Friday Live Blog – LSU @ Florida; Michigan @ Oklahoma; Georgia @ Alabama

Friday, February 26

5:00 ET/2:00 PT – West Virginia, Penn State, Temple, West Chester, S. Connecticut (@ Philadelphia, PA) – SCORESish
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – LSU @ Florida – SCORESSECN
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – George Washington, NC State, William & Mary @ Towson – SCORESStream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Rutgers @ North Carolina – SCORES
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Maryland @ New Hampshire – SCORES
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-Oshkosh @ UW-Eau Claire
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Michigan @ Oklahoma – SCORES – TV: Various Fox Sports
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Missouri @ Auburn – SCORESSECN
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Kentucky @ Arkansas – SECN
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Iowa State @ Illinois – SCORES
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – SEMO @ Air Force – Stream
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Georgia @ Alabama – SCORESSECN
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Boise State @ Utah State – SCORESStream
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – San Jose State, Alaska @ Seattle Pacific – SCORESStream
The big day! Eight of the top ten teams are in action, most of them against each other. We’re late enough in the regular season now for this to feel like the first postseason preview, where we’ll get a borderline realistic sense of how these matchups might go come April. Of course, with a number of big SEC duels and many of the top teams competing at home, we’re going to have to conduct a 10.0 pool. Pick five people competing today whom you think will get a 10 from at least one judge, and the winner gets the grand prize of self-righteously rolling your eyes to the next galaxy while going, “I can’t even…”
I’ll go with Sloan FX, McMurtry UB, Wofford UB, Gnat VT, and…Rogers UB.

It will all get started at 7:00 ET/4:00 PT with Florida and LSU.

Seriously? I misspelled Friday in the post title and no one even bothered to tell me how you actually spell Friday? Isn’t this the internet?
Anyone else enjoying this fascinating anthropological study on the SEC Network before the gym?
Savona is back on vault for LSU today after returning on floor last week. Big development and gives LSU the vault difficulty edge tonight. As long as she’s vaulting her normal. No Finnegan on vault this week, which is probably fine. Even though she can often outscore Macadaeg and Cannamela, save her for her important events.

Am I the only one who for a second always reads Oklahoma’s #makeitcOUnt twitter hashtag as…something else?

Bart and Kathy got the LSU/Florida meet, not Georgia/Alabama. Changing times. Also, Kathy has a bedtime, you guys.

Caquatto – VT – her usual hop back on her full, but smaller than it has been lately – small amount of pike -good height, not the most distance. 9.850. Here we go. Would that really have gone 9.900 last year? With that hop back? One judge went 9.900.

Savona – UB – solid legs on shap – small break on bail – one tight handstand in there and the full looked a bit late – strong position on DLO with very small step – some breaks but nothing major.

Fassbender – VT – pretty much stikcs her full – best landing of the season for her – not the height or dynamics of the other vaulters in the lineup.

Hambrick – UB – great height on Ray – excellent legs on the bail – full could have been a little less rushed – high tuck full dismount with an identical small step back to Savona.

Sloan – VT – Girl also sticks, basically – there’s a bit of a lean and a tiny shuffle – then a lunge to salute, but I’d say she held on with just the tiny shuffle.

Cannamela – UB – good hs – high tkatchev, clean body – leg break on bail – once again a small step back with one foot on the tuck full – they’re all almost sticking but giving away .050 on each dismount – her cleanest of the year so far, though – nice handstands.

Boren – VT – great direction on 1.5 – gets her distance, pretty big hop forward, though, and a leg break early in the postflight.

Wyrick – UB – good position on full turn – tkatchev is fine but not amazing – better legs on her bail than some others – strong final hs – flings DLO with a smaller leg break – tiny hop in place.

Baker – VT – Stronger than Boren’s 1.5, great distance but she has gone farther  – just a small step to the side – nearly stuck – also had that similar leg break early in postflight.

Finnegan – UB -wonder counter on that Ray – and the TOES – lovely bail handstand – two steps back on DLO unfortunately because it was the strongest bars routine so far on the bars themselves, maintained excellent form.

McMurtry – VT – fantastic – as always – her identical full – small hop back – really the only thing to take, and since the scores have been typically high – expect 9.900. 9.925. Wha…? Did you watch? Do you know the rules?

Zamardi – UB – She has more of a break on her shap to pak but nothing that gets tkaen – good finish position on her half turn on low bar – hits khorkina – small hop forward on double arabian, but not one of her scary ones.

OK, well one judge gave McMurtry a 9.950 on a full she didn’t stick. There we are.

After 1: Florida 49.500, LSU 49.325
Good progress on the landings fro Florida in that rotation. More control for Bridgey, basically-sticks from Fassbender and Sloan. Neither Baker nor Boren had hops that were too large either, so that’s an encouraging development as we head toward the meets that matter. Obviously, the scores were high across the board.

A lot to like about the LSU rotation as well. Nice precision on handstands, fewer breaks, but not enough sticks to keep pace right now. Everyone gave away .050 on landing, some of then unnecessarily because those were great dismounts that could have been stuck.
Breaking news: These teams have a lot of respect for each other.

Sports tend to have a really loose definition of adversity. Does the flu really count as adversity?

Cannamela – VT – very strong stick on her full – good control – not huge in the height or distance, which should be taken, but can’t argue the landing. Great start.

Baker – UB -First of the Giant Ray sisters – loses her legs on the bail a bit and a short handstand, but another much-improved double front landing – hop in place.

Ewing – VT – good 1.5 – step forward – does not have the distance of Baker or Boren on their 1.5s, so it will be intereesting if she gets bumped down a little on the scores comparatively. Still 9.900.

Boren – UB – Flat tkaatchev but fine – hits her handstand position on the bail – small shuffle on DLO and a borderline handstand in there.

Macadaeg – VT – pretty position on full – small hop back – better landing position than early in the season – also lacks the power and distance, though. Just looks a little slighter and flatter. 9.900. LSU being judged with the same lens as Florida on vault.

BDG – UB – good legs on shap to bail – keeping toes and hitting hs – her usual legs on DLO and a larger pace back than she would have liked – there’s very little in the routine, but mostly what she gives away is on the dismount.

Savona – VT – She does just do the full this time – capable of more which showed in the vault, a larger lunge back, too much power – full is too easy for her.

Caquatto UB – lovely first hs – huge Ray – very precise early – nails the legs on the bail – best handstands of the team so far – sticks DLO – really, really good. Her best event and one of her best of the season – chest down and forward on the stick, but definitely a stick.

Hambrick – VT – No question about the stick on that vault – lovely form, opens, and better distance and height than the vaults from Macadaeg and Cannamela – and yet basically the same score. Judges didn’t allow themselves separation – 9.925 means one judge did give it a perfect score, so we can’t say it’s too low. I think 9.900-9.925 is fair in a vacuum – but it’s not different enough from the others. If Macadaeg is 9.900, then Hambrick should be 10.050.

Sloan – UB – great hs – Ray is the usual – much better legs in bail this time – nailing hs – would obviously have had a 10 but hopped back on DLO to the tune of a tenth –

Gnat – VT – No stick on the DTY this time – she’s pissed – hop back. Still the same leg cross. Still goes 9.950.

McMurtry – UB – WOW – overbalanced a handstand and had to go over – tried to stay on the bars with just an extra swing, and came off the bars doing that, awkwardly, landing on her back. So this is the dropped score, obviously. Restarts – bail is fine – doesn’t do the Ray because it’s already dropped – just does a dismount – hop back.

AFTER 2: Florida 98.875, LSU 98.875
TIED! Looks like the teams are being judged with the same loose standard so far, but LSU makes up the gap with a huge vault score. Better control on the landings from LSU, three sticks, which accounts for the difference. Florida is comfortably able to drop the uncharacteristic fall from McMurtry on bars, with Caquatto’s performance being the highlight of that rotation. Excellent. Would have received a 10 if she were anchoring the lineup or going after Sloan, or just wearing Sloan’s number. Sloan nearly there but she can do that DLO much better. They needed the big rise to the high McMurtry score to pull out the bars total we expect from Florida.

Baker – BB – a little uncertain in that wolf turn but no wobble – slow in the walkover to bhs connection but they would never dare not credit it – also a little slow in splits on dance connection and short of 180 on split 1/2 – side aerial to full with small hop back. Nothing major there, just a lit slower and tighter than usual. 9.900. Here we go.

Ewing – FX -strong front 2/1, slightly awkward shuffle – HIGH front 1/1 to layout – excellent position and stuck, pretty much a perfect pass – switch side and popa are both 180 – controls double pike as well, good chest position – strong first routine –

Ernst – BB – walkover is fine – wobble and a step back on loso series – good split jump to sheep jump, solid closure on sheep jump, tiny correction working out of it – stuck gainer pike.

Hambrick – FX – floats that DLO, she ends with her chest probably lower than it needs to be, good control – overdoes her 2.5 into the front and has to bouncy lunge quite far out of the landing. Shame. Good split full and wolf full – hit positions and around – tucks her pike a little bit and slides. Not one of her good ones. Still 9.850.

Fassbender – BB – walkover is normal – secure loso series but could be higher – you’re killing me with that sissone – sheep isn’t sheepy enough either – side aerial to full dismount with hop back. She needs different dance elements and this could be a starring routine.

Kelley – FX – high DLO with better chest position than Hambrick but weaker control – slide back – also a large lunge out of her front lay to front full, similar to Hambrick’s lunge on her second pass – short on double tuck with step forward. A couple struggles suddenly for LSU on floor. 9.850.

Boren – BB – IF THEY TALK ABOUT BOREN’S NON-SMILE ONE MORE TIME… – nails standing kickover – strong loso series as well, no correction – straddle is good, split could be closer to 180 – holds onto gainer loso without a wobble well – gainer full with hop-together landing – one of her more confident beam routines acrobatically this season.

Savona – FX – 1.5 through to double back, smallish slide this time – also bounces on tuck full, not as comfortable in her landings this time – double pike was better, secure and controlled step instead of the bounce. Still good, and the scores are going high, but not a Total Savona.

McMurtry – BB -secure kickover, and also on loso series – the legs are an issue on loso series but solid – hop forward on 2/1 dismount – but no trouble there –

Wyrick – FX – slides back on full in but says in bounds, good chest position, a little ragged in leg form – half to front to half appeared to have better legs this time, at least from this angle – straddle elements are excellent – deep on double back landing with another slide. LSU not as comfortable as we would expect an LSU team to be on these landings.


Sloan – BB -Walkover and does a little I’m-not-wobbling connection into beat jump – loso series, she’s not wobbling in these skills, but she is doing bend adjustments on a couple – large break on side aerial and falls. WHAT IS HAPPENING BRIDGET? Not like they need the score.

Gnat – FX -excellent DLO, chest up and controlled – 2.5 to front tuck is good, tuck travels a bit far again and the usual crossed legs in her twisting, but controlled well – it looks pretty identical to her 10 last week until the shortish landing on double pike with a hop forward. It’s still a great floor score for LSU, but they gave a lot away.

Florida goes 49.525 on beam because dismounts are the only deductions. Good beam performance in the first five, no major breaks until Sloan continued making the universe not make sense. Solid improvement from Boren.

Just watch out for Florida’s floor scores as well because those scores are itching to go super high. Gnat got 9.950 while landing short on a pass, and a couple of those routines went 9.850 with significant landing errors. LSU still goes 49.450, which is an exceptional score, but they will not be happy with that performance because they all left landings on the table –

SEC Net gives us a wonderful judging tutorial with Joan Gnat. Nice touch. “And this is how we evaluate the scores…and this is how we ignore that and just give everyone a 9.950 no matter what.”

We’re getting close to starting Michigan and Oklahoma now as well.

After 3: Florida 148.400, LSU 148.325

McMurtry’s return on floor is the big news of this last rotation. If she’s actually able to do floor consistently for the end of the year, that’s a game-changer for Florida on floor.

Macadaeg – BB – wobble on full turn – GIRL, the scores meant you could have gone 10 in the leadoff – lovely switch 1/2 – hits walkover to beat jump as well – check on loso series – sticks gainer full but gave too much away there – LOL still gets a 9.925. At least they’re consistent….ly insane.

McLaughlin – FX – front lay to front full – larger lunge and nearly goes OOB, Kathy also may have accidentally said “Ew” – also bounces on her rudi – not enough control, especially for her lack of difficulty – better on 1.5 to pike –

Wait, DD Breaux has been wearing a mic all night and you’re just giving it to us now?

Hambrick – BB -lovely hitch kick to side aerial – a little tight on her switch side this time but looked like she still hit her 180 – check on loso series – sticks 2/1 – some issues but will still get a 10.

Boren – FX – slides back on full in – good power and chest but slide – leaps are fine – good punch and form on 1.5 to layout – nails double tuck – she’ll lose a bit for the landing on the first pass, but otherwise quite strong.

Capps just stuck her full on vault. Like Chayse Capps. Scaman with a lunge forward on 1.5.

Gauthier – BB – fluid full turn – small lean adjustment on loso series – back leg is short on switch, and then a large wobble, bend at the hips on tuck jump. Better gainer loso – step on 1.5. They’ll need to drop this.

Ali Jackson STICKS 1.5, no question. Her best of the season. 9.975. Wouldn’t have been surprised with a full 10.

McMurtry – FX – Here we go. highly high 3/1, wonderful – does cross her legs and land staggered, but still very high – front lay to front full is also quite high, good punch, hop to the side landing it – dance element positions look solid – a bit short on double tuck with a lean forward, but strong routine. If she continues in this lineup, it’s a step up.

Ewing – BB – hits her layout 2ft – switch side looks as it usually does, slightly crooked – hits loso to straddle 1/4 – step forward on 1.5 – that will help drop Gauthier’s 9.7 – good work.

Sloan – FX – STICKS 1.5 to 2.5 – wonderful, no question about that – bounces back and OOB on her double pike – not a Bridget day. Sticks her 1.5 to layout as well. Another case where she obviously would have received a 10 if not for a large error. They’re trying, Bridget.

The scores still say 9.825 for Sloan’s routine. NO. PLease fix.

Finnegan – BB – cuts the wolf turn short this time making it a 2.5 with a bit of a wobble – check on the switch 1/2 – lovely but a wobble – solid on the switch side. Step back on full on dismount. Still 9.925. EVERYONE.

Sloan’s floor score corrected to 9.725. Put away your knives. Kind of.

Baker – FX – Exceptional Dos Santos with step forward, I would classify as controlled – a tad short on her double pike and has to lean forward and step – good amplitude on dance – 1.5 to half to straddle is perfection – just missing it on the middle pass.

Gnat – BB – holds onto her walkover to connect it into beat jump without a pause – switch and straddle 1/4 are strong – LSU could legitimately beat Florida on home floor – bend on switch side – secure loso series – two small steps back on 2/1. Still gets a 9.950, in spite of the step and the lean.

Bridgey needs a 9.925 to tie LSU.

Caquatto – FX – front 2/1 to front tuck is strong this time – added it back – rudi to split jump, travels on the split jump awkwardly and swims to try to keep it from traveling too far – good straddle elements – solid enough double pike. Will she get the score in spite of the middle pass? Just a 9.900. LSU wins by .025. Legitimately shocked Bridgey didn’t get exactly the score she needed to win like she usually does.

FINAL: LSU 197.900, Florida 197.875
Oh…scoring.That’s really all there is to say there. Just not based on reality at all. Both teams were very even, so it’s hard to say who really should have won. I don’t think Florida had particularly a home advantage over LSU because both teams were scored wildly charitably. Both teams also gave enough away on floor to make themselves vulnerable.

Sheppard – VT – Very high full as always – great position in the air – hop back.

Oklahoma is getting all the scores on bars so far.

Kmieciak – UB – Very strong Ray – nearly overbalanced a handstand in there but holds the vertical well – crushes an ostrich with an anvil…oh wait that was Kelly – comes in low on her tuck full with a step – not her usual dismount.

Karas – VT – another magical 1.5 – pretty much stuck – hops her legs together – wonderfully high and nailed the landing. I love how Kelly is suddenly finding errors in the Michigan routines. If it were an Oklahoma routine, the sky would have already shattered.

Wofford – UB -excellent finish position on her turns – great toe point on jaeger – perfectly precise bail handstand – SHORT on final hs – step back on tuck full – she had a 10 going but gave away a handstand and a step.

“It’s a Kasamatsu, named after a…Japanese gymnast.” Yeah, Kasamatsu. The clue is in the name, Kelly.

Auburn and Missouri are both close to 197 pace after two events. Just to let you know.

And now she still get Georgia and Alabama as well! I love this day.

After 2: Oklahoma 99.000, Michigan 98.650.

McNeer – VT – her usual stick – the girl can land a vault – some pike and others will have bigger distance, but still…

Vaculik – UB -short first hs – solid piked jaeger – completely loses her legs on her bail and comes off – she was off right from the beginning of that routine. No, Georgia this is BARS, not beam. BARS. step forward on tuck full dismount.

Guerrero – VT – 1.5 – hop forward, a bit of direction, and mushy knees, so the score won’t be huge, but it will still be solid.

Alabama does not appear to have it together on the live scoring yet, which is uncharacteristic.

Cherrey – UB – good Ray but she’s also giving away handstands – nice legs on her bail – much bigger pike on her DLO this time, lands low and a large hop forward – they’ll have to count it.

Bressete – VT – one of her better vaults – hop back, but good direction and distance – leg break on block.

Snead – UB – flat on tkatchev but hits – leg break on her bail – good toe point and better handstands than the first two – sticks DLO – great at the end, just a leg break in there – much needed routine.

Brannan – VT – does 1.5 – short landing with a step back but kept it on her feet – pikes and loses her knees more than usual to pull it around

Schick – UB – more tight handstands – tkatchev and piked jaeger are both hit – love the height on that jaeger – hop forward on DLO, will also get hit for handstand positions.

Bailey – VT – Missed last week just to punish people in fantasy – comes in short on her full bends at the hips and hops forward.

Jay – UB – solid bail – shush is well caught – handstands are borderline but better than the others – sticks DLO 1/1 once again – very impressed with her landings there – does pike is as most do, but will be a big score. Not that we get to know…

Beers – VT -STICKS 1.5. It’s the day of sticking 1.5s. Jackson did for 9.975 and Karas did for 9.950 already. Her best vault of the season. She does get the 10. Ali Jackson’s like, “Umm….” Great stick. Home meet. 10s are what happen.

Rogers – UB -excellent first hs – gorgeous stalders and ricna to pak – all wonderful – and then FALLS on her shap 1/2. Noooo…not only is she not getting a 10, but Georgia is counting a fall now.

Looked like Michigan started with a fall on floor from Christopherson, coming into the lineup?

Alabama 49.400, Georgia 48.500. Yikes.

Catour – BB – secure loso series – she has been given full KJ hands, which helps the presentation – a little tight on some of her flexibility and a wobble there on the walkover – sticks gainer full.

B. Brown – FX – small small bounce on double pike that looked otherwise solid – arches around the layout after her 1.5 – travels on her split series but good 180s – very low chest on double tuck.

N. Brown – BB – wonderful walkover to loso series – a couple small corrections on her dance series – pretty full turn, excellent sissone – switch to a stuck gainer full – pretty, looked tight on dance series but otherwise not so.

Broussard – VT – great dynamics and amplitude on full, but a significant hop back.

McNeer – UB – godod first hs – great toes on tkatchev – hitting hs – large leg break on her bail, which will take away the score, but otherwise lovely into a stuck DLO. Shame about the bail, would have been high otherwise.

Johnson – VT – Look who’s back! didn’t have the control on her full, larger bounce back, but will be a more reliable scorer than Vaculik one would think.

Guerra – UB -good toes on jaeger – misses a couple handstands in here – Kupets “isn’t sure about” them – I am – sticks DLO very well – all the skills are there, just the handstands need more precision. She will have some classic DeMeo/Jacobs Alabama power bars in time.

Marino – VT – small step forward on 1.5 – same loose legs, but good direction and distance, just the step and knees.

Jetter – UB – Ray is one of those high-but-close tkatchevs – handstands are hit – bail looks fine – hop forward on double front –

Snead – VT – best vault fo the year – stiscks the full – great height and layout position, wonderful form.

Winston – UB – great counter on that Ray – lovely height and legs on pak – good finish on half turn – one short handstand in there – sticks DLO – wonderful -Sloan feet on her Ray, but if Sloan isn’t getting deducted for it.  9.975 again. Not solid on the 10 because of one handstands in there.

Also, Capps just did a Capps of a beam routine. Wonderfully fluid on the walkover to scale.

Rogers – VT – 1.5 – one of her good ones – small hop forward and legs on the block, but otherwise excellent.

Brannan – UB – good toes and legs on jaeger – hitting her handstands – step on DLO – simple routine but generally precise – solid handstands

Jay – VT – step back on 1.5 – NEARLY a stick, but still strong – should probably get the same score as Rogers – same legs on the block, and also a small step, just backward instead of forward. 9.850. I guess they hit her for coming in short, rather than Rogers who didn’t.But she didn’t really come in that short.

Bailey – UB -excellent height on that jaeger – hitting handstands – strong bail and legs together – step back on full out, but nearly perfection. Will be another important score.

Michigan just got a massive 49.500 on floor. Saw Karas nail her double arabian in there.

Oklahoma 148.350, Michigan 148.150
A big score going for both, but Michigan seriously narrowed the gap with that floor performance. Of course, Michigan is still going to beam while Oklahoma goes to floor. Oklahoma’s beam was good from what I caught during that rotation, just a few more checks than the fluidly dominant rotation we expect. Still a strong score and going to a floor rotation where two 9.950s have already been given out. Michigan in line for massive road score.

Alabama 98.925, Georgia 97.825
So this isn’t close, but Alabama wants that 198. The scores are there to be had. If only they were there to be viewed.

Haven’t been watching Arkansas and Kentucky either, but scores are damn flying. We might see a 197 there.

Brannan – BB – secure loso series – switch split and a wobble on the stag – long pause before kickover but no error, hop forward on 1.5. A couple breaks but fine –

Snead – FX – whip to double back is secure, low chest but holds the landing – travels a bit too far on her straddle jump out of her middle pass – splits are well-performed – double pike landing is similar to double tuck, controlled but low chest.

McNeer – BB – strong aerial into bhs, bends to correct just a tad out of bhs, though – easy full turn – solid loso series, right on – switch and split positions look strong – hop on 1.5.

Babalis – FX – solid whip to double back, keeps front foot down and better chest position – hits her splits and straddle without issue – punch lay to front full also has some better control, she has choreographed in dancing out of that pass but didn’t really need to this time – slide back on double pike.

A Sims – BB – obviously excellent splits – no trouble on loso series, right on and extended – switch and straddle 1/4 both great – step back on double tuck, but that’s really the only thing.

Rogers – FX – lands her double arabian in an exact sphere shape, holds on with a lunge – 1.5 to a somewhat whippy lay -missed the end. Did something happen?

Capps – FX – OU – good double pike – chest down but solid – I’m curious to watch the endurance in this routine and how it progressed through the season to complete this floor routine – twisting is controlled into layout – hits 180 on her straddle elements – why do we have a split screen of glum children? – rudi is a bit staggered, it’s not her strongest skill, but another good hit.

Bailey – BB -Lovely L turn, that skill is back – nails loso series – falls on side aerial – they’ve got the scores so far, but pressure on the final two now, obviously – good switch and tuck jump full – sticks 2/1 with a bend.

Lindsay Williams just fell on beam again for Michigan. Second week. Very surprised.

Marino – FX – she’s so tiny that she doesn’t even need to get all that high on her DLO to keep a straight body and land with a high chest, great landing – great exactly straight body position on the 1.5 to layout – small slide on double pike.

Showing shots on a possibly injured Brittany Rogers is not acceptable for our heart health.

Guerrero – BB – three series to loso – I love how she covered up a potential wobble and missed leg into a little choreography, great improv – how is this routine already over – sticks 1.5. 9.950. One judge went 10. So I guess that means a cool cover means the problem didn’t happen.

Auburn just got a 197.200 after everyone got a 9.900 on floor.

Box – FX – The Boxian double pike – high 1.5 to layout, good punch and position – straddles no trouble, definitely around – a little squatty on double tuck, but otherwise strong.

C Sims – BB – No Beers this week – small check on split jump 3/4 – another bit of tightness on landing loso series, small check – good full turn – wobble on switch as well, she’s staying on and they need to count this routine – just getting through – much better on kickover front – sticks gainer full chest down.

OU needs a 9.900 from Scaman to get a 198 today.

Scaman – FX – very strong DLO this time, holds the landing – 1.5 to loso is MUCH better than last week, which brought down the score – the usual floatiness this time – hits her straddles well – small correction on double back landing, but everyone has received a 9.900 so this should have no trouble doing so as well. Oh, just a 9.975. Even with a correction on the last pass. Even the OU team is laughing a little bit.

Jay – FX – good control on full out, chest down as usual but one of the good ones – gets her 2.5 to front tuck as well, controlling the landings this time – solid on the front full – GOOD. Not throwing in any of those landing errors.

197.275 for Michigan. A couple issues on beam brought the total down, but they’ll definitely take that as a road score.

198.075 for Oklahoma. Sooner season high.

And now we get a Georgia beam rotation. The hits keep coming. Bad choice of words.

Arkansas 197.225, Kentucky 196.700. Season high for both by a million miles. Anyone watch that one? How did the scoring look?

Auburn 197.200, Missouri 196.625

Annnnnnd Vaculik already fell. Before the rotation even started. Off on loso series. Slight bend on side somi – side aerial to full, small hop. Here we go. Important moment for this rotation to be able to drop that fall.

Guerra – FX – Oh, look who’s back…bounce back on double tuck, proving that she probably should be doing much more than a double tuck under ideal health – good split full – 1.5 to layout, has to whip that layout around horizontally, pulled it around but not great – another slide back on double pike and just does stay in bounds – they’ll want to drop that. Won’t be terrible, but they can do better.

Jay – BB – fine full turn – secure side aerial – bends to hold kickover front and probably breaks connection to bhs, at least to my eyes but they’ll give it, check on bhs – just tight in trying to make her connections – sticks 1.5. Not her strongest with a couple checks, but got through.

Jetter – FX – sticks double arabian, one of the best I’ve seen from here – good split full and straddle full, hits position – 1.5 to front full which she has been doing since junior elite – good twisting form, dances out of it a little – 1.5 to layout is clean as well – if Guerra was 9.825, let’s see where these scores go

Rogers – BB – good walkover to wolf, no check – secure on switch 1/2 – nice bhs 1/1, no checks at all so far – holds the loso series without giving away a deduction – holds her bhs 3/4 as well, starts to lose her elbows but keeps the handstand – 1.5 is near-stuck – one of her best of the season. Strong routine.

Winston – FX – DLO is strong, high chest and maintains enough control – great high layout into the front full – good position in twisting – now THAT’s how you do a switch ring, so much better than the other cheated ones we see – excellent double back as well, high, chest up, solid landing. Great. Just great. 9.975. Damn. I did not do well picking my 10s this week.

Babalis – BB – solid on her switch – hits her kickover well – opened with her walkover to loso and didn’t wobble there either – I doubted this routine, but this is her best hit of the season, so good for her – step back on punch front full. Best of the year. Georgia is so close to getting through this now.

Bailey – FX -short on her double arabian with a stumble back – did well to stay on her feet, but multiple steps back – lay to front full is not a problem – very nice rudi, not staggered and keeps a straight position the whole time.

Broussard – BB – falls on loso series. I totally jinxed it. Counting a fall on beam and bars this week. Oh Georgia – check on straddle 1/4 – side aerial is fine, but Georgia is running out of time to pull it together. Sticks gainer full.

Beers – FX – strong DLO, just a controlled step back, high – front lay to front full with a minor slide – cheats the switch ring a little, splits are fine. It’s still shocking to me that we’ve already reached senior nights – holds onto the double tuck well enough, hips traveling back but keeps that leg down in her lunge -9.975 is just a senior night score.

Box – BB – good tuck jump full – secure loso series – switch to split 3/4, no wobble – aerial to scale – was she even doing that skill? – sticsk 1.5. Great final routine, but it’s not going to save the rotation. Another problem.

We can’t even see Mary Beth when Danna is supposed to be talking to see. It looks like Danna is a crazy person and talking to the wall.

C Sims – FX – front to double back, low chest but solid – front full to front pike, no issue, good twist position and height – hits 180 on switch side – very low on double pike with a large lunge forward. 9.975! Probably! 9.800.

Not a good day for Georgia. 195.700. It just isn’t getting better. Productive night for Alabama. Had a couple eh vaults and ended up counting a wobbly beam routine after one fall, but they got a whole ton of 9.975s in this meet, and made up for it with a huge floor. On track, I would say.

Alabama 197.550 to Georgia 195.700

Through three events, Boise State remains on track for yet another low 196. We keep expecting teams like Georgia to catch them, but….see above.

Missed opportunity for GWU tonight. Scored 195.350 but was on track for a 196 if not for counting an 8.9 on bars, which devastated the score.

In better news, Illinois is back! Finally! 196.300 last week, 196.525 this week. That’s more like it. And it includes counting a 9.6 on bars. That’s much more like the talent level of this team.

34 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – LSU @ Florida; Michigan @ Oklahoma; Georgia @ Alabama”

  1. Rowland slots McMurtry in for Caquatto on FX. McMurtry gets a 10 in her NCAA floor debut, which is just enough for Florida to win the meet.

  2. If Alicia Boren and Amanda Borden were related, I am sure the SEC commentators wouldn't keep harping on Alicia learning to smile.

  3. The judge who gave McMurtry a “perfect” 9.95 for a YFull with a non-stick should be suspended. NCAA gymnastics should treat judges just like they do refs in other sports. If they make errors, they should be suspended and/or reprimanded.

  4. I wonder how tired Alicia Boren is of having people talk about the amount she does or doesn't smile.

  5. Well at least they are consistent with the ridiculous scores. But seriously, I just can't with this. And it's so annoying because these are my 2 favorite teams but this scoring is just bull.

  6. After watching the crazy scoring in Gainesville, that 10 from Beers doesn't bother me at all,especially since the other scores in the lineup were very reasonable.

  7. Not only will Georgia likely be in the afternoon session at SECs again, they might even go into it ranked 6th. I love this team and they have Super Six potential, it hurts to watch them sometimes.

  8. It's crazy though. It's not even the same people that keep missing their beam routines. It's everyone, except for Jay and Box. And I just wanna shout out Brandie Jay for KILLING it on beam this season.

  9. Yeah, like at this point why not just try to throw Cherrey and Schick back in, they have just as good of a chance of staying on as anyone probably. I just don't even know how this is happening or how it can be fixed.

  10. It was fine since the meet wasn't close, but Beers definitely got a big senior night boost on VT and FX. That vault wasn't a 10.

  11. Actually Box has had two falls this season and one wobbly beam routine I believe. Jay is the only beam worker for UGA who has yet to have a fall… now that I wrote that she is obviously jinxed now. 🙂

  12. What happens if UGA actually finishes 12th? Do they HOST the 1/12/13 regional? So Oklahoma, UGA and Stanford or Denver? Are there any other possible host teams hovering around the 12-13 mark that could spoil this? A UGA vs. Stanford battle for the second NCAA spot would be classic. Can Missouri get to the 13th spot in RQS and have a repeat of the 2010 Regional?

  13. I just really don't understand the super high scoring in NCAA. Because it is not that these judges don't know what they are doing. These are Level 10, National, and Brevet judges. They know the code. They are same people who are judging level 10 nationals and would be giving a routine like McKenna Kelley had tonight somewhere around a 9.5 or 9.6. The problem is not they are dumb, or they all just forget the code when they show up at a college meet. They are obviously getting the message somewhere that they should be applying the code much more loosely at the college level. Otherwise it makes no sense why the same people who take all the deductions in Level 10 competition don't take those same deductions in NCAA. So I don't think that individual sanctions or reviews or something like that will work. If we want NCAA to be scored like JO, then there would have to a some kind of national message sent to judges telling them to start doing that. And coaches and gymnasts and fans would need to know that was happening, too, so that they aren't confused when a routine that once scored 9.9 (like Alex McMurtry's floor last night) suddenly scores a 9.7 like it would in JO, and so that people don't accuse judges of being too tough or unfair when they start scoring lower than has traditionally been the case.

  14. I would just like to point out that Oklahoma got a 49.7 as a home floor score and yet no one screams “home scoring, suspend the judges, ect.”

  15. Watch the Nastia Liukin cup and then watch the same girls compete in collegiate. They actually become cleaner and more technically sound which allows for the score increase. The girls are older and there's less pressure. Some girls went from 4 tumbling passes to 3. They have easier vaults and bar routines. They do get better in college. The best example would be Sloan, Kupets, and Peszek who got Better in college than when they competed elite. If fans of the sport start demanding the judges treat college like a pre-elite program (which is what JO and level 10 are) the sport will lose fans. No one wants to watch gymnasts score 9.5s for hit routines. That's boring.

  16. But no one mentions Oklahoma who is currently ranked first. Are we really saying Oklahoma deserves their crazy high scores or is it because no one can watch that region's meets and complain about their scores?

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