Friday Live Blog – February 3, 2017

Friday, February 3
Scores Watch
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [10] Kentucky @ [9] Georgia LINK SEC
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Towson, William & Mary, UW-Whitewater @ North Carolina CANCELED
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Bowling Green @ Northern Illinois LINK NIU $
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Winona State, Gustavus Adolphus @ UW-Stout LINK FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Centernary, SEMO @ Iowa State LINK ISU $
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-Oshkosh @ UW-La Crosse FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-Eau Claire @ Hamline
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [8] Denver, [20] Nebraska, TWU @ [1] Oklahoma LINK FSN
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [24] Arkansas @ [17] Auburn LINK SEC+
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [3] Florida @ [6] Alabama LINK SEC
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [11] Missouri @ [2] LSU LINK SEC+
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [11] Southern Utah @ [11] Boise State LINK FREE
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – BYU @ Utah State LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Alaska @ Sacramento State LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – UC Davis @ San Jose State LINK FREE

We’re currently at five 10.0s on the season, which is one behind last year’s pace, although by last year at this time we had already seen the 10-flying Florida/Alabama meet at which three Florida gymnasts got 10.0s. I mention that right now for some reason. I can’t think of why. 

In the rankings, last week’s gap between 1 and 2 has dwindled slightly, but LSU would still have to outscore Oklahoma today by 0.775 to draw level for the #1 ranking, which seems unlikely. Likewise, to catch LSU in second, Florida would need to outscore the Tigers by the only slightly more manageable margin of 0.625.


The Georgia/Kentucky meet pits adjacent teams against each other, with Kentucky needing to win by 0.425 to move ahead of Georgia.

The first news of the day is that North Carolina’s quad meet has been canceled because of a burst water main. Those on campus have been warned: “Please DO NOT drink or use water until further notice.” That’ll go well. You can definitely survive. Just don’t drink water indefinitely.

Remember to check in on the results page for updates on all the meet finals and weekly scoring leaders.

Getting started in Georgia.

Rotation 1:
Broussard – VT – usual amplitude but a larger bounce back than usual this time – not one of her good landings. 9.825 is high early in this rotation. We’ll see people vault a tenth and more better than this on fulls.

Carlisle – UB – short first hs – some knees on jaeger – can’t hold the handstand on the bail, has to support herself against the low bar and recast and reswing – hop on tuck full. Must drop. 9.200.

Reynolds – VT – near stick on full, just came in a little short with a hop forward, doesn’t have the dynamics of Broussard but more control on the landing. 9.875. They had to because of Broussard’s score, but that’s a bit silly.

Coca – UB – short first hs as well – better shape on jaeger – a touch short on bail but not too bad – hit final hs – one-tenth hop back on tuck full dismount, but solid enough.

Roberts – VT – (no Snead still) – also comes in just a touch short with a small hop forward – a bit weaker shape than Reynolds. 9.775. More realistic there.

Dukes – UB – half turn to tkatchev, good verticals but a little flat on tkatchev, very high pak, just the smallest leg break – hitting handstands well – whips out DLO a little with legs in the second salto, step forward. Should keep the scores rising. 9.725 is harsh comparatively to vault –

Johnson – VT – very similar to Broussard, better amplitude than Reynolds or Roberts but bounds back too far to get a high score. 9.825.

Stuart – UB – crazy-leg tkatchev, hip angle on the bail – very short final handstand, a tenth short – excellent DLO 1/1, keeps her shape well – 9.775.

Dickson – VT – pretty nice vault, excellent shape and distance on this one – just a bit off line and then a hop back. 9.850.

Hyland – UB – short handstand – good giant full – very nice piked gienger, keeps her shape, solid bail position – one short handstand again at the end – tuck full dismount, comes in leaning forward with a hop. 9.825.

Marino – VT – still doing her full, pretty well controlled landing this time, a clear hop in place but didn’t travel much at all on the hop. 9.825.

Korth – UB – wonderful first handstand and giant full finishing position – just a bit of hip angle on the bail – but handstands are great – DLO 1/1, excellent shape but hops back further than usual this time. 9.850.

After 1: Georgia 49.200, Kentucky 48.925
Scores started high for Georgia’s vault but got more realistic as the rotation went on, resulting in some odd comparisons but probably a somewhat appropriate final total of 49.200. No 10.0 starts and some significant hops back in a vault rotation shouldn’t really go any higher than 49.200. Kentucky OK on bars. Had to get past an opening mistake and did. Handstands were an issue in some of the lower-scoring routines, but I thought 9.725 was harsh on Dukes for a solid set. Hyland and Korth had great scores going but lost them with what were probably one-tenth dismount landing errors.

“That’s a lot of stuff in one little time.”

Rotation 2:
Important rotation for Kentucky after the weak vault landings from last week’s first meet.

Hyland – VT – comes in pretty short on her full with a step forward and then a second step, shorter than Roberts. 9.700

Sanders – UB – hecht mount – solid first hs position and toe on – hits piked jaeger – borderline bail handstand vertical but OK – some bent elbows – stalder to double tuck with a fake-stick bounce around – 9.800.

Rosa – VT – nice amplitude and flare on her full, must stronger than Hyland – loses her legs at the very end and bounces back. 9.825.

Reynolds – UB – hop grip change to jaeger is fine, not high but fine – solid pak and vertical position on cast 1/2 – hitting handstands – high DLO, one-tenth hop back. 9.825.

Waltz – VT – doesn’t have her landing yet – large bounce back out of her full and not much distance – off to the side. 9.675

Johnson – UB – clear hip to high gienger with feet – very short following handstand – overshoot – better final hs but not quite there – DLO is the highlight, hop forward.

Dukes – VT – 1/2 – bound forward this time – great shape in the but another shoulder-width hop.

Vaculik – UB – look who’s back! – hop change to jaeger, solid – nice handstand – hits bail vertically – arches to pull up her final hs (small issue) – her usual legs on the tuck full dismount but pulls out a stick with a lean to save it. Phew. Once Snead is back, this lineup starts to look more realistic.

WordPress just crapped out there for a second at the end of that rotation, but anyway, we had Stuart for Kentucky try to add a 1.5. She didn’t rotate fully and had to step back and off the mat to save the landing someone. Korth followed with excellent shape and direction on her 1.5, but a large bound forward. Dickson hits bars cleanly but had a pretty significant hop back on her DLO (still got a 9.900 with what should have been a one-tenth step), and Schick followed with her usual clean routine, tried to hold the stick on her DLO with a lean but did have to step.

After 2: Georgia 98.475, Kentucky 97.800
Kentucky didn’t have the landings again on vault, but a different problem this time, not short landings like last week but a lot of bounces backward out of vaults. Highlight for Georgia was getting Vaculik back into the lineup with a hit – a gift here and there in the scoring, but Snead, Vaculik, Schick, Dickson starts to be a more competitive end of the lineup. It’s not Jay/Rogers competitive (or Davis/Cheek competitive), but it can get by a little more.

Vega is back on beam this week.

Rotation 3:
Vega – BB – pause before series but very secure bhs loso, good legs – walkover to beat jump, hit – small arm-wave correction on side somi but holds it – switch leap to split 1/4, strong positions – full turn – side aerial to full with small hop. Secure hit. I’d like to see her work on her rhythm and pausing a little less before all her skills, but we’re still in “I’ll take a hit no matter what” territory, so I’ll take it. 9.825.

Carlisle – FX – chest down on secure double tuck – split leap full to split jump full, hits her 180s there – back spin to shimmy connection – whip to 1.5 front tuck – has to control the landing with a lunge – 9.700.

Sanders – BB – also a longer pause before loso series – leg up wobble and a bend but stays on – switch side, tentative but holds it – standing back tuck with another leg-up check – standing front tuck, deep as usual but secure – punch front layout 1/1 dismount stuck. 9.650

Rechenmacher – FX – high double tuck out of a front tuck, does slide back – switch ring to split half to wolf jump full dance combination – also hit her positions quite well – stumbles backward out of double pike, multiple steps. 9.800 is high for that last pass –

Reynolds – BB – kickover front with a check – holds loso series securely – a bit crooked on switch side as most are – solid full turn – side somi, chest down, did very well not to wobble or wave since her chest was so far forward – 2/1 dismount with a hop back. 9.825.

Stuart – FX – double pike, mostly solid landing, small slide with front foot – travels very far on 1.5 to front layout but pretty good shape and height – rudi with a small amount of raggedness at the very end, staggered landing. 9.825

Broussard – BB – bhs loso series is solid – switch to split 1/4, switch is good, straddle 1/4 has a back leg issue – full turn – side aerial with a huge wobble both forward and backward – stays on but basically a fall equivalent – she did look terrified before that skill – that’s where a coach says, “I saw you doubting yourself!” 9.700.

Hyland – FX – couple steps back out of double pike – Kupets is really making fun of her dancing ability tonight – 1.5 to front layout is clean – 9.850.

Babalis – BB – walkover to layout stepout – connection isn’t fast but fast enough to get credit – does have a small balance check in the middle of her leap series, interesting – small wobble on full turn – kickover front with bend at the waist – front layout full – bounce to the side. Too many deductions in that one as well. 9.650.

Dukes – FX – high double pike, a little short with a step forward – precise leap positions, those have been very nice throughout Kentucky’s rotation – front full to layout, quite clean in the legs and controlled – chest down on double tuck as well but better control.

Dickson – BB – switch to split 1/4, small check – (No Schick?) – bhs loso series and falls. Oh, Georgia. So a 48.650 will be the beam score. They’ll still go well over 196, but… – walkover is fine – full turn – back 2/1 with a hop back.

Korth – FX – comes in short on her pike full in this time, bounces up and back on it – loverly rudi to loso second pass – secure double pike. Shame about the opening pass. 9.700.

After 3: Georgia 147.125, Kentucky 146.775
Georgia still has a lead and will likely built on that in the final rotation, but beam has taken away the chance for a truly competitive score today.

The Oklahoma meet is about to start, so we’re going int multiple meet live blogging now.

Chayse Capps will not be doing floor tonight. Goodbye forever.

Rotation 1 (Oklahoma) Rotation 4 (Georgia):

Jones – VT – good open out of the full but a larger step back, solid direction, OK distance, but it was a significant lunge back.

Houchin – BB – Nebraska – falls on loso series to start beam – oh this is going great already –

Rachenmacher – BB – Kentucky – fine sheep jump – walkover comes in a little short and has to pull it around to avoid a wobble – check on loso – switch to split is nice –

Marks – VT – steps forward – a little short

Claire Kern had a major leg break on bars

Reynolds – FX – Georgia – good front 2/1, a little crossover – 1.5 to front layout second pass, arches around the layout – switch side and popa series, excellent 180 and finishing position – fine rudi

Epperson – BB – Nebraska – check on full turn – another small check on loso series but she’s hitting – short switch back leg – larger wobble on kickover front but saves it – step back on gainer full – 9.625

Capps = VT – pretty in the air, obviously – step back but a small one, should be just .050 – not quite as open as it can be sometimes, but excellent distance –

Willaims – BB – Nebraska – three series with two loso is perfectly secure, that’s more like Grace Williams – cat leap to switch – side aerial to full is wayyyy off line, steps to the side, which ends up being off the mat.

Denver has a fall from Lomonte on a shap. Rough start for Denver as well –

Dowell – VT – comes in a touch too short on her 1.5 this time, shoulder-size step back.

Beth Roberts hits floor for Georgia, chest down on her double pike and double tuck but fine.

Crouse – BB – Nebraska – solid straddle 1/4 – walkover to bhs series, check on the walkover but tried her hardest to keep it going in the series – nice Korbut – Steingruber dismount with a hop. 9.750.

Poland has a fall for Kentucky on beam.

Jackson – VT – 1.5 – good leg shape on her 1.5, right together and right on line – hops forward, probably full-tenth hop.

Kelly is sassing about North Dakota “what’s in North Dakota?” Uh, you’re from Oklahoma.

Laeng – BB – Nebraska – two bhs to a loso series and falls – second fall and two 9.6s so far. Remember how Nebraska needs some big scores this weekend

Babalis finishes floor with a bounce back out of her double pike.

Nichols – VT – just the smallest step forward on her 1.5 this time – Kelly didn’t even notice because she was talking through it – so not the quality of last week when she stuck, but otherwise pretty great. 9.925. Oklahoma’s vault looks like it was scored pretty realistically.

Korth had a check on beam and a step on dismount but did hit, necessarily.

Breen – BB – Nebraska – saves things a little with a hit.

Ross – UB – Denver – good first hs – toe on – good legs in a piked Gienger – pak is clean – piked on the DLO dismount but a stick. Phew.

Vega – FX – usual full-in, chest down but a secure landing with not much movement at all – 1.5 to front layout, good control, a bit of legs – switch ring to split full series – solid double pike as well. 9.900

Arkansas goes 49.200 on bars, Auburn 49.050 on vault. Garner returned on bars for Arkansas.

Dukes – BB – Kentucky – full turn – bhs loso series – excellent and smooth – very solid work – switch to straddle 1/4, hits 180 position clearly – a little off line on 1.5 dismount but stuck – strong routine.

Dickson – FX – Georgia – solid double pike, a little forward but not bad at all – 1.5 to front layout, lunge dance out of it but a pretty clear lack of control – switch side to popa is hit – bounces back out of double tuck.

Oklahoma 49.275 on vault to start, which is uncharacteristically low. They didn’t have great landings this time around, but those first two scores in the 9.7s from Jones and Marks were stronger vaults than some we’ve seen go 9.825 earlier today. I appreciate that the judges in this meet were establishing a real separation, but it may end up misleading.

Hyland – BB – Kentucky – lovely leaps – a check on her aerial – high loso series and solidly landing – just tentative here and there, like on her full turn, she’s working like she’s following a fall, which she is – side aerial to tuck full and stuck. So they’ll drop the fall with back-to-back 9.925s for the last two. A little enthusiastic with those scores, but matching floor.

Marino FX – Georgia – DLO with minor bounce – better positions on her split elements, more like last season – 1.5 to layout, didn’t get the normal height on her layout but straight position and pulls out the landing – solid double tuck. 9.875.

Final: Georgia 196.500, Kentucky 196.150
Not an awesome score for either. Georgia lost the 197 with the beam mistakes. Kentucky lost it with the vault landings, but a good recovery for Kentucky over the 195s from last weekend. It’s not a huge score, but they can use it as a road number if that becomes necessary without too much trouble.

Bars scores look like they’re going high in Auburn. Auburn using that to retake the lead.

After 1: Oklahoma 49.275, Denver 48.400, TWU 48.325, Nebraska 48.075
Disaster for everyone not named Oklahoma.

Florida/Alabama as well as LSU/Missouri about to get started.

Finnegan – VT – LSU – a little bit of knees and a small step back this time.

Some late positions from tucker on bars but she sticks a double tuck.

Priessman on vault just pulled out her Y1.5 out of the blue! Loses her knees and takes a step back but it should still be a big score.

Step back for Chayse Capps on her tuck full dismount –

Nice piked side somi from Denver on beam.

McNeer – VT – Alabama – a little more piking than usual for her and a hop back, but fine.

Ewing – VT – LSU – loses her legs a little in the air on the 1.5 as usual, two small steps back this time –

hop back on DLO from Boren on bars.

Childers – VT – Alabama – nice stick on her full! Not the biggest, but I’ll take it. Good straight position as well.

McLaughlin – UB – FLorida – toe on to toe shap, clean – bail is solidly vertical with small leg break – short final hs – step back on double front –

Hambrick – VT – LSU – now THAT’s a 1.5! She fell on it last week, sticks it this week. Excellent, just a little deep in the body landing position but that’s all you can take.

Dowell – UB – OU – nice tkatchev – solid hs – toe on – a little hip angle in her bail handstand – DLO with a small shuffle forward – a good hit but a few tiny in that one.

Edney – VT – LSU – large lunge forward out of 1.5 this time.

Guerrero – VT- Alabama – 1.5 – pretty much sticks that one – knees are still sloppyish, but just pulls her heels together to show the stick which is fine.

Baker – UB – Florida – Ray has truly excellent counter – solid bail position – late on the 1/2 turn and a characteristic cowboy on double front, but sticks it. One of the best landings I’ve seen from her on that dismount.

Winston hops back on her clean full.

Gnat – VT – LSU – sticks her DTY this time, she does look a little incontrolled after the stick as she salutes but we’ll call that a stick – and has the usual legs. Honestly surprised it’s not a 10. That exact vault has been before, but as we know the deductions exist to be taken.

Bailey – VT – Alabama – Y1/2 with a medium step forward this time.

McMurtry – UB – Florida – good first hs – Ray is fine – hitting hs – perfect vertical in her bail – borderline on that final handstand – hops back on her tuck full, she’s not sticking that with the frequency she did last year quite yet this season.

Stuck dismount from Lehrmann on bars. Nice.

After 1: Alabama 49.375, Florida 49.325
Impressive start from Alabama on vault, needed to go ahead here, which has been a weakness, and they did.

Kelly is name-dropping our KJ interview talking about having three different types of music –

Wofford – UB – good first hs – nice 1/2 turn to jaeger, good distance from the bar – just a touch short of perfect vertical on the bail it seems from this angle – sticks her tuck full. One of her good ones. 9.925.

Nice to see Grace Williams come back into the floor lineup for Nebraska. Not nice that they already have two scores in the 8s. It’s getting a little urgent.

Nichols – UB – Great ray as usual -0 clean Pak – hitting her handstands – hesitated a little on the low bar with an extra kip cast, not a deduction just adding to the length of the routine – shap 1/2 solid – sticks DLO. Just a 9.950. Slacker.

McNeer sticks DLO for Alabama.

Baker – VT- Florida – pretty much sticks that 1.5. Not completely – just a shuffle – small – otherwise excellent – 9.900.

Childers – UB – has some Natalie Vaculik legs in that full-twisting double tuck but a controlled landing.

Boren – VT – hops forward on her 1.5, a bit less control than Baker but quite solid.

Some lineup reorganization fro Florida. Jury out for me so far. They’re anchoring with Alexander, having to bring her in and hiding her at the end –

Sims – UB – Alabama – good tkatchev – usual leg break on the bail and the giants – bigger break ont eh DLO, emphasized by camera angle – larger bounce back –

Hambrick an uncharacteristic step back on her tuck full dismount on bars.

Slocum – VT – near-stick on her handspring pike 1/2, what is becoming her usual landing – small slide back, otherwise excellent.

Jetter – UB – Alabama – Ray is fine, not the biggest but caught – a little hip angle during the bail but hit vertical well – excellent body shape in double front with small step.

Harrold – UB – good shap and Zuchold – a litlte arch in back there – lovely jaeger and toe point – step forward on the double front. It’s a landmine routine for deductions but she hit well.

McMurtry – VT – lovely DTY like last week but not the control on the landing this time with a smallish hop back. 9.900.

Winston – UB – gorgeous amplitude on her tkatchev and pak as usual – hitting handstands well – sticks DLO – gorgeous, excellent routine – so little to tkae. 9.950

Endey – UB – Hindorff id high but a little close – solid bail hs, secure vertical position – hitting handstands – DLO with a step back, DLO didn’t go up, just out, but the shape is solid.

Alexander – VT – Florida – not bad in the air on her full but a huge bounce back.

Bailey – UB – 1/2 turn to gignatic jaeger – solid bail – full out and just the smallest step with one foot – very clean and hit. Wonderful final two routines from Alabama.

Finnegan step back on DLO.

So, Alabama has the lead after two, which I definitely said wasn’t going to happen. Florida had a second-choice vaulter in there and redid the order, which didn’t end up helping since Baker’s vault was quite excellent and went 9.900 instead of 9.950.

Priessman – UB – LSU – good first hs – solid tkatchev to pak combo – half turn on low – good cast to handstand positiosn – larger step back on DLO – they’re struggling with the dismount landings in this one, which is taking away some of these bars scores.

Lehrmann – BB – OU – confident full turn – solid aerial, maintains her position – cat leap to switch side – bhs loso, just a moment of feet – switch side to shushunova, small hesitation in between – 1.5 with a step.

Auburn and Arkansas are both hitting seriously helpful scores so far. Into the final rotation.

Catour – BB – full turn – bhs loso series, quite secure – switch side position isn’t as extended as most of the OU dance elements – aerial with a bend correction – gainer pike with a step forward, if you’re going to do a gainer pike, you need to stick it.

Good position on a full from Lambert on vault, but a significant hop back.

McNeer – BB – Alabama – aerial to bhs series, saved that aerial which was offline but didn’t check and probably kept the series going – large break on loso series, check at the hips –

Brown – BB – OU – aerial to bhs loso series, lovely positions and solid – beat jump to straddle 3/4 – just a touch under-rotated – full turn – sissone – switch + pause + gainer full, stuck.

Nichols – BB – walkover to beat jump, smooth – bhs + loso is hit securely as well – full turn – switch and split are excellent – secure front tuck – sticks double tuck. Excellent routine, probably her best of the season.  10.000. There we go. I can’t really argue it (that much).

Childers – BB – Alabama – secure loso series – sticks 1.5.

Oh no! I missed Macadaeg on beam. Kathy is going to kill me! –

And now Capps is going after a 10 from Nichols –

Capps – BB – small lean check on her loso series this time, so it won’t be two 10s in a row – pretty full turn – walkover to scale is connected pretty smoothly this time – switch to straddle 1/4, hitting her 180s – round off to stuck gainer full.

Hambrick – BB – full turn – hitch kick to side aerial is excellent – switch and straddle 1/4 – the smallest of leans on her loso series – sticks gorgeous 2/1 – good hit.

Slocum – FX – good opening double pike, solid amplitude on her leaps as well – front full to front pike – slides back on the rudi

Sims – BB – ALabama – following 9.475 from Sanders – walkover to split jump – small hip correction on loso series – switch and straddle are awesome – gainer pike dismount, just OK on that one, kind of weirdly short but not a problem –

Ewing had a check on her siwtch side – otherwise fine. Step on 1.5

SEC Network split protractor!

Hundely – FX – whip to double tuck, nailed landing, chest up – front lay to front full – strong 180 positions – staggered legs landing double pike, will be another good score.

Winston – BB – lovely leaps, smallest correction on straddle 1/4 – walkover to bhs series, actually pretty connected –  bounce back on double tuck. 9.900. That was easily a full-tenth bounce too

step forward from Edney on 1.5 on beam – mostly solid – some back leg.

Boren – FX – tuck full first pass with a hop to the side – 1.5 to layout, high leaps, not the most pristine position but she gives herself the amplitude to get there – nailed a double tuck (also staggered) – 9.925.

Finnegan – BB – LSU – lovely obviously – switch and switch 1/2 are excellent – sticks aerial to full landing –

Guerrero – BB – Alabama – correction lean on two loso series – full turn – 1.5 dismount, near stick, just a small slide.

Baker – FX – Dos Santos, excellent, lunges forward this time but does keep her back leg down – solid double tuck – switch and split full hit 180 – travels a bit on her final pass connection – so not quite the same as the 10

Brown – FX – OU – front 2/1 with a little bounce this time – she hops into her Oklahoma salute presentation sometimes, which makes it look like she lacks control sometimes even when she doesn’t really – gorgeous loso side pass – pretty twisting shape on the rudi –

Gnat – usual slightly wonky switch side – a check on the series – excellent stuck 2/1.

After 3: Alabama 148.200, Florida 148.125
Here we go. Alabama couldn’t have really hoped for a better setup.

Turner – FX – very secure double pike – front layout full to front layout second pass – switch side and wolf full dance series, not giving away much on landings at all…and just as I say – lack of control on double tuck final pass and OOB.

Fielitz just had a crazy stagger stumble landing on vault, which will have to count –

Dowell – FX – sticks her double front like crazy – also nails the 1.5 to layout second pass, smart “I just burned my feet” choreography just in case she lacks control, but she didn’t this time – split leaps could be more complete 180, but there’s nothing you can take away from those tumbling pass landings – layout to front full –

Baker – BB – Florida – wolf turn is solid – walkover to bhs is connection, small lean correction on the bhs – great high straddle, I wish they would get rid of that split 1/2 because it’s not a helpful skill for her – side aerial to layout full, stuck – great except the split 1/2.

Jackson – FX – bounces backward out of her open tuck full this time,  a clear lack of control there, but couldn’t tell from here whether she tayed in bounds or not – otherwise it’s quite good –

Jetter – FX – Alabama – double arabian is back – step to the side – front full a little under-rotated, out of middle pass, just pulls it around – work in progress but they need it back so that’s progress even so. Still 9.850.

McLaughlin – BB – walkover to bhs series – both connecting a bit better this week –

Nichols – FX – ORPHANS – bounce on the piked full in this time – DON’T LET ME DOWN ORPHAN MOTHER – 1.5 trhough to 2/1, very secure – front tuck in choreo – excellent switch ring and split full, precise positions – just a touch squatty in the landing of the double back last pass. Good one, not her best one. 9.975. OK, calm down, people. Wait to do the crack until after the meet –

Valentin – FX – double front – lunges forward but stays in bounds – front lay to front full second pass with a dance lunge – short double pike.

DeGouveia will do exhibition on floor – front 2/1 is strong, cross over step – 1.5 to 2/1, small bounce – nice straddle position on her popa – a short on double tuck with a lunge forward –

Hundley – BB – Good loso series – cat leap to switch side, held – side aerial to a stuck full – she has very good ability to stick even when a skill looks a little low or iffy – she pulls it around, like on that dismount.

Guerrero – FX – Alabama – she’s so tiny that she can get that piked full in around even without a ton of amplitude – 1/5 to full is stick. Will be a big score.

Gowey – BB – Florida – two loso series is very secure – looked like her aerial was fine, working out of it she has a big error, bend at the hips – sticks gainer full. How did that get a 9.850 exactly? Well, Florida can’t say they didn’t get the benefit of the doubt away from home –

Oklahoma finishes 197.675.

Desch – FX – that double Arabian is getting better – still scares me but she dropped into that landing this time, very controlled – this is the best and most controlled tumbling she has shown so far this season – switch ring is good – secure double tuck, would like to see the legs closer together.

Boren – BB – very secure kickover front – small check on loso series – switch to a very high straddle – bend correction on loso, maybe at the hips – hop back gainer full. 9.775.

Priessman – FX – LSU – short on full in with a lunge forward –

Winston – FX – excellent DLO – front lay to front full is so high and the form is maintained throughout – smallest slide on the double tuck. She has gone 9.950 a couple times this season, and I’d expect the same for that. It gets a 10.000 – for me the final pass took away the 10, but I would have been cool with 9.950.

McMurtry – BB – kickover front is solid – secure on her loso series as well – hop in place on 2/1 but a good routine. Will still be a useful road score from Florida, but Alabama scoring a touch higher on each event.

Sims – FX – secure double pike, much better than in her 9.975 last Sunday – obviously great leaps – back 1.5 to a whipped-around layout – small slide on double tuck – 9.950.

Looks like Hambrick had a fall on floor (UGH) but I missed it.

Alabama 197.825, Florida 197.425
Alabama erases last weekend. Florida didn’t have its full complement of vaulters, was a little shaky on beam, while Alabama hit and was at home ending with a home floor rotation. That’s the story.

Edney – FX – double arabian was a tad short this time, step back to control it – 1.5 to layout, controls that one – some low leg situations on leaps, like on beam – solid and high double tuck. 9.875

Ward hits Missouri’s final beam to erase the fall from Schugel – smooth side aerial – sticks 1.5. 195.425 final score, counting fall on bars

Gnat – FX – huge DLO, emphasized by this camera angle – 2.5 to front tuck, lunges forward too much out of this one – switch ring is solid – high double pike, controlled landing – good one, I expect 9.950. That’s what it gets.

LSU final 197.425

We still have Boise State and Southern utah, which is into the third rotation. Boise State using bars to take a lead as expected.

Urquhart – BB – good full turn – short on splits – holds the 1.5 dismount with a lean.

Gonzalez – FX – good positions on switch side and straddle – low amplitude on front lay to front full – slide back on rudi

Remme – BB – secure loso series but feet – full turn – switch to switch 1/2, takes that switch 1/2 to the side but OK – comfortable aerial walkover – step forward on 1.5.

Brownsell – FX – good shape on rudi – front full to layout second pass, super high and lovely position but does bound forward – very deep double pike landing, deep squat

Means – BB – secure loso series – switch to straddle 3/4, short of 180 on both leaps – kickover front to beat jump witha slight pause – bhs gainer full with a step.

These stupid wrestling meets. BSU is done with all six on beam and SUU is just starting #4 on floor.

Bozzutto – FX – front to front full, large stumble forward – switch side to popa – double pike was better

Webb – FX – secure double pike, chest down – front full to front pike, good rise on front full, loses the rise a little on front pike – switch side to split jump 1/2 – front rudi to a…..WHAAA? Landed super squatty on her rudi and then went into a beam acro series about it, two back handsprings, the second one entirely out of bounds.

Ramirez – FX – split leap 1.5 that actually hits split and is all the way rotated – needs to teach elites a few lessons – solid double pike – 2.5 with some legs and crossover step, but nothing real – 1.5 to front layout – best form, most difficulty, best amplitude in the SUU lineup.

SUU is down by a billion going into the final rotation.

It seems Paige Urquhart’s floor music begins with two blasts from the Titanic’s fog horn. In other news, SUU already has a fall on beam from Bozzuto.

I think Stevie Nicks might be coaching SUU on beam.

Jorgensen also fell on beam at the very beginning of her routine. I quit. SUU is supposed to be all good at beam. She’s showing that bit more in the leaps. Jorgensen fell for a second time.

For a moment I thought one of the scoring helpers was wearing a powdered wig, but the stream is just out of focus.

In less important news, Sarah Means hit floor.

McGregor – FX – she mounts with a piked full in, her ponytail does manage to brush the underside of her feet on landing, but you know, hit. Solid final double pike.

Now we have routines going at the same time? This is a dual meet. Stupid wrestling. Webb also fell. Three for three on falls.

Remme on floor did a punch front 2/1 (I think?) with an amusing landing, she was still twisting a slid out of it like on one of those airport walkways and nearly OOB – double pike was great though

SUU hit a beam routine sort of! Fifth routine almost has a fall on a full turn and then falls on a punch front. Is there a beam mercy rule?

Collantes has a big full in to lead off floor – lunges back – solid remaining passes, chest down on double pike but secure.

We’re having trouble with the last score for Southern Utah. Uh, it was bad. Answer given!

Yee is finishing beam for SUU – while Bennion does an awesome double arabianfor BSU on floor – the leaps were reeee-ough, though, as was the leg form on the final pass. But double Arabian though.

Yee hit beam!

Boise State 197.025 (don’t read too much into it), Southern Utah 194.325 (never again).

Join me tomorrow for Pac-12 nation!

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  1. *____________ gymnast was overscored. I wish _________ would get the same scoring as ____________.*

    There now no one needs to make that comment the rest of the weekend! 🙂

  2. Dukes was highly underscored, and I’m not just saying that because I desperately need her score for my fantasy team…okay maybe I am, but it was still underscored..

    1. On that note: Dickson has been way underscored all night. She should be getting 10.0s. 🙂

    1. This isn’t an overscore/underscore complaint I promise! Sounds like the scores are a bit weird for both teams? Or are the judges looking at stuff that sometimes gets overlooked like toe point on bars, amplitude..?

  3. No Kwan on vault for Kentucky tonight- I wonder if is she out of the lineup for good? I feel like I read that she chose Kentucky so she’d have a better chance to make lineups (or something along those lines) so I imagine that would be a real bummer for her.

  4. Given how high those FX scores went for Kentucky, I’m expecting Georgia to get a 49.6 on floor. I like Kentucky on floor,but there were noticeable errors, so I’m ready for Georgia to be given like, four tens in a row.

    1. Nope. I would have thought Dickson and Marino, especially, would have gone 9.9 or higher. Marino’s routine was great and a 9.875 doesn’t seem “right” when compared to those Kentucky floor scores, particularly Rechenmacher’s (Judge 2 gave Rechenmacher a 9.8 and Marino a 9.85 — Marino’s routine was definitely more than .05 better).

      1. Yeah, I was surprised. It’s not that I think GA’s scores were wrong – I saw the deductions the judges took. It just seemed to be judged more strictly than Kentucky. I was a little taken aback, honestly!

    1. You would think the #1 team in the country could find some money in the budget for more leotards…

      1. They are number one, but it hasn’t really translated into attendance. They probability have a much smaller budget for things like leos compared to LSU, Georgia, Florida, Utah and even places like Auburn and UCLA.

  5. Or Desch? Why only in for floor? And speaking of floor, why no Houchin in for Nebraska…and they have two 8s …

    1. If she’s happy with her clothes and they make her feel confident, then I’m good with her clothes.

      Don’t like a leo, fine, share it. It’s not a personal attack on one person. But making negative comments about one person, especially comments about clothes or hair or makeup, seems like negative energy we don’t really need in the world right now.

      1. Your logic makes no sense: bad leos, okay; bad clothes, boo. What the world doesn’t need right now is another authoritarian ruler bossing people around. Thanks.

      2. What the world needs now is a little compassion and kindness. You should try it some time. It’s pretty easy.

    2. You sound like a really nice person. “anon” is right — a little kindness goes a long way and these types of comments are not necessary. Let’s keep BBS a fun and awesome site.

      1. On this thread alone, we’ve had people comment on ugly leos, bad dancing, and so on, and no one says a peep. I don’t like a coaches wardrobe choices, and *that’s* mean? You folks are hilarious. Grow up.

    1. She’s tweeted twice over the past day, first that “This week has been full of disappointing news…I can’t take anymore of it.” and then “I may not be okay right now, but at least I have my true friends standing behind me and someone above me looking out for me.” Not sure what the situation is, but it sure sounds like an injury to me…

    2. She apparently posted on social media this week about being upset, having her family’s support and being strong and positive to get through it. Not sure what “it” is, but it doesn’t sound good…

      O.L.: Your death was so upsetting.

  6. Watching Valentin run through her choreography is painful, she may be the worst dancer in college gymnastics

    1. She and Beth Roberts are up there for me. It’s so pained and stilted. But nice to see the, competing in their senior years.

    1. I think you may be overestimating Chant. Her scores from the first two meets range from 8.975 to 9.875. She’s not going to boost UF’s scores that much.

    1. They remind me of UGA during the Kupets era. Last year could have been the start of an OU run.

    2. Yeah, LSU is the only one who can get close, I think, if Oklahoma hits. And even if both hit, I think Oklahoma takes it.

  7. So apparently Toni-Ann Williams tore her Achilles. So clearly we just need to cancel the whole season. Too many injuries. Let’s just go back in time and try this all again. 😭

    1. Do you have a source for that? I can’t find anything on the internet to confirm or deny that…

      1. Yea she replied to me when I asked what was wrong on IG and told me. I’m so sad for her 😭😭😭

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