/1 – good

Cherrey fell on beam for Georgia. Two to go to not count a fall. babalis staying on but wobbles that they’ll have to count.

Baker – FX – Dos Santos – correct – illusion turn maintains good rhythm. high double pike, lands a little squatty but great control – good position in her leaps – 1.5 to half to straddle is also gigantic and well controlled – will be another huge score. 10.000. This meet. I’m in side-eye heaven. I mean, it’s Baker’s floor and it’s amazing, but also this meet. She got a bonus on the dos santos for a landing that did have a small hoppy adjustment, but it was a Dos Santos, so…

Sloan originally got a 9.925. It has been adjusted to a 9.975. I know, right?

Guerrero hits beam very securely to give Alabama a great score. Box under pressure to hit beam for Georgia – wobbles on walkover, hits 1.5 – NO COUNTING FALLS FOR GEORGIA.

Bridgey – FX – You know she’s getting a 10. front 2/1 to punch front with a hop to the side – loses her legs a little in her twisting on the middle pass, into split jump – great straddles – low chest on double pike with a slide back.

Alabama will certainly take this 197.525. Great that won’t be the story. Excellent meet from Florida. We’ll end up talking about the 3 10s and crazy scores, but it was an excellent showing regardless of how it was evaluated.

Georgia didn’t count a fall on beam! Georgia didn’t count a fall on beam!

Also, Bridgey got a 9.925 for that routine, so I can’t even…that’s basically the worst one so far.

FLORIDA 198.175, ALABAMA 197.525

Georgia finishes 196.275. Far below capability, but they’ll take it at this point. 195.050 for Kentucky.

ACK! We’re already starting Arkansas and Auburn! I need a breather before we get into this!

Kopec – UB – hits jaeger to overshoot cleanly – excellent DLO with a slide/salute but could count as a stick – Kupets isn’t happy with the hs but they are borderline.

Zaziski has some piking and a small hop back on her full.

Krippner – UB -leg breaks on the shap into bail combo but solid – slightly short of vertical on the bail – hs are good – hop back on tuck full – breaks but hit

Speed – VT – Very high and good form on the vault – but it does look like her knee is going to turn to popsicle sticks every time she lands – lunge backward

Engler – High jaeger but feet and catches quite close – works out of it into bail well – later hs are fine – excellent DLO and stuck – pretty second half of that routine –

McGlone – VT – Great height and distance, getting better each time, but also has a lunge back on her full –

Kluz – UB – great height on tkatchev – good finish on half turn and vertical position in straddle back – stick/salutes DLO as well, lovely work and should score well

Wellick – VT – Excellent and confident stuck full – opens, legs totally together, good enough direction – great vault.

Milliet – UB – Great Ray – TOE POINT – legs together throughout pak – short on final hs – sticks double tuck dismount – very clean, one missed handstand, but she has superior leg and foot form to most of her peers, which helps the score.

Nelson – VT – better for her – still off to the side and piked, but higher chest and better control on landing, medium step back. And then she just hit the camera with her face. Awesome.

Atkinson – UB – Nice bail hs – not a huge tkatchev but maintains good rhythm – hitting hs – hop forward on tuck full – a couple breaks but will be a high rotation score.

49.075 for Arkansas on vault.

Disappointing beam for Michigan, counting the 9.425 and getting a final total of 196.625, under potential. Nebraska comes out on top with a 196.775, a big step for this team, especially for Grace Williams, getting the kind of AA score she was recruited to get, 39.500. Lots of 9.875s for Nebraska in this one.

49.250 for Auburn on bars. Much more even and composed on bars at this point in the year.

Better from Illinois today. 195.725 and some actual 49 rotations.

Pace of this meet much slower than the Florida/Alabama meet.

Krippner – VT – pretty good in the air, medium distance, larger bounce back on the full –

Glover – UB – good half turn, high jaeger but feet – better position on the bail and legs together – short final hs – full into doubel tuck – her best routine of the season – and no mention of open heart surgery! Miracle!

Engler – VT – fine control on the full, small step back – not much distance and some piking

Canizaro – UB – good legs on shap – bail was a bit closer to vertical this time but still borderline – closer on the tkatchev this time – goes over on the hs and has to add a swing – sticks DLO – bail was better but the score will need to be dropped.

A’Miracal – VT – lands way way way short on her full and crunched her ankle – she’s down and she’s not getting up –

Freier – UB – another pretty shap – good hs and toe point – small leg break in bail – sticks a very archy DLO – also her best routine of the season – very pretty and more composed and precise than the others

Delay now because they’re not moving Phillips. Carried off – because the stretcher is where? Mars?

Demers – VT – Oh here’s the stretcher – it’s on the wrong side – great way to come back – sticks her full like she does pretty much every time – good form and direction – clear stick. 9.775 is BULL.

Wellick – UB -good shap and pretty vertical on her bail – a bit of a WOGAtchev but she catches it – I can’t believe she landed that double front since it looked so horizontal and whipped out but she did, hop forward.

Melissa Lee is really into the word problematic -3 times in the last couple minutes.

Rott – VT – Yikes – runs straight through – she’ll go again. Gets it this time and another stick – that’s a good way to follow up a run through – better distance than Demers, similar otherwise. So it will get a 2.

Speed – UB -excellent toes on jaeger, somewhat close on the catch – loses her straight body position a bit on the bail – sticks double tuck this time –

Arkansas looks much-improved on bars this week, best showing of the season easily.

Atkinson – VT – Great 1.5, excellent distance, slight mushy knees – medium step forward –

Zaziski – UB – good full turn – arches a hs after her tkatchev but pulls it back – hits the bail but cannot shoot back to the high after it and comes off – haven’t seen a score for Canizaro, but they’ll have to count it now. Sticks DLO. Takes some of the good off of the Arkansas bars since it was going quite well before that.

Arkansas will still go just over 49 on bars, as will Auburn on vault. No word on what Phillips’ injury is. Just “we’re dealing with an injured girl.” Final three vaults for Auburn were quite good. Still don’t understand that Demers score at all.

After 2: Auburn 98.275, Arkansas 98.100

Extended commercial for the University of Arkansas. Thanks.


Dillard – BB – very pretty form on walkover, check on loso series but elegant – secure side aerial to side position – good switch and stag – comfortable side aerial as well, very little to take here – 1.5 dismount stuck. Nearly ideal routine from her. What is the judge’s deal who gave this a 9.750? Pssh.

Scaglione – FX – “They added a wink” OH NO NOT A WINK BREAKING NEWS – very comfortable double tuck middle pass, good chest position – stumble landing the rudi

Zaziski – BB – good switch side – pulls off the loso series with some sloppy legs – fine position on switch and straddle 1/4 – keeps wobbling on nothing – solid FCD – hop back on gainer full –

Hlawek – FX – “a little bit of a sickness” is that an expression? Nice form on double arabian, hop back – clean front full to layout, good amp – hitting splits – sticks double back, low chest but sticks – strong like the end of last season.

Wellick – BB -confident switch and straddle 1/4 – hits walkover comfortably as well into loso series – no wobbles on anything so far – full turn is OK if a little teetery – checks on side somi but pulls her center of gravity back – short on 2/1 with a hop forward – will incur deductions on that dismount which is a shame because it was great before that. Still a 9.850. So OK.

Rott – FX – very secure, not scary landing on DLO – dance elements are complete – travels too much on the stag out of her middle pass – low on double pike with a small slide back –

Freier – BB – checks on full turn, just tense – switch to split are well executed, her highlight in the routine are the dance elements – good loso series, no wobbles on side aerial either – hop back on gainer full.

Demers – FX – lands low on piked full-in with a slide back – good finish on wolf and straddles – whippy on a couple of those layouts, not lifting up into them – low chest on double pike as well but controlled and mostly solid throughout –

McGlone – BB – secure on the loso – hits leaps quite well, tight on switch side but no wobbles – steps back on 2/1 dismount, but on the beam probably her best of the year.

Kluz – FX – good control on her full-in, also low chested but a more solid landing than some of the others – travels very far on layout to full but clean body position throughout – two wolf fulls in a row combination, though the second was better than the first – secure double tuck. Kupets likes her chest up on landing, but…not really that much.

Nelson – BB – slightly crooked on switch side there – “picked the hogs up, put them on her back” – confident and comfortable loso series – she hits her dance elements, but they’re pretty close to the beam in a Lothrop kind of way – solid punch front – hop forward on 1.5. Hit rotation. Overall, Arkansas looks much improved on bars and beam this week.

Atkinson – FX – full-in is so much easier for her than it is for the others – still the Auburn chest, but solid – very strong front full to layout to wolf – perfect form and amplitude – solid double pike. Kluz went 9.875, so this should go at least that. 9.900.

After 3: Auburn 147.550, Arkansas 147.250.
Arkansas still very much in this going to floor to Auburn on beam. It was a better floor rotation for Auburn. Much more control on those passes than some of the earlier meets.

Hlawek – BB – Small check on 2ft layout – a bounce and a check on the front as well – nothing major but bits and pieces on pretty much everything – step on 1.5.

“That’s what she needs to do. She needs to stay on the beam.” OH. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

Dillard – FX – high rudi and excellent twisting form – pretty switch ring – front full to layout to stag – she goes Lovaning for this routine – no difficulty but little to take – keeps those toes pointed and those legs together on all the elements – wonder what she would get if she went after Wellick.

Krippner – BB -falls on loso series – this was the worry for Auburn, already counting a 9.650 from Hlawek, so advantage Arkansas now – solid on the walkover – large bounce forward on 1.5.

Canizaro – FX – not quite the bigly big double pike it usually is but a controlled step back – small slide on double tuck, and again on 1.5 to front layout – fine but not as controlled as it can be  in some of those landings –

Engler – BB – strong early loso series – small check on switch into straddle 1/4 but will probably get the combo – large wobble on side aerial, bends, the leg flies up – YIKES – landed crazy on her ankle on her dismount and she’s down and in tears – worst possible meet for Auburn -replay – undertwisted, twisting into the ground. Always the worst sign.

MacMoyle – FX -solid double pike, just a touch short – flings around that 1.5 to layout, layout went out completely horizontally – strong double tuck, good chest, controlled.

None of these Auburn gymnasts are going to get out of this meet in one piece.

Lack of Jenny Rowland…

Demers – BB – Good full turn – secure loso as well – such a pretty style on beam, and they need this routine – great sheep jump – side aerial to full with a step – great recovery routine.

“you just feel that momentum shift to Arkansas” Oh, you just feel that? Because every Auburn gymnast has fallen and injured herself? THE SOOTHSAYER HAS SPOKEN
Nelson – FX – efficient little routine – well-landed double pike and better lift in her 1.5 to layout middle pass – good height on doubel tuck as well, small slide back but will be a great score. Scores are raining ffrom the sky now. 9.925.

Milliet – BB – small check on sheep jump but the Auburn sheep jumps are a breath of fresh air – good legs on the loso series and hit – wobbles on full turn – does well to pull around her walkover without a wobble since she was short – sticks gainer full, legs apart –

McGlone – FX – DLO, low and squats to hold onto the landing, but hangs on – popa is not to 180 – solid 2.5 and a controlled step out of it – punch front full to layout is excellent, powerful confident and stuck.

Atkinson – BB – good full turn – solid loso – the theme of this routine is “my team is broken, leave me alone” apparently – hit walkover and very high switch split and wolf jump, great amplitude – side aerial to tuck 1.5 is the dismount now, large lunge to the side. But hit.

Auburn was OK in places, better on floor, but gave it away on beam and will rue these injuries.

Wellick – FX -easy double pike, controls her plant foot and avoids the slide – butterflying out a butterfly to butterfly – has to whip around that layout on the middle pass and slides out of it, which will keep the score out of the highest heights – comfortable double pike. Such an Arkansas meet. 49.0, 49.1, 49.2 and oh look we won.

Even meet and showed good improvement. It’s not a usable score for Auburn but could have been worse after the beam debacle. Engler does three events and Phillips one, and both look very injured, which puts even more pressure on the other freshmen to deliver more routines. What happened to Cerio? I’d like to see her more.

FINAL: Arkansas 196.600, Auburn 195.975

39 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – [5] Alabama @ [1] Florida; Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia’s Crazy Beam”

  1. Outside of Snead, Rogers, and Jay, UGA's vault left a lot to be desired. HOWEVER, those judges are crazy to say Rogers 1 1/2 deserved the same score as Kentucky's Dukes. Rogers VT would have gone 9.9 at UF, Utah, UCLA, or BAMA. And Brandie Jay would have easily gone 9.95 elsewhere.

  2. Sorry we couldn't give you a 10 on vault but here is one on bars haha … Never in a million years would I have picked Alex out of that lineup for a 10!! No offense to her she is a beautiful gymnast but judges come on!!

  3. I totally agree. So well deserved. Difficult routine with clear mastery of all of the skills. Plus, beam is half confidence – and she emanated that.

  4. Georgia NEEDS to take out Cherrey on beam. Why was she even still in this week?!

  5. Bridgey's floor routine after Sloan, boren and KBakes is like giving me chopped liver after eating cake.

  6. She was out last week. I suspect she outperformed Broussard in practice this week and/or Broussard is sick. My guess is that Broussard will be in for Cherrey next week.

    I like the idea of Vaculik, Jay, Rogers, Broussard, Babalis, and Box. Get that rotation going and UGA can put up a big score.

  7. Nebraska upsets Michigan!
    196.775 to 196.650
    Michigan had a case of the “Georgias” on beam.

  8. Disappointing finish for Michigan – ending up losing by a little more than a tenth due to a weird fall from Artz on her FCD and Marinez missing her acro series. Sigh. They seem to alternate strong rotations each week but can't put a full meet together….

  9. I feel like they've been on the edge of a crash all season. I'm hoping that by having it now, they'll get it sorted and out of their system and won't need to implode later i.e., in post season.

  10. I don't understand Atkinson's tucked 1.5 dismount – why not just change to a layout full? She's continued to have problems with it this season. Or go back to the round-off 1.5 if she really wants to do the 1.5.

  11. Any idea where Ashley Lambert is? She was out last weekend and now this weekend.

  12. Why is Ashley lambert out of Nebraska's lineup again? If she is injured, on top of Emma engler's injury, my fantasy team will not be pleased.

  13. I was thinking about it and I think I figured it out. Because of her foot problems she can't do the double pike. She also can't do a round-off 1.5 because I think punching off the beam hurts. Another option could be a layout step out to a layout full, but they said in the broadcast that those landings put more pressure on the feet and ankles. So she needs a 1.5 and the tucked version is the best way to protect her foot.

  14. Yeah, I was thinking the round-off 1.5 might be too much, but surely an aerial to layout full couldn't be worse than her tucked full-in or double pike on floor? Just brainstorming since I don't think she's hit that dismount so far this season.

  15. They had said that a y-full on vault is hard on her foot so I just figured they don't want to risk her coming in short on an aerial layout full on beam. But yea, she hasn't hit that dismount yet

  16. The male commentator for Bowling Green/Denver is just amazingly bad. “Gymnasts are just great all-around athletes. We see some of them cross over to the swim team, the basketball team….”. WTF?

  17. Ugh Florida super overscored once again. It happens to other teams and it's pitchforks and torches. Happens to Florida and everyone lols and doesn't get outraged. Ridiculous.

    Also – am I the only one who hates Jenny Rowland a little more every time I see her? She is a terrible interview (“What would you say about McMurtrey's routine?” ….long pause…”I would say it's a new routine.”) I mean OK, you can say she gets credit for not letting Florida completely fall apart but IMO she deserves ZERO credit for anything Florida accomplishes this season. This is Rhonda's baby and until 2017 Jenny Rowland deserves zero credit. It'll be interesting to see how the team looks next season.

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