Best Routine of Week 7 Poll

Congratulations to our week 6 champion, Peng Peng Lee’s bars, which won by a billion votes to zero. It was a close-run thing for the remaining spots, however, as Rachel Slocum’s vault took second, just two votes ahead of Ali Jackson’s floor, which was just three votes ahead of Alex McMurtry’s bars, itself only two votes ahead of Maggie Nichols’ floor.

Week 1 Skinner, FX Edney, VT Nichols, UB
Week 2 Ward, VT PP Lee, BB Hambrick, FX
Week 3 Artz, FX Childers, BB Skinner, VT
Week 4 Ross, UB McMurtry, VT PP Lee, UB
Week 5 Gardiner, BB Ward, VT Winston, FX
Week 6 PP Lee, UB Slocum, VT Jackson, FX
Week 7

Now, to the vote for week 7, in which the highest score given out to any gymnast was 9.875. No, I’m totally kidding, everyone got a 10 obviously.

(Heads up, no nominees from the GymQuarters meet this weekend because that meet is behind a paywall and not all of you can watch the routines, in case you’re wondering why Maggie Nichols isn’t four of the nominees. I think she’ll survive.)

  1. Kyla Ross, UCLA – Bars (10.000)

2. Joslyn Goings, Washington – Beam (9.925)

3. Maddie Karr, Denver – Vault (10.000)

4. Sarah Finnegan, LSU – Beam (9.950)

5. Elizabeth Price, Stanford – Bars (9.950)

6. MyKayla Skinner, Utah – Floor (9.950)

7. Kyla Ross, UCLA – Beam (10.000)

8. Kennedi Edney, LSU – Vault (9.950)

9. Nickie Guerrero, Alabama – Beam (9.975)

10. Emma McLean, Michigan – Vault (9.975)


34 thoughts on “Best Routine of Week 7 Poll”

  1. I still don’t understand where the error is in Ebee’s routine. AT GYM QUARTERS THAT WOULD’VE GONE 10.0 OR EVEN PROBABLY AT THE UTAH vs. UCLA meet. If you can’t tell I’m ReALLY MAd.

    1. What do you mean “even probably”? It def would have gone 10 at Utah and probably even Washington last weekend. Scores were high across the board!

      Although, I second what people said in the comments during the meet. A 9.95 is an excellent score. Plus, there are often deductions that can be taken with toe point and bent arms (sometimes) for Ebee. I agree that is nitpicky stuff that isn’t always taken, but I feel like people think Ebee is always perfection and deserves a 10 for everything.

      1. I agree with you totally. I watch some of the gymnasts that NEVER get a 10 and their routines are amazing. Skinner on the floor is flawless and the energy and performance level is incredible. I can’t believe that she has never received a 10 – some other floor 10’s can’t compare. What is really sad is how she drops in the rankings. No one goes as high as she does or has the difficulty. I subscribe to all the cable sports networks during the gym season and am an admitted gymnastics geek. Other routines have definitely deserved the 10 but so does she. Unfortunate but oh well that’s life. Hopefully she will receive the 10 at least once this season (the debacle at Oregon was almost criminal – love K. McMIllan but were the judges blind on that one.) No comparison between the 2 routines and K.M. had a definite wonky landing. “0.025” is not a huge difference but it meant the meet. Oh well – PAC 12’s to come.

      2. @anon – Yes, Skinners tumbling is great. But energy and performance top notch? Are we watching the same routine? Take, for example the little shimmy in the corner – she is utterly lacking musicality in that move.

        Honestly, people. There is much to praise about the improvement of MyKayla at Utah. And there is just as much about her gymnastics that is utterly undeserving of praise. She still can’t dance. Her arms fling to her sides in lunges like she has no control over them. She lacks any style, fluidity, or grace.

      3. @Anonymous I totally agree that there have been so many improvements for Mykayla, but also still significant room for improvement. Her beam often looks rushed and has some form errors, and her bars aren’t awesome yet. However, I am amazed by how much her bars improved in so little time. I hated watching her bars in elite because she rarely did a single skill without significant errors. It seemed to be just a whole mess of separated legs, flexed feet, and missed handstands. Though her bars right now aren’t as great as a lot of the other former elite women, she has gotten so much better at pointing her toes, keeping her legs together, and hitting handstands. I applaud the Utah coaches for how much improvement she’s made.

    2. It’s the arm bend on the uprise and foot form, but also also the low amplitude on the stalder shoot to high — it’s supposed to rotate at the level of the bar. A small change in composition would leave the main elements intact but remove the deduction magnets. But it’s true, nearly all of the 10s have some flaws, some more than others.

    3. The argument about Ebee has nothing to do with whether her routines on vault/bars (floor?) are error free or not, the controversy is that if she was competing for Florida/LSU/Oklahoma/UCLA (and maybe Utah, though I don’t think Skinner has a 10 yet… ) she’d already have had many 10s.

      Gnat has received 10s for obvious errors in her vault. Mcmurtry received a 10 as freshman on bars when she didn’t have same-bar release and was a relatively basic routine.

      It’s not about errors. It’s about the different in scoring between teams, conferences.

  2. Are UCLA fans just voting machines? Ross is good, but I think Finnegan and Guerrero are awesome.

    1. I agree lol Kyla is great but I rly don’t get all the hype that she is the most beautiful amazing perfect gymnast to ever live. Plus Finnegan and Guerrero both have v exciting routines!

      1. Yeah, I kind of agree. Kyla is amazing and literally a robot of perfection but I much prefer Guerrero and Finnegan on beam.

  3. I just want to say this about Kyla’s bars: when she hits a handstand, it is punctuated perfectly. Whereas other bars workers might get to vertical, there isn’t this unmistakable “perfect handstand here!!!” execution.
    I’m not saying she should get higher scores because of it, and I’m certainly not saying I agree with this ten. I’m just saying this is what makes her impressive to watch in my eyes.

    (Voted for Finnegan this week, as I always do. Because beauty.)

    1. There’s just something about Gage gymnasts I love! I was a huge fan of McCool and Demeo in NCAA, too. Their grace, precision, and rhythm, particularly on beam are unmatched!

      1. Yes! And Ivana Hong! I wonder what they do in training to achieve such beautiful lines and toe point. Among the most beautiful gymnastics in the US.

    1. That’s what I said when I saw her name. I was planning to vote for her and because … Washington, hope they rock regionals at home and earn a ticket to St. Louis … but then I saw Nikki’s beam and had to vote for her because she should’ve received a 10 last week.

      1. Guerrero is wonderful but I just love Goings’ routine. Everything from start to finish! I watched the meet and was just like, holy crap…

  4. Suggestion: Maybe eliminate “winning” routines from future weeks. That way we aren’t getting Ross on UB every week. I love that we have some variety this week — it’s nice when several schools are represented!

  5. I’m frustrated by all of the bogus 10s and 9.975s being handed out, but that beam routine from Ross was BUTTER and I loved it. She got my vote.

  6. I want to name monster McKenna Kelley’s floor from Sunday. Really thought she’d get the 10!

    1. Don’t you Mary Lou Retton’s daughter? How dare you call her McKenna, she’s MLR’s daughter and this MUST be announced at least 50 times each LSU meet (bonus points if it’s mentioned during a UGA/Florida meet).


    1. I don’t get that — what’s the story behind the salt in all of UCLA’s beam routines? It’s bizarre and awkward.

      1. I believe I heard it referred to as “passing the glitter” – which I interpreted as passing on good vibes to the next person in the lineup. It’s a cute idea, but yeah…could get old for viewers. But not any more so than flashing the U or the Gator Chomp does.

  7. Joslyn Goings is the first time I have ever thought a beat jump was beautiful. A BEAT JUMP! It’s so high and pretty!! (Everything else was gorgeous too, but just … attention to detail making even that little skill look lovely).

  8. I hope Ross ups her difficulty level at some point over the next four years. I know this was her M.O. in elite and I appreciate her form, but I find her NCAA routines boring. I like to see athletes push themselves and most of the UCLA athletes do, so I hope Kyla ups her difficulty next year. In my eyes are UB routine is the most glaring example of this — add difficulty!

  9. MyKayla in a close one. Ebee second. I think the circumstances around Skinner’s floor add to it – close, heated match against biggest rival. Final performance of the night. 2nd-biggest gym crowd in NCAA history all-time, most difficult tumbling in the nation, and everything done to a T (and underscored IMO). I give it up to Skinner!

  10. Hahahaha! Someone made a comment about Skinner’s musicality. Oh brother, people!
    College gymnastics is full of gimmicky dance moves (Hi, UCLA) and borrowed choreography; done poorly, I might add.
    The suggestion that someone has poor musicality just makes me laugh hysterically. Gymnasts, in general, are awful dancers. I’m looking at you Amanda Valentin and Kennedy Edney and……..99% of the gymnasts in collegiate gymnastics.
    God, this blog is more absurd each week.

    1. This is valid…I mean we don’t really think that any of these gymnasts are prima ballerinas do we?

    2. Sure, I don’t think we need to be knocking the gymnasts for their lack of dance abilities out of the blue.
      But when someone tries to say that a routine like Skinner’s has great dance or performance, then, yeah, I find that comment worthy of refuting.

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