Adventures with Elfi in the Rain

Oh hey, would you like to watch some NCAA gymnastics fluff that has the soundtrack, production quality, color scheme, and fucking moccasins of a 1970s sex ed video set in a zoo?

That’s correct.

So, Elfi. We’re going to need you to go for a short jog while jamming a book to your forehead like you’re absorbing a series of Egyptian prophesies. Annnnnnnnd…action!


Get the girl an umbrella?

Maybe that’s why she never imagined Russia sending someone that untalented to a world championship. The book LIED to her.

So wait, there were just random pictures of Elfi up around town? Was she an escaped criminal or lost dog? Did Elfi do a murder, you guys?

I mean, we could show her doing some gymnastics, but that’s just so obvious, you know. We don’t have that much time, so I feel like we really need to devote most of it to her laboriously opening a closet. That’s what girls do. Hop in, Elf.


Ugh, easiest skill in the whole routine.

Fine, don’t hop in. Instead, could you take a second to invent Hillary Clinton?


There’s our girl!

Also, isn’t it just spelled Elfi, with no E?


In other news, apparently Moscow would have been the first Olympic Games, and high fashion has officially been invented.


Ah, the old wedgie-in-baggy-pants.

Up next, the irresistible saga of Marsdens, so irresistible it needed multiple fluffs over multiple years.

“A late bloomer, she was a solid, but unspectacular, performer.” CLANG. Thanks a ton for that glamorous introduction. Try to be a bit less enthusiastic.


But you know what will really spice up this story? A vaguely and depressingly pornographic saxophone-solo soundtrack that also makes it so I don’t really know whether this is gymnastics fluff or a Helen Hunt after-school special about the ills of experimenting with meth.


That’s definitely how the rest of this fluff should have gone. You really let us down on that one, Marsdens. Not enough jumping out of a window as part of a drug-addled hallucination. Pick it up.

BUT WAIT, is that a famous footwear model showing off the hottest new trends?


How much time were you going to spend on the shoes?



“Megan has some big days coming up.”



“She’s about to graduate, and oh also, in other news that we’ll shoehorn in at the end here, she’s marrying her coach, which is fine because of the 80s.”

Everyone looks super thrilled about having to talk about this on camera. Nowhere else you’d rather be. screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-2-08-26-pm

But it’s OK because they made sure all the rest of the girls were as comfortable as possible with this. And by this, I mean dressing like the unholy offspring of Christmas and the Fourth of July.


OH THE MEMORIES. THESE ARE THE FINEST PICTURES OF ALL. Let’s casually flip through them right now.


This is definitely the “getting offered a cigarette outside the bathroom” scene of the PSA. There’s literally no other context in which these poses would happen.


“Megan eats what she likes and picks her own activities.” MY HOW MODERN. These newfangled marriages. Also, picks her own activities? Today, I’ll be taking shuffleboard on the promenade deck.

“It’s working pretty good today, no yelling at Megan.” WHERE ARE WE? WHAT LIFE IS THIS?

Moving into the 90s, the pièce de résistance of the entire collection.

The glory and majesty of the balance beam.



You’re starting with that?

Who made this? Me?


Hi, I’m Julianne McNamara, and I’m joining you live from this abandoned Worlds Fair because I just want to say that if there’s one trick to mastering the balance beam, you’ve just got to put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat, rock and a-rolllllll, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

hot sundae

“It’s known as the psych event.”


Hey Julianne, great work, keep pretending to be way more out of breath than you should be right now. It’s amazing.

“Practice makes perfect. Or at least a 9.9.” AHAHAHAHAHAHA jokes. Also, just a 9.9? Innocent times.

“Skills are first learned on a basketball court for some reason.”

Next, let’s hear from Missy Marlowe, Hope Spivey, and Dee Dee Foster.





But wait. Did you know that the balance beam is ONLY FOUR INCHES WIDE?

I don’t believe you. Could you produce some video evidence to prove this to me that I can GIF and never stop using until the end of time?


Gee whiz, you’re right. Thanks ever so.

But really, thanks ever so to the brave hero who put these on YouTube so that we can never stop making fun of them forever.

18 thoughts on “Adventures with Elfi in the Rain”

  1. Hold up, the Marsdens dated while she was an athlete and he was a coach? For some reason I always thought they got together way later (still awkward but not as bad). Holy crap that would get you fired today and would be a PR nightmare for a university.

    Also, didn’t Greg tweet something this season about male coaches hugging their athletes in competition? He thought they shouldn’t hug due to all of the abuse issues going on. Ummm, dude has no right to talk about an innocent hug from a coach when he dated and married his own athlete.

    1. Yea I find it SUPER creepy that they were together while she was his athlete. Like I know she was legal but…..just really creepy and inappropriate.

  2. But gymnastics was different then. He was a grad student being paid something like $1500 a year for coaching the team.

      1. Yea he wasn’t a grad student. He’d been coaching them since 1976. Still creepy.

    1. A low salary doesn’t make it okay. It shouldn’t matter whether the person makes a million dollars or is a volunteer. If you are in a position of authority, you shouldn’t have a relationship with a student. Professors, coaches, and administrators have all been fired for similar situations. Plus, he was 12 years her senior — it’s not like he was a 22 year old grad student and she was 18.

      1. Exactly – the authority, not the salary is what the problem was. All the references to Greg “yelling” at Megan in the gym and give a pretty good indication to how there could be issues with being married to your coach.

  3. The Marsden thing – I mean, I know “things were different” but it sounds so bad, even in the context of it being in the 80s. If think I was on that team, I would have been beyond uncomfortable with the situation. I mean, when you think of how this relationship must have developed…

  4. But why aren’t we talking about the fact that they named their kids Montana and Dakota?? That’s what we should really be up in arms about!

    1. Nope, name your kids what you want. Have a relationship with an athlete — that will raise a few eyebrows. Imagine if that happened today!

    2. Yeah, I’m with Heather. Name your kids what you want, but I’ll be here to provide some anonymous side-eye when you do! : )

  5. The earrings, scrunchies, and big hair — it’s surprising people who were in their teens/20s in the 1980s don’t have neck problems today!

  6. My grandparents were ten years apart in age, my grandma met my grandpa when she was 20 and he 30. It was a very happy relationship for the rest of their lives. Between certain people, such a large age gap can be compatible, though this obviously is not the norm. I can’t imagine dating somebody who’s 30 (I’m 18)! I’m sure eyebrows were raised then (hence the caution with which the couple described dating and getting permission from everyone), and they definitely would be now.

    1. It’s not the age gap — it’s that he was her college coach. He could have been 25 and she 20, and it wouldn’t make it okay. He was in an authority position.

  7. Megan looks like a hostage in her interview with Greg. Blink twice if you need help, Megan!

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