Friday Live Blog – January 13, 2017

Friday, January 13
Scores Watch
6:30 ET/3:30 PT – [21] West Virginia @ Pitt LINK ACCN
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [15] Kentucky @ [3] Florida LINK SEC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Georgia @ [14] Auburn LINK SECN
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – UW-Whitewater @ UW-Stout LINK FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-Oshkosh, Towson @ Iowa State LINK ISU TV
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Hamline @ UW-La Crosse FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Gustavus Adolphus @ Winona State FREE
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [6] Missouri @ [12] Arkansas LINK SEC+
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Michigan State @ [24] Iowa LINK UI TV
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [1] LSU @ [4] Alabama LINK SECN
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [5] Utah @ [23] BYU LINK FREE
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [16] NC State, Bowling Green @ Utah State LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Stanford, Boise State, Yale @ UC Davis LINK
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – [9] Oregon State @ Seattle Pacific LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – San Jose State @ [20] Sacramento State LINK

A big day! Well, you know, a relatively hearty day. A husky day. It’s LSU and Alabama. I mean, come on. The live-blogging plan is to begin with Georgia/Auburn and Kentucky/Florida, then on to LSU/Alabama and maybe a dash Missouri/Arkansas. Today, we also have some watch-worthy later teams including Utah and Oregon State, so the slate is packed. For you non-subscription viewers, your treat today is the free streams for both Utah and Oregon State.

Of course, Stanford and Boise State would be a watch-worthy later meet as well, if we could watch it. Still, that’s one of those meets where refreshing the live scores should be a sporting event unto itself. Lots of calories burned there.

We’ve had just the one meet so far for nearly every team, so there’s not much to say about the rankings. They’re still quite amorphous at this point and will change drastically after this weekend. Or so Georgia and Stanford hope.


West Virginia and Pittsburgh got a jump on everyone else by a few minutes, with West Virginia already counting a fall on bars after four routines. Pitt went 48.425 on vault, a .075 improvement on last week.

Morgan Frazier is doing commentary on Florida/Kentucky. She’s finally in a meet!

47.800 on bars, a bleak start for West Virginia.

In case you were wondering, Lacy Dagen is carrying the inflatable crocodile this year in lieu of Bridgey. I know you were REALLY worried about that. Who’s Carrying the Inflatable Crocodile: the Home Game…pretty much sums up why NCAA gym is different than any other sport.

Georgia is going with the same bars lineup as against LSU. Sanders, Reynolds, Johnson, Dickson, Schick, Snead.

Intros done, touch getting started in Florida. Gowey tripped over a cup trying to run down the vault runway. Excellent start.

Slocum is in the vault lineup this week instead of Dagen, so you can all calm down.


Rotation 1:
Telah Black – VT – late twist on her full – larger bounce back – not a ton of height.  9.725

Sanders – UB – hits first hs – tioe on – 1/2 to piked jaeger is good – archy handstands but hitting – hits bail this time – short final hs – double tuck with a hop. It’s a hit. 9.800.

Hundely – VT – full – a little little short coming in for landing, and a hop back.

Becker – VT – good amplitude on her full, no landing, giant bounce back, reminiscent of NC State on Sunday, like not even in the stick vicinity portion of the year. 9.775.

Reynolds – UB – grip change to jaeger, lowish but vaught – good pak – quite late on half turn on low – high DLO with a small hop in place, very nice DLO.

Chant was a little piked and bouncy on her tsuk full.

Phillips – VT – full – pikes down at the end and a giant stumble backward but not a fall –

Johnson – UB – food clear gip – huge gienger with some legs – short second hs – small leg break on bail – couple missed hs in here – wonderful DLO with a stick. 9.875. Uh…let’s calm down a little bit.

Slocum – VT – handspring pike 1/2 with a small hop in place and chest down. 9.950. OH HEY FLORIDA.

Krippner – VT – best shape on her full so far, also a major multi-tenth bounce back, as every vaulter has shown so far.

Dickson – UB – short first hs – Ray is good – short of hs on bail – DLO with a couple bounces backward.

Baker’s 1.5, hops forward again, more control on the landing than last week, though. 9.875.

Day – VT – HIGH 1.5, off to the side on the vault and a characteristic bounce forward, but a 1.5 and that’s a deal.

Good DLO 1/1 bars dismount from Stuart. Bounce but good shape.

Schick -0 UB – high piked jaeger – good shaoe – solid legs together on the bail – a couple borderline hs in her – small hop back on DLO.

Boren – VT – comes in a touch short on her 1.5 with a hop back.

Rott – VT – pretty full, good open – also a one-tenth bounce backward, though.

Snead – UB – lovely first hs – tkatchev – lovely legs and hs on bail – short last hs (barely), floated DLO but a hop forward.

McMurtry – VT – does the DTY! Small hop back. Adrian is doing 10 hands. You know she didn’t stick, right? 9.925.

Korth – UB – good piked jageer – a little short of vertical on bail – another DLO 1/1, just hops in places and pikes to hold the landing.

Gowey is doing exhibition on vault. Full, hop, some piking.

After 1:
Georgia 49.275, Auburn 48.900
Florida 49.500, Kentucky 49.300
All scores have been too high so far at all the meets. Don’t worry about it. Georgia much better on bars, much cleaner in the legs and more controlled on the landings. The handstands were not evaluated particularly strictly and could still use some work. Florida showed four 10.0 starts and vaulted quite well. 49.500 is a big number for a lineup with no sticks. Will need to work those landings eventually, but it’s January. No trouble for now.

Auburn’s landings aren’t there yet on vault, lucky to get out of that with a 48.900. Kentucky’s bars, I didn’t see much of but what I saw was clean. Also need to work the sticks but got some benefit for going for difficulty on those DLO 1/1s.

Rotation 2:
Broussard – VT – way better than first week, sticks YFull – a little piking, waits a bit to slide heels together but will be a good score.

Cerio – UB – clear hip 1/2 to L, short hs – good cast hs and bail is quite vertical with legs together – short final hs – short fiant 1/2 – step back on double tuck. Lots of short hs in there but lots to like in overall form department – PROTRACTOR SUPPORTS MY HS VERDICT

Reynolds – VT – Auburn-y bounce back on her full – good shape –

Kopec – UB – also a little high on some hs – jaeger with some feet – DLO one-tenth hop back.

Boren – UB – Finishes her routine with a larger bounce on her DLO again this week.

Dickson – VT – also looked better – hop back on yfull – this “underneath the earth’s crust” camera angle makes it tough to tell amplitude.

Krippner – UB – hits vertical on her bail hs – another fort hs – tkatchev is OK, a little low and a little floppy – sticks a tuck full, close but quite solid.

Chant – UB – short on final hs – tuck full with a step and then another stumble-step as she salutes.

Johnson with a bounce back on vault –

Alaine Kwan college saluted so aggressively it pushed her backwards on vault.

Gowey – UB – Ray is SO High and just fingertip catches it but does – good shape on pak – half turn on low – borderline final hs – pikes down DLO with a medium shuffle backward.

Marino vaults a full for Georgia. They’ll need that 1.5 soon. Hop back but good shape.

How exactly did Syndey Dukes land that Y1/2? She had one inch of amplitude. And how exactly did she score a 9.875?

Baker – UB – Good Ray – hitting hs – legs together on vail – holds last hs – nearly sticks double front, small slide. Should be a strong score because they all are.

Snead – VT – GORGEOUS 1.5 in the air. A little short on landing with a step back. Legs come apart quite late.

Milliet – UB – lovely first hs – Ray is close but fine, very high – floated pak – good position on 1/2 turn on lwo – sticks double tuck dismount –

Hundley very clean on shap to pak – shap 1/2 is also strong – one short hs at the end – small hop to the side on tuck full.

Korth – VT – so fast twisting her 1.5, a large lunge forward out of it but good direction and not too much crossed legs. This one will be a thing, don’t you worry.

McMurtry – UB – hits Ray – good clean bail – nice counter on shoot to high – a little wonky on that final hs and then a hop back on tuck full – surprised she didn’t stick as she almost always does. 9.950 is too high for that since she didn’t even stick the dismount and missed a handstand.

After 2:
Florida 98.975, Kentucky 98.500
Georgia 98.550, Auburn 98.025

Much, much better from Georgia is the story so far. That and Mollie Korth, who has some ridiculous difficulty. Florida getting through cleanly (and normal Florida scoring) – Auburn bringing up the real. Not bad, but not there on landings or handstands yet.

Rotation 3:
Hlawek – BB – full turn, fine – secure loso series, mushy knees on bhs – switch is good, short on connected split jump – lowish kickover front to beat jump – half-assed moon walk – round off to stuck 1.5, a little off line.

Reynolds – FX – front 2/1 –  1.5 to layout – rudi is secure, not a lot of amplitude on any of the passes but controlled landings.

Bkaer – BB – secure walkover to bhs, would like a little more speed in connection – straddle to split 1/2, split 1/2 is short – side aerial to full and stuck.

Cerio – BB – pretty press handstand – cat leap to switch side, small bend – long pause before bhs loso series, check working out of it, probably didn’t need but she did come in low – switch 1/2 is actually pretty close to 180, punch front full dismount with lunge.

McLaughlin – BB – walkover to bhs, also slow in connection – beat jump to a lunatic stag jump – I think that stag jump is in the DSM – full turn – gainer full is solid.

Beth Roberts goes OOB on double pike, chest way down on double tuck.

Engler – Auburn – BB – bhs loso series with a leg-up check – full turn – switch to straddle 1/4, pauses in between, may not get leap series – side aerial – gainer pike dismount with hop back. 9.775, so she got her series. Charitable.

Hundley – Florida – BB – walkover with a check – bhs loso series is right on – cat leap to switch side a little tight but secure – another correction on full turn, a little right today – side aerial to full dismount is strong.

Babalis bouncy on floor landings but hit.

Krippner – BB – Auburn – walkover to beat jump – full turn – quite vlean early – excellent switch leap to split jump, perfect 180 – bhs to loso and falls. It was literally the best she has ever been on beam until that moment.

Boren – BB – Florida – gainer kickover front is unique – somehow hit it – secure loso series – switch to straddle is fine – standing loso – full turn – gainer full. Some slides and leans, no major checks. 9.925.

Vega hits tuck full again, chest way down again – 1.5 to layout, very well done – long pause before final pass, double pike short with a hop forward. chest position is her enemy in this routine.

Slappey – BB Auburn – bhs loso series with a check and a step back – she can be really pretty here, just tight – obsessed with her amplitude on that switch split, switch 1/2 was medium – side aerial to full is stuck.

Gowey – BB – switch to split – bhs loso loso, saved that somehow with a major break, came in basically horizontally on that loso but saved – walkover – too much of a slide back to salute on her gainer full.

Snead – FX Georgia – takes mount just to the line –  – 1.5 bhs loso second pass is lovely – a little low on double pike and has to step forward out of it, didn’t lack in amplitude though –

Milliet – BB – split to sheep with a check on the sheep – bhs loso series, check but saves it well to stay on – short on walkover and does well again not to even wobble – cat leap to gainer full – stuck. Some breaks.

McMurtry – BB – very high kickover front – leg up wobble on loso series and a little tight on that bhs and loso, another uncharacteristic error – swithc to shush to hip circle – full turn – short on 2/1 dismount with a hop forward. Not quite her normal day. still gets 9.800.

Korth – FX – Kentucky – piked full in, excellent control on landing – a little bouncy on leap landing – rudi loso second pass – poop squat choreography – double pike, keeps front foot down, controlled step back. 9.925.

Marino brought back her DLO for Georgia. Bounces but nice to see it in the lineup –

Chant is exhibition in beam – large break on loso series but stays on – gainer pike dismount with hop back.

After 3:
Georgia 147.575, Auburn 146.800
Florida 148.275, Kentucky 147.825

It’s sort of “hit your routine, get a billion night.” Just know, when you look at the scores, those were the weakest bars/beam routines I’ve seen from McMurtry in like a year and a half. Not bad, just clearly her weakest ones.

Rotation 4:

Vega – BB – Geotriga – large pause before loso series, hits it cold – aerial with a check and an arm wave – side somi is solid – Georgia is hitting a beam routine! Tight and slow  but no problems –  side aerial to full with a bounce back.

Cerio – FX – Auburn – not much height on double pike, Kupets isn’t having it either – good control on landing – nice leaps, that’s her strength here – archy and loses knees to pull around layout – talking about the Mummy – swear thought Kupets was going to launch into a movie review. “WHAT A GREAT…FILM.”

Dickson – BB – Georgia –  switch to split 1/2, a little short on 180 – bhs loso and a fall again. It begins. 1 for 2 isn’t bad! Right? …Right? full turn – Kupets talking about beam falls, neglects to shout out to IT’S LIKE A COUGH WHERE DID IT COME FROM – 2/1 dismount hop back. Holli with peak commentator optimism. 9.200 IS BETTER THAN 9.150!!!!

Becker – FX – Auburn – bounces back on double tuck – slide back on double pike as well – keeps the straight shape well on her layout out of final pass

McLaughlin a little raggedy on front 2/1, stumble/step to the side – rudi and 1.5 to front pike remaining passes –

Snead – BB – bhs loso bhs opening series is very strong – switch to back tuck, somewhat slow in connection but secure – smooth full turn – front tuck deep but solid – 2/1 dismount with a small hop – two hits out of three! If only we could all be Sydney Snead.

Slocum for Florida starts with whip through to double pike – good height on leaps but does lose toes in them – a little stumble on 1.5 to front pike landing, shuffle to the side –

Slappey for Auburn – has a “sci fi” routine and is literally doing the hustle. Time travel?

Broussard – BB – Georgia –  “so here are the demons” – bhs to loso is smooth – switch to split 1/4 is secure – full turn – somewhat hesitant but nothing major – side aerial to split, pause in connection – cat leap gainer full, stuck.

Hundley – FX – whip double tuck with a staggered-leg landing – just sort of rolling around on the floor escaping a fire, but that’s choreography, she’s fine – front layout to front full – switch side to popa is quite nice, good 180 – double pike, also staggered landing, some low chest.

Babalis – BB – walkover to loso series, also slow in combiantion – switch to split is nice – full turn – kickover front with a check – long pause before dismount – bounce back out of double tuck – hit but a couple possible areas of larger deduction. 9.800. Somehow?

Chant for Florida debuts her DLO on floor, a little short with a step – nice leaps, good position – double pike and sits it OOB. So I’m feeling like 9.750?

Hlwaek – Auburn – FX – nearly seat drops on double arabian but stays on her feet, deep landing – double tuck, chest down.

Schick – BB – bhs loso hit – walkover to split is solid as well – walkover to switch to beat, also methodical but no major errors – side aerial – just holds stick on gainer full with a lean. Pretty potential, getting there. 9.900. The judges were like HERE’S YOUR CONFETTI YOU DID IT.


Rott – FX – Auburn – big DLO and one of her better landings – chest up just a slide –

Boren good tuck full on floor.

Hyland is finishing for Kentucky on beam – lovely walkover to bhs loso series, good legs – cat leap to side aerial to tuck full dismount. 9.875. Kentucky nearly hits 197.

Baker FX to finish for Florida – Dos Santos with less control this week, a larger lunge back to hold the landing – sticks double tuck perfectly – switch leap to split full, good finishing positiona nd 180 – 1.5 to half to straddle is also excellent – shame about the slidey stumble on the Dos Santos because the rest was pretty much perfect. Amazed she saved it with as few deductions as she did, though. 9.925. They were like, can we please give you a 10 please? No?

Georgia 196.800, Auburn 196.075
I feel like Georgia is going to be good with that score? No counting falls helps.

Florida 197.600, Kentucky 196.950
Yeah, I feel like they’ll both be fine with those scores too. Florida’s performance fairly equivalent to last weekend. Some better floor landings, some weaker beam routines. Having Slocum in on vault helped.


Rotation 1:
McNeer – VT – very clean shape on full, late twist, hop back. 9.825.

Wellick is out for Arkansas so I quit life. So does Arkansas’ bars rotation.

Zamardi – UB – good first hs – shap to pak, small leg breaks – good vertical on 1/2 turn on high bar, pirouette off angle but toes up to high well – double arabian with a step forward – 9.800.

Armbrecht – VT – also good form on her full with a tenth hop backward – nice shape and distance. 9.850. OK. Sure.

Hambrick – UB – Ray is lovely – full turn a little late this time, unusual – vertical on bail – hits final hs – sticks tuck full perfectly – that will be a score. 9.825. That seems a bit tight.

Desch – VT – brings out the 1.5! Lands short with a step back to save the landing. 9.800.

Gna t- UB – still on bars – ok first hs – late giant 1/2 – better legs on gienger – short of vertical on bail – to up to high – late final hs – whippy DLO with a hop. 9.750.

Winston – VT – gorgeous full in the air, Kathy thinks she piked down at the end but I’m fine with it – hop back as well though, full tenth hop. 9.825.

Endey – UB – good Hindorff and handstands – love to toe point in vertical on bail – short final hs – pretty DLO but takes a step back and then a second step back to control.

Guerrero – VT – 1.5 – messy knees that she usually has, and a large bound forward – won’t be a huge score -still gets 9.850. Some difficulty bonus there? A couple of these vault 9.850s have been too high.

Finnegan – UB – A littel close on Ray this time but still lovely – clean and perfect bail – good shoot to high – one medium hs – sticks DLO with a little squatting, should be a big score. Can hit 9.9 zone with that. 9.825 is TIGHT for that.

Bailey – VT – y half with a step forward – very clean form, but steps forward. 9.850.

Finengan – UB – good tkatchev – and pak – nice 21/2 turn on low bar – good hs – whippy DLO but a near-stick on the DLO. Better than last week. 9.900.

Somehow, Alabama is ahead of LSU after one. Yeah, OK, sure.

After 1: Alabama 49.200, LSU 49.175
Alabama had a one-tenth step on every single vault, which took away big, big scores that it seemed the judges were ready to give. Just the one 10.0 start as well. LSU good on bars. Still no Harrold. A couple wonky handstands in a few routines, still need to get a few more landings, but I thought the majority of them improved over last week.

Rotation 2:
Finnegan – VT – nice shape on vault but squats down to try to hold the landing and then steps back. 9.850. This vault scoring is crazy pills. They are not on the same page as bars at all.

McNeer – UB – Foos Ray and rhythm – hitting hs – a little short of vertical on bail but good legs together – DLO, holds the stick with a lean.

Miss Lexie sticks a full on vault. So 50? Some legs, not a ton of distance, but good landing and will be a big score. 9.900.

A Sims – UB – Ray is good – legs apart on bail and most of the casts still, though – and on the DLO – hop back on dismount. 9.825.

Ewing – VT – 1.5 – good direction, hop forward – leg break on the table and then a .1 hop forward. 9.875.

Jetter – UB – Tkatchev, not enough counter but no big deal – bail to toe shoot – short on some of these handstands – double front with a step back

Edney – VT – didn’t stick her 1.5 this time (and could have gone 10 the way these vault scores have been going) – lunge forward and the back foot slides with it. 9.900.

Bailey – UB – Good AJeger – great height – good hs – clean bail – very solid verticals on everything – just overrotates her full out with a small step back, but there wasn’t too much to take other than that.

Hambrick – VT – another pretty full from her, not the clean stick of last week, just a small shuffle back on landing. 9.925. HEY JUDGE WHO WENT 9.950: She didn’t stick.

The problem the judges put themselves in is that they had to give Edney a 9.900 on that vault, couldn’t go higher and no every score is weirdly bunched and unequal vaults are scoring equally.

Winston – UB – Excellent height on Tkatchev, Kathy and everyone loses it on the pak – smooth hs – DLO and leans to hold the stick. Should be another big score. 9.950.

Gnat – VT – DTY – also borderline as to whether she stuck or not, to me there was a little slide as Hambrick’s had – and the replay verifies, which also emphasizes the crossed legs. 10.000. 10 when you don’t stick, my favorite song.

Brannan – UB – toe 1/2 – good jaeger – pulls the bail up to vertical, legs together, focuses to hit final hs – DLO with a bounce and two extra steps back. Shame. 9.775.

Now DD is all happy because of the 10. I wanted mad DD about the bars scores!

49.600 for LSU on vault. Makes up for the bars score. 49.250 for Alabama on bars. Bailey and Winston were the highlights there.

After 2: LSU 98.775, Alabama 98.450

Missouri is huddling around 196 pace again at this meet, but with beam still to go. Arkansas is understandably struggling in absence of Wellick today. Lots of counting 9.6s on bars and beam.

Rotation 3:
McNeer – BB – walkover to bhs series, clean and better rhythm than some we’ve seen tonight – full turn is smooth – lean check on loso series – switch and split, great amplitude – Kathy doesn’t like her back leg – legs on 1.5 but stuck. A little off to the side. 9.850.

Ewing – FX – front 2/1, controls the landing, keeps the back foot planted – front full to layout stuck – switch side and popa, hits her 180s – a touch short on double pike last pass with a shuffle. 9.850.

Childers – BB – falls on loso series – kickover front to scale is pretty, though – sticks 1.5. Rest of the routine was good, but Alabama has to work through four now. Childers will be good on beam for them soon, though her best event is floor, so I hope to see that sometime this season. I love the way she performs floor.

Zamardi – FX – great height on double arabian, really punched for that this time, small shuffle back – short double tuck with a stumble second pass – switch side and popa are hit – 1.5 to layout, doesn’t rise into the layout but not too whippy.

Sanders – BB – aerial to bhs series – switch to straddle jump is confident – full turn – “she’s talking to herself and you can tell she’s actually listening” oh Kathy, love – loso series check but nothing more than a check, saved it – 1.5 with a step.

Elizabeth Price is sick and not competing for Stanford tonight. Get your rosaries.

Finnegan – FX – 1.5 through to 1.5 – a little stumble shuffle to the side but otherwise pretty shapes – secure double tuck – pretty strong double pike, but a step. Playing all to the camera with this winking and these facial expressions. Someone survived GAGE. 9.900.

Sims – BB – even her simple split jump is remarkable because it’s so high and well hit – Secure loso series – switch and straddle 1/4 – HUGE – double tuck dismount with a step back. Otherwise exceptional. 9.875.

Hambrick – FX – STICKS a double layout, insanely good – 2.5 to front tuck and stuck as well, excellent shapes – split full and wolf full for dance series – double pike is high, she does slide back so she can’t get a 10 for this routine, but the first two passes were pretty amazing. 9.950. Would have been a 10 otherwise.

Winston – BB – switch and split and straddle 1/4 are all excellent in position – walkover to bhs series is so so precise – double tuck, she goes for it – hop back with both feet, though, but the rest of it was perfection. 9.875.

Kelley – FX – DLO, also secure landing but lower chest than Hambrick, controlled step back – front lay to front full, dances out of it but a slide there – good camera angle of DD’s back during her leap series – front tuck through to double tuck, also secure on landing but her chest is down on a couple of these.

Guerrero – BB – two loso series, secure as always, veyr strong – switch to straddle – full turn – long pause, breaks her posutre and them because dismount – side aerial to full and a hop back. No counting a fall.

Skinner went 9.875 for Utah on bars.

Gnat – FX – Strong DLO, her usual, controlled presentation out of it – 2.5 to front tuck – better direction this time than on some occasions – hugely high double pike – chest down a little but did well not to show a major landing error there –

Julianna Cannamela in a sling in the background –

Live scores have halted, but Bart tells us LSU has an NCAA high on floor this year.

Desch is telling us about all her GAGE. I mean injuries.

Skinner 9.900 on her DTY for Utah.

Missouri finishes 195.850. Arkansas trying to get into the 194s with final floor routine?

Rotation 4:
Macadaeg – BB – switch and switch 1/2, check on her switch 1/2 – lovely loso series – sticks gainer full – not much other than the uncharacteristic balance check on the swithc 1/2 – Kathy recognizing how much I make fun of her. Don’t worry about it.

Guerra – FX – double tuck – good control – great control on double pike as well, not her main difficulty but she is comfortable with these landings – good positions on leap series, a bit indistinct in landing position – 1.5 to layout, also very smooth and solid. Good routine.

Hambrick – BB – pretty L turn – hitch kick to side aerial, a swing of arms to avoid a check – switch and straddle 1/4 are quite nice – pretty and smooth loso series – stuck 2/1, excellent. She had a great meet, even the low bars score was kind of BS.

Desch – FX – double arabian, better landing, a bit lock-legged but just a small step forwward – 1.5 to layout 1/2 to split to front tuck, very well executed and controlled – switch ring to split 1/1, switch ring could be a little more ringy but split full was strong – chest down double tuck.

Edney – BB – small weird check connecting aerial into sissone – great amplitude and security on loso series – switch to straddle 1/4 – such a high kickover front, chest up and solid – someone is earning a spot in this lineup – squatty 1.5 landing but stuck it –

Sims – FX – double pike to start, just a double pike but very well landed – leaps are obviously excellent – FUN WITH POLICE SIRENS – 1.5 to layout – a little whipped over but good – just does keep her front foot planted on that double tuck landing – 9.900.

Ewing – BB – bhs layout to 2 feet, way off and no chance to save it – have we ever seen her fall on that – I can’t remember a time – and then a big break on her switch side, which I’ve definitely never seen her do – rattled – standing loso is better – 1.5 dismount, good stick. Up to Finnegan and Gnat now.

Bailey – FX – her FX beginning facial expression is my emergency contact – deep landing on double arabian with a step back to save the landing – switch ring to split full combination, could be a touch more 180 – lunges forward out of middle pass, but keeps that back foot down, critically – rudi, slightly ragged landing but fine.

Finnegan – BB – single wolf turn – not a Finnegan-again-again moment and Kathy is displeased – solid loso series though – side somi is forward but no check, similar to last week – side aerial to a stuck full. No trouble in that routine. 9.925.

Guerrero – FX – just a double pike to start, she can do more but it’s fine – they’ll intend to add their E passes to some of these routines later. switch side and popa are fine, quite close to 180 but could be more Aja – 1.5 to front full with a hop forward – rudi in the middle of the floor, chest down but good control.

Gnat – BB – walkover with a leg-up wobble – tight – full turn – switch to straddle 1/4 is good – switch side is fine – loso series smooth and solid – 2/1 dismount with a shuffle back. LSU will be able to drop the fall.

Winston – FX – DLO, solid, not Hambrick level but not a deduction there – Needs a 9.875 to get Alabama into the 197s, very capable – switch ring to split 1/2, very well completed – sticks an excellent final double tuck. That should do the 197 job for Alabama even though LSU will win again. 9.950. I feel like that’s a good score?

Final score on the live scores is wrong for LSU because they have a 9.975 for Ewing on beam. It was an 8.975.

Final: LSU 197.575, Alabama 197.100
Both teams will take that score no problem. Kiana Winston and Myia Hambrick win the AA with a 39.600.

Very good meets for both teams. They’ll take these scores.

Laura says there’s a “purple cloud” around LSU. That’s what someone I know calls farts. In case that’s useful information.

Just found out I get the BYU Network. For some reason? OK? Fine with it.

We’ve still got more going with Utah and then Oregon State and following the scores with Stanford and BYU, so stick around after this one.

Schwab goes 9.900 for Utah. They have to drop a 9.300 from Rowe, and it’s Skinner left to go.

Skinner – FX – “this is a different routien from the Olympic Trials” it’s literally the same one – double double, not quite as controlled as last time with a lunge back with stays in bounds – solid second pass – very secure tuck full in final pass. 9.950, even though it was actually a weaker routine than last week. Oh NCAA.

Reinstadtler is doing exhibition for Utah on a few events tofay – including floor. Starts with a double tuck, hop back. Double pike, fine, a little short.

49.275 for Utah on floor. Utah needs 49.300 on beam in the final rotation for a 197.

Here’s the streaming link for Stanford, Boise State etc. Just became a thing! Coming through in the clutch. Still in warmups, though.

In rotation 4, Utah goes to beam and BYU goes to floor.

For those asking in the comments, they changed the link for Oregon State live scores (thanks). Here.

Merrell – BB – switch to split is good – secure three – series – good walkover – full turn – kickover front with the smallest lean – 1.5 landing is short with a larger lunge back, excellent on the beam, but the dismount will hurt the score. 9.775.

Jill Van Mierlo’s floor music is the FOX NFL theme. Excuse me while I vomit everything I’ve ever eaten. The commentary is very “one for the guys” about it. Ugh.

Schwab – BB – “a modern leg twist” is her mount, apparentlu – switch to straddle 1/4, secure but tight in her leaps, will become more comfortable in time – good walkover to split – bhs loso, very smooth – full turn – switch side is a bit crooked – casrtwheel to gainer full – just holds the stick before saluting –

The BYU commentator’s name is Spencer. I see…………..

Watching the warmups at Davis, looks like a Davis gymnast hurt her ankle on a timer? And then the next gymnast had to jump up onto the table like a bear and then stop because her teammate was still hurt on the landing mat? Weird?

Skinner – BB – bhs loso series – solid, nromal – side aerial to ssisone is a little rushed with a check on the sissone – switch to split is good, her splits have already gotten better? Or is it just me. L turn is fine – straddle to back tuck, no trouble – double tuck dismount, we were too far away to see the landing but it looked good – “We NEVER see the double back in NCAA gymnastics.” Wrong. Did stick the double tuck, a little staggered but stuck. 9.875.

We;re getting started with the Davis quad meet, but camera is just on Davis on vault so far.

A “fan turn”? Is that what we call an L turn?

Dani McNair opens bars for Stanford with 8.875. Here we go.

Stover on beam – switch to straddle is excellent – split ring jump, check – gainer full is stuck –

Nicki McNair 9.800 on bars.

Oregon State is counting an 8.4 on bars already, so I’m going to go jump into a volcano now.

So far for BYU, we have the NFL theme, Frozen, and Jaws. AHAHHAHAHA. Don’t you guys see? MORMONS ARE FUN.

Apparently Kari Lee doesn’t have the difficulty on beam? OK?

Lee – BB – loso series is excellent – pretty leaps – just an arm wave on the side aerial – sitcks 2/1 with some crossed legs but not much.

Stanford pulling it together on bars with 9.800 from Daum and 9.850 from Maxwell.

Now, I love Disney things as much as the next person, but come on BYU.

Rowe – BB – switch to straddle 1/4, a little short on straddle 1/4 but fine – two loso series with a wobble, nearly bend at the hips so may be a larger deduction – kickover front good – sticks 1.5.

I was wathcing Rowe’s beam, but apparently Kaylee Cole for Stanford got an ACTUAL 2 on bars? Huh?

Kaylee Cole has been downgraded to a 1. Anyone see it?

Missy Reinstadtler gets to exhibition on every event? This is like when they made Shannon do the AA in podium training to judge her readiness. CAN YOU PERFORM????

196.900 final for Utah. 194.125 for BYU.

Apparently that second 8.4 for Oregon State was a typo, but they did count a 9.000 on bars. Better?

From akr in the comments: “Cole fell twice and it looked like the coach just told her to salute and be done with it. She seemed fine – just probably wasn’t going to outscore the 1st routine anymore, anyway.” Thanks for watching!

So 48.150 on bars for Stanford. That wasn’t even beam or floor!

Boise State leads with a 48.625 first rotation, so that’s where we are. Paige Urquhart went 9.775 on floor. I mention that because I thought I clicked her name on fantasy gym, but apparently I didn’t and went with only 7 competitors, not including her, but including Sarah Means, who didn’t go. GREAT.

Meanwhile, Skinner won every event and the AA with 39.600. Stanford’s like, “We can fudge the academic requirements…don’t worry…come!”

Now Stanford has to go to beam. It’ll be fine…

Davis first UB routine had crazy handstands but did stick a double tuck.

This looks like Fitzgerald on beam for Stanford – finishing with a front full dismount with a hop. a hit!

Boise State has huge bend to the side on a yurchenko 1/2, basically folded in half – It’s a yhalf so Im assuming Bennion, but far away.

Yufull from McGregor on vault (just a full?) with a hop back -\

Dani McNair – loso is hit – switch s1/2 is fine – wobble on a split jump, a little tight on most of the leaps – sticks gainer full.

Dani Dessaints fell on her 1.5, but Oregon State still breaks 49 om vault.

Cole – BB – Stanford – bend on loso series but holds it – switch to straddle 1/4, not hitting 180 on that straddle 1/4 but the switch was fine – walkover to beat jump – full turn – stuck an excellent 2/1 dismount, very clean and no question about the stick.

Ashley Tai for Stanford hits her bhs loso – is quite tight on the leaps but secure – 1.5 with a bound forward.

Davis had a nice Gienger in there, but all the handstands were missed, which is typical of the lower-ranked schools. Nice individual moments, but you can’t give them much of a score.

Is this Daum on beam? I’m thrown by the Becky Wing bangs. Very short back leg on a switch but the rest looked fine, stuck a 1.5.

Final Stanford gymnast, walkover with a lean – a couple tentative moments, repeats walkover and connects to back handspring this time – apparently this was Nicole Hoffman and apparently she got 8.650.

Sarah Means falls on her 1.5 for a 9.150. Goodbye forever.

Stanford goes 48.875 on beam. Improvement? They got through without counting a fall with no Ebee, so mission accomplished.

Boise State and Davis are both ahead of Stanford after 2. Well, at least floor is next………? Oh god….

I’m recording the scores for a post to come, but to keep us up todate, Stanford is currently counting a 9.600 on floor from Tai on floor debut after a 9.125 from Hoffman.

Week 2 results page is here.

Stanford is counting a 9.600 on floor so far, along with a 9.700 nd 9.800, so not as bad as Monday.

Maxwell’s original floor score on the live scores was 9.750, but it has been changed to 9.400 because of Stanford for a rotation of 48.050. Stanford will have to work to go into the 194s in this one, but it is still possible heading to vault. If only Ebee were well….

Oregon State has seen falls from Lowery and McMillan on beam. This is not a good one…

Boise State is ahead by a mile in this meet, though not a particularly good score, sub-49 on every event, even bars.

Stanford starts vault with 9.575 from Hoffman and 9.700 from Daum. Maybe 194 will be harder than I thought.

Cole just stuck a very nice full. Strong vault. That should get them closer to positive numbers.

Oregon State finishes 194.525 after counting falls on both bars and beam.

Stanford needs a 9.775 for that last vault score to hit the 194 mark.

Nicki McNair, who was out most of the preseason with injury, returns on vault for 9.500 as the final routine. Stanford finishes 193.800. Improvement!

Boise State is having to count a couple 9.725s on beam so far. Two routines left.

Keep an eye on the results page for all the final scores and leaders from the weekend.


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  1. Does anyone have any idea whats with Vaculik? I knew they said she sick for sneak peek but that was about a month ago right?

  2. Spencer,

    It would be really helpful when covering multiple meets if you could specify the school of the gymnast. I know the stars but don’t know the others.

  3. New bars worker for LSU (according to the Alabama stats page):
    Kennedi Cannamela – anyone heard of her? 😉

  4. What is with the SEC scoring – do they have a different number system or is it just assumed that they are “SOOOOOO” good you can’t take the appropriate deductions. Other conferences get ranked lower but the scoring is at least feasible!!!! Get real South! A hop is the same on the east and south as it is in the north and west. I know the teams are good but not everyone is a “GOLD” medal. I would really appreciate consistent judging! Thoughts anyone!

    1. Yes. Maybe someone can come up with a conversion formula such as:
      Realistic Score = SEC Score – X,
      where X = ?
      (For a single score, should X=0.10? or what?)

      1. Maybe they could just issue a “handicap” adjustment to non-SEC – might be a bit more interesting and fair.

    2. In fairness, Utah also needs SERIOUS adjustment and Oklahoma have their moments, while Georgia &co aren’t really aggressively overscored and Bama have a habit of getting stuck at 9.875. I think it has less to do with the SEC and more about where judges feel most pressure to align with the crowd / are afraid of the coaches!

      But still, it’s a serious issue that we don’t have a real way to fix yet…

      1. I think a good start would not be letting the coaches for the home team determine which judges are used. Pretty basic and simple fix, at least as a starting point.

    3. There was none of that “SEC scoring” at the Arkansas meet. I actually thought it was fairly equitable and reasonable. I wish the Lady Hogs had had a better meet.

  5. Overall much better from Georgia so far, but they are going to beam now with the same lineup as last week so I’m terrified.

    1. She was injured during warmups according to the commentators. I don’t know the prognosis though.

  6. Hambrick didn’t stick? I didn’t catch the replay, but it looked like a better stick than Gnat. Lol

    1. It’s the DTY and unlike some issues, it’s not particular to the SEC. Skinners DTY was a bit of a mess tonight at BYU and the judges went 9.9.

    2. Agreed.
      And I would expect the same to apply to Skinner and McMurtry. Ebee, on the other hand, I predict to continue to be relatively under scored.

  7. My fantasy gymnastics team is looking awfully 9.775y minus Sarah Finnegan and Ashleigh Gnat.

  8. As a somewhat new follower of NCAA gymnastics, this is an awesome site to be able to follow all of the action. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and updates!

  9. Loving ESPN coverage. They added the vault height graphics to the bars handstands. And Kathy’s getting them to freeze frame leappositions on beam. Nice to see.
    And so nice to have commentary that highlights what separates the good from the truly special. A-hem Kelly Garrison – take note!!!

  10. Love all the live scoring links schools give out prior to competition that are broken and stay that way throughout the competition. That’s helpful.
    (looking at you Seattle Pacific).

  11. I love your snarky, sarcastic, completely accurate commentary. Can we be friends?

  12. Cole fell twice and it looked like the coach just told her to salute and be done with it. She seemed fine – just probably wasn’t going to outscore the 1st routine anymore, anyway.

  13. Cole had a fall on a transition from low bar to high bar (not sure what the name of the move is), got back on, fell on her transition back to the low bar and then just stopped and saluted.

  14. I’m perfectly capable of scoring a 2 on UB. Can I get a scholarship to Stanford now…

  15. I just checked to see how many away meets Stanford has left! Plenty as it turns out – they only have three home meets this year (8 away, including Pac12s, so 6 more to go). I was beginning to think they might need to schedule some extra just in case . . .

  16. Stanford announced Dani McNair is making her aa debut tonight. I guess you will see her on floor after all, Spencer!

  17. Why does McKenna Kelly perform her floor routine with her eyes bugging out and her mouth hanging open? I don’t understand this bizarre attempt at performativity. She looks ridiculous. Also, please lose the machine gun crap. It’s as ridiculous, if not more, than your mouth hanging open. You’re not in the army; you don’t live in the “hood.” Just stop.

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