Week 4 Rankings and Notes

equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 1. Oklahoma 197.781
  • Sooners retain #1 ranking, average drops one tenth after 197.425
  • Nichols wins AA again (theme?) with 39.725
  • Nichols also wins every event
  • Chayse Capps falls on BB, dogs and cats live together
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 2. LSU 197.588
  • Tigers retain #2 ranking, with second consecutive 197.475
  • Edney last-minute replacement in AA, casual 39.625
  • Hambrick falls on VT and botches UB, world over
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.431
  • Florida records season-high 197.700 at home against Auburn
  • Baker gets second career 10.000 on FX, returns on three events
  • 9.950s from Hundley (UB), McMurtry (VT), Boren (FX)
  • Chant still out
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 4. Utah 197.075
  • Another season-ending injury (Tessen) sours 197.150 @ Washington
  • Skinner wins AA, leads team with 9.925 on BB, FX
  • Muhaw adds VT, Reinstadtler adds UB to fill in lineups
green-up-arrow 5. UCLA 196.617
  • Bruins jump three spots after season-high 197.325
  • Kyla Ross 10.000 on UB leads the team, w/ Lee 9.950 on UB
  • Kocian wins AA with 39.525
reddownarrow 6. Alabama 196.440
  • Tide falls to 6th after weekend of poor meets
  • B-team counts FX fall, multiple 9.7s for 195.325 in loss to Arkansas
  • Aish-team has a three-fall UB disaster v. Auburn for 195.850
  • Sims (9.975) and Winston (9.950) FX save score in second meet
green-up-arrow 7. Michigan 196.381
  • Season-high 197.225 jumps Michigan three spots
  • Karas records career-high 9.975 for stuck Y1.5
  • A batch of 9.925s (Artz, Zaziski on UB, Chiarelli on BB) follow
  • Artz wins AA with 39.500
reddownarrow 8. Denver 196.250
  • Denver drops a spot with 195.900 after counting BB fall
  • Ross 9.925 on BB is team’s top score
  • Competing only five on VT/FX begins to show, counting 9.6s on VT
green-up-arrow 9. Georgia 196.1115
  • Georgia hits all the events again (!) for season-high 197.075
  • Snead (back precaution), Vega (sick) did not compete
  • Rachel Dickson arrived for 39.525 AA score
reddownarrow 10. Kentucky 196.035
  • A back-to-earth weekend of 195s sees Kentucky fall to 10th
  • A-team struggles with landings, particularly VT, against LSU for 195.750
  • B-team counts errors on UB, FX against Ball State for 195.300
  • Korth still goes 39.300, 39.400 in AA
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 11. Missouri 195.975
  • Missouri stays put and maintains average with 196.075
  • Harris leads team on FX (9.900) and VT (9.875)
  • Missing Porter shows in 9.7-ful UB lineup
reddownarrow 11. Southern Utah 195.975
  • BB trouble sees Southern Utah fall to 11th with 195.800
  • Ramirez wins AA with 39.425, leads team on three events with 9.875s
  • Yee wins UB with 9.850
green-up-arrow 11. Boise State 195.975
  • Season-high 196.400 is led by characteristic huge UB score
  • Collantes wins AA with 39.200, 9.900 on FX
  • 9.925s on UB (Mejia, Remme) and BB (Remme) are team highs
  • Counting a fall on floor takes away near-197
green-up-arrow 14. Oregon State 195.925
  • Second-consecutive hit meet (196.700) sees OSU jump again
  • McMillan wins FX with 9.950
  • Aufiero and McMillan also record 9.900 on UB
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 15. Cal 195.800
  • Cal stays steady with serviceable 196.025
  • No falls, but Williams FX and Gallarzo BB only scores over 9.850
green-up-arrow 16. George Washington 195.731
  • GW jumps two spots after season-high 196.150
  • BB is highlight as usual, with 9.875s from CDA, Winstanley, Pfeiler
reddownarrow 17. Auburn 195.645
  • Auburn posts season high, followed by season low in a wash weekend
  • 196.400 @ Florida features 9.900 from Slappey (FX), Engler (BB)
  • 194.675 v. Alabama features three-fall beam implosion for 47.600
  • Milliet injured in Friday warmups
green-up-arrow 18. Washington 195.600
  • No counting falls for season-high 196.300
  • 9.900s from Goings (BB), Burleson (BB), and Hoffa (FX) lead
  • Team rises to #7 BB ranking
green-up-arrow 19. Ohio State 195.538
  • OSU uses Minnesota score-a-thon to jump one spot
  • 49.325 on VT leads team to 196 after 9.900 from Mattern
  • Hofland scores 9.900 on UB, Mattern 9.875 on FX
reddownarrow 20. Nebraska 195.517
  • Catastrophic UB, BB, FX rotations see Huskers plummet 8 spots
  • Five falls lead to 194.800 total
  • Lambert limited to VT, Breen still to UB, BB, and Williams still to BB
  • Houchin is top AA performance with 39.300
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 21. Illinois 195.256
  • Illinois stays put with occasionally strictly scored 195.625
  • Leduc’s 9.875 on FX leads the team, wins AA with 39.275
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 22. Iowa 195.245
  • Iowa’s remarkable four-week run at #22 continues with 195.975
  • Highlight was string of 9.925s on UB (Metcalf, Sullivan, Zurawski)
green-up-arrow 23. Minnesota 195.075
  • Minnesota returns to top 25 with huge home 196.800
  • 9.9s for everybody, particularly Abernathy (VT, FX) and Holst (UB, FX)
  • Holst ties for AA victory with 39.375
reddownarrow 24. Arkansas 195.038
  • Arkansas records another victory over Alabama with 195.825
  • Garner returns to BB, still show just five on UB
  • BB highlighted by four 9.850s from Burton, Garner, Nelson, Yamzon
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 25. West Virginia 195.031
  • Season-high 196.300 keeps WVU in the top 25
  • Muhammad sticks Yfull for 9.900 in meet’s highlight routine
  • Counting major beam error takes away giant, preposterous score

Full rankings at RTN.

Oklahoma and LSU both showed weird minor vulnerabilities this weekend with mistakes from Capps and Hambrick. That’s going to need to not continue at risk of jeopardizing our entire worldview. Florida’s season-high 197.700 has seen the Gators jump into sight of the top two, creating more significant separation between the big leading three and 4th-place Utah.

Another week, another discussion of how Utah will possibly go on in the wake of a major injury, this time a torn Achilles for Kim Tessen. RIP, my fantasy team. Vault is where Utah will feel these injuries the most. Rowe and Muhaw have come in (and you’d hope to have Lewis back as well), and while they can perform perfectly acceptable vaults, they’re going to get some 9.800s. It doesn’t hurt so much now, but it will when the meets get serious. Bars is actually OK right now with Lee and Reinstadtler coming in, but that lineup is stretched as far as it can stretch. No one else on the team has ever competed a bars routine. In the most recent meet, floor looked pretty comfortable in those early positions, some oddly inconsistent scoring notwithstanding, though the group being trotted out right now is not “big floor.” (Apart from Skinner, obviously.) It’s nice-double-pike floor.

UCLA put a meet together (progress!) to jump up to #5, reaffirming that this team has the potential to be really, really, really good. This was a solid performance, their best so far, but not an amazing showing. Vault and floor still have a long way to go, but it tells us something that their bars and beam are good enough for a 197.3 nonetheless.

Michigan and Georgia joined UCLA as the team’s starting to put complete meets together and rise toward more expected rankings with these talent-befitting 197s, but these schools were the rarity this week. We saw a lot of averages drop (even from Oklahoma and LSU) and several top teams throw out quite forgettable performances. Or actually, memorable but not in a good way.

That means you, Alabama. It was always going to be a weird weekend for Alabama with the two meets and the inevitable lineup surrealism, but it ended up being a missed opportunity featuring two must-drop scores. The situation is by no means dire—Alabama already has several strong scores and is a very good team—but it does perhaps indicate that while Alabama has a ton of routines, the team may not have quite the actual depth it seemed in the preseason. It only counts as depth if you’d be OK putting up that routine at regionals, and probably half of the sets we saw on Friday would not be OK to put up in an important meet like that.

The absence of Guerra and the continued recovery of Brannan mean that Alabama may not have the same luxury of playing around with lineups and slotting 84 different people into rotations and still getting a good score as it did last year.

Despite the weak score, Sunday’s meet was less of a problem because the low score was the result of falls, not of “9.725 and that’s what you’re always going to get for this routine.” These falls are unlikely to be a continuing proposition, and the lineups put out on Sunday are Super-Six level when they hit.

Fortunately for Alabama, it seemed they successfully freed themselves of this illness and coughed it all over Auburn at the end of Sunday’s meet, leading to an Auburn beam implosion and another low score in a week in which Milliet also went out injured. Auburn is still yet to reach 196.5 in any meet so far this year with seven remaining before regionals.

Kentucky also resorted to some lineup twisting and gymnast resting to survive its two-meet weekend, which also didn’t go exactly to plan with some 195s and poor landings that we didn’t see in the first few meets of the year. Maybe don’t have two-meet weekends? Is that the lesson here? All of the SEC teams that had Friday-Sunday meets struggled, and these teams all have to go again this coming Friday. Not everyone is Brittany Rogers and can just do that for fun.

Nebraska has no such two-meet excuse for the 194.800 at Michigan because it was their only meet of the weekend. It was just rough from start to finish, except for Houchin who really shone as the team’s clear future leader. (Current leader?)

Non-famous stars of the week
Gymnasts from schools outside the top 25 who scored over 9.900

Kendall Valentin, Eastern Michigan, Bars – 9.925
For the second week in a row. Who’s going to snatch her as a transfer?

Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, Beam – 9.925
Ranks #5 nationally on beam.

Nicole Medvitz, Penn State, Beam – 9.925
Actually the only good thing going for Penn State right now.

Haylee Young, Iowa State, Beam – 9.925
Career-high on beam after hitting 9.900 each of last two years

Skyler Sheppard, Arizona, Beam – 9.925
Arizona’s not in the top 25? More Sheppard please

Majesta Valentine, West Chester, Floor – 9.925
Majesta indeed

17 thoughts on “Week 4 Rankings and Notes”

  1. With the new “4 year plan” rules that started for everyone this year – how much flexibility will teams have to “snatch” a great bar worker if they need one. Do we think a lot of those plans have years with zero’s in them. And how likely is a team to let someone out of that 4 year plan?

  2. Does anyone else have an odd feeling that the first 10 Kocian gets is going to be on floor?? She is seeming to be consistently improving each week. #legs

    1. Yes, either floor or beam. Beam was really good this week until her funky dismount. She can do that dismount nicely too from the vids (snapchat, etc) that I’ve seen.

      1. I hope it’s beam! Her floor is nice, but not a big-big-big routine and is never going to be, though she’s doing really well with being clean and very precise on landings

      2. I agree, Beam this week would have been a huge score with the stuck dismount for sure!

    2. That would be really really cool!
      I’m enjoying her so much on floor and beam!
      I’m not convinced about her bars though, they just have too many built-in deductions like those leg and ankle separations everywhere 🙁

      1. I was at the OU meet when she got hurt during warmups on an event and put her in a boot.

  3. What happened to Briannah Tsang? She got an 8.925 on floor and then didn’t do beam. Does anyone know?

    1. Went OOB on first pass and crashed last pass of double pike. She was fine, but held out of beam as a precaution and to let others fight for lineup spots.

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