*FINAL* US Men’s Olympic Team Calculator

NOTE: This has been updated to include the final results from Olympic Trials.

Because we’ve all (and by “we’ve all,” I obviously mean just me) been agonizing over various US men’s team options ever since nationals made everything harder, I’ve put together a handy-dandy little calculator so we can assess and compare all the possible groups of five Olympians (both realistic and five-Paul-Ruggeris-type). That way, everyone can join in the fun! This is what fun is, right?

Go ahead and give it a whirl!

Here’s how it works: In the cell next to “Team Member #X,” write the surname only of the gymnasts on a prospective Olympic team. Once you’ve listed at least three gymnasts, you’ll see a three-up, three-count total for that team on each event—as well as a full team total—based on the scores from nationals.

There are two options here, the first one is based on the highest score received by each gymnast at nationals (if you’re a glass-half-full kind of person), and the second one is based on the average score received by each gymnast at nationals (if you’re a glass-half-pommel-horse kind of person).

As a handy reminder of who the people are and how their last names are spelled (be sure they’re spelled correctly), here are the 18 remaining options for the US men’s Olympic team: Mikulak, Brooks, Dalton, Modi, Melton, Whittenburg, Moldauer, Kimble, Ruggeri, Orozco, Maestas, Naddour, Oyama, Bailey, Penev, Leyva, Legendre, Wynn.

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9 thoughts on “*FINAL* US Men’s Olympic Team Calculator”

  1. Ok, I’ve got Leyva, Dalton, Brooks, Mikulak, and Penev at 276.4
    That seems pretty good. There’s too many permutations!! IT’S NOT POSSIBLE.

  2. Mikulak, Whittenburg, Dalton, Naddour + *Brooks, max score of 277.9 & average of 273.725. I’m considering the first 4 all locks to the team, if I had to pick the team today, based on the results of National’s I’d send Brooks, but come trials Leyva or Orozco could potentially challenge him on the events I’m looking to use him on, (lol – this is Leyva we’re talking about) “back under the towel you go”

  3. Based on just your calculator (which is awesome btw), I’d have to go with one of the following teams:

    Highest = 278.450

    Average = 274.675

    In reality, I’d want to take much more into consideration, such as how well they performed at other meets this year, international experience, how well do they perform under pressure, etc. And of course then there’s the issue of whether or not you should deprive someone of the chance to win an individual medal, for the sake of increasing your odds of winning a team medal?

  4. They are all going to either get eaten by a t-rex or imprisoned in an ancient Mayan temple of horrors anyway!
    Choose your own adventure books are great!

  5. Awesome calculator! It will be interesting to see how the results change if other meets were added, like Trials and World’s. It seems odd that @Cassie’s combo without either of the “leg” event guys is the highest. Also, the E scoring was loose at times (esp Ruggeri’s vault) and that may be distorting the results

    I have a combo with Mikulak, Whittenburg, Ruggeri, Modi and Naddour scoring 278.25/274.15, which is pretty close and provides potential upside. The veteran combo with Mikulak, Whittenburg, Ruggeri, Brooks and Naddour is a notch better at 278.35/274.2

    There are so many combinations that produce similar results — Trials will get interesting.

  6. It’s really exciting that even though the major contenders for the olympic team haven’t changed much from 2012 to 2016, except for Whittenburg and maybe Modi, we could have a very different olympic team than the last quad based on the calculations others have done. Really been enjoying all your MAG coverage so far!

  7. I got 278.10 High / 274.55 Avg with a team made up of Ruggeri, Dalton, Mikulak, Brooks and Naddour. The really strange thing with these numbers (and the numbers many got before me) is that the average seems to be consistently 3-3.5 points HIGHER than Japan’s score from world’s team finals last year. Did they fall a bunch of times, and I’m forgetting? I’m so perplexed…

  8. I love this tool – thank you! I hate to imagine a team with Donnell Whittenberg, but when I crunch the numbers, we do better with Chris Brooks instead, assuming the others are Mikulak, Naddour, Dalton, and Orozco (although Leyva or Modi could bump John, depending on how Saturday’s trials go.) As of today, this combo yielded 278.7 best and 273.525 average.

  9. As of today, the combo of Mikulak, Naddour, Whittenburg, Ruggeri, and Orozco yielded a best of 279.025. This is the highest I could come up with.

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