Friday Live Blog – February 10, 2017

Friday, February 10
Scores Watch
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [9] Georgia @ [3] Florida LINK SEC
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [6] Alabama @ [10] Kentucky LINK SEC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Kent State @ Eastern Michigan LINK
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – North Carolina, Pitt, William & Mary @ NC State LINK ACC+
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-Stout @ UW-La Crosse FREE
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [14] George Washington, [25] Iowa State, Lindenwood @ [13] Missouri LINK SEC+
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – SEMO, UW-Whitewater, UW-Eau Claire, Winona State (@ Milwaukee) LINK
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Hamline @ Gustavus Adolphus LINK
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [1] Oklahoma v. [16] Auburn (@ Oklahoma City) LINK FSN
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [2] LSU @ [23] Arkansas LINK SEC
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [15] Cal @ Arizona P12
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Utah State @ [20] Southern Utah FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Sacramento State @ San Jose State LINK FREE

Lots to do, lots to do, so little time. Actually, 13 of the top 25 teams competing on Friday is par for the course, but the rises of Kentucky and Missouri this season mean that there isn’t an easy “pay less attention to that one” choice when the SEC teams all clump together in the corner for warmth.

In the rankings, Oklahoma’s #1 position is safe barring absolute calamity as LSU would have to outscore the Sooners by 1.050 to take over the top spot, which seems highly unlikely.

Some positions are in line for more realistic shifting this week, particularly in that 10-14 zone that could end up in any order. Higher up, Alabama is within striking distance of UCLA (needing to outscore the Bruins by 0.600 to move ahead), but since we’re still going by average, making up a margin of more than a tenth on another team in a single week is probably going to require a meltdown of some description. We’re currently in meet week 6, and RQS doesn’t kick in until the rankings after week 7.


In competitor news, the entire Florida team has the pox, so we’re being told to brace for some weird lineups tonight. We’ll see.

Bouqs? As an abbreviation for bouquets? Has anyone ever said that ever?

Honestly, Cheney has to go on beam and Alexander has to go on vault, but otherwise these lineups look pretty normal for Florida. Not the triage unit we heard about earlier today.

Interesting that Vaculik is not in the bars lineup for Georgia. Didn’t we have a whole, “She’s back now!” moment last week?

Bart isn’t here because he’s busy with the Bart and Nadia Oklahoma Clam Bake tonight. Laura and Kathy tonight.

Rotation 1:
Alexander – VT – lots of potential in this vault, good distance, bouncy step back and pulls in just a bit at the end.

Sanders – UB – a little archy on first hs – far on the piked jaeger and falls – tight on the rest of it after resuming, including a near wobble on a step up to high.

Hyland is really improving that vault landing for Kentucky – near stick.

crazy legs for McNeer on her bail for Alabama,

Hundley – VT – full – a little sloppier in the legs than it can be for her sometimes, two-step hop but small in size.

Roza sticks her vault as well for Kentucky. They are on through the first two.

A Sims – UB – Alabama – good Ray – usual leg break on the bail and the DLO, bounce back on DLO

Reynolds – UB – solid jaeger, not big – pak to half turn on low is precise – one short handstand – lands deep on DLO with a bounce forward to save it.

Boren – VT – strong 1.5 – just a small shuffle back to save it, but pretty good leg shape and direction, some messiness in the knees here and there. 9.950 is a touch high for me.

Johnson – UB – she has a hip angle in everything she does on bars which takes away the scores – gienger shape looked a little better but still ragged in the feet, excellent DLO dismount to a near-stick.

Slocum – VT – handspring pike 1/2, basically stuck – so excited by her stick that she saluted herself backward – which is why the Boren score was too high because this one should score better and the judges have already eliminated any room for themselves. 9.975

Snead – UB – she’s back – clear gip to tkatchev – competed durening 10 celebration – very clean bail shape – sone iffy handstand – sticks DLO, piked down to land it – welcome back, phew.

McMurtry – VT – lovely full – not the DTY this week because she’s been the main one with the pox – small hop back but obviously nothing else to take.

Korth – VT – Kentucky – STICKS 1.5 – very quick twisting and tight shape, just a touch of legs apart but an awesome vault.

Dickson takes a too-large bounce back on her DLO on bars, but a hit.

Gowey – VT – full, OK – some piking – is made to look like trash comparatively going after McMurtry.

Bailey with a hop forward on her full out on bars this week

Schick – UB – high piked jaeger – angle on the bail, shorter than usual – final hs is good – flings out DLO a ton, large lunge forward – not the height or dynamics she usually gets on the DLO.

After 1: Florida 49.450, Georgia 49.100
Good vault rotation from Florida. Scores went high, but that was an excellent showing from Slocum and Boren in particular. They needed a lower basement to give themselves more range because the idea of McMurtry’s vault being only one tenth better than Alexander’s or Gowey’s…

Georgia recovered on bars, but it was still a too-sloppy rotation, with Schick struggling with her dismount and a couple other form errors through the lineup. The return of Snead was the highlight there with clearly the best routine in the rotation. Similarly to vault, the idea that her bars routine was only .025 better than Johnson’s, who didn’t hit a cast handstand…

Alabama 49.350, Kentucky 49.325
Impressed by the vaults I saw from Kentucky. Worlds better landings than some of those 195s, and sticks from Hyland, Rosa, and Korth. Saw the least from Alabama on bars, but I did see Mahoney stick a dismount.

I didn’t have the sound on the Kentucky meet on, but it seems we were treated to an extremely awkward daddy daughter dance, so goodbye forever.

Rotation 2:
Broussard – VT – yeah we get it all spots in the lineup are important – larger bounce back on her full than usual, she can stick and needs more control than this.

Boren – UB – tkatchev fine – clear hip t- bail, legs together well – one short handstand – much better landing on the DLO with a stick, her best landing of the season, one trouble handstand was really the main thing

Reynolds – VT – near-stick on the full, very flat vault and some piking, good control on the landing, which is becoming her trademark here.

McLaughlin – Ub – toe to shap, not much of a leg break – a little bit of one on the bail, but good vertical – way close on her shoot to high, has to muscle up the handstand and is way short – steps on double front

Beth Roberts is fine on her full.

Gowey – UB – solid Ray, good counter rotation – clean pak – vertical on 1/2 turn on low – short final handstand – a little close on the DLO, lands low and a hop forward.

Desch – VT – Alabama – hop back on full, a little legs

Johnson – VT – UGA – better power than Roberts, hop back – these vault are OK but nothing WOW.

Baker – UB – girl looks like she’s been sick in bed for 10 months – good Ray – legs together on bail – very precise final handstand, basically stick her double front – she should have the flu more often, because those were some of her best handstands.

Hop from Guerrero on 1.5 for Alabama.

Marino – VT – larger hop back on the full this time and not so high. She can do better.

Winston – VT – Alabama – gorgeous amplitude but bounces 78 miles out of it.

Hundley – UB – good first hs – shap is very floaty + pak – hits shap 1/2 – flings out tuck full and sticks it anyway – I saw a couple borderline handstands in there but a very nice set. 9.975. Come now.

Dickson – VT – crunched on the horse and still got it around and completed somehow – near stick, small hop, a little low – she’s shocked and thrilled because that could have gone very wrong with that block.

McMurtry – UB – godo first hs – better counter on that Ray – neailed bail – struggles a little in final hs, gets up to vertical but a little muscle hesitation – sticks tuck full – Kathy is happy with her improvement on the giants, they are better but not all the way there. 10.000. Inevitable after Hundley’s score.

Well now, Florida. It was very good, but let’s not pretend Florida isn’t way at home right now.

After 2: Florida 99.025, Georgia 98.200
Strong bars from Florida. Most impressed by Baker, actually. That really was one of her best sets at Florida, and we saw some real improvement from some of the early-lineup gymnasts, like Boren sticking her dismount. I think handstands were not evaluated as strictly as I would like to see in those final routines with some judging of the lineup order, but that’s really all they gave away in quite clean showings for them. I’d like to see the SEC protractor on those routines, but we haven’t yet.

After 2: Kentucky 98.575, Alabama 98.525
Meant to watch more of this rotation, but there was a lot of scoring action going on at Florida. I did see Guerrero hop forward this time and she didn’t get the big score to propel Alabama on vault, relying on just the 9.900 from Bailey. Kentucky took the lead with another Korth 9.925.

Rotation 3:
Hundley – BB – aerial is solid – secure on loso series as well – cat leap to switch side, nailed – full turn – “I’M SUPPOSED TO SMILE AFTER MY FULL TURN” – a little off line on the side aerial to full dismount, fine just a step back.

Rechenmacher on beam for Kentucky – sticks gainer pike dismount – saw a check in there on her series and a couple moments of hesitation but nothing major.


Jetter – FX – Alabama – a little short on double arabian with a hop back – holds the landing well on her 1.5 to full – could have been a little short – arches around layout a ton after back 1.5, just short on her landings in this routine –

Cheney actually really clean on beam, a back leg issue on the switch – sticks side aerial to full.

Rosa – BB – good split shape, stag – step back to correct loso series – cat leap to side aerial to back tuck full, stuck.

Roberts finishes floor – too short on her leaps – barely pulls double tuck around, chest horizontal.

Guerrero – FX – Alabama – lunge back out of opening double pike – nails landing on second pass – controls rudi –

McLaughlin – BB – walkover to bhs, I guess I’ll allow the connection speed – sissone – beat to stag – imprecise full turn finish position – hits side aerial – sticks gainer full

Babalis – FX – no chalk, just drops nothing – epic disappointment – not following instructions – double tuck with small slide – i like her pike jump in here, she actually hits the position – slide back on double pike

Gowey – BB – very secure two loso series –

Guerra – FX – Alabama – She lives! solid double tuck – 1.5 to layout, controls, travels flat and far but hits the landing – good straddle shapes, very high – a little imprecise in finishing position.

Vega – FX – did everything but fall on that tuck full, super deep, nearly knees down – it always looks a little risky – this time it camme true – 1.5 to layout – switch ring and split 1/1 are nicely completed – solid double pike – not a fall, though, but a major landing error.

Boren – BB – small check on kickover front – solid loso series – hits standing loso as well – sticks gainer full, solid –

Dickson – FX – solid double pike, good height – 1.5 to front layout to “I burned my feet” choreographed steps – a little bouncy on double tuck but stays in bounds –

McMurtry – BB – very strong hit again – high 2/1 and stuck –

Winston – FX – Alabama – a little short on her DLO this time, just a touch but if we’re evaluating with 10-eyes now – front lay to front full, very clean and high – bounces back out of double tuck. Still gets 9.925 with two landing errors, that’s what 10-precedent will get you.

“THe flying banana?” No guys. We’re not calling it that.

Marino – FX – very well controlled DLO landing, stright position – Kathy is on the “best ever” quote machine tonight – 1.5 to layout, it’s getting back to last season’s level, just a little too much of a dance out – bounces way back on double pike –

Check from Hyland on loso series – nearly holds the stick on side aerial to tuck full, just leans back to salute.

Sims – FX – secure double pike landing – dance elements are as excellent as always – 1/5 to layout, arches around the layout – solid double pike, should be a useful score.

After 3: Florida 148.550, Georgia 147.350
Florida on national-best pace so far in this one. The standard of open scoring was set in the first rotation. Floor is going to be a doozy. A shame Kennedy Baker isn’t going because she’d just have to cough to get a 10.

After 3: Kentucky 147.975, Alabama 147.925
A close one! Kentucky has been on it from the start of this one, getting to finish on floor to Alabama on beam. Barring disaster it will be a very useful score for both teams.

Technical difficulties from Oklahoma so we don’t have a broadcast of that. At least not yet. Grrrrrrr.

So I guess it’s back to Florida and Alabama.

Rotation 4:
Vega – BB – secure loso series – walkover to beat is connected – keeps her center of gravity over the beam very well on side somi – switch to split 1/4 is also well done – check on full turn – side aerial to full, stuck

We’re back in business at Oklahoma. Phew.

Wait, why are we yammering through the start?

Jones – VT – OU – small hop in place on full.

Kendal Moss’s legs collapse on her bail, keeps going but recast and major deduction –

Marks – VT – OU – excellent height and shape on the full – hop back.

McLaughlin solid on floor, a little too bouncy on her leap series and a somewhat ragged rudi, but good.

Cerio – UB – good piked jager, composed shape – hit hs – clean bail and vertical – borderline final hs – giant 1/1 to a basically-stick on double tuck.

Capps didn’t get her usual block, lands too deep with a lunge forward –

Sanders – BB – Georgia -standing back tuck to straddle is solid – deep front tuck with a check –

Apparently, Capps and Nichols would have a rivalry if they weren’t “spiritual.” OK, Kelly. Welcome to Oklahoma?

Dowell – VT – sticks her 1.5! – really excellent vault – great shape – 9.950.

Looks like a significant break there for Keely McNeer on beam.

Jackson – VT – OU – hops forward on her 1.5 this time, otherwise not much, but a full-tenth hop. 9.900.

Dickson – BB – solid on the loso series this time – aerial to beat jump – hop back on 2/1

Childers really does have a lovely full turn on beam – check on sheep – good correction save on her aerial to scale by nixing the scale to save a wobble.

Nichols – VT – step forward on the 1.5 this time

Gowey a deep landing on her double pike with a lunge back – chest down double tuck – falls on final pass. Oh Gowey.

Day – UB – Auburn – toe one to toe 1/2 to high jaeger to overshoot – pretty – good final handstand – hop back on double arabian –

Reynolds – BB – kickover front is hit – solid loso series landing – rushed in the full turn but solid finishing position – check on side somi – large crossover lunge backward on 2/1 –

Solcum secure on double pike – and dance element shape – front full to front pike – small slide on rudi – good one.

GW has to count some 9.8s on beam, just behind missouri after 1.

Babalis – BB – small check on walkover to loso series – nothing major early just tiny corrections to her finishing positions – kickover front to beat – sticks front full, figured out the landing on that one this time, she downgraded from the double tuck to get a landing,b ut she hadn’t been getting the landing, this time she did.

They’re interviewing Simone about Maggie. “Go best friend, go.” “The coolest person I’ve gotten to meet was Kim Kardashian or the president.”

Hundley – FX – whip to double tuck – barely was able to watch this routine after that nugget from Simone, but she hit? So good? Step back double pike.

Schick – BB – hits loso series – walkover with a slight correction into sissone to maintain the connection – walkover to leaps, solid – side aerial – sticks gainer full –

Capps with a leg break on her fiant full on bars – not her best say on her first two events – step on dismount –

It’s 196.525 for Georgia. Not bad. Not great but not bad.

Boren – FX – slide back on full in but good chest position – 1.5 to front layout, a little whipped on layout but solidly done – slide back out of double tuck – not her best landing control but a fine routine.

Catour sticks excellent DLO on bars.

Dukes finishes floor with stuck double tuck.

Dowell – UB – good Ray – hip angle on that bail, not hitting vertical still – final handstand was either-or – excellent DLO and stuck.

Solid full from Krippner, some piking, good control.

Kentucky will be defeating Alabama. Well now.

Lehrmann – UB – OU – solid first hs – 1/2 turn to high jaeger, caught with straight elbows – she does hit vertical on her bail – sticks tuck full, well we’ve already had 9.875 and 9.900 and this was better, so we’re getting high tonight here as well. 9.900.

Still 197.050 for Alabama.

Wofford – UB – a little tight first hs – great giant 1/1 position – jaeger caught with bent elbows – bail is fine – just a little tighter than usual – great dismount and sticks a tuck full.

Day – VT – Auburn – just the full, not the 1.5 – larger bounce back, amplitude for a 1.5.

197.450 for Kentucky. Another record.

Nichols – UB – Great Ray – good hit handstand – pak to toe on to toe shap – very smooth asnd clean – bad angle to see final hs – and then just forward on her DLO landing with a hop forward. Still gets 9.900 so it would have been 10 otherwise.

I like that Wofford and Nichols can be just OK and Oklahoma still goes 49.425 on bars.

Auburn had to count that mistake from Moss on bars, so we’re already not going to be a very useful score on a day when Auburn kind of needs it.

Apparently Boren still got 9.950 for that floor (?) – so Florida just nudges toward 198 with a 197.975 final.

Zamardi – UB – LSU – toe shap to pak – a little legs from this angle but her usual and fine – great final hs – sticks double arabian, legs pretty wide on that stick –

Oh yeah, we’ve started LSU and Arkansas now. That happened –

Shauna Miller sticks DLO for Missouri –

Hambrick – UB – excllent Ray – giant full to bail is a little rushed past vertical – not too precise in her hs this time – flings out tuck full a littl with a hop – fine but she can be cleaner –

Yamzon – VT – Arkansas getting through these fulls – all a little flat with a little piking a step, but they’re getting 9.775s so it’s fine –

Harrold – UB – food handstand – catches shap 1/2 to Zucchold well – cast 1/2 are excellent -past vertical on half turn to jaeger – sticks double front! Good one. They are going for an impressiveness bonus for this one because she does have some leg breaks (shap 1/2) and was past vertical on her half turn, but she minimized the non-built in deductions very well –

Large lunge back from Anderson on vault –

Step back from Edney on DLO.

Winstanley is lovely on floor. Really enjoy her 1.5 to layout two feet.

Jones – BB – OU – works out of front well, could have been a little deep – switch to split is fine – sticks 1.5

Finnegan – UB – Ray is gorgeous – hits handstands – toe on with small hesitation – hits vertical well on bail – a little forward on DLO landing as we switch to a horrible camera angle – hop.

Holy crap – did anyone else see that replay of McGlone eating it on her vault run in warmups? I was pee pants just watching that.

Hop back from Priessman on her DLO on bars.

Lehrmann – BB – OU – solid aerial – cat leap to switch side, controlled – could be more extended on loso series but pulls it off well with no check-  hop back on a floated 1.5.

Catour – BB – OU – full turn – hits loso series – cat to switch side is solid – holds her aerial well not to wobble on it – sticks gainer pike – well it’s not a memorable routine but she’s very secure.

Scaglione – FX – very good front 2/1 to front tuck, right around and controlled – front layout to front full with just a little slide perhaps but not much – just a controlled step back on double tuck as well, one of her better floors.

Brown – BB – OU – aerial to two bhs series-ish with a lean correction out of it – great height on her beat jump – leap series is lovely – switch to a stuck gainer full.

Cannamela is back on vault for LSU – sticks a full. NBD.

Hlawek – FX – good twisting shape, doesn’t cross – lands her double tuck with chest up – has to whip her final pass around a little –

Harrold – VT – look at you! Vaulting! gets her 1.5 around but mushes her knees at the end with a crossover step –

Nichols – BB – walkover to beat is smooth – a little tight on bhs loso but no check – easy full turn – switch to split, excellent shape – small lean correction on punch front – steps back on double tuck. That was two steps in my book. Still 9.900.

Ewing – VT – stumble forward – two steps on 1.5.

Cannamela was strong early for LSU but Harrold and Ewing have not been great to follow.

Edney – VT – step forward on 1.5, better control than the last two, though, and more distance.

Capps – BB – solid loso series – fluid full turn – lovely as always – stuck gainer full

McLaughlin of GW also botched her vault run, but during competition and had to take a zero.

Hambrick – VT – 1.5 – it’s either great or poor, and this time it was poor. Large stumble backward to save the landing.

Gnat – VT – hop back on DTY this time, and then leans forward to control and prevent any more hops. Still goes 9.900

Weak vault rotation for LSU but they still get a 49.225 out of it. Honestly Cannamela’s opening full was the best executed.

Oklahoma goes 49.525 on beam, just off 198 pace with one rotation to go. Auburn is trying to inch back toward 196 pace, but it’s tough to see it happening on beam.

GW is not going to be able to recover from this vault – they didn’t have to count the zero, but they did have to count a bunch of 9.5s. Yikes.

Yamzon – BB – Ark – tight on switch side but holds – two bhs to loso is solid – very secure kickover front, quite well done – sticks gainer full –

Ewing – FX – controls front 2/1 – sticks the layout out of the front full – switch side and popa – double pike, high and solid, good recovery routine.

Garner – BB – Ark – check on swtich to split, so we’ll have to watch dance series credit – side aerial to loso series, did well just to have a smaller check sicne she was off line – side aerial to full dismount with step back –

Zamardi – FX – does well to keep her step forward out of double arabian in bounds – small bounce on double tuck – switch side and popa, good switch side, a little short of 180 on popa – back 1.5 to front layout –

Brown – FX – OU – it’s not getting better for the refugees, Natalie’s eyes are telling us- good controlled step forward out of front 2/1, finishes early enogh to control that step – front layout, front 1/1 – rudi, just a bit of a slide.

Hambrick – FX – her DLO is just insanely high – she pikes down ever so slightly in the second salto to stick, but… – 2.5 to front tuck, travels very far like Gnat, it’s a thing you guys – solid double pike, a little chest

Dowell – FX – sticsk double front again, that’ll do – back 1.5 to layout with “I burned my feet” steps as well, it’s a new trend that I’m not wold about – good split full, popa is close enough – layout to 1.5. Excellent routine.

McGlone has fallen on beam on loso. We’re all pee pants today.

Engler – BB – Aub – check on loso series – check on switch and again on straddle 1/4, breaks connection – falls on side aerial, she was off from the start.

Kelley – FX – LSU – very high DLO, controlled step back – front lay to front full –

jackson – FX – she still blows the chalk – love – and nails her open full in – badass time – 1/2 to front full is solid – slides back on the double pike, so high and finished so early. 9.975. Too high with that last pass.

Slappey – BB – Aub – tight but secure on loso series – switch and switch 1/2 – side aerial to tuck full with a step.

Nichols – FX – Good control on piked full in – 1/5 through to 2/1 – very strong switch ring and split full – solid double back – she gets 9.950 for this routine every week even when she doesn’t really control the landings as well as this, and she’s following a 9.975, so…10.000, inevitable. Just missing bars now.

Krippner – BB – cat leap to aerial to beat jump – switch to split, very high and well extended – basically sticks 1.5. Avoid counting a miss.

Capps – FX – goes for the DLO! Just a little chest  but controls well – 1.5 to layout, dances out of it – switch side to popa – slightly forward on rudi as well. I don’t mind keeping her in the anchor position though, in fact I think they should keep it. Maggie doesn’t need to be an anchor to get a 10, and can boost everyone else up.

Gnat had a weaker double pike landing with a lunge back. 9.950. You know.

Oklahoma 198.075, Auburn 195.725

As impressive of a score as that is for Oklahoma, it ‘s equally as unhelpful for Auburn. Still yet to break 196.4 this season.

Missouri wins the quad with a 195.700.

We have one more rotation to go with LSU/Arkansas, and Arizona/Cal are currently in rotation 2.

LSU back on track for a pretty high 197 after a 49.550 on floor.

I’ve been watching this meet for 11 second and Tim Daggett has already said ginormous.

Robinson sticks her handspring on, handspring front pike. Cal getting the landings tonight in these last couple vaults.

Macadaeg – BB – Jay Clark is literally eating a cup in the background and will not take it out of his mouth, it’s gross, is he trying to cover up coaching, like no one can see his lips because he’s biting a cup? – switch leap to switch 1/2 is strong – aerial to straddle, pretty – bhs loso series, gorgeous – sticks gainer full. 9.900.

Hambrick – BB – L turn is lovely – side aerial – switch leap to straddle 1/4 – floaty and lovely loso series – I can’t even watch the routines because I’m too fascinated by Jay Clark and his cup obsession – nearly sticks 2/1 dismount, small step together. 9.950. Damn, girl.

Yamzon – FX – small slide back on double pike – finishes chest down on double tuck but holds the landing.

Ewing – BB – bhs layout series is right on – switch side, the weak link of the routine but secure – standing loso to straddle 1/4 – sticks 1.5

Elswick – FX – bouncy step back on double pike – she actually gets that wolf 1.5 around well and completely – small stagger stumble out of final pass.

Edney – BB – walkover to sissone – lean correction on loso series – switch to straddle 1/4 is high and solid – full turn – kickover front piked, excellent – sticks 1.5.

Nelson – FX – has been a reliable member of this lineup with her double pikes, it’s always going to be a plausible 9.8 that they don’t have to worry about filling out the lineup or hitting – secure throughout

Finnegan – BB – triple wolf, saves it with a lean forward but a significant deduction – loso series – switch 1/2 lovely shape with a check – good side somi – side aerial to full with a pretend stick to salute

McGlone – FX – DLO, holds onto that landing well, came in a little short but held and saved it – bouncy on 2/1 – solid 1.5 to layout, it has been a lineup of 9.8s and that should be another.

Major errors for Cowles on beam for Arizona, followed by a floor fall for Seilnacht for Cal.

Gnat – BB – walkover to beat – switch to straddle 1/4, smallest lean – high switch side with another lean correction – “also beautiful on the inside, of sorts” -Lol, Kupets – good loso series, sticks 2/1.

LSU 197.700, Arkansas 196.325

Different standards, sure, both both teams will take those scores.

Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama, and Florida all increased their averages. We’ll see tomorrow if Utah and UCLA can come close to keeping pace.

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    1. I’m choosing to believe she means Kiana does fluid bars work where other people look tense. Hmph.

  1. If I hear the word “frenetic” one more time during this Alabama, Kentucky broadcast…

  2. Is Vaculik sick again? I would hope she ends up being in that UB lineup permanently, preferably instead of Sanders or Johnson.

  3. John has now called Keely McNeer a microwave and a generator… wonder what he’s got coming up for beam… 😂

    1. I think she is also the one someone referred to as a “blue collar gymnast. In a good way.”

  4. 9.975 for Hundley on UB? These UF judges just want to throw out 10s. I didn’t think McMurtry or Slocum deserved a 10 from a judge either, 9.95 sure (9.9 for Hundley), but a 10? No.

    Sorry, UGA, you get a 9.8 or 9.825 (reasonable scores for the routines). UF you get a 9.95 – 10 (ridiculously high scores for solid routines).

  5. Kentucky looks great! Good scoring in my opinion.. though Korth’s vault could’ve gone .25 higher.

      1. They crack me up! Loved when Alicia was like ” my parents used to drink before watching me compete”… John says nothing lol

  6. I feel like Kathy Johnson Clark and the SEC Network just can’t love Florida enough. They are good, but the commentators rarely call out the overscores for UF and it seems like UF can do no wrong.

    1. I think Kathy loves all teams equally. She really gushes over gymnastics that she finds lovely, finding what’s exceptional and pointing it out.

      As for scoring, she never comments on over scoring. Occasionally she will share her opinion that a routine should have gotten a higher score.

  7. Kind of a taboo topic, but does anyone else think the FL gymnasts are looking oddly thin this week? I know they had some sickness, but they’re getting really thin

    1. It was a stomach flu. It’s hard to get through that without a little weight loss, and these women are so fit that a little weight loss really shows.

    1. It’s a bit much. And really distracting. She needs to provide some dignity for that booty and cover it up

      1. What, exactly, would you have an athlete of her body type do when it’s clear that Alabama can’t be bothered to buy leotards that actually fit their gymnasts? The leos are clearly an issue, but I’m not going to blame the athletes. That’s a coaching and management issue, and I agree that it should be rectified. By them.

  8. Any one besides me waiting for an “11”for Florida. Way over scored and Georgia slightly under scored

  9. I think scores are pretty accurate for FL v GA. A couple scores for FL just a tad high. Glad to see Georgia rocking their beam rotation tonight.

    1. Postseason is going to be REAL interesting… but this was by far her best routine of the year!

    2. skinner more dynamic greater hjeight and much more exciting alternatively Maggie graceful

  10. My main take away from watching the meets this week — Not traveling to SEC country any time soon, because apparently EVERYONE (minus Alicia Boren) has the flu.

  11. Nichols, Skinner, Ross, Kocian, Korth, Hundley, Gowey, Dickson, Vega, Edney, Harrold, Yamzon, Houchin . . .

    I’m sure I’m missing others, but this Freshman class is excellent.

    1. He’s never been so prominently in shot before during beam for a meet I watched. It was really distracting. And odd. And hilarious.

  12. I really like Kupets as a commentator. She doesn’t just point out mistakes and good leaps, but she actually tells you why the mistake happened or how to correct it. I feel like I learn a lot about individual skills listening to her (I’m not a former gymnast, just a fan).

  13. I was actually enjoying watching FL and how consistent and calm they were tonight despite the illness. Some of the athletes definitely improved from prior performances and even excelled. Whatever you will say about home scoring, their beam line up (top to bottom) was one of the best I’ve seen from any team this season. I can see them building in the right direction. Nice job.

    1. I find them nice but v boring on beam. They are pretty basic in their skill selection for a top team, and while they are clean, their lineup is really missing the super clean/arty routine that Baumann would’ve provided. And 5 fulls is sad.

      1. Baumann will certainly add some beautiful skills once she is healthy enough to join the team. I still appreciated their consistency, cleanliness and confidence tonight. I was impressed that they were so solid under the circumstances. I can appreciate them as much as I can appreciate some of the more “arty” routines at other schools.

    2. I find their beam lineup solid, but boring. It certainly minimizes risk, which is good, but it may suffer in direct comparison with other teams at Nationals. I will say that in general, I like Florida more this year than I have in several years previous. I think having a bit of an underdog status has made them kinda scrappy. I like it.

      I wonder what their deal with Slocum is for next season. She’s providing a lot for the team on her two events.

  14. Some thoughts from tonight:

    I’m impressed with Alex McMurtry’s mental game on beam. Last week she nailed beam while Winston’s 10 was flashed and the stadium was going wild. Tonight she nailed it after her own 10 on bars, which I can imagine is a lot of emotion to keep in check.

    Hailey Garner’s (Arkansas) beam is becoming one of my favorites. I’m impressed every time I watch her. Waiting for that perfect hit so I can be mad at how under scored she is.

    Can we please ban the word personality for a while?

    LOVE that AJ kept the chalkography and the judges defied the deduction. Though it does kinda represent how they ignore what they choose.

  15. Kentucky/Alabama had some wonky scores, but I do think Kentucky was the better team on the floor tonight. All things being equal, if both teams had hit, Alabama would have been the better team, but they didn’t. Which is important to note, I think. Alabama doesn’t have to have major errors for Kentucky to catch them. Several significant ones will do. In other news, can someone write Alicia a note that a Y1/2 isn’t a ten start value?

  16. There’s home scoring and then there’s Florida home scoring. They looked great, and deserved the win, but some of those scores made no sense. It’s a shame, not only because it’s so predictable, but because it also takes away from my ability to enjoy the them as much as I might if the home scoring wasn’t so ridiculous.

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