Week 1 Rankings and Notes

green-up-arrow 1. LSU 197.825
  • Hambrick leads AA with 39.575
  • Edney debuts with 9.950 on vault
  • LSU counts no score lower than 9.850
  • Priessman collegiate debut on floor, falls for 9.200
  • No routines from Ruby Harrold
reddownarrow 2. Oklahoma 197.750
  • Nichols introduces herself with casual 39.725
  • Nichols 9.975 on UB the highest score of the weekend
  • Lowest score on bars is 9.900
  • Dowell returns to OU with 9.9s on VT and UB, 9.750 on FX
green-up-arrow 3. Florida 197.100
  • Baker debuts as FX anchor, delighting millions
  • Hundley competes AA for 39.375, reduced acro difficulty
  • Boren nearly sticks Y1.5 for 9.950
  • Gowey falls on college debut on UB because life
reddownarrow 4. Alabama 196.700
  • Falls to Oklahoma but records rare 196 of opening weekend
  • Winston AA 39.500, upsets Oklahoma beam with 9.950 event win
  • Desch makes collegiate debut on VT (9.800) and FX (9.650)
green-up-arrow 5. Utah 196.625
  • Utah solid in opener, landing errors on VT, FX drop tenths
  • Skinner debuts with 39.550 AA, DTY, tucked double double
  • Merrell adds AA for 39.425
green-up-arrow 6. Missouri 196.225
  • Missouri surprises for 6th with 196.225
  • Score is consistent with last season’s home avg, 196.095
  • Morgan Porter suspended for first meet
  • Freshman Tucker debuts in AA with 39.175
green-up-arrow 7. Denver 195.875
  • Karr establishes herself as new McGee with 39.500 AA
  • Ogden debuts with 9.8s on UB, BB
  • Addison adds BB, Ross adds FX to both compete AA
reddownarrow 8. UCLA 195.700
  • Drama BB and unready FX undermine potential 197
  • Kocian debuts with AA 39.425, 9.875 on UB, FX
  • Ross debuts with 9.875s on VT, UB
  • No 10.0 vaults
  • Two massive saves, two SV problems make BB usual amount of crazy
green-up-arrow 9. Oregon State 195.575
  • Upsets Auburn in season opener
  • Shows two 1.5s on VT from McMillan and Dessaints
  • Aufiero returns with 9.850 on UB
  • Gill debuts with hit VT, FX, falls on UB for 8.850
green-up-arrow 10. George Washington 195.550
  • Identical lineups to last season come through with top-10 score
  • CDA 9.875 on VT, DeMoura 9.875 on FX lead team
reddownarrow 11. Michigan 195.525
  • Michigan counts a bars fall to drop into the 195s
  • Was just .125 behind Utah on remaining events
  • Shchennikova debuts on UB, falls on cast 1/2 for 9.025
  • Zaziski does AA in Michigan debut, falls on UB, FX
  • Karas returns on three events, not full difficulty
green-up-arrow 12. Arkansas 195.350
  • Five VTs, but otherwise Arkansas fills lineups w/ realistic sets
  • Hailey Garner debuts with team-best scores on UB, BB
  • McGlone downgraded to 50% pee pants on BB for 9.800
  • Wellick (duh) leads AA (duh) with 39.300
reddownarrow 13. Auburn 195.275
  • Falls to Oregon State at home after meet of 9.7s
  • Freshman Day leads team on VT, UB
  • Engler returns on UB and BB (9.775, 8.800)
  • Milliet debuts in AA and shows Omelianchik VT (9.600)
green-up-arrow 14. Kentucky 195.075
  • Korth debuts AA for 39.075 win
  • Just one event each for Waltz (BB) and Kwan (VT)
  • Hyland 9.875 on BB leads team
green-up-arrow 15. NC State 194.925
  • Knight challenges Florida’s AAers with 39.350
  • Counting BB fall takes NC State out of 195s
  • Everyone on this team is from two families, like a cult
green-up-arrow 16. Northern Illinois 194.825
  • Northern Illinois?!
  • Prentice leads team with 9.875 FX, 9.850 BB
  • But…Northern Illinois?!
reddownarrow 17. Minnesota 194.725
  • 9.900 from Abernathy on FX leads team scores
  • Everyone misses Mable and Nordquist on BB for 48.025
  • Ivy Lu (remember the name) does UB for 9.775
green-up-arrow 18. Penn State 194.625
  • Garcia scores 9.950 on UB to lead everyone and everything
  • Tsang leads team on other three and in AA with 39.350
  • No Kiera Brown
green-up-arrow 19. West Virginia 194.400
  • Koshinski 9.925 on VT, Gillette 9.900 on BB lead team
  • Counting fall on FX takes away a 195
green-up-arrow 20. Ohio State 194.375
  • Mattern continues to lead with team-best VT, UB, FX, AA
  • Aepli debuts on VT, UB, FX
green-up-arrow 21. BYU 194.225
  • Hawes (nee Wilde) and Westergard go 9.900 on UB for 49.225 rotation
  • The Who’s New vs. Who Just Got Married w/ New Last Name game
  • Hortman leads AA with 38.975
green-up-arrow 22. Illinois 194.200
  • Leduc competes just one event, BB for 9.875
  • Horth returns on three pieces: VT, UB, BB
  • Counting 8.675 on bars destroys meet score
22. Iowa 194.200
  • Sullivan competes AA in debut for 38.900
  • Kaji 9.875 on UB leads team
  • Counting two falls on UB takes score down into 194s
green-up-arrow 24. Michigan State 194.175
  • Canadian Ella Douglas competes AA, leads BB, FX scores
  • Everyone misses Lisa Burt
  • No routines from Lagoski
reddownarrow 25. Arizona 194.025
  • Catastrophic BB takes score down close to 193s
  • Leydin debuts with 9.650 on VT, FX
  • Swanson leads VT with 9.850

Oklahoma and LSU proved by far the farthest along at this point in the season and, some crazy home scoring notwithstanding, have jumped out ahead of the rest of the pack. It’s not over yet. These things will even out as the slower starters round into shape, but Oklahoma and LSU were the stars of the weekend.

Florida, Alabama, and Utah won’t frame these meets, but it’s the first week of January and they did what was necessary to look like viable contenders. UCLA and Michigan will be able to play the “the silver lining is we’re still ranked pretty well even though we had bad meets and will do better soon” game.

Missouri established itself as the upstart team of the first weekend with a 196 even without Porter, though I’d caution patience until we see what happens at away meets. Maddie Karr is already the favorite new toy, having pulled Denver through to a solid season start. And then there’s Marla Hooch. And by Marla Hooch, I mean Georgia.

Balance beam situation of the week
WINNER: Georgia

Who else could it be? The once, present, and future champion. Coming off the shocking triumph of hitting beam in Super Six last year, Georgia said, “Back to garbage!” and managed to hit 1.3 beam routines against LSU, doing a swan dive off Niagara Falls at every available layout stepout. Dickson, Broussard, and Schick all fell on their layout stepout series, and Vega went all Disney-on-Ice on hers. Babalis doesn’t have a layout stepout series, so she opted to stumble backward into a swamp on her double tuck dismount. Sydney Snead hit for 9.800, receiving seven diamond tiaras and a shower of doubloons for being the queen of all things.

Georgia’s final beam total was 47.225 for a 193.600 meet score, the team’s lowest since 1999.


Georgia’s horror spared UCLA, who didn’t actually fall from the beam (somehow) but reminded us that it’s never boring when it comes to the Bruins. Ever. It’s always a show. I guess UCLA thinks beam is too easy (have you seen your Februaries?), so they need to handicap themselves by having Kyla try to connect out of a switch ring to fulfill her leap combination requirement, which just seems to be inviting problems for exactly no reason, and then having Peng do that damn pi-layout and Ohashi do the layout 1/1. Both Peng and Ohashi managed ridiculous, laudable saves, but saves that cover up the untenable position this lineup is currently in with regard to difficulty.








Non-famous stars of the week
Gymnasts without name brands from lower-ranked schools who scored above 9.900

Kirah Koshinski, West Virginia, Vault – 9.925
Koshinski stuck a 1.5 to rank 4th nationally on vault.

Sabrina Garcia, Penn State, Bars – 9.950
Garcia stuck a floated DLO dismount to rank 2nd on bars.

Madeleine Huber, Missouri, Bars – 9.925
A toe-pointy Jaeger and her own stuck DLO earned Huber the #3 ranking

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    1. She had the flu as of Gym101 so she may still be recovering from that. She probably wasn’t able to train much while she was sick.

  1. I’m confused on Florida using Rachel Slocum as an exhibition. Like, her VT was better than like most of the lineup and same with her floor?

    1. supposedly she was hurt during the week so they decided to have her only do exhibition but this week she will be in lineup.

      1. @Jackie – do you know any more than that because I can’t figure out how exhibitioning instead of main lineup would be any less impact 😂

      2. If she was hurt, she probably didn’t train as much, so Jenny Rowland probably didn’t want to risk it, since there are a lot of other capable vaulters on Florida’s roster

    2. Why do vault and floor at all though? Surely the risk of injury is the same whether in competition lineup or exhibition?

  2. Any idea what the prognosis is on Angi Cipra? I heard rumor of a heel injury? Hopefully not serious… my fantasy gym VT/FX lineup desperately needs her. 😳

  3. Dang, Georgia didn’t even make the Top 25…. hopefully, they pull it together quick

  4. Likely won’t happen, but if the current Top 12 teams made NCAA nationals this year it would be interesting and intriguing (though Stanford, Cal haven’t competed yet). Some of the usual contenders with a nice package of newcomers.

  5. NIU – went to the meet this weekend and they were so good! Can’t believe they beat Iowa. Hoping they continue to rock this year!

  6. If you seeded the top 18 teams right now, Kentucky, N.C. State and Northern freakin’ Illinois would be seeded – and Georgia and Stanford would not.

    There’s a lot of time left, but boy, do Georgia and Stanford need it.

  7. Um, Stanford was beaten by UC Davis? I honestly didn’t even know they had a gymnastic team. (Also why was Ebee not on floor? Trying not to panic, but …)

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