Sunday Live Blog – January 29, 2017

Sunday, January 29
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Another day! Another travesty. Probably.

Kentucky already had another clunker of a bars rotation, though it is nice to see Waltz get into the lineup on both bars and vault so far. 9.850 on vault.

Kendall Valentin goes 9.925 on bars again for Eastern Michigan. Korth saves Kentucky’s vault a little for 9.925, but still well under 196 pace after counting a 9.4 and a 9.6 on bars.

Just when we all start talking up Kentucky…
Barring a disaster in the final two rotation it looks like a top-10 spot is still safe, but they will fall several places in the rankings.

Of the three early meets, our current halfway leader is Utah State with a 97.725. Who had that one in the pool?

Mulligan’s 9.900 on bars keeps UNH afloat (ish) for the moment.

We’re already up to intros at WVU’s quad meet, so that bodes well for its efficiency in getting underway.

Please tell me you’re seeing this a cappella lady trio doing the national anthem at WV. They’re called Sapphire Sound, and I want to travel the world with them.

Ooooh, four-frame screen! Spicy!

In case we don’t get gymnast identification on the broadcast for all the teams ( a tough proposition), Denver’s bars lineup is Kern, Addison, Lomonte, Karr, Ogden, Ross. WVU’s vault is Bernard, Goldberg, Merwin, Cluchey, Muhammad, Koshinski.

My least favorite way people begin sentences: “Going off of what you just said…” or even worse “piggy-backing on what you just said.” That’s high school English BS. We all see through your game.

Rotation 1:
Bernard – WVU – Y1/2, pretty large bound forward on that. Minimum full tenth. 9.800 is charitable.

Kern – UB – solid jaeger – floppy legs on the bail with a separation – hard to tell hs from this angle but they seem fine – step back on DLO. 9.775.

Goldeberg – VT – she has a full, larger bounce back than Bernard had – need more control on these vaults to get the scores under harsher circumstances. 9.725. That’s more realistic.

Addison – UB – over arches a bail and comes off the bars

Merwin – VT – better flight on y 1/2, smaller hop foward on her landing than Bernard. 9.775.

Simultaneous falls for Towson and Temple on floor and beam from their second-up gymnasts.

Cluchey – VT – very nice full – good stick – best body position in the lineup so far as well – pretty 9.875.

Lomonte – UB – a little legs on her shap and a spearation on the bail as well – which is reinforced by this angle – hop back on double tuck out of a stalder

Muhammad – VT – even better than Cluchey’s – excellent amplitude and also stuck – that’s two excellent fulls in a row. 9.900. (Someone needs to tell these commentators that the y full starts from 9.950.)

Karr – UB – gorgeous DLO, very high, leans to hold the stick. 9.850.

Koshinski – VT – good 1.5 from her – does pretty well to keep her knees – and a medium-sized step – 9.900.

Three excellent vaults to finish that rotation for WVU

Ogden – Toe shap to bail – some legs but not too bad – sticks a full in, very nice dismount – one iffy handstand toward the end – will be a useful score. 9.875. A little raggedy early but pulling it together

Ross – UB – good toe on – not huge height on the gienger but catches with some legs – lovely pak – half turn on low – handstands look close enough, sticks DLO. Some form errors on the Gienger but otherwise not too much to take. 9.875

Kentucky is taking some liberties with its lineups in this two-meet weekend, we’ve seen some backups come into the lineup today, but still another rough floor rotation for 48.650.

Denver 49.150 on bars, WVU 49.250 on vault. Quite impressed by those final three vaults for WVU.

Temple’s last beamer is Todd – holds a kickover front with a step forward – redoes the skill solidly to get the connection into a back tuck – swim on side aerial but minor – good position on her switch leap, connect into tuck jump full, near-stick gainer full, hop back to salute.

“This is one of the fun events you can actually have a lot of fun on. It’s more of a fun experience.” BUT IS IT FUN?

48.525 for Towson, 48.075 for Temple.

For the second rotation, Denver’s beam is Loper, Addison, Schou, Fielitz, Ross, Karr.

Rotation 2:
Loper – BB – (What is tricking about the name Loper?) – lovely front aerial to side aerial, a little pause in between but individual execution is great – switch 1/2 that isnt bad at all – flair on full turn – pretty piked side somi – she does several “usually ugly” skills that aren’t ugly – punch rudi dismount, chest way down but stuck. Lots of pretty qualities. 9.825.

Wright – UB – WVU – toe shap with some legs to bail with quite a bit of legs – stalder to double tuck with a secure landing – she’ll lose a bit of the score because of the major leg break on the bail but the rest was fine. 9.875. oh ahhahahahaha. Honey. Don’t tell me home cooking only happens to the big teams.

Addison – BB – comfortable full turn – small correction on loso series – switch to straddle is solid – long pause – side aerial to side position, just a single mushy knee – larger hop back on gainer pike. 9.800.

Gillette – UB – WVU – some very crazy legs on a close Gienger but keeps the routine going – late giant 1/1 to double tuck, chest down with step forward.

Schou – BB – Denver – smooth but slow aerial to bhs – full turn – nice leaps – gainer full – 9.875.

Muhammad – UB – WVU – high tkatchev – leg break on a half turn, solid straddle back – short final hs – excellent DLO 1/1, hop back but maintains her shape – 9.875.

Goldberg – UB – WVU – leg breaks on both giant 1/2 and piked jaeger (was it piked?) – flops into bail as well with a separation – tight final hs – nice shape on the DLO with a hop forward. Too many form breaks in that one. 9.875. I can’t even.

Fielitz – BB – Denver – keeps her leg form well on a side aerial – step back on gainer full –

Cluchey – UB – WVU – good amplitude on jaeger but loses her feet – leg break on the pak – short final handstand – arches out a DLO with a small stagger

Identifying gymnasts only by first name is helpful to no one. This is a sport.

Ross – BB – Denver – full turn with elegant footwork – hitch kick to switch ring, very low front leg on the switch ring, not really to split or close – front aerial to bhs series, a bit too slow – step on gainer full – 9.925.

Karr – BB – side aerial to bhs series and fall. Apparently Fielitz had a fall for 9.100, which I did not see. Maybe she got back up after a fall and I thought that was the start of her routine? Karr hasn’t regained it – another stumble-wobble on leaps – lovely 1.5 and stuck. Counting a low score, though.

West Virginia, somehow, scores 49.175 on bars.
Denver counts a 9.325 for Karr, which is also quite an overscore but they’ll have to count it. 48.750 rotation score.

Kentucky pulls through on beam, but it’s a 195.300 total score.

Denver going with five on floor again. Loper, Ross, Schou, Karr, Addison.

Goldberg – BB – WVU – struggling on a front handspring and keeps repeating to try to get it into a layout stepout, barely on her final try, but they may give pity credit, lots of checks trying for it though and redid the same skill three times – hop on front layout

Loper – FX – Denver – good front 2/1 to start, step back but rotates it fully without much crazy legs – lunge forward out of second pass – some hops on landings but solid form. 9.775.

Judges conferring about Goldberg’s acro series –

Ross – FX – Denver – slide back on double pike – bounces out of rudi middle pass, a little short of split on some leaps – front lay to front full is most controlled pass. 9.775.

Still talking about Goldberg’s acro series. Um, she didn’t do one. That’s the answer. She paused in between even on the third try. 9.475.

Schou – FX – Denver – front 2/1 for her as well, crossover step onto the line but not over – 1.5 to layout, arches around the layout – rudi with a little bounce. Denver continues to get through floor, but having just the five and some of the early ones a little 9.7y will become a problem later.

Koshinski – BB – WVU – bhs loso series with a leg-up check – quite crooked on switch side – double tuck with a lunge (“tiny little step”)

Karr – FX – Denver – comfortable double pike, controlled step back, good amplitude – back 1.5 to front full, nice to see since we usually just see a layout – split full to wolf full – good rudi, high so that it doesn’t have to get too ragged – she’s capable of a bigger routine, though. Composition is a little pedestrian for her talent level.

Gillette – BB – WVU – knees on loso series but secure – cat to switch to loso to split, very low back leg on switch, otherwise fine in that series –

Addison – FX – Denver – strong DLO, a little hunched landing but not bad at all –  back 1.5 to layout, whips around – height on switch side, short of position on connected popa – bouncy on the double pike landing but excellent amplitude as usual –

Wright – BB – WVU – strong position on switch 1/2 – kickover front to Korbut connection, Korbut a little off line but pulls it back – second kickover skill, check at the hips – step on gainer pike.

“She’s going to finish it up with a dismount.” WISDOM.

Galpin – BB _ WVU – check at the hips on loso series – better full turn – good height on a beat jump – split is nice, NCAA sheep but secure – side aerial to full is solid

Large break on kickover front for WVU’s final beamer, and falls. “Ah shoot. A little shooken up.” Yep, shooken.

Illinois has started – Howell vaults with a large bound back on a full. The scoring link we were given isn’t updating yet, so that’s fun. Penn State has a fall on bars in the second position.

Lyons – VT – Illinois – a touch too short on a full with a hop forward.

Balthazor – VT – Illinois – best vault amplitude of the group so far, she gets some height – bounce back is quite large, though.

Raygoza – UB – PSU – remember shen she was an elite – lovely line in half turn to jaeger – hitting handstands well enough – pikes down her DLO too much at the end but holds it for a stick.

Buchanan – VT – Illinois – full – also with a too-large bounce back

Leduc – VT – Illinois – solid height, keeps extended shape pretty well, but also a larger lunge back.

Politz – UB – PSU – good 1/2 turn to jaeger combo to overshoot as well – it’s a boring combo, but they’re executing it well – nice double front and stuck – clean routine, should be a good score.

Ross – Denver – VT- hop in place on a full not huge amplitude, but fine.

Illinois finishes vault with Givens doing just a layout. That’s where we are.

Fielitz has good power on full for Denver on vault – bounce back isn’t too bad.

Tsang hits bars

Illinois vault score is 48.550.

Karr – Denver – VT – NICE 1.5. Sticks it. Just loses her knees at the end but otherwise excellent – 9.925.

Garcia – UB – PSU – started well, nice line through piked jaeger – has to take an extra swing after going over on a handstand – a bit short on bail – sticks her usual excellent DLO. They needed one of her big scores and that won’t be it.

Scores fairly tight at this Illinois meet so far, for reference. These rotations aren’t quite as weak as it may seem from the results.

Denver finishes with 195.900 after a surprisingly blah vault rotation save for Karr’s 9.925. I only saw Karr, Ross, and Fielitz and they all looked fine. Those were the rotations good scores. It was the counting a fall on beam that really hurt, though WVU had to do the same thing.

48.675 for Penn State on bars.

Waddell – VT – PSU – Yurchenko layout. Oooh, leading off with a layout? It’s going to be a long day.

Lyons – UB – nice piked jaeger, not huge but composed form, I enjoy her rhythm – keeping toe point and vertical in handstands – sticks DLO. Great routine.

LaGuardia – VT – PSU – full, good amplitude, lands short with the lunge forward, though.

Balthazor – UB – solid first hs – nice height in tkatchev but feet – a little too piked in overshoot – giant 1/1 to double tuck – foward landing her double tuck with a bound forward.

Politz – VT – PSU – also just a layout. Tragic. Large bounce back.

West Virginia finishes 196.300

Howell – UB – high piked jaeger – loses form a little more than Lyons, though – pretty pak salto, keeps leg form very well – giant 1/1, a little late, to double tuck with a hop back

Garcia – VT – PSU – full, best of the group so far, but that’s not hard – keeps her shape and lands chest up, but significant bounce back.

Horth – UB – smooth first hs – hits toe shap 1/2 well – arches next cast handstand but holds it – very nice Gienger, so high and legs together – overshoot – a little deep landing the tuck full dismount with a step forward. Still an excellent routine and should be a high score. 9.775

Tsang – VT – PSU – sticks a 1.5. They needed that one – a touch ragged in the form at the end and does adjust to salute, but strong. Good vault. 9.875

Leduc – UB – good form in giant 1/1, tkatchev is a little flat – crazy legs on her pak – good last handstand – flings out double tuck out of giant 1/1, hangs onto the stick with a major lean

No sixth vaulter for Penn State, so one 10.0 start, two 9.950 starts, and two 9.800 starts. Sibson was back last week but is not vaulting today it appears.

Buchanan – UB – short first hs – nice 1/2 turn to a very high piked jaeger – wobbles stepping up to the high bar as well! but not too major – some short finishing verticals toward the end – two small hops forward on double tuck dismount

PSU 48.250 on vault.
Illinois 48.975 on bars.

Illinois 97.525, PSU 96.925

Bars scoring was tight at this meet for both teams.

We’re getting close to the start of Arizona/Stanford, so primary focus will be switching over to that.

First Penn State gymnast on floor totally tripped in the middle of her leap passage on floor, tried to keep it going but just did sort of a star jump as her second skill. It was super hilarious.

Also, I’m deeply concerned about this basketball game’s ability to end on time before Arizona/Stanford.

Politz – FX – PSU – chest down double pike – not even doing any choreography between passes? Lunge on double tuck – 1.5 to layout – solid

Nguyen – BB – Illinois – full turn – walkover connected to loso as her series, and she gets bonus points for connecting that better than most do for their walkover to bhs series – not much amplitude on leaps but she’s hitting position – basically sticks dismount, lean to hold and then hop-together salute

Schuller – FX – very fast twister, gets around her front 2/1 well – split full to popa, short of 180 position in popa – layout 1/2 to front 1/2 – there sure is a lot of posing on the ground in these PSU floor routines – back 1/2 to rudi final pass – solid hit

Howell – BB – hits loso series – solid straddle 1/4 – large check on kickover front with leg up – angled switch side – hop forward on gainer pike

Garcia – FX – double tuck is solid, chest up – nice switch side and straddle positions – a touch short on double pike, small hop – best leaps of the group –

Arizona and Stanford still in warmups.

Horth has a check on her tuck jump full on beam, near stick on side aerial to full dismount, step forward

Cindric has a broken toe.

Stanford is vaulting six people!

N McNair – VT – full – not too much distance but good shape, hops in place/slightly forward.

Howard – UB – Arizona – 1/2 turn to high piked jaeger – very clean bail – a little short on hs – sticks double tuck dismount – good one.

Yu – VT – Stanford – good pop off the table, nice amplitude on her full – hop back. Exciting that she’s able to vault. 9.850

Hendrickson – UB – nice toe point in her jaeger – shortr final hs but nearly sticks DLO, step back. 9.800

Tai – also a good shape on her full, a little deeper landing than YU with a hop. 9.800

Laub – UB – good first hs – clear-hip to tkatchev – short hs before bail – arches the bail but saves the routine – high DLO, kind of close to the bar but great amplitude, step back.

D McNair – VT – like the others, good shape and height on her full – larger bounce back though – also not a huge amount of distance in these Stanford vaults, but I’m pleased so far. 9.800.

Berg – UB – high piked jaeger – leg break on the bail – short final hs – excellent stick on tuck full – this lineup doesn’t look like much of a problem to me. High potential routine.

Cole – VT – lands a little short on her full this time, with a step forward, steps back tend to get better scores than steps forward because they don’t indicate shortness. 9.800.

Ortiz – UB – good first hs – high tkatchev but loses legs in it, but still Anna Li high on that skill – hitting her cast handstands but very late giant 1/1, sticks double tuck quite well for being so late on the 1/1.

Price – VT – One does the full, yawns in the middle of it – obviously extremely high – two small steps back, it’s a tough one for her to control. 9.900. Really shouldn’t go more than 9.850, though, because those were two distinct steps back, but that does seem harsh for that.

Spencer – UB – solid first hs – excellent Gienger, very high – hits bail – short final hs – DLO landing is a touch short with a hop forward. Arizona looked perfectly fine on bars to me though.

After 1: Stanford 49.150, Arizona 49.050
Solid for both teams. And encouraging vault rotation for Stanford particularly because of the body shape on those vaults. They’re not piking down as much as many of the other teams, so if they get their landings down, they won’t be giving away too much in built-in deductions. Arizona had final-handstand-itis in those routines, but no significant errors for any of them.

Kristen Smyth is going full Dana Scully with her blazer today. Keeping button manufacturers in business.

Rotation 2:
Laub – VT – a little piking in that one, short with a hop forward

N McNair – UB – pauses in handstand on a giant 1/2, tried like the Dickens to save it and held in handstand for 48 minutes but ultimately couldn’t save it and comes off Redoes it and fine, high piked jaeger – clean vertical bail – short final handstand – sticks tcuk full dismount, pretty much excellent following the fall. 9.300.

Mattson – VT – NICE stick on the Y1/2, very clean in the air, solid stick, would have been a huge score last year…(oops) – loses her feet early but that’s a very minor thing. 9.825.

Yu – UB – good shape to bail combination, quivers of legs but not really evident – stalder to double tuck dismount, stuck, good hit

Sheppard – VT – lock-legged landing on Y1/2, bounds forward out of it – better height than Mattson

D McNair – nice ampltiude on toe shoot – solid straddled jaeger to overshoot, good straight position in the overshoot – hitting hs – whips a DLO, tries to hold the stick and basically does with just a step back to salute.

Leung – VT – piked on the Yfull but a secure landing, small hop back but a piked shape from start to finish

Daum – UB – good first hs – loses legs in bail and short on hs – short hs before the tkatchev and falls on the tkatchev. Counting a fall now. I’m just impressed she’s even doing bars. I didn’t know she was still training it before this year. Double arabian dismount with lunge forward. 9.125.

Swanson – VT – clean full, small hop forward, she’s capable of a 1.5, which she did in JO. Not a ton of distance.

Maxwell – UB – toe on to Ray is fine – overshoot – short last handstand but nice position and finish on the giant 1/1 and sticks the double tuck. Excellent end to that routine after looking tight early.

Price – UB – toe shap with excellent legs throughout, to a clear hip, vertical – piked tkatchev to bail combination is high and perfect, very crisp and precise positions – DLO – allllmost stuck, just a shuffle/hop – could still go 9.950 for that because there was nothing else to take. 9.925.

Amanda’s insistence on using the term “Yurchenko Arabian” is giving me PTSD.

After 2: Arizona 97.900, Stanford 97.750
Stanford still on pace for a season high by over a point, which is  sad because they’re counting a fall. Arizona is getting by with five on vault, a couple of those fulls were a little too short, not maintaining the shape or the height of the Stanford vaults. 9.750 did seem comparatively low for Swanson, though.

No Ebee on beam again this week. So this will be interesting.

Rotation 3:
Fitzgerald – BB – tight full turn but fine – hitch kick to front aerial to two-feet, little pause in beat jump to split, nice shape in split – walkover, pause, back handspring – punch front layout full dismount with hop to the side. A hit. 9.775.

Mattson – FX – music pause delay – starts double pike, slide back – 1.5 to layout – switch side is hit, a little short in popa – double tuck, secure, a little too chest-down. 9.825

D McNair – UB – falls on opening side aerial – looked like she was going to be able to save it with a leg up wobble but the adjustment took her off the beam – check on loso series – step back on switch 1/2, good position though – superior leaps in general – gainer pike with hop

Laub – FX – She also has to step off before of the wrong music – starting now – front tuck through to 2.5, stumbly crossover step, a little crossed legs in twisting – wolf leaps and straddles are quite short of position, that will hurt – back 2/1 to front tuck – tough pass and barely gets the front tuck to her feet – stumble backward, two steps, OOB.

Cole – BB – solid bhs loso series, secure landing – switch to straddle 1/4, bend at the hips correction – walkover to beat is tentative but hit – full turn – back 2/1, high, bounce back

Waiting on Laub’s score. 9.175.

Sheppard – FX – nice to see a 3/1, Aliya legs at the endbut fully around – 1.5 to layout, secure – good position on her popa, did hit that 180 – back 2/1 to front tuck as well, actually rebounds into hers – fine

Tai – BB – bhs loso bhs series, a lean check at the end but not too big – switch to straddle 1/4 is lowish but hit – full turn – hop to the side on 1.5. Three hits down. 9.850.

Howard – FX – double tuck, good chest position, holds her front foot on the lunge back but it was a pretty big lunge – switch to popa to wolf full, a little bouncy landing but hit her psoitions – front layout to front full – hop back and slight mat stumble landing double pike, but nothing major – good positions

Daum – BB – bhs loso series, a little tight small lean – smooth full turn – switch to split – check on walkover, a few errors but not significant – sticks 1.5. Stanford enduring during beam.

Schneider – FX – leg is slightly mummified – very secure double pike, high – front layout to front full, lunge forward and loses her legs in the front layout – switch side and popa, good positions – nails double tuck, a little down but good control.

N McNair – BB – bhs loso series, a lean wobble, fairly significant but saved it well – side somi, controls – fluid full turn – comfortable side aerial – switch to split to straddle 1/4, surprising a short back leg on switch but the splut and straddle were perfect – gainer full.

Swanson – FX – Rudi opening – whip to back full second pass, a bit simple – back 2.5 final pass, some small staggers on a couple landings but controlled well for the most part.

After 3: Arizona 147.100, Stanford 146.725
Stanford could get to 196 in this meet with a solid…floor. Testing the fates. It’s down to who is able to do floor right now. Arizona needs a hit beam to do the same.

Alabama/Auburn is getting underway now. I’m going to put a stop this meet if we keep not getting to watch it.

Kopec’s 9.875 on bars is the top score halfway through the first rotation.

Rotation 4:

Schneider – BB – full turn – kickover front, was off from the start and no chance to save it – switch to sissone – kickover front to bhs to get an acro series, check – holds the sheep jump – front layout dismount, stuck.

Katie Bailey 9.925 on vault.

D McNair – FX – nice compact position on double pike, bounce back – small slide back on double tuck – back 1.5 to layout – not a big routine but solid on hitting her passes. The highlight of this routine is apparently Darth Vader breathing. 9.825

Alabama 49.200, Auburn 49.150

Cowles – BB – full turn – aerial to bhs series, OK speed in connection I guess – switch to split – solid positions – standing loso with a check at the hip – gainer front full with a hop.

H Hoffman – FX – high double tuck, bounce back, looks like she stayed in bounds – front lay to front full with another bounce but small – ragged in rudi but a hit but no major breaks –

Howard – BB – lovely flexibility in mount – hits secure loso series, mushy legs – pike hump to back tuck, bend at the hips but saves – pretty full turn – large wobble on switch leap, leg up – switch to straddle for a dance series – gainer tuck full off end –

Cole – FX – 2.5 to front tuck, good height, hop forward – amazing straddle jump position – “it’s Kaylee, bitch”-themed routine – short on double tuck with a lunge forward – front full to front pike, came in shoot and either tried to do a stag jump or stepped on a series of hot coals. Hard to tell but it was a weird little stumble.

Ortiz – BB – solid loso series, better shape in the legs than some of the others – tentative in full turn but holds without much of a check – switch to beat to double stag – side aerial to full with a stick. Useful hit.

Daum – FX – chest down on double pike but controlled step – back 1.5 to front lay – switch ring and switch 1/2 look solid – scrunched on doubel tuck, similar to double pike but also controlled

Alabama is now counting a fall on bars after misses by Mahoney and Sims.

Hendrickson – BB – beat jump to split 3/4, good shape and amplitude – bhs loso, secure – full turn – switch to split 1/4, could be higher in the back leg there – falls on side aerial, so Arizona counting a fall now. Came close to that 196, but nope. Step back on gainer full.

Price – FX – obviously high double tuck, slides back because too high – front layout to front full with a larger slide forward – high and complete switch side and popa series – secure double pike, a little down but not too much. 9.925. A little bit of Ebee scoring on that one because of the first two landings.

Sheppard – BB – switch and split – lovely leg positions on a lot of her elements – switch side – side aerial is quite strong – full turn – sticks 1.5. Good routine. Shame about the falls in this rotation.

Kiana 9.350 on bars so Alabama goes a disastrous 47.850. We were saving the lineups for this meet? Two unusable scores for Alabama this weekend.

After 2: Auburn 98.050, Alabama 97.050

Ashley Tai was supposed to go on floor but that wasn’t going to be great so they’re passing the sixth routine.

Final: Stanford 195.900, Arizona 195.650
Stanford won a meet! It’s a miracle. You know it’s Stanford in January when you’re really impressed by a 195. This still isn’t a usable score for RQS purposes if they want a more convenient setup than last season, but it’s an improvement. Arizona had a lot of positive things going in this meet until the falls on beam. Would have been a 196.

I love that Stanford also scratched Nicole Hoffman’s exhibition floor. They were like, “Let’s just get out of here with this 195.900 as fast as possible before anyone notices.”


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