Women’s Qualification Live Blog

Welcome one, welcome all, to the competition to see who the second US qualifier into the all-around final is. Wait, what? There are other things happening today too? Like a lot of them? Oh. That’s weird.

In  the first subdivision, we will have an inability to stay awake because of nonstop gymnastics. Also some teams.


Team China (beginning on beam)
Team Belgium (beginning on bars)
Oksana Chusovitina (vault in rotation 1)
Hong Un Jong (vault in rotation 2)
Larrissa Miller (bars in rotation 2, floor in rotation 4)
Toni-Ann Williams (everything in rotation everything)

In major affairs of the first rotation, we’ll have Chuso’s critical Prod attempt, and also China’s risk-adjacent beam rotation featuring just three gymnasts and one of them is Wang Yan.

Interestingly, Fan Yilin is slated to go on floor instead of Tan, which means that Tan is still not at 100% because she is the far superior floor worker. It’s also rather odd that Fan is scheduled to go first because China usually likes to do the old, “put our worst one last, let’s see if we need her score” routine. (Hence Tan going after Fan on bars.) Worries about Shang?

“Countries such as Chile, Turkey, Croatia, and Oksana Chusovitina.”

Breaking news, North Korea does not have a new leo. I know you’re really surprised.

Warmups underway. Mao indeed not even out of her warmups for beam.

Chuso is “one of the few who have actually enjoyed motherhood.” LOL.

Wang – BB – Here we go – front pike is solid – step forward on switch ring – solid sheep – wobble on layout, leg up, but stays on – nailed front tuck – walkover – pause – switch 1/2 wobble – 3/1 dismount step back. WANG HIT BEAM IT’S AN OLYMPICS MIRACLE.

13.775 for Hermans leading off bars for Belgium. Chest down full in step back.

14.100 for Wang to begin beam.

Shang – BB – strong in the layout series, a bit slow to leaps but hit, secure switch 1/2 – bhs loso series is solid – punch front – secure double spin – walkover to sheep – side aerial – she’s clearly just trying to get through but she did – 3/1 step to the side.

CHUSO VAULT – here we go – not doing the prod – layout rudi – a little floppy and a hop back – some piking – Chuso legs – PHEW NO PROD.

Shang 14.366.

Derwael – UB – stalder ful to shap – lovely – bhardwaj is excellent – shap 1/2 – high jaeger – Ricna to pak, well connected and strong – shap 1/2 – full in landed chest up small hop. Very good. Excellent.

Fan – BB – floated layout, pretty and comfortable – switch ring – small check on walkover but that’s the first thing – some bend on side somi but holds it – switch to side aerial – 3/1 chest down small hop. Best of the three. 14.866.  That can contend for finals.

Chuso hits a Tsuk 2/1 as her second vault

15.133 for Derwael!

Chuso is in first on vault!!!!!!! Oh wait…

Waem will finish bars for Belgium – weiler 1/2 to stalder shap – toe full to tkatchev – piked tkatchev to pak, loses legs there – shap to bail – not as crisp or difficult as Derwael but should be a good score, short hs on high bar – tuck full dismount, step back, a little locked. 14.133

43.332 for China. 43.041 for Belgium. China will absolutely take that on beam. Three hits.

Chuso vault average is 14.999.

Hong Un Jong is bothering to do floor – 1/5 through to 3/1, two whips through to a GET ME TO VAULT. How much does she care about this routine? Is it zero? It’s zero.

Interested to see how it goes for Shang now on floor. She got through beam pretty well but also looked like she wanted to be in a hundred beds instead, so floor is another proposition.

Belgium to beam. Deriks is the one who will sit here. Shang does appear to be warming up her normal floor at least. We’ll also have Hong’s vaults in this rotation to see if she’s actually doing the TTY.

Derwael first for Belgium on beam. Likely a hitting strategy with the first up and what not. Strong walkover, elegant form, large break on two loso series, leg up, hits side aerial – layout gainer full, stuck, quite piked at the end.

Fan Yilin actually gets to do floor – 3/1 is solid – double pike with a stumble – drops out of triple spin a bit – 2/1 third pass – just up to get them a score.

13.966 for Derwael.

Fan’s floor score is 13.500, which is basically magical for her on floor.

Hermans second for Belgium – dismounts 2.5 to hop.

Wang – FX – double double chest down slide back – 1.5 to tripel to punch front, pulls it back well – 2.5 to barani is solid – good switch ring – odd stumble around on her switch – small bounce on double pike – China is hitting normally so far.

Waem – BB – a little tight on her switch – side aerial to back tuck with a slide – finishes double pike, just around, chest down but just a small hop

Hong – VT – just going for the Amanar, phew – solid landing, just a tad underrotated but doesn’t step, just sort of slides her ankles around like people can do –

Second vault – Cheng – also strong, hop in place, slight piking at the end –

14.666 for Wang.

Mao – FX – 3.5 to front pike – both feet OOB on landing – NOOO WHY – 1.5 through to 2.5, hands down and fall –

Mys – BB – good position on the switch ring – sheep – onbodi just a small check – secure walkover – not much amplitude in her elements, but staying secure – step back double pike. 13.833

Mao 11.700 on floor. I quit.

Missed Toni-Ann’s vault but it’s a 14.100!

“So would she get that named after her, even if the men are doing it already?” uggggggggh. I do not care for this little world feed team. They’re so drab…

Shang – FX – 3.5 to front pike entirely sideways but she got it around ish, enough for credit and continuing to live – diagonal like a bishop – pulls around her 3/1 to front pike – drops out of her quad spin somewhat – 2.5 to piked barani – no t much in the amplitude here but pulling it out – double pike, quite low and step but OK. She’s doing more than enough to give her a chance to get into better form by the AA final. 14.100. No finals with that, though, critically. Just got easier for Steingruber and the Japanese there.

After 2: China 85.598, Belgium 84.806

Belgium getting through the tough events well, though it will be interesting to see how those floor scores stack up without the difficulty. Deriks will not be doing floor, which isn’t surprising since she hasn’t done it a ton this year, but I was holding out hope. She has more difficulty than some of her teammates who will be competing.

Rotation 3

Waem starts on floor for Belgium – the beginning of her floor makes he laugh every time – BOOP – she has the lowest difficulty on the team, they just want her to get through with a low 13. 13.366.

Mao – VT – solid, some crossed legs – step to the side – 14.816.

Wang – VT – starts with her Kas full, her better vault – larger pace back and a slide with the front foot as well. 14.933. Second vault – Rudi is much better! low chest and a step back, but landed not in a triangle shape.

14.949. In behind Chuso.

Derawel floor – lovely split and switch positions – floppity 2.5 with some crazy legs and a step –

Solid DTY from Tan – some piking and not too much distance, hop back. 14.766.

Chuso all waving to the crowd after beam.

This Aussie commentator is such a curmudgeon.

Toni Ann! Of course they’re deciding to show her on bars – like showing Ruggeri on rings – shap to bail is clean – muscles a little back to high – goes completely crooked on a handstand – GIRL! lunge forward on tuck full dismount. Girl.

Shang Chunsong yfull to her hands. Her warmup vault was much much better.

12.766 for Shang.

Hermans goes 13.900 on floor. Very good score for her. Belgium hitting entirely to capability today.

Mys – FX – falls out of double L a little – front 2/1 to front tuck, lunge – gets her split 1.5 around – solid double back – sort of a half y spin – sticks double pike. 13.566.

Belgium on pace for a 167 that would be well up on expectations. It won’t be TF, but no falls so far. Nothing under the 13s.

After 3: China 130.113, Belgium 125.805

Wang Yan currently leads the AA by a point after the Shang fall.

Extended break on beam waiting for Yilmaz. Cheryl is ON IT. I may have fallen asleep. And died. Twice.

Yilmaz – BB – full twisting pikelayout series – walkover to split to pike, solid – excellent position on switch 1/2 – switch side – slide back on side aerial but small – deep chest double pike with lunge back – good hit. 14.500. Currently 2nd on beam.

China has been hitting but with largely fine/middling scores. That’s either going to get way better or way worse on bars now. This will also define our expectations about the bars final for the rest of the day.

China’s usual bars-chalking experience. Wang on bars – going cleanly enough for nin-chinese bars – muscles up after shoot – hop on dlouble lay – solid – 13.900.

Miller – FX – double front, squatty but stood it up – front lay to front 2/1 – double arabian, also very squatty – 2.5 to punch front to sat. Sadness.

She did get 14.533 on bars, but that won’t be enough to get back there either.

Deriks lands her yfull but a large bounce back on that – Shang also hits bars for 15.300. She managed to get through the today and now has two more to get more Shang. Hop on tuck full.

She did need to hit that routine. Her AA score is a 56.532, which will be more than fine – but a fall would have put her in the danger zone. She was a little flat casting up out of the gienger – a few leg separations on her E piros, but otherwise good.

Fan – UB -in bar full to stalder, added that stalder so not full D from her – to shap – to pak – to stalder shap – to gienger – well done – great handstand position on piros – DLO with a hop –

Didn’t have the beam feed open for this rotation. Apparently I’m missing all kinds of drahms.

Fan’s score is 15.266. Below Shang. HMMMMMM. And not that far ahead of Derwael.

Let’s talk about the commentator’s pronunciation of Kocian…

Tan – Ub – hindorff to a bit of muscles hkip – pak – to shap to inabr gienger – a little later and wonkier finish on these piros than her teammates, very iffy on the final one – WOGAtchev – DLO with hop – solid enough hit, should not score better than Fan or Shang, or anywhere near. 14.600.

Team scores after 1 subdivision: China 175.279, Belgium 167.838

167 a very respectable score for Belgium. China’s 175 is good, but lower than last year’s TF and they’ll expect better next time out.

Derek stumbles OOB on a full in –

AA: Wang 57.599, DERWAEL 56.532, Shang 56.532

Hermans had a low score on vault to drop her down to 54.508. Could be trouble to get back with that score.

Second subdivision starts nearly immediately after this one, so stick around. We’ll have Russia, Italy, Ponor, and Steingruber. Ponor is on the start list for bars at least…………..


Team Russia (beginning on beam)
Team Italy (beginning on vault)
Catalina Ponor (floor in rotation 1)
Giulia Steingruber (floor in rotation 1)

Italy starting on vault will not have Fasana vaulting, which is a blow to their difficulty. She hasn’t vaulted this year, but she is capable of a DTY, which not all of the others are. Ponor will start us off on floor.

Warmup beginning now.

Russia putting Spiridonova last in the beam lineup. We’ll see if she even goes if they’re happy with the first three scores. Same for floor.

Ponor – FX – DLO with a hop back, good – two whips to pike full in, hop back but starting quite well – falls out of her turn into popa, may not get full credit – skanky-leg 3/1 – stucks double pike – very good.

Melnikova check on layout but fine – another larger check on front pike, leg up , another large wobble, bend at the hips – front tuck, grabs the beam, this is a disaster, no falls but as well as – bends again on side aerial – E score will be miniscule – huge bound back on double pike

14.200 for Ponor. Is into 2nd for the moment, but that is unlikely to hold up.

Rizzelli VT – crazy-legged block on her DTY but has a DTY.

Melnikova gets 13.266. Could have been even lower with all those .3 and .5 breaks. AA opening for Seda?

“Kylie Dickson from Belarus” I just can’t – working cleanly on bars – good line and shap work – tuck full with a step. Should be solid.

Tutkhalyan – BB – layout is strong, very solid – pauses after switch – switch 1/2 – HITS LAYOUT FULL – walkover good – hits switch ring – double pike large lunge back. About 80 points better than Melnikova.

Steingruber – FX – split 1.5 – double double, a little short with a step but fine – good split psoitions = DLO full, hop back but stays in – full in, chest down another hop but she’s not taking much of a hop on these –

Cheryl is having a day on the judging panel

Mustafina – BB – lovely double spin – good leaps – switch half and onodi combo has a large pause but she’ll get it because mustafina – front aerial – TO HER HANDS AND OFF THE BEAM – that flight series confusion got to her mentally I think – “a stupid fall” – double tuck.

13.033 for Aliya. No beam finals. Russia counting Melnikova’s low 13. Well, I guess they’ll want to use Spiridonova after all.

Kovacs opens DLO on floor – full in –  pretty good 2.5 – double back to her hands – CRAP –

Spiridonova – BB – loso series – bizarre ring leap – onodi walks out of it – of course she looks like she’s having no trouble – a couple more checks creeping in –

14.266 for Spiridonova on beam. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Spiridonova is into 5th on beam. So that happened.

Steingruber’s 14.666 on floor is currently level with Wang. Pushing Ponor to third.

I missed Gebeshian on bars. Damn. …Go me? Saw the replay. Her mount is EXCELLENT.

After 1: Italy 43.366, Russia 41.998

Russia got a 41 on beam.

In rotation 2, we’ll have Russian trying to endure floor and Italy trying to endure bars.

Tutkhalyan – FX – short of split on her opening split jump – DLO, bounces back OOB just by a hair – two whips to double pike with another bounce but comfortably in this time – 1.5 to front 1/1 to stag – low but secure and hit – double tuck bounce –

Rizzelli starting for Italy on bars (?) – with a hit – some leg sep in a shap – solid bail – short hs before stalder – tuck full step – HIT –

Steingruber 15.600 rudi – excellent, stuck or nearly, submitted the double for event finals or AA?

Tutkhalyan goes 13.875, Rizzelli 14.033

Second vault for Steingruber – DTY, excellent height, not scary, large bounce back though. Comfortably into vault final. 15.266 average.

Melnikova – FX – larger bounce back on DLO, just does stay in – completes double L, leg got a little wonky on single y but around – bounce back on piked full in as well – double wolf to immediately double spin – stumbles out of double y attempt – two whips to double back and another bounce back – double pike to her hands. RUSSIA.

13.200 Melnikova. Seda is going to make the AA final as long as she only kind of hits bars.

Ferlito – UB – shap to bail, good legs, some leg form on stalder full – good height on jaeger – tuck full nearly stuck – fine, Italy is getting through bars with low 14s, which is about what they can expect. I was worried about the 13s.

Mustafina – FX – falls out of double L, heel drop – good chest up on full in, step back – also falls out of triple y a little, shouldn’t get all three turns credit – repeats a double y, could really hurt her D there – 1.5 to front tuck full, BARELY squeezes it around but she’s Aliya – actually gets the quad spin, I’d give that one credit – double tuck, steps back. Saving herself there. Expressing the pain of her beam routine.

14.066 for Mustafina.

Fasana gets a 14.200 on bars. WHAT LIFE AM I LIVING IN?

Spiridonova – FX – 2.5 to OOB to her hands. Well, Spiridonova floor. The theme of this routine is her fury at Melnikova for making her have to do floor.

Italy is ahead of Russia by 2.5 points. So that’s happening. 12.033 for Spiridonova.

Did we ever get a vault score for Ponor? Looks like she elected not to vault, which means we won’t see her on bars either. BUT I WAS HOPING.

Gebeshian – BB – straddle to wolf opening – secure side aerial – bhs loso series is hit – solid full turn – low switch split position, connected into back tuck – wolf full, don’t see many of those post-Nastia – double tuck near stuck, small hop. HITTING. Two 13s so far for Gebeshian.

After 2: Italy 85.632, Russia 83.139

Russia shouldn’t have a mess on vault in the third rotation, right? I mean, it’s vault. Italy has been solid enough so far, going to beam now, which is their most enjoyable event.

Fasana – BB – bjs to layout – 2 feet – and off the beam already – dear dear –

Melnikova – VT – off to the side of the table but pulls it back to the center well – crossed legs but controlled landing on DTY.

Steingruber – UB – late on clear hip full – recasts to toe shap to pak – shap 1/2 is caught – toe full to HUGE gienger – big cowboy double front, step to the side. 13.900.

Why is this commentator talking about bars like it’s Giulia’s best event? She is in no way thinking she’s going to make the bars final.

14.933 for Melnikova. 15.166 for Mustafina. 12.933 for Fasana.

Seda – VT – basically tucked when she blocks – crazy legs in the air, hop back. 14.733.

Ferrari – BB – two bhs to back full – didn’t even get her feet down, just straight off the beam – check on walkover – check on switch ring, again on sheep – double pike hit

Paseka Cheng – HAHAHAHAHA – crazy legs, landing awkwardly, then does a half turn after landing to salute the judges – like that time Nabieva pretended she did a TTY. It was really good in podium, too! Just a stumble of a vault.

Second vault Amanar – crazy legs again, hops back, better than Cheng though. 14.733 for the first, 15.366 on the second. Into third, ahead of Chuso.

Are we still waiting on Ferrari’s beam score? That was a day ago. What is happening? She fell. It happens.

Will Paseka do the Amanar instead in the TF now. Counting the Cheng isntead of the Amanar hurt the team score rather a lot.

Ferrari with a 12.000. 4.9 D given.

Escobar landed short on a DLO and is stopping. Ankle crusher.

Ferlito – BB – Looking for Italy’s first hit – walkover to sheep is solid – two-footed layout and she’s off – large stumble back on double pike as well – this score will take another 58 minutes to come up with.

13.233 for Ferlito. VICTORY!

Meneghini – BB – high two-footed layout, hit – check on double spin but saved it – switch side – a couple more checks in here, like on a back tuck, but a hit! Hop back on double pike.

14.166 for her. PHEW.

After 3: Russia 127.971, Italy 125.964

FINAL rotation!

Melnikova already started? I’m not ready! – orphan half turn is late but nice tuck full dismount, was clean on her shap elements. 15.100. In behind Derwael, though, Mustafina and Spiri will expect higher.

Meneghini with a solid hit on floor, very controlled passes, saving Italy somehow, though maybe nothing will. 14.233. Ahead of Ponor. Good routine.

53.748 for Gebeshian in the AA. Great day. Solid yfull to finish, good form, probably didn’t need to take so many slides back.

Spiridonova – UB – inbar full to shap to pak to shap 1/2 – lovely and smooth – strong piked jaeger – toe on full to tuck full – very strong –  should be our best bars score of the day so far – it is 15.683

Perez hits beam for 13.600.

It was definitely really important that we see all of Kylie Dickson’s routine today.

14.866 for Ferrari, top on floor so far.

Mustafina – UB – inbar full to shap to pak to shap 1/2, also very well done – high piked jaeger, very good – lovely finsihing position – Mustafina dismount – step. 15.833. Judges throwing panties and roses.

Ponor – BB – two-part switch ring, no wobble – onorobi with a pause into walkover – wonderful series into bhs layout – check on switch half – bhs 1/1 – switch to bhs 3/4 to split – Romanian choo choo just does to double pike, high and a step back. Good.

Fasana landed in a ball on her double double but she went for it and hit – team needs it –

Seda was allowed to go on bars. Gets a 15.133. Seh’s in ahead of Mustafina. No AA final for Melnikova.

14.900 for Ponor. Top beam score so far.

Fasana 14.333.

Russia 174.620. In behind China but by less than a point. They’ll actually be encouraged by that given how much they sucked.

Ferlito – full in- stuck a bit low – bounce back on double tuck – double pike with a lunge back but stays in bounds. Italy rotation order, finishing with the weakest one. 14.033.

Italy 169.396 final. Not a safe score after that beam. NED, JPN etc can beat that.

Missed Steingruber on beam beginning – front pike is good, small slide – solid bhs loso series – punch front, very minor check – NOOOOOO she was doing so well – wobble on switch 1/2 and comes off. Always.

Team after 2 subdivisions:
1. China 175.279
2. Russia 174.620
3. Italy 169.396
4. Belgium 167.838

12.733 for Steingruber. Fourth in the AA behind even Wang Yan.

Mixed Group 6 finished with 170.864 in case you were wondering.

We actually get a break now!

To subdivision 3! Already! My god!


Team Great Britain (beginning on bars)
Team Brazil (beginning on beam)
Team Germany (beginning on floor)
Dipa Karmakar (vault in rotation 1)

A lot more to keep track of in this subdivision with three whole teams, which is complicated more in the first rotation by Karmakar also vaulting. We didn’t get a Prod from Chuso (thankfully), so Karmakar is waving the flag on her own.

I’m also eager to see how the Brazilian AAers shake out because Saraiva, Andrade, and Barbosa are all slated to do AA and could shake out in any order.

Critical EF implications in this first rotation along with Karmaker, since we’ll also see Downie on bars and Saraiva on beam. Beam is still rather open. Yilmaz sits in third, which would be amazing, but unlikely.

Ellie looks the usual amount of about to cry/vomit, so it’s going to be a good rotation.

Are we sure Amy Tinkler isn’t the one heading to the SEC?

The PA announcer just invoked “four-ring circus” BART IS THAT YOU?

Nastia looked at Amy Tinkler’s hair and said, “Touche, girl. Touche.”

Rotation 1:

We’ll have Frags on bars and Hypolito on beam.

Hypolito – BB – round off layout, wobble but fine – layout series, another check but relatively minor – switch ring – excellent L turn, definitely held throughout – side aerial slow connection into split jump – sticks double pike dismount. Great start.

Frags finishes DLO with large lunge forward, following a fall on a shap 1/2 –

12.533 for Frags. 13.666 for Seitz

Gomez – VT – strong DTY, good control on landing, small hop back, some sloppy legs

14.266 for Hypolito. Excellent start.

Ellie – UB – forward toe half to shap, some leg break – directly into tkatchev – loses her legs on full but connects into piked tkatchev to pak – shap 1/2 – sticks DLO – got rushed in there a bit and had some serious leg areas, but she HIT!!!

Scheder showing lovely splits on floor – 2.5, some leg crossing, surprised herself by sticking, 13.266

Barbosa – BB – second half – good punch front – a little short on switch, good back tuck – two bhs to double pike – low and hop back. 13.600.

14.633 for Ellie.

BECKY TIME – front toe to stalder shat – foot clip on piked tkatchev, does well to continue after hitting heels – catches next tkatchev into pak – shap to hindorff is strong – pings off like crazy, well done to near-stick the tuck full. PLEASSSSSEEE.

15.233 for Becky. Ahead of Seda but already in 5th….

Andrade – hits loso series – a little rushed on a split connection – hold her front tuck well – good back leg extension on switch ring  – wobbles on walkover and side aerial – short on double pike, medium hop forward. 14.200.

Harrold – UB – toe shap is good – some crazy legs in chardwaj – shap 1/2 – zucchold – handstands look better – very close on shoot to high – jaeger – double front step forward. 14.800.

Flavia – BB – two loso series, just a small slide back – excellent layout to two feet – check on a full turn – very strong switch – also great position on switch ring, small check to break connection into sheep – front tuck to wolf, solid – walkover to walkover to side somi, slow in all of them but potential CV – double pike step back – very good. Standing ovation.

LOL I missed Dipa. And forgot. Hopefully we’ll see her on replace. She’s in below Chusovitina and Wang in 6th. 15.100 on her Prod.

15.133 for Saraiva. Top beam score and well deserved.

They’ll be able to drop Barbosa. Great beam start for Brazil.

After 1:
GB 44.666
Brazil 43.599
Germany 41.732

Exactly what Brazil wanted. GB keep themselves in contention to catch Russia with that, though they would have wanted higher from Becky. She personally would have wanted higher because she’s already 5th on bars with Germany and the US still to come. It’ll be close.

Dipa’s vault was the expected Butt-a-Prod. Not safe in 6th given who still has to go.

In rotation 2, we’ll have Brazil to floor. If the crowd got excited by beam…

GB will also go to the terror of beam. Oh, GB beam.

Seitz clean FTY, small piking, hop back.

Tinkler – BB – hits back with a full! – short on switch 1/2 – side aerial – 3/1 slightly under and a small step. She got through! 14.500!

Hypolito – FX – a little short on DLO but fine – falls on second pass – 2.5 to layout and had nothing on the layout – 1.5 to front full OOB landing. Low double pike but secure. They’ll need to drop this.

Alt gets into the meet. 14.833 for a DTY. Wish she had done the AA, but her floor scores recently have not warranted it.

Ellie – BB – solid front tuck, held to wolf – arabian, step but holds onto it pretty well – lovely high switch and switch 1/2 – double spin with a bend at the hips – small slide on loso series – hits side aerial – strong 2.5 hop forward. TWO HITS!

A hit from Barbosa on floor, some low chests but a hit and some low amplitude on a couple passes.

Fragapane – BB – Also hits her arabian! switch – sheep is eh but secure – “layout full” check and wobble to the side but held it – and then off on a side aerial – YOU ALMOST HAD IT – large break on tuck full but stayed on that time. This routine is just too hard for her. And everyone. 13.400.

Andrade – FX – full in to start – not doing the half out? – EXCELLENT 2.5 to front full, such nice twisting form – double back slide back – ferrari – low on double pike but pulled it routine, small hop.

14.033. Very good score, very necessary for Brazil.

Becky – BB – off on opening punch front – OH BECKY – the rest is so nice, obviously – front aerial to split, side somi – hitting leaps – double pike, shortish lunge forward. 13.300

Flavia – FX – full in, small slide – very good split shapes – sticks double pike, no amplitude but she doesn’t need it due to size – all crowd engaging and whatnot – step on double tuck – 14.033 as well for her.

Those 14s helped Brazil but they don’t have the big difficulties on floor, so they’re kept in the 41s.

Team after 2:
GB 87.066
Brazil 85.398
Germany 85.065

Germany is going to bars now, that’s where they’ll intend to make the big move. With floor and vault still to come, Great Britain is still certainly capable of catching China and Russia here, in spite of beam terror.

Interesting that Germany is going Scheder, then Seitz, then Bui. I really like it. You build E, not D. There’s not reason to try to build D. That’s not going to change.

Alt – UB – leg break in the pak but solid, good shap 1/2 – fine jaeger good toes – flings out a DLO 1/1, lunge forward but hit it. 14.666

Oliveira – VT – solid DTY, a little piking and some will be longer, good direction

Harrold – FX – lunge forward out of double arabian – good switch ring and split 1.5 is around – sticks 1/5 to front full, into split, low but nicely executed – front 2/1. 13.633

Scheder – UB – inbar shap to bail – small leg break on full – shoot to high – inabr half to gigantic jaeger – piked tkatchev – hop on tuck full, on/off the mat, holds the landing. 15.433. Into third. Becky down to 6th.

Andrade – ADRADMANAR! – very high, all the way around, step forward. 15.566.

Seitz – UB – toe shap to ricna – good jaeger – piked tkatchev to pak – shap 1/2 – toe full to tuck full, small hop. 15.466.

Becky down to 7th.

Floor for Tinkler is a 14.600.

Bui – UB – strong jaeger to pak – great leg form on bhardwaj and pak – toe full to gienger – tuck full, two paces back.

Ellie – FX – 1.5 to very low double arabian – third pass is 2.5 onto her head WHAT IS HAPPENING? She tries to continue but has to stop. Smart and mature of her to stop. She may have wanted to continue, but this is the safe choice.

Frags now has to go after that. Glad Becky is done.

Frags – FX – DLo full, crazy form but nailed landing – Dos santos, lunge forward – did she go for her switch-leap-a-billion right there? Looks like she did and will probably get credit – no me gusta, but innovation – 3/1 a little short of rotation – solid DLO – that will work and keep GB in it going to the last rotation. 14.333

GB will be close with Brazil and Germany now, but with the benefit of vault to come.

After 3:
Germany 130.764
Brazil 130.697
GB 129.632

Devastating floor for GB, but they still have vault, which will score higher than Brazil’s bars, even without Ellie – they’ll still have three DTYs from the others.

Gomez hands down on beam dismount. LIFE WHY.

Fragapane is 6th on floor, which will not hold up for the final unless the Japanese have a disaster.

Rotation 4

Now apparently Ellie is back out there to do vault. WHY??? STOP. There is literally no reason for her to do this. I mean, I know, qualifying to the AA final still possibly etc, but COME ON.

Harrold – VT – slightly ragged DTY, a little low, crossover step

Oliveira – UB – shap 1/2 – high piked tkatchev – short oprhan half turn – cowboy double front, small hop. 14.158.

OMG Seitz is hitting beam! It’s magic! Side aerial solid – switch to split – gainer layout stuck. 13.866

Frags hits her DTY, as does Tinkler. Almost like there’s no need for Ellie to vault now. Good high DTY, lunge back.

Barbosa – UB – ricna to pak, shap to bail – toe full to tkatchev – DLo hop in place. AND Jade hit bars! What is this world?

Downie vaults a double full – well it looks OK. I’m still not comfortable with this, but it looks OK right now. Just please don’t fall on your head now.

Andrade – also hits bars – not a perfect day fro Brazil, but they are doing exceptionally well.

14.233 for Alt on beam for a hit. Two hits down.

14.933 puts Andrade into FIRST in the all-around. Still waiting on Saraiva’s bars.

Downie will not make vault finals. Already into 8th with her average. She is currently 11th in the AA though, even with an incomplete floor.

Schaefer – BB – switch ring – wobble on a full turn – solid walkover side somi – double turn – does her side somi half! – large break but she did her skill – a couple more wobbles on leaps – sticks gainer lay.

Saraiva has fallen on bars. It just. Got. Interesting.

Saraiva is into the AA final over Barbosa! The margin just 0.033. Wow. So it will be Andrade and Saraiva representing Brazil.

Emma Larsson’s sex and the city routine LOL – DLO – nice position on her double saltos – low double pike to finish with a step – finishes with her y spin, nearly 3 but definitely two.

After the trauma, GB just misses catching Russia. Brazil JUST misses catching GB, but 0.010. They’ll both be fine. Germany should be quite pleased with 173.263.

Italy’s 169.396 is not going to hold up.

After 3:
China 175.279
Russia 174.620
GB 174.064
Brazil 174.054
Germany 173.263
Italy 169.396
Belgium 167.838

In the all-around, the leader is REBECA ANDRADE. She’s ahead of Tutkhalyan, then Mustafina. Wang Yan is 4th, Elisabeth Seitz is 5th, Steingruber 6th.

Becky Downie is already down to 7th on bars, so she’s in trouble if Douglas hits. On beam, Saraiva, Ponor, and Fan should be safe, but the remaining scores are quite low and could be vulnerable with the US and NED up next.

Ferrari, Steingruber, Wang, and Tinkler are our floor leaders so far, which means they’re probably safe, but it has been a weak floor meet so far and a lot of people are capable of those mid 14s.

Until the US session!

The time is now. The day is here. The US subdivision. Who are the two for AA finals? We’ve had to deal with speculating about it for so long, and I’m so ready for that to be done.


Team USA (beginning on floor)
Team Netherlands (beginning on bars)
Jessica Lopez (beginning on beam)
Vasiliki Millousi (beam in rotation 1)

The Netherlands is also a team! That’s a thing too!

The leading team floor score so far is Italy with a 43.432. The US will expect a high 45.

Why are we getting Team No Fun instead of the Watson/Horton/Kupets team? This will not stand.

Warmup to begin now – US wearing a sparkle flag.

Everyone waiting…

Douglas – FX – keeps double L up this time – double arabian to stag, solid, stag a little flat but fine – full in to back tuck in hate-combo – falls out of y spin double but could get credit for it – still doing the Ferrari, obvi – a little short on double pike – solid double tuck, slide. Good start.

14.533 for Van Gerner on UB, very good

McGregor got a DTY around.

Let’s take as long as possible to come up with this Douglas score. I know it’s so hard to figure out… 14.366. Currently 5th, though will get passed by three teammates.

Jessica Lopez went 13.933 on beam. So far so not terrible.

My writeup of Laurie’s floor and Sanne’s bars seems to have disappeared for some reason. Great. Anyway, both good. Smooth from laurie, a hs issue for Sanne but otherwise good.

14.800 for Laurie. Into 2nd. Just in danger from her teammates.

Dougie and Laurie hug. BUT I THOUGHT DRAMA THINGS.

Biles – FX – DLO full, controlled landing, just a small .1 slide this time – Biles to split, comfortable – rushed that double wolf – leaps look around and solid – sticks double double – a tad short on full in, small hop. Very strong, boviously, and better control than her PT routine.

Netherlands excellent on bars for 43.866. Biles goes 15.733. Into first on floor by only nine tenths.

Raisman – FX – 1.5 through to double arabian to layout, hop forward but critically stays in bounds – a little bouncy on her leap – keeps the double L the whole way – dos santos to stag is strong – just a tad of a slide with her DLO – switch back leg, you know – very strong double pike, bounce in place. She’ll be into second on floor with that. 15.275 for Raisman.

Millousi just 13.200 on beam with a fall.

45.808 for the US on floor. On track early.

Team: US 45.808, Netherlands 43.866. Both pleased with those scores.

Eythora – UB – shap to pak, small leg break on pak – and here and there but tiny – strong hs – a little late on full turn – lovely toes on jaeger – sticks tuck full. There you go.

Rotation 2:

Hernandez – DTY – very good landing – one of her best lately – really just a hop in place. 15.200.

Eythora – BB – generally glorious – lovely walkover to split  – L turn held up to switch to y spin, if she’s trying to get that connected…check on y spin – 3/1 hop, clean start.

Douglas – VT – DTY – similar to Hernandez – better distance – very clean in the air, small hop. 15.166.

Raisman – VT – 2.5 – just like podium training – near stick, slides legs together – usual corkscrew legs, but her Amanar has never looked better than it has at this Olympics.

Biles – VT 1 – Amanar – very strong, good direction, just the hop forward. 16.000. Daggett will find a way to be upset by that score. Probably should have been 16.100?

14.300 for Eythora on beam.

Biles – Cheng – casually the best one she has ever done – sticks – remarkable – no one is touching that in vault finals. 16.100 for the Cheng, also a 9.7 E, 16.050 average. You know.

46.966 for the US on vault. 92.774 after 2.

14.366 for Lieke. Waiting for Van Gerner now.

Miss Jessica was hitting floor really well, got her turns and stuck her opening pass, then bounced like nonsense out of her last pass.

van gerner – BB – side aerial solid – layout, check but held – going for the switch full, lots of wobbling but stayed on – major break – walkover – double back, lunge back, over time.

13.800 for Van Gerner, not bad considering the mistake. Just Sanne left.

S Wevers – BB – connected side aerials into walkover, check – triple spin, gets it – L spin to full sping to double spiun, comfortable and all connected – switch to bhs 1/1, a little pause in the bhs 1/1 – gainer lay-pike 1/1. She did it!

Still waiting on a score for Wevers. Because beam today.

15.066. Sanne into second on beam!

Team: US 92.774, Netherlands 87.598

Floor and vault will be harder for NED, but they’re on TF pace for the moment.

US to bars, Netherlands to floor.

Aly just kind of did her best bar routine ever. So that happened. And got a 14.733. And a 8.733 E score. All of these things will be discussed.

Biles – UB – weiler 1/2 to to shap – large leg break on full bit pulls it back into tkatchev – the rest looks great, but that break will hurt her score. hop on dismount. Still gets 15.000. bars scores not loose in this rotation.

Lieke just lovelying around the floor with like a double tuck thrown in because you have to – glorious double attitude –

Douglas – UB – “Gabriel Douglas? – full to piked tkatchev to pak is nice toe half to endo to shap half – sticks DLO – very strong – will be another good score because obviously/ 15.766.

13.850 for Lieke.

Kocian can knock out Becky Downie with this routine.

Kocian – inbar full to shap to pak to shap 1/2 – inbar half to jaeger – stalder full to stuck tuck full.

15.866 for Kocian. Goes into first ahead of Mustafina. Douglas is third.

The bars scores are even crackier than we ever could have imagined.

Eythora FX – 3/1 to punch front, wonderful – switch ring 1/2 is a little eh, but performance. I actually don’t like this one quite as much as last year, but it’s still the best thing I’ve ever seen regardless – step back on double tuck – double L to double turn to double Y to illusion – insane turn combo, let’s see how much gets credit. NOOOOOOO sits 2.5.

Team after 3: USA 139.406, Netherlands 128.797

On to the fourth rotation. Raisman leading Douglas by nearly a half point in the AA race. Here we go.

Douglas – BB – good front pike to split – solid loso series as well – nails back full, excellent – pauses in her switch to switch 1/2 series and won’t get that – good front tuck – L turn – switch ring – walkover to split to pike – first real wobble, and it was on a pike jump, of course – double pike VERY close to the beam but fine – step. Good one. She probably shouldn’t be on the olympic team. She had a very good meet today.

14.833 for Douglas. Into the lead in the AA with 60.131.

Raisman needs 14.358.

Raisman – BB – front puck to wolf – solid layout – switch to back tuck – split to pike – HUGE break for Raisman on side aerial!! She stayed on, but could that change things? strong front tuck to split, she needs all her combos now – L turn to full turn – double arabian, near stick, small hop. LET’S SEE NOW. Shouldn’t really change things. Critically, Aly did not touch the beam, she just wobbled and came close to it.

14.833! It’s Raisman! Great meet from both. Absolutely tremendous.

Hernandez – BB – front pike, , quite nice – walkover to sissone to split, lovely shapes – loso series is solid – full turn – sheep holds well to avoid a check, secure – front tuck to wolf – side aerial, strong – she is destorying this routine – double pike small hop! That should easily make the final.

Jessica Lopez currently 9th AA! 56.932! She hit a big meet!

Simone needs a 13.4 on beam to make the AA.

15.366 for Laurie. Into first. Into finals. Well deserved.

Biles – BB – 2.5 wolf is strong – split to pike jump – barani is solid, perhaps a small check but nothing major – small bend on two loso series – front tuck to sissone – switch to switch 1/2, breaks connection into back pike – walkover to wolf is held well – full in dismount small hop. Another tremendous meet from Simone. No real errors at all except for that leg break on bars.

Aly discussing her need to vomit. Normal.

15.633 for Biles. The US leads China by 10 points. HA.

Good meet from Netherlands but into 7th. On that bubble position. Could get knocked out if both Canada and Japan show up with big meets in the final subdivision.

So, the US is winning everything. Douglas will be two-per-countried with a 60.131. Douglas and Raisman also getting two-pered from beam. Douglas and Hernandez getting two-pered from floor. So, Douglas is getting two-pered from three different finals right now.

Eythora 57.566 with a fall. 7th in AA standings. US currently leads all categories.

Still one more to go. With team final spots to be decided!

In, “I just realized it” news, Fan Yilin has been knocked out of the bars final by Jessica Lopez, one of the most brilliant sentences I have ever written. JESSICA LOPEZ.

Other observations, Raisman and Douglas got the same E scores on beam, and Raisman got a higher E score on bars than on beam or floor.

There’s more? How is there more?


Team Canada (beginning on beam)
Team Japan (beginning on vault)
Team France (beginning on bars)
Marcia Vidiaux (vault in rotation 2)
Alexa Moreno (vault in rotation 2)Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska (beam in rotation 4)

As we sit now, USA, China, Russia, GB, and Brazil are into the team final. Germany is looking likely as it would be quite surprising for all three of the remaining teams to pass 173.263. Netherlands is on the bubble in 7th, since two of these teams passing 171.929 looks much more realistic. Italy would need a miracle, currently in 8th with 169.396.

The Japanese will look to challenge those floor standings, and the Canadians will look to challenge those beam standings. We also have Moreno and Vidiaux, who could both make the vault final, along with three Canadians going for the final and Miyakawa. Look for those standings to shake up quite a bit. Karmakar and Tutkhalyan in 7th and 8th are not safe.

Critical beam rotation for Canada. Both Onyshko and Black can deliver big scores. But also beam. France’s b-version German strategy is also pretty dependent on this bars rotation.

Warmups underway now.
Onyshko – BB – solid tw-foot layout – wobble on back full series but stays on – a little short on switch 1/2, otherwise fine – switch ring – strong double back, one step. One down. 14.533

Brevet – UB – full turn – recast – stalder shap + pak – toe shap to bail – extremely high jaeger, very pretty – double front, clean. 14.333

Mai – VT – low chest on DTY, hop forward, but fine. Good distance. 14.700.

Lechenault – Ub – stops halfway through her opening pirouette and comes off. 13.166.

Teramoto hit her rudi! 14.800. Big help to Japan.

Woo – BB – walkover to sissone – small check on side somi in there – another small correction after switch ring – attempted bhs to layout series, but you could see she was off line in the bhs, barely got a foot to the beam – 13.233. Need to drop.

Miyakawa – Rudi – bit lower chest than Teramoto but better amplitude – 14.966.

Vanhille – Ub – stalder shap – tremendous ampltude on these ttraddle releases, tkatchevs and a jaeger – pak – toe shap – bail – toe full – didn’t connect back to high, casts again – DLO, nearly stuck, small slide. That works.

14.866 for Vanhille.

Black – BB – double spin to full spin, nice – front pike, held well, one foot slightly askew but no wobble – layout series, a little hoppy but fine – falls on back full series. Canada counting a fall now, but this is a better fall to count.

His – UB – toe shap full! Directly to pak – toe shap – wonderfully high jaeger but falls on subsequent tkatchev – her release amplitude is so high. SO so so high. Clearly too high.

13.566 for Black. 13.900 for His. This hasn’t been a great rotation.

Rogers will have to go up directly following two falls. Just like she has done 56 times in her career.

Rgoers – BB – walkover to wolf to split, a little ragged a wobbly on it but got throught, switch to switch 1/2 is solid – bhs 3/4 is precise – bhs loso, secure – flappity L turn but held the leg up the whole way – bhs 1/1 to bend at the hips, didn’t touch the beam but came darn near – double pike, step back. A hit! Danna taught you well.

Miyakawa’s average will not get her back to vault finals.

After 1:
Japan 44.466
France 43.099
Canada 41.565

France needed more out of that bars rotation. Canada won’t be happy with a 41 on beam, but it’s beam. They’re going to need some actual 14s on floor now.

Rotation 2 will also bring the vault specialists out to play.

And it is taking 165 years to start. Why and please send help.

Woo – FX – strong double arabian, hop – 3/1 slightly short of rotation with a hop forward – double tuck slide back.

NOOO. Vidiaux 13.433 first vault.

Vanhille 13.633 on beam, Murakami 14.166 on bars. SHE BROKE 14 ON BARS SHE IS THE CHAMPION.

13.566 for Woo. Solid, dropable but usable.

Sugihara – UB – toe hald to jaeger – full turn to bail – stalder full tuck full with step – 14.400.

Onyshko – FX – two ships to double back, chest down – full in, same – hitting leaps – got no set on her double pike, somehow got it around without much of a problem

Lechenault 13.633 on beam after huge stumble back on double pike.

13.966 for Onyshko. 14.900 for Teramoto on bars.

Brevet – BB – lovely switch, less so switch 1/2 but secure – walkover to excellent sissone, her simpler dance elements are a dream – y spin – loso series with bent knees – and we’ve cut away. Awesome.

Black – FX – 2.5 through to double tuck, good chest position, just a slide back  – front 2/1 to front tuck is also solid – front full through to double pike, shorter with a lunge forward, just ran out of steam a bit at the end.

14.166 for Brevet. 14.133 for Black. Black just missing that floor final cutoff.

Uchiyama also 14.800 on bars. Japan stepped up its bars difficulty from earlier in the year. Very good rotation score.

Boyer – BB – round off layout, wobble but not huge – switch to switch half, slow connection – walkover to split to wolf – side aerial – side somi wobble – double pike with lunge. 14.300. No beam finals for you.

Olsen – FX – double double somewhat short but pulled it back with a hop – 1.5 through to double tuck, very tight tuck position to get that around well – pike full in, also hop – 3/1.

Moreno’s vault average puts her into 10th. None for Miyakawa, Vidiaux, or Moreno. Seda still 8th qualifier, very surprisingly, but that procides an opening for the Canadians.

Japan killed bars for a 44.100. MUCH higher than projected scores there, much higher than Japanese nationals or NHK.

After 2:
Japan 88.566
France 85.198
Canada 83.530

Rotation 3

Murakami – BB – CHERYL WHY ARE YOU DELAYED. THE ROTATION HASN”T EVEN STARTED. large break on punch front, leg up – better loso series – very tight on switch ring, low to the beam – side aerial – duble spin, another bend at the hips, sheep is OK, but score will be lower with those breaks – double pike, short with hop forward. 13.833. Actually still pretty viable.

Onyshko starts Canada on vault with 14.000. Does not do her DTY.

Boyer – FX – following 13.300 from Vanhille – mounts with a double tuck (the main reason no one was picking France to TF), bounces back – 2.5 to layout – falls out of triple spin a bit – double pike, better, stuck

Sugihara – BB – nice back tuck following switch – bhs to loso – side aerial to split to wolf – switch ring – walkover – a hit! 14.133.

BROG – VT – ro half on lay full – very nice landing – second vault – average for two vaults is 14.783, puts her into 8th for the moment but with two teammates to come.

Teramoto – BB – pretty onodi – solid side somi – two loso series – side aerial – walkover to split, no amplitude, very close to beam – 3/1, hop forward. Missed a fall but apparently she had one. 13.666

Black handpsring lay full first vault – solid landing – 14.766. Long wait for second vault. They’re having all kinds of vault scoring trouble suddenly. Kas half – will score lower than Rogers. 14.499 average.

Uchiyama – BB – round off layout, floated, very secure – switch – pretty switch ring – elegant work, and showing the consistency she usually lacks – front tuck lowish – double pike hop. Japan is on it today.

Shallon Olsen – SHALLAMANAR – a little jerhy landing but fine and a step forward. 15.300. Won’t need to do much on second vault to pass Rogers round off half on tuck 1.5 – 5.9 difficulty. Overall average of 14.950 knocks Rogers out of vault final. SADNESS. Olsen will be in.

Karmakar slips into vault final as the last qualifier.

France doesn’t break 14 on vault and falls behind Canada.

After 3:
Japan 130.265
Canada 128.262
France 126.397

Japan will be fine for TF. Just need 13s on floor, probably their best event. Canada is really going to need some solid 14s on bars to make this, some really tense bars routines in rotation 4.

All eyes on this Canadian bars rotation. They need to average a little over 14.5 to be sure of a place.

Woo will begin – stalder full to tkatchev – pak, some leg breaks – stalder half – inabr stalder shoot to high – toe half to double front – small hop – hit, what she can do. Though they’ll need bigger scores from the other three.

13.733 for Woo.

Teramoto hits floor for 13.700.

Black – UB – shap to hindorff is solid – piked tkatchev – struggles in handstand but pulls it together for jaeger into pak – catches shap half – short final handstand – sticks dismount.

14.500 for Black! That’s around what they needed! Now Onysko and Rogers just need to go a tad higher. 14.6s for both is what’s needed.

Onyshko – UB – toe shap – clear hip full with legs – tkatchev, some form – hindorff – pak – shap half is nice – toe half – STUCK DOUBLE FRONT! Good one.

14.733 for Onyshko. Rogers needs 14.435 to get Canada past Netherlands and into TF.

Rogers – UB – MOMENT OF TRUTH – jaeger good – toe full – to piked ricna, excellent – Ricna to pak – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – JUST fell on that goddamn shap 1/2 – looked like she caught it. Fingertips were on. That will do it. I’m basically devastated. That was all she had left. Stuck DLO like she always does after a fall.

Goodbye cruel world.

14.266 even with the fall.

Canada misses the team final by 0.168. I don’t want to talk about it.

Miyakawa finishes floor no hit for her. 13.266. That means Fasana gets into the floor final. She went flying OOB and onto her hands.

TF qualifiers: USA, China, Russia, GBR, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Netherlands

Vault – Biles, Hong, Steingruber, Paseka, Chusovitina, Olsen, Wang, Karmakar
Bars – Kocian, Mustafina, Douglas, Spiridonova, Seitz, Scheder, Lopez, Shang
Beam – Biles, Hernandez, Saraiva, Wevers, Ponor, Fan, Boyer, Onyshko
Floor – Biles, Raisman, Ferrari, Steingruber, Wang, Tinkler, Murakami, Fasana

Ferrari sneaks in as the final AA qualifier.

119 thoughts on “Women’s Qualification Live Blog”

  1. What a fantastic day! US beats China by 10, US #1 qualifier on every event, 1 and 2 on beam, 1 and 2 on floor, 1 and 3 on bars, on track to win 9 medals, just like I predicted. Gabby in bars finals over the overrated Chinese and Beckie Downie. Simone’s Cheng is so good that Hong isn’t going to win gold even with a triple.

      1. What’s wrong with patriotism? I am quite patriotic and last I checked that was an admirable quality. I am proud and lucky to live in the United States and of course I cheer our team just as I root for the Boston Red Sox since I grew up in Boston.

  2. “Fan Yilin has been knocked out of the bars final by Jessica Lopez, one of the most brilliant sentences I have ever written. JESSICA LOPEZ.”

    More like ridiculous judges who decided to inflate every bars score after the first subdivision, culminating in insane inflation in the last subdivision.

    1. Yeah… POOR FAN THO She had such a good shot at gold with a hit and the judges really REALLY screwed her over. Normally it’s a small inflation but wow.

    2. So a 15.850 for Brittany Rogers (CAN) in the bars rotation? (If the inflation continues it “could” happen since Canada will be the last up in qualification on bars.)

      Would be cool if Canada qualified ahead of China… Please let this happen.

    3. It’s true, bars & beam scores in Subdivision 4 and 5 were markedly less leniant than they had been in earlier subdivisions…

  3. “Raisman got a higher E score on bars than on beam or floor.”

    lol. And people still want to say the bars scores weren’t inflated.

    1. exactly damn china got f’ed by being in the first subdivision
      however, tbh yilin’s form really wasn’t that great, just believe it would’ve been higher if she was like in the last subdivision

    2. Are we not even going to talk about the fact that Aly almost fell over on beam, hence the low E score??? Seriously get a grip. Bar scores were fair and they are final.

  4. IMO the Chinese got completely screwed over in scoring. Had Shang and Fan gone in a later subdivision they would’ve qualified much higher and their hit beam and floor was also pretty underscored. Pissed AF right now… but Jessica Lopez- Bar finals. That’s amazing. Still wish bar finals could be 10 people so we’d get Becky and Fan.

    1. “Pissed AF right now.”

      Me too. Americans, Russians, and Chinese probably should’ve had the top 6 spots.

  5. China didn’t really impress me on bars today like they usually do, but I have to agree on Jessica Lopez getting a surprisingly high score. Gabby was nearly flawless. Madison was, too. One could argue that the scores of the Americans seemed a bit high, but I agree with the order of the Top 4 (Kocian, Mustafina, Douglas, Spirdinova).

    1. Yeah they should swap Fan for Shang in bars and Shang for Fan in beam. That way they’d be in the right finals. Wish they could be in both tho.

  6. Fan Yilin aside, Nina Derwarel was almost majorly screwed. Her execution was better than the Germans.

    1. Germans had no business being that high. Another product of inflated scoring for a later subdivision.

    2. Germans had no business being that high. Another product of inflated scoring from a later subdivision.

    3. Yes Derwael was amazing, very unlucky that she was in the first subdivision, maybe she could have gotten into the EF otherwise!!

  7. Brittany Rogers! My heart aches for her. I’m now hoping someone in the VT final withdraws so that BRog can compete in an EF.

  8. Can someone explain why no other American tried for the vault final besides Simone? I’m a mostly casual viewer these days.

    1. mostly because training a second vault takes a lot of time and effort that many don’t have or want to put in – it takes away time from other events. It took Biles a couple of years to perfect the 2nd vault she has now. So for most, mastering 1 vault is hard enough in addition to 3 other events. That’s also why many vault specialists are just that – specialists and don’t compete the other events at a high level. Biles is unique that she is amazing on all 4 events and does 2 vaults.

    2. Well look at it this way, you already have Simone who can do two vaults better than anyone else so why take another girl who can? If Simone didn’t do two vaults I’m sure someone else would’ve and more gymnasts might’ve done it.

  9. I’m confused about the vault qualifiers. Of the American competitors, only Simone Biles is listed. What happened to the others?

    1. You have to do two different vaults to qualify for vault finals, and the two scores are averaged to come up with one overall score. Simone Biles is the only one on the American team who does two different vaults and thus qualifies, in first of course because she’s Simone! It doesn’t matter if you had one of the highest vault scores if you only did one vault. One vault = You don’t qualify for vault event finals.

      1. thank you so much for this answer! I am a big fan, but don’t know all the rules and was looking at the results and could’t find an answer anywhere on why Aly wasn’t listed on the vault with that high score!

  10. To make the vault finals you have to complete two vaults from different vault families. Simone is the only USA vaulter that competes two vaults, the first vault counts toward the team score too. The others Americans only competed one vault.

    1. Not true, she’s the only USA vaulter on the team. Mykayla Skinner also competes two vaults but she was chosen as an alternate.

      1. That’s what I wrote. “Simone Biles is the only one on the American TEAM who does two different vaults and thus qualifies.” (emphasis added).

  11. It looks like Russia will be on beam while Brazil is on Floor during the Team Finals. I hope they bring their mental focus on Tuesday!

  12. Would you rather watch Aly or Fan or bars? Aly or any girl Chinese on beam? Aly or any Dutch on floor? Sorry Ameryka Aly hits 4 for 4 doesn’t mean her gymnastics is everyone’s cup of tea. Something wrong with a scoring system that does not reward elegance anymore.

    1. Fan on bars, Aly by a mile on beam and especially floor is no contest. I appreciate the elegance of Dutch floor but Aly’s sheer power and athleticism is matched only by Simone’s. and the Chinese on beam are just dreadfully bad. There’s nothing redeeming about that for me. It’s not even as though they are particularly artistic.

  13. So pissed about Fan. Judges should be ashamed of themselves. Jessica Lopez in over Fan is the biggest joke of the games.

    1. Right, like I love Jessica Lopez and that’s great for her, but Fan was much better and much more deserving of the finals spot.

  14. Watching the replay did Aly hit her feet on the bar (a la Becks Downie) on her Tkatchev? She might have on th Jaeger as well but that’s harder to tell.

  15. Just watched the qualms Was it just me or did GD’s floor ex not even meet the standard of a division 1 ncaa meet It was messy and slow with a ton of posing and time filling Really bad totally sloppy No animation or joy in the routine Beam was the same with missed connections and an appalling dismount Score totally inflated Bars were great I really think sponsors ie Mattel Pushed the button Interesting how the Gabby Barbie comes out suddenly It had to be in production long before What was USAG kick back Makes me nauseous Wonder if Home Depot will sponsor the Maggie and Mykayla “SCREWS” Such crap

    1. It was just you. Gabby’s floor is middling for the United States, but would have been the highest score on most teams in the world. To say it’s not even D1 NCAA is an exaggeration.

  16. Right on Point Makes me sick too Poor performance poor attitude Poor judgement on the part of the uasg

  17. Do you think it is possible that the chinese were judged harsher on Uneven bars because of the coach spotting them trough their whole routines? I know that they are allowed on the podium for bars and that there should be no deduction unless they touch the athlete… but maybe the spotting gives the judges the impression that the chinese are not fully in control of their routines, hence they were scrutinized a little more?

    1. No, they did it last year when the bars scoring was much harsher all around and still got two in finals. Really it was just unlucky to be in the earlier subdivisions because they would’ve scored much higher had they been in later subdivisions. It’s really just unfair how much the later subdivisions increased in scoring when you compare the routines. Jessica Lopez vs Fan Yilin: Obviously Fan’s routine should be in the bar finals, and though Jessica had a great routine, it’s obvious that Fan’s is superior. So switch their places in the subdivisions and Fan would’ve mad the bar final. I’m still SO mad at that. Honestly hoping China switches Shang and Fan’s event finals.

  18. Is there a way to watch online after the event ends? I found out I have an appointment at the exact time of the all-around final, so I’ll miss the live feed. 😩

  19. TF lineup:

    •Vault: Hernandez, Raisman, Biles
    •Uneven bars: Biles, Douglas, Kocian
    •Balance beam: Raisman, Hernandez, Biles
    •Floor exercise: Hernandez, Raisman, Biles

    Very surprised that they decided to use biles ub. Since they never done that in 2014 or 2015. Wondering if Hernandez is not doing well at all on her ub. Her ub podium was a little wild but I didn’t think it was a disaster? I was actually hoping that they would have Hernandez do AA in TF.

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