Saturday Live Blog – February 11, 2017

Saturday, February 11
Scores Watch
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Bridgeport, Ithaca, Brockport @ Cornell Ivy $
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Springfield @ West Chester
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – [7] Michigan @ Michigan State LINK BTN+
2:30 ET/11:30 PT – New Hampshire @ Bowling Green LINK FB
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [19] Nebraska @ Minnesota LINK BTN
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [18] Ohio State @ Penn State LINK FREE
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Stanford @ [5] UCLA LINK P12
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – [4] Utah @ [11] Oregon State LINK P12
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – [21] Illinois, UIC @ [22] Iowa LINK? BTN+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Arizona State @ [17] Washington LINK P12
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Maryland, Yale, Penn @ Rutgers LINK
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8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [8] Boise State @ [12] Denver LINK DU $
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – UC Davis, Seattle Pacific @ Air Force FREE

It’s Pac-12 day! The other top teams did not keep their 9.9s to themselves like proper children last night (but we’re so sickkkkk, we have pollliioooo), so there’s a lot of crazy 197 work to do for the others to keep pace today. When you’re giving out 18 scores of 9.950-10.000 in a single day, the standard of evaluation just isn’t strict enough.

Before the Pac-12 action, we’ll start with a little Nebraska/Minnesota times. Minnesota has one big home score of 196.800 to work with this season but hasn’t even been into the 195s other than that and needs another big score to avoid plummeting once RQS kicks in and drops the high score. Nebraska steadied the ship with fuller lineups last week, but with fewer meets remaining, every meet from now on needs to be a 196.

Also, it’s a second-straight week of Michigan taking itself out of a good score in the first rotation with bars falls. 8.5 from Marinez, 9.2 from Shchennikova. Chiarelli’s 9.675 on floor was also an unexpected low that inhibited recovery scores, meaning it’s down to hitting beam to salvage a 196 here.

Michigan just does squeak over 196 to 196.025 final, beating MSU’s 195.625.

As pointed out, this also means Michigan is now guaranteed to count a 196.475 road score for RQS, which will make it difficult to move up higher in the rankings. With Michigan’s next road meet being the Big Five in March, expect Michigan to get passed by a few teams while waiting to drop some of the lower road numbers as well.

I LOVE that the Big Ten pretends that W-L records are things. Minnesota is apparently “the regular season champion” in the Big Ten from 2016. What does that even refer to? What does that mean?

No Paige Williams for Minnesota today? Then what’s the point of anything?

-Quaglia has some nice amplitude on vault, though. The tools are there.

-Houchin has very tight leg form on bars, good stick on double tuck as well. Just a short handstand in there, but legs together and toes pointed throughout.

-First two vaulters for Minnesota have shown one-tenth lunges back.

-Breen not quite as crisp in the form as Houchin but no major breaks, just a handstand and some knees here and there. Hop on DLO.

–Gardner is cleaner and bigger in the air but also a largish hop back.

-Lambert is mummified – highlight of bars are piked jaeger and stick on tuck full – some legs and handstands.

-Crouse has a Weiler 1/2 to gienger combination, has some legs in the gienger but not Chelaru level – also sticks tuck full – this has been Nebraska’s best event from what I’ve seen this year.

-All of the Minnesota vaulters have shown significant hops backward in their vaults.

-Schweihofer is a little later in her pirouette finishes and shorter in the hs than the others, forward on DLO landing with a hop – She goes 9.450 apparently, I wasn’t watching for SV but apparently there was something…

-Abernathy’s handspring pike 1/2 is their 10.0 start, large bounce back for her as well, and loses her piked shape in the air with some knee bending.

Laeng – UB – half turn to Gienger, excellent shape – one short handstand in here – sticks tuck full.

Kami Shows has a really high Ray in exhibition for Nebraska but not much else in her routine – doesn’t cast out of it.

After 1: Nebraska 49.200, Minnesota 48.550
Landing trouble for Minnesota with those major hops back, but also a stricter (i.e. appropriate) level of scoring. Houchin and Crouse were the starts of that lineup for Nebraska for me. Houchin should go after Lambert in the lineup because Lambert nails her acrobatics but does have some form, so if Houchin goes after, with her cleanliness, that could get her into the 9.9s.

Penn State’s revolutionary “we have three vaulters” approach appears to have ended in 48.375 this week.

-Crouse large lunge back on her yurchenko full but shows a bit why the Minnesota vaults didn’t score that well because her shape and amplitude are superior even if she suffered a similar landing error.

-Cutler hits her bars set for Minnesota but I’d say she was late on each handstand, some of them significantly, so I don’t imagine a very high score.

-Epperson with a large bounce back and extra step on her full.

-Rowland has a bionic leg on bars for Minnesota, nice toe point, good amplitude on her jaeger, thise blind changes are destorying Minnesota so far on bars.

-Schweihofer quite pretty on a full, good controlled near-stick. 9.800 is why we get frustrated about differing standards in scoring across the country.

-Gardner a bit more precise in her blind changes than the first two, they all have identical composition –

-Lambert follows Schweihofer with a stick on her full as well, two excellent vaults following two weaker vaults – great no-doubt stick. 9.850. We’ve seen that go 9.900-9.925 at other schools. I like 9.850 for it, but just as a comparison.

-Hitchcock gives us a tuck full dismount – does have a couple steps back and a few short handstands, so we won’t see a major score.

-Laeng breaks the stick streak with a medium hop back.

-Ivy Lu has a very pretty shap to pak and the most precise handstands in the lineup – this is a high potential routine – just flings out her DLO with a lunge forward

-Houchin has the 1.5 for Nebraska – very good twisting shape and direction, no crossed legs or bent knees in that one – larger hop forward – 9.800.

-Holst got a little archy in a giant 1/1 but has the handstands, hop back on tuck full.

How exactly did Laeng and Lambert get the same score there? Laeng must have been rewarded for leg shape by the judge who went higher for Laeng than Lambert, but that seems out of control.

Nebraska 98.250, Minnesota 97.600
Solid final four vaults for Nebraska after some bouncy landings on the first two, scores will be a bit misleading if using the standard of the top-ranked schools and what they usually get. We’re accustomed to seeing a vault rotation like that go 49.2 these days, but I like the standard these vault judges established and kept to. Minnesota goes over 49 on bars so they will take that and run straight out of the arena with it and never look back in case someone realizes that Minnesota just went 49 on bars.

-Demuse for Minnesota mounts beam with a front handspring McCool – falls on a straddle jump 3/4.

UCLA has Cipra on floor today, and has moved Kocian out of the first spot on bars (boo).

-Grace Williams quite bouncy on floor landings.

-Minnesota has a fall in the second spot as well from Cutler on a side aerial – dear dear

-Schweihofer’s DLO is much better than in warmups – good clean fun

-Huebert is third up for Minnesota on beam and won a special place in my heart when she categorized youtube videos of her gymnastics in the “comedy” category – also she hit!

We’re about to get started with the Pac-12 meets now.

Lord and butter. Ebee sprained her toe. I’M OUT. No routines for her today.

Sam is on the UCLA/Stanford meet, Nastia is on the Utah/Oregon State meet.

Rotation 1:
Kocian – VT – UCLA – hop in place on Yfull – solid, not huge power or distance but a very usable vault. 9.850. One judge went 9.900. It’s going to be a long day.

N McNair – UB – Stanford – good handstands – high piked jaeger, lovely – wayyyy overarches a handstand and has to go over – and they’ll have to count this score because no Ebee, only 5 are going – hop back on tuck full. Yikes already. 9.375.

Cipra – VT – UCLA – solid pop on the vault this time, sticks her full, a little deep in landing but she held that stick. 9.875.

Yu – UB – Stanford – toe shap to bail, small leg break – a little close on shoot to high but casts out well – stalder to double tuck and stuck. They got a hit.

Hall – VT – UCLA – way short on her full, chest down, large lunge forward – need to drop that one

D McNair – UB – Stanford – toe shoot – a short hs – catches jaeger to overshoot combo – sticks DLO, that was the highlight – fine, they’ll use it, obviously.

Preston = VT = UCLA – pretty full – also sticks and chest up better than Cipra. Quite nice. Perfect 9.950 from both judges. Here we are today.

Reinstadtler – UB – Utah – toe half a little late to a strong jaeger – legs together on bail – the dismount has been the problem but better this week, medium hop forward.

Daum – UB – Stanford – leg break on bail – close on shoot and a muscle up – high tkatchev is nice but the handstands are all short – double arabian dismount and sits it. OH STANFORD.

Kramer – VT – added back the 1.5 from JO, and it was a good vault for her than and a good decision – small hop forward and just a little bit of knees, but not even that much knees. UCLA starting to bring it for vaults. 9.925.

Step back from Skinner on tuck full on bars.

Maxwell – UB – Stanford – slow but smooth handstands – tkatchev to overshoot –  double tuck dismount is deep with a lunge forward.

McMillan – VT – OSU – step back on 1.5 vault with a little bit of knees but fine.

Ross – VT – UCLA – full and sticks it again, a little lean to hold the stick.

K Lee- Utah – UB – good piked jaeger, clean handstands – hop forward and another step to salute on the tuck full dismount but better on the bars than I’ve seen in the past from her, pretty clean form.

Dessaints – VT – OSU – deep squattish landing on 1.5 but leapt to the side immediately to save the landing. Will still be fine.

Lewis – UB – Utah – good finish position on full turn – high tkatchev loses feet – short of vertical on her bail – and a tight handstand at the end – small hop back on DLO.

After 1: UCLA 49.500, Stanford 47.625
Stanford. UCLA did very well on vault with controlling those landings. Yes, they’re at home, but that was three sticks, a near-stick, and an upgraded 1.5 so definitely moving in the right direction. Preston’s vault was just lovely, and Kramer’s has relatively few built-in errors so can be a weekly big score if she replicates that.

Rowe – UB – Utah – good tkatchev height – they’re all tight on their handstands today – whips out a DLO with a hop back. They look tentative. They’re cutting off some handstands and not sticking dismounts. Some progress I’d say from Reinstadtler on the dismount and Lee on the bars themselves, though. They needed Skinner to stick and Rowe to be a little more like usual.

After 1: Oregon State 49.075, Utah 48.975

49.100 for Washington on vault. Peng and Meraz are doing a Rubik’s cude race. This is our feature.

Rotation 2:
N McNair – VT – Stanford – not much distance on her full but clean in the body shape – hop forward

Meraz – UB – UCLA – Ray is solid – good handstands – a little short of vertical on that bail – nice casts overall – she has improved her legs on that DLO quite a lot, near stick with a small slide. Cory needs to work on waiting to hug people until they have actually finished saluting. That’s the more important part, you know. 9.875.

Daum – VT – a little piked on her full, small hop back.

Honest – UB _ UCLA – good hs – high tkatchev with usual feet – solid straddle back – very short final handstand – step back on tuck full – not her cleanest set.

Cole – VT – Stanford – good stick on her full, a little piked but a useful vault – maybe a small slide back it seems on replay.

Savvidou – UB – UCLA – clean handstand – high piked jaeger, some leg floppiness on that one – hits vertical on her bail and all her casts – a little late on giant 1/1, sticks the double tuck, quite squatty but holds the stick. 9.875.

Erika Muhaw almost knees down on vault. Fine from Tai for Stanford, piking and hop on a full.

Kocian – UB – UCLA – stalder shap to pak is clean – stalder shap 1/2 as well – stalder through to a basically stuck tuck full – will be a strong score – precise work, they can clean up the pak legs just a touch, but that will be a serious score. 10.000. Matter of time. It’s weird because that’s just a normal, average bars routine from her. I didn’t even think she really stuck that dismount, but we’ll give them the benefit of that…? Wouldn’t be a 10 for me.

D McNair – VT – Stanford – looks like she stuck or near-stuck that full, quite nice – 9.875.

They were so busy celebrating it that we all forgot Kyla had to go. She missed a handstand in there but stuck her DLO. 9.975. Oh brother, she missed a handstand in there pretty obviously.

Yu – Vt – Stanford – good control on landing – also piked like most of them have been but it will be a good score. They got through vault pretty well but none of it matters after bars.

Peng – UB – UCLA – nice high Ray – lovely on the bhardwaj – solid catch on toe shap 1/2 – hitting handstands throughout – sticks DLO. Well, if Kocian was a 10 and Kyla was 9.975, I don’t see how that’s not a 10 based on previous scores. 10.000. That was the best one of the rotation, even if I’d like that DLO to be a little less flung out, but that’s a little tiny nonsense. I’m more fine with that one than the others.

What’s the rotation score? An 84 billion?

Skinner – VT – Utah – hops back on her DTY this time, similar to the last couple weeks.

Aufiero – UB – Oregon State – a little late on a giant 1/1, nice tkatchev – clean legs on the bail – larger hop back on DLO.

Overshadowed, Stanford got a 49.300 on vault. I mean it was good, but…also this. They needed it.

Utah got a 9.900 for Skinner on vault but just for 49.125 rotation.

After 2:
Oregon State 98.125, Utah 98.100
UCLA 945.000, Stanford 2

49.725 for UCLA on bars. 49.725.

“There’s the ringleader, Valorie Kondos Field.”

Ebee in a boot is the saddest sight in college gymnastics.

Rotation 3:
Gerber – BB – small check on wolf turn – aerial to split jump, solid – smooth bhs loso series – switch to split to beat, no trouble – bhs gainer full, stuck. Good start. Setting up for more 10s?

D McNiar – FX – Stanford – large bounce back on double pike – good amplitude on leaps – a little short on double tuck with a step forward, not too bad at all though, pretty well controlled – 1.5 to lay, lunge forward.

Mossett – BB – UCLA – solid full turn – split to ring split – secure loso series – her presence is the best part of her gymnastics – side somi to layout full dismount which is weird but I like it because it’s weird – it’s opening itself up to not getting credit – basically stuck, lean back to salute.

H Hoffman – FX – Stanford – stumble backward out of double tuck and OOB – switch ring to split full, a little short on split full position – front lay to front full with a stumble – crossed legs rudi.

Lewis – Utah – FX – double pike is nice and high – front layout to front full, arches her front layout –  a little deep on double tuck with a lunge back to hold it –

Kocian – BB – UCLA – aerial to sheep, a little slow in connection – large break on loso series with a bend at the hips (10!) – switch to split – 2/1, step and then another step back to salute. Not one of her good ones.

Tai – FX – Stanford – holds double tuck but in a squat – a bit too tight on the switch side – 1.5 to lay is fine – chest down double pike.

nice piked full in from Merrell on floor for Utah –

Ross – BB – “interesting mount” she literally just hopped onto the beam – solid loso series the way we’ve seen her do it 100 times – switch ring no connection to beat jump, let’s see what she does – full turn with a check – aerial with another check – she has seemed a little rattled since missing that original leap combination – does switch to split to get her combination, and it’s strong – side aerial to full, tries to hold the stick and ends up leaning forward, probably incurs more than she would have with a step. 9.875.

Cole – FX – Stanford – 2.5 to front tuck, barely got anything on that front tuck, hand down to save it – well, we weren’t counting on a fall from her. solid double tuck –

Reinstadtler – FX – Utah – large bounce back on double tuck and OOB – whips around the layout a little out of middle pass – hop back double pike –

Peng – BB – Flares – switch and split combo is so high – bhs to layout, hits, step back to correct but covers it up well – double turn was pratically perfect in every way – sticks front tuck – punch layout full dismount, hop forward.

Stanford already counting a 9.4 on floor.

Daum – FX – Stanford – fine double pike, some chest down, same on double tuck, chest down but controls the landing –

Rowe – FX – Utah – solid double pike, controls landing – split leap 1.5, how elite of her – back 2/1 to loso, a little crossed legs in twisting – 1.5 to layout with some sliding out of it.

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – does the layout full series again, chest way down and a small lean correction but she hits it this time – full turn a little overrotated just a tad tight on some things  – loso to stuck full dismount, excellent – 9.975? I mean…but……9.975?!?!?! Oh, difficulty bonus.

Gardiner – BB – OSU – smallest lean correction on double stag – lovely control on bhs series – LARGE break on side somi with a couple swims to keep herself on – hop back on gainer full.

Skinner – FX – a little slide back on her double double this time, not quite as controlled as her usual, still good for sure, – 1.5 through to 2/1 is nailed – does very well not to give away a slide on her full in – how exactly did she not? Those hips were going back but she was not going to move that front foot?

“I just had an epiphany. I never realized that Sam Peszek liked attention.” I love Jim.

49,425 for UCLA on beam. 48.375 for Stanford on floor. Yikers.

I still need to talk more about this Ohashi 9.975 though. Obvious difficulty bonus.

After 3:
Oregon State 147.250, Utah 147.225
UCLA 148.650, Stanford 145.300

Kaitlyn Duranczyk got a 9.950 on bars BTW.

Rotation 4:
UCLA needs a 49.350 for a 198. Stanford desperately needs a non-terrible score.

N McNair – BB – large correction on loso series, started with a lean, became a swim – side aerial to side position is hit – full turn – side aerial with the smallest lean – switch to split to straddle 1/4, awesome positions – small hop gainer full

Stover – BB – Utah – good full turn – check on aerial – switch to straddle, clean – excellent split ring jump – kickover front to bhs – sticks gainer full

Hall a bit more secure on her floor landings this week for UCLA until the finall pass, deep and forward, pulled it out – 9.875. Because why the hell not at this point?

Fitszgerald – BB _ Stanford – full turn takes 100 years but is nice – hitch kick to walkover to two feet, small hop forward – lean correction on aerial to bhs, which shouldn’t get credit but will – deep 1.5 landing with step back –

Merrell – Utah – BB – switch to split, split looked a little tight – solid loso series and aerial – smooth full turn – strong 2/1 finish.

Savvidou – FX – 2.5, controls her step out of it pretty well – 1.5 to layout, lunge forward but keeps the back leg down, still a little large for my taste – triple turn to split is her dance series, wonderful split, doing it right out of turn covers up not being all the way complete if she is, but that looked close enough – slide back on double pike. Let’s play guess the score. Oh wait it’s 9.925.

Cole – BB _ Stanford – good layout stepout series – a little tentative on leap connection but fine – aerial to beat jump – sticks 2/1. Solid.

Reinstadtler gets through beam well with just a lean correction.

Ohashi – FX – double tuck, step back a little far – very good form maintained through the middle pass – illusion turn – switch ring to switch half, good 180 on the switch 1/2 – chest down double pike, but secure.

Skinner – BB – Utah – solid loso with knees – secure side aerial to sissone – switch to split is fine – L turn – staddle to back tuck – bascially holds the stick on the double tuck, should be a good score.

Kocian – FX – front 2/1 with a bounce forward out of it this time – back 1/2 to front 1/2 to stag, very high on the stag, a little uncomfortably high for her taste it looked like – wonderful switch ring – sticks double pike. 9.950. Same score, weaker routine than last week.

Lee – BB – Utah – good full turn – smooth loso series – switch and straddle 1/4, not super high but hits her positions – HUGE break on side aerial, leg up and windmills for it, stays on but they’ll drop this one because of that.

Stanford is actually hitting beam, but the meet score is lost.

Cipra – FX – UCLA – double tuck is fine, not a highand comfortable as usual but she held it – front full to front half is an inch off the ground and piked, sort of improvises around it – switch ring to split full – double pike is deep with a lunge forward. Needs more time. Chalkography may be gone, but buttography is alive and well.

Rowe – Utah – BB – switch to straddle 1/4 – two bhs to loso series, small lean – full turn to full turn out connection, I like that – controls leg out of the second full turn to pretend it’s choreo well – sticsk 1.5. Better beam rotation for Utah. 196.525 is not a memorable final score, though.

Mossett – FX – UCLA – whip to double tuck, short with a lunge forward as a couple of them have been so far today – even makes side somis look good – sticks double pike. Good one after the first pass.

McMillan – FX – Oregon State – nice frton 2/1 a bit of a lunge forward – clean front layout out of middle pass, stays straight and gets the height –  controlled rudi –

The score for McMillan is 9.925, which means Oregon State will beat Utah, 196.550 to 196.525.

Meanwhile, UCLA goes 198.125 to Stanford’s 194.175.

That is the highest score of the season for any team so far and was largely hilarious and fancy and feel free to make fun of it as much as you’d like, but progress was made in terms of the refinement of those best bars routine and getting Cipra in the floor lineup. Though the most important improvement for me was on vault, having Preston back and Kramer upgrading really elevated the quality and competitiveness of that rotation, which we’ve been waiting for.

195.100 final for Arizona State won’t make waves but that’s progress.

196.750 for Washington! Wow.

54 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – February 11, 2017”

  1. And Michigan will have to use this or the score from last weekend for RQS. Not helpful if they want a #1 seed at regionals.

  2. It means something with regard to seeding for the Big Ten Championship meet, iirc.

      1. I like that approach. I wish the PAC and SEC would also use W-L record to decide which teams get into the first and second sessions at conference championships. It shouldn’t just be about the score, winning should mean something.

  3. Judge 1 gave Lambert a 9.8 on that vault, which seems crazy low. That would have gone 9.95 at UF last night. I would like to see this judge get assigned to a UF, LSU, UCLA, or Utah meet.

  4. The UCLA lineup was just posted! Madison Preston is back on VT, CIPRA back on floor!!!, MadKo doing AA- lead off on vault but 4th on bars, and i think Gracie Kramer is doing her 1.5 on vault

    1. Sometimes teams will post them on their twitter feed prior to a meet. Usually after warmups.

  5. Judge 2 on vault at UCLA gave Cipra a 9.85 and Hall a 9.8. There is no way those two vaults are .05 different. Crazy.


    1. Lol. Yeah, if they give a 10 to Madison, they would HAVE to give it to a hit Ebee bars.

    1. Right?! There was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that deserved a 10. I love Maddie but come on. There were so many instances of leg sep, flexed feet, etc that I could see right from the very beginning.

      Peng’s 10 I thought was well-deserved but Maddie’s is just ridiculous. It’s like the judges aren’t even trying to hide that they’re giving her an advantage because she was an Olympian.

      1. It was at least, Maddie’s best routine of the year (like 9.95 i would have bought that). Also we have to remember the legs may look less from the judges so they may have given her a little bit of leeway (less than it may look on TV)

      2. It wouldn’t be quite as appalling if she had actually stuck the dismount.
        Not to take away form Madison, it was a fabulous routine, almost as good as she can do it right now. I hope the coaches at UCLA work with her to get that form tight, because I would love to see her get tens for truly perfect routines.

      3. I’m not going to say Madison’s 10 was totally deserved, but it was her best routine of the season. Her handstands were pretty perfect and she has cleaned up her feet and legs. I don’t agree that this was a normal, average routine from her. I saw a stuck dismount too. UB routines all over the NCAA go 9.9 and 9.95 without judges deducting for huge leg separations on the double layout dismounts that they can’t see because they are sitting at the side. I thought Kyla’s 10 on bars was worse because Kocian at least has more difficulty.

    2. @anon, Are you new to NCAA? UCLA and Utah have always had “home scoring”! They have been as bad as UF, LSU, and Bama (and OU) in the past several years.

      1. Peng usually has one mistake, usually on her dismount. Sam said she has a tendency to rush it so she has trouble sticking it. But yea she should have gotten a 10 forever ago.

      2. @anon Do you really mean SEC or do you mean UF?

        I think Finnegan at LSU and Sims at BAMA could argue they deserve 10s for routines they’ve done. Cheek went through 4 years at UGA with flawless gymnastics and never got a 10. You and I both know Lee at Auburn, KY, Mizzou, or Ark would never get a 10.

        I get “SEC scoring” is an easy argument to make, but it just isn’t true any more. The top teams in the country get the bump in scores — years ago, most of them were in the SEC.

      3. Overscoring occurs everywhere in the SEC, from top to bottom. Some events or some meets can be tighter. But other meets are overscored, from UNH to TWU to SUU. Some of the worst are at smaller lower ranked regional meets.

  7. Pretty sure one judge at the UCLAmeet is drunk. It’s literally the only explanation for giving Ohashi a 10. 9.9? Sure. 9.95? maybe. A 10? No.

    1. Difficulty respect? Like when do they ever see a layout full? We knew it would score big if she hit it! But yeah 9.95 would at least make sense!

      1. If that was true Skinner would have had 10’s on both vault and floor. Her routine is the most difficult and intricate in the country and she’s lucky to pull a 9.9. Her vault should be at least 9.95 but has had it only once. Selective Difficulty Respect is no respect at all.

  8. We are three rotations in and judges or a judge have said five routines from UCLA were perfect (at least one judge gave a perfect score to the routine): Preston on Vault; Kocian, Ross, and Lee on UB; and Ohashi on BB.

    UCLA is having an excellent meet and deserve great scores, but this is just nuts. Had Ebee been competing, she likely would have received a 10 on UB and a 9.95 on VT.

  9. The theme of Stella’s floor routine is her toe point. And I’m here for it. Her toes are amazing!

  10. If Washington goes into regionals as a three seed, they are going to be dangerous at home. I’d hate to be in a regional with them as a 3 and potentially Stanford as a 4 (or at this point a 5 seed).

    1. Also, if Stanford does not crack the top 18, they will most likely be at Washington’s regional. And if Washington ends up as the #3 seed, well…the #1 and #2 seeds better watch out! That would make for a very interesting matchup.

      1. FYI – Alabama always seems to end up in the Washington regional in years when it’s a thing.

  11. I’m okay with ucla over scoring because lord knows ALL the SEC teams and OU get overscored. ALL OF THEM. Maggie Nichols literally gets 10s for routines with very obvious mistakes

  12. Super late cause I was at the Minnesota meet but Schweihofer bars score was so low because she hit her feet on the floor after she transitioned to low bar.

    Also word was that Paige Williams is academically ineligible. She wasn’t even announced with the team at the beginning so that would make sense.

    1. Paige Williams has been competing all semester. Why become academically ineligible mid way thru the semester. Makes no sense. Probably out with illness

  13. The UCLA over scoring was so ridiculous I stopped watching. It was taken to a whole new level tonight

  14. WHY UCLA? I mean, come on. There is no way that that meet should’ve been over 198, NO WAY. Honestly, I’m really shook by this because that’s just too many 10s in one meet. Just NO. NO JUST STOP.

    1. My first ever NCAA gym meet was Dantzscher, Maloney, and Willis (or possibly someone else?) getting back-to-back-to back 10s on floor in 2001, followed by a perfect exhibition routine from Bhardwaj. I’ve been hooked since. Which is to say, no such thing as too many 10s, if they’re deserved. 🙂

  15. Is there any word on where Brianna Brown is for Michigan? I’m assuming that because there hasn’t been any word from the program, it’s an academic eligibility issue.

    1. I’d be kind of surprised if it were academic for Brianna. I was staying in the same hotel as the individual Michigan gymnasts last year, and I saw her in the hotel lobby with her laptop working on schoolwork numerous times throughout the weekend. I was kind of impressed – she was the only gymnast I saw doing that, so she seemed pretty devoted.

  16. Late posting (and just for fun) but… I say if Ebee is injured and can’t do floor for Stanford, then the next new rule (after the chalk one) the NCAA needs to implement is that no Stanford gymnast is allowed on the floor either because no paying fan needs to watch that.

  17. Just watched the Utah Oregon meet. Weird scoring on most BUT how the HELL did McMillan get a higher score than Skinner on floor. That is the most egregious conflict of th day. Shocker. She got just enough higher for them to win. Oh. I know The judges were dazzled by the floor spin. amplitude on passes be damned. The upside down turtle spin is more impressive. Especially when a large lunge follows a pass. Can’t wait for the 4 judge judging. It will be interesting with UCLA. Also. if the Bruins get multiple 10’s. Skinner deserves at least one in the season. Nastia Bless her. Had a few interesting comments. Refreshing change

  18. I totally agree. I watched the meet and have reviewed the replays and there is not way McMIllan deserved higher than Skinner. Both were outstanding but the dynamics and difficulty of Skinner has the edge. Total robbery for Skinner on Beam and Floor. Oh Well, nothing you can do about it. Loved watching Farden having to keep adjusting the sub quality bars because they wouldn’t hold tension. Horrible meet – lousy facility and rude fans. No one applauded the visitor team. I have attended meets in Florida, Illinois, Utah, Los Angeles and Stanford. (when I travel for business I try to attend a meet- if any are available) Most fans show appreciation for the efforts of both teams. Utah is the best, Florida Second. UCLA is the worst. The team is badly behaved and rude and so are the fans. I didn’t expect it from Oregon. The team OK but zombie fans. Disappointment all round. I have respect for Tonya Chaplan, she is a class act.

    1. From my limited experience watching NCAA gymnastics live, I completely agree that UCLA is super rude. I went to a few meets at ASU, including when they were there the last time before this season. They were the highest-ranked team I saw there that year against a 50th ranked team, and they were easily the most antagonistic team I saw.

  19. Finally watched the Utah/Oregon meet. Not Utah’s sharpest meet, but there’s no way to objectively watch that meet and not question some of the scores. Skinner was lowballed on a few events and a 9.925 for Oregon’s final floor routine, which ended with a rudi? Please. A fancy floor spin does not equal a 9.925. That score was a joke.

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