Friday Live Blog – February 24, 2017

Friday, February 24
Scores Watch
6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Maryland, Temple, Southern Connecticut, West Chester (@ Philadelphia, PA)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [13] Missouri @ [3] Florida LINK SEC
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [8] Denver @ [20] Ohio State LINK OSU $
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [18] Washington, [22] Illinois, Northern Illinois @ [11] Kentucky LINK SEC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – William & Mary @ North Carolina LINK ACC
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Rutgers @ Towson LINK FREE
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Ball State @ Eastern Michigan LINK ESPN3
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Air Force @ [23] New Hampshire LINK FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-Whitewater @ UW-La Crosse FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-Eau Claire @ UW-Oshkosh FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-Stout @ Gustavus Adolphus LINK
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [7] Georgia @ [1] Oklahoma LINK OU $
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [2] LSU @ [14] Auburn LINK SEC
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [12] Boise State @ [4] Alabama LINK SEC+
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [10] Oregon State @ Stanford LINK P12
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [17] Iowa @ BYU LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Sacramento State, San Jose State, Seattle Pacific @ UC Davis LINK FB

For today, the top four in the rankings are set and will not move regardless of result. Tomorrow, it will be possible for both Utah and UCLA to challenge Alabama depending on how everyone does. The 4-6 teams could end up in any order in Monday’s rankings, but no lower teams can challenge that group of six for this week.

Things get more uncertain lower down the rankings. Here’s a list of the current and maximum RQS (if a season high is scored this weekend) the next group of teams could reach in Monday’s rankings for a look at how high it’s possible for various teams to move.

 Team Current RQS  Maximum RQS
#7 Georgia  196.725 196.850
#8 Denver** 196.550 196.800
#9 Michigan 196.500 196.535
#10 Oregon State 196.370 196.635
#11 Kentucky 196.360 196.705
#12 Boise State 196.330 196.685
#13 Missouri 196.020 196.145
#14 Auburn 196.015 196.160
#15 Nebraska 195.985 196.450
#16 George Washington 195.970 196.140
#17 Iowa 195.950 196.150
#18 Washington 195.875 196.275
#19 Cal 195.785 196.135

**Denver has another meet on Sunday, so this is Denver’s max RQS after today’s meet. We won’t know max RQS after Sunday until we know today’s score.

Washington and Kentucky both have a lot to gain, which is what will make their meet such a telling one for rankings and ultimate regionals placement.

Rotation 1:
Gowey – VT – FL – Chant out of vault after warmups, Baker not vaulting again this week. Fine full – some piking, hop in place, a little off line. 9.875. LOL

Ward – UB – MIS – good leg form – tkatchev – clean bail and cast handstands – can’t cast up to the high and has to recast – step forward on double tuck. Was SUPER clean at the beginning but lost it about halfway through.

Alexander – VT – FL – great distance on her full again, large bounce back.

Good open from Rosza on her yfull for Kentucky, hop back.

Huber – UB – MIS – great high Jaeger, excellent amplitude – great toes and handstand positions – two steps back on DLO. Great until dismount.

Davis – UK – VT – excellent height on her full, with a one-tenth hop back. They have really stepped up the power this year.

Hundley – VT – FL – solid full – hop back – good legs together and direction, not the biggest but fine in every way.

Dukes – VT – UK – large lunge forward on y1/2.

Tucker – UB – MISS – high piked jaeger, just foot form – small leg break on bail – short final hs – good giant full finish, and a small hop back on double tuck.

Stuart just stuck the crap out of a full.

Boren – VT – not one of her good 1.5 landings, large lunge forward.

Korth – VT – UK – STICKS 1.5, pretty much – kind of over-saluted and had to lean back into her salute, but it should be a great score.

Burleson – UB – Washington – sticks double tuck dismount.

Slocum – VT – small step back on her handspring front pike 1/2 this time – “I wish she didn’t throw her shoulders back so much” – THANK YOU KUPETS. She gives away scores with her aggressive college salute that makes it look like she lacks control.

Miller – UB – MIS – good piked jaeger – some feet – very short final handstnd – sticks DLO.

Duranczyk – UB – Washington – great jaeger height – solid vertical positions – holds the stick on her DLO but with a clear lean forward at the hips. Solid, though.

We’re pretending that McMurtry learned her DTY in college now.

McMurtry – VT – Gorgeous DTY – great height and shape – hop back.

Copiak – UB – Washington – solid Church – one arch on a handstand – short on her bail – struggles up on the final hs as well – sticks a staggered tuck full dismount.

9.975 for both Slocum and McMurtry and neither of them stuck. AH AH AH AHAHAHAHAHA FUN.

After 1: Florida 49.550, Missouri 49.175
Missouri got through bars, a few struggles here and there but I saw a lot of potential especially early in that lineup from Ward (who is not really a bars worker) and Huber. Both very clean. Could get good scores in time. Florida’s vault lineup was fine but also crazy overscored. Imagine if Baker and Chant had been in the lineup.

It’s a 49.125 on bars for Washington. They’ll take that. Kentucky 49.275 on vault on the back of that 9.925 for Korth on a near-stick for her full. Also saluted herself out of it like Slocum, just got a 9.925 instead of a 9.975.

“That oreo effect.”

Greenfield – NIU – BB – check on a front tuck mount – FRONT TUCK MOUNT – way off like on her loso series, you could see that coming from this side angle. NIU! We were rooting for you! Another check on a back tuck, small hop on gainer full. “They’re going to hit her for those balance checks.” She literally fell.

Buchanan finished FX with a 1.5 to layout, solid shape, not the highest pass –

Rotation 2:
Missouri’s first vault is the same as Gowey’s, except it scores 9.825.

Boren – UB – FL – nice tkatchev , she has improved her hs positions – clean bail, legs together – larger hop back on DLO, that’s usually the biggest deduction in her routine.

Leduc – FX – ILL – bounce back on double pike, stays in – good shape on switch ring –

“loaded down with young talent?” Just loaded, though

Chant – UB – FL – a little closer on tkatchev but fine – a short hs in there – solid bail, near wobble on step up to high – another short hs – good high tuck full and just a lean to hold it – dismount with the highlight of that one.

Harris – VT – MIZ – good amplitude, shoulder-sized hop back on full – some shape.

Gowey – UB – strong Ray, great shape and amplitude – pretty Pak – short final handstand for her as well – holds the stick on DLO, chest way down but does stick.

Nice open on vault from Tucker of Missouri – also pretty small on the hop back.

Baker – UB – big Ray and solid vertical on the bail as usual – now THAT’s a hit final handstand – double front dismount, hop back. At this rate, she should score a 64. 9.850. So we’re just scoring dismount and literally nothing else? COOL.

Ward – VT – MIZ – Omelianchik – great in the air, does hop forward this time, not a huge hop but a hop.

Hundley – Good shap to Pak combo as usual, small mount of legs – leg break on the shap 1/2 and just fingertips it this time but catches – sticks the tuck full.

Miller sticks a strong Yfull for Missouri, will get hit for amplitude and distance, but I like putting her after Ward, since that should bump up the score.

McMurtry – UB – good first hs – falls on her Ray this time – was just about to praise her catching position because it was so straight. A little too straight. That was the problem. Clean bail – fingertips her toe shoot and then a short handstand – sticks tuck full.

Florida 49.525 on bars. Good one from Hundley, but definitely not a 9.975. Everyone else had some issues. Aside from the landing, I thought Baker’s was the strongest set, so obviously everything is upside down.

After 2: Florida 99.075, Missouri 98.400

Rechenmacher – UK – UB – quick jaeger, a little feet but good speed – overshoot – a little clunky on her step back up to fight – sticks double tuck –

Dukes – UB – UK – half turn on high bar to tkatchev, flat but hit – a little close on her pak but works out of it well without a deduction really – clean final handstand – whippy DLO but an apparent stick.

We can’t actually tell sticks on the Kentucky meet because they’re all landing behind a fist bump of a person, so it’s unclear. Yes, Dukes stick. Good one for her.

Stuart – UB – UK – short first hs – floppy shape on tkatchev – ood clear hip position – bail – sticks a staggered DLO. They’re on track on bars tonight.

Hundley is leading off beam for Florida today. Hits loso series and switch side – small check on full turn – side aerial to a low layout full dismount with a one-tenth hop forward.

Hyland – UK – UB – short first hs – nice finish on giant full – great legs on gienger but did catch a little close – borderline final handstand – sticks a staggered tuck full herself. The landings have ARRIVED for Kentucky.

I refuse to accept that Schaeffer only got 9.775 on beam. Now, we didn’t see it, but I just refuse. She better have done a murder during that routine.

Korth – UB – UK – rushed first hs – falls on piked jaeger, awesome shapebut took it too far.

Cheney – BB – FL – large check on her loso series – side aerial to layout full dismount, off line and a step –

Goings – BB – Wash – three series to loso, very solid, right on – beat to straddle 1/4, solid – full turn, smooth – standing loso, large check with a bend at the hips – side aerial to stuck full. Shame about the loso this time. Still gets 9.850.

McLaughlin – BB – FL – walkover to bhs series, fine – sissone is a little flat – beat jump to stag ring is hit – tight full turn but fine – hits side aerial well – hop back gainer full.

Burleson – BB – Wash – aerial to bhs – a little slow in combination but typical of most – straddle jump to straddle 1/4 with a swim balance – side aerial to full, stuck.

Aspen Tucker a little short on final double pike on floor.

Gowey – BB – FL – switch to split, solid – bhs to two losos and never had a chance – hops right off like a Russian in podium training – they’ll have to count Cheney’s 9.675, which will hurt their chances for a 199 here.

Kelly – FX – Miz – nice height on double pike and keeps that front leg down – smae on double tuck, chest down but good control – has to tuck a front lay out of her final pass at the end, will get hit for form.

Only a couple tenths in the Kentucky quad at the halfway point –

Denver leads Ohio State after a big bars rotation.

Boren – BB – FL – check on kickover front – another wave-check on loso series – better on standing loso, solid – basically sticks gainer full – a couple checks, though.

Schugel – FX – MIZ – great controlled landing on her 3/1 mount, just some leg crossing – bounce back on double tuck – struggles on a switch ring, not really the shape – back 2/1 to front tuck, small step. 9.900. So at least Missouri is getting the same benefit?

Ohio State with two misses in two beam routine so far.

McMurtry – BB – FL – great kickover front, high landing – solid loso series – good leaps – someone on the team loses her shit when McMurtry does a full turn for some reason – slightly large hop back on 2/1.

Harris – FX – MIZ – good secure landing on double pike, just chest down – hits her straddles – front lay to front full, a little knees – very tight tuck position on double tuck, which allows her to get it around well.

Florida still 49.150 on beam.

After 2: Kentucky 98.375, Washington 98.225, Illinois 98.125, NIU 96.725

Rechenmacher – BB – pretty OK closure on her sheep for NCAA, just some legs – large check on front aerial, bend at the hips working out of it – attitude turn – solid loso series, though – switch and split – sticks gainer pike, good ending.

Stuart – BB – UK – full turn – large break on a stag ring – after landing so well on bars, they’re looking unsure so far on beam – more secure on loso series – side aerial to tuck full, stuck.

Poland – BB – UK – fine three series to loso, just a small correction at the end – she’s usually the one that struggles but solid so far – sticks gainer pike.

Bower for Missouri had a very short straddle jump (star jump?) in there but otherwise hit.

McLaughlin – FX – FL – hits from lay to front full, some knees – good amplitude on leaps – rudi, chest lowish – back 1.5, has to tuck her front layout out of it, which will break the score. Oh, I kid.

Korth – BB – UK – loso series, solid – a little tight on some of these leaps, but all landings secure – small hop on 2/1.

Tucker for Missouri on beam wiggles and wobbles but doesn’t fall off, hop back 2/1.

Dukes – BB – UK – smooth full turn – check at the hips on her loso series – third bend at the hips correction of the rotation – aerial to high beat jump, pretty – switch and straddle 1/4, nice back leg on the switch – step forward on 1.5.

Gowey – FX – FL – double pike, controlled landing, chest down – same on double tuck, both with a small step forward – 1.5 to layout, fine. Nothing big but usable routine.

Hyland – BB – UK – switch to split, pretty – aerial to backhandspring layout stepout, slow and smooth and calm, no checks – side aerial to tuck full, stuck, good set.

Slocum – FX – FL – nice high double pike, controlled landing – good split full, a little short on wolf position – front full to front pike, a little stumble working out of front pike.

Dowell’s 9.950 leads Oklahoma’s vault.

Wait. Nichols 9.800? They dropped Nichols’ score? First time for everything, I guess.

Yacalis a little short on her final double tuck for Washington but pulls out the landing well.

“Special report on Gator chomps.” Oh goody.

One of Slocum’s weaker floors, so…9.925!

Burleson – FX – Wash – a little slide back on double pike but not too bad – good back leg extension on switch ring, front leg a little iffy – 1.5 to front lay, lunge – 2.5 stride forward –

Hundley – FX – whip to double tuck, secure – controlling her landings well, nothing big but, you know, solid – switch side and popa show good position – secure double pike.

After 3: Kentucky 147.550, Washington 147.425, Illinois 147.325, NIU 145.825

This thing is staying super close, Kentucky ending on floor, Washington on vault, and Illinois on beam. The top three all in line to get exactly the kind of score they need, though.

Oklahoma 49.400, Georgia 49.125, lef by 9.875 from Schick.

McMurtry – FX – good 3/1 this time, her usual height, it never looks completely around because she lands staggered because of her twisting shape – front lay to front full, nice amplitude and and stays laid out – solid double tuck – great landings. 10.00. We were going to say, if the judges were this cracky and didn’t give a 10.

Ward – BB – MIZ – secure three series to loso, well done – switch to pike jump, great pike jump, short of position on the switch – smooth side aerial landing – sticks 1.5, legs apart – very good one. 9.950.

Boren – FX – John thinks it would be hard to go after a 10 at Florida? She basically just has to show up. Solid landing on full in, chest up as well – 1.5 to layout, good straight body on the layout – high leaps, I would like her wolf to be more horizontal, like Slocum’s – solid double tuck. 9.950.

It’s a 196.900 final score for Denver. Well now.

It’s a 196.750 for Missouri, season high (someone should count how many road teams get their road highs at Florida) –

Florida goes 197.900, including counting that beam 9.675.

Yikers. Copiak goes 9.475 for Washington on vault.

Wofford goes 9.950 on senior night.

Rechenmacher – FX – UK – double tuck first pass, slide back, small – switch to split full to wolf jump, pretty solid positions, gets that wolf shape to horizontal – solid landing on double pike, some flexed feet.

Oklahoma 49.500 on bars, Georgia 49.175 on vault, Snead goes 9.950 to save that score after some 9.7s and 9.8s.

We’re already on to Auburn/LSU and Alabama/Boise State time as well.

Zamardi – UB – clean shap to pak combo – a little short on half turn on low this time – nice final handstand – double arabian, step forward and a little close this time.

McGregor – UB – BSU – toe to toe shap to bail, very clean form – short on a handstand in here – step back on tuck full, but solid.

Washington had to count a 9.525 on vault, which is not good. Final is still 196.400, though, which is good enough.

Armbrecht – VT – AL – nice pop off the table, some knees throughout and a hop back.

Auburn having a terrible time trying to control these vaults landings – large bounces for everyone.

Harrold – UB – good shap 1/2 to Zucchold – excellent high jaeger – sticks her double front – her best set at LSU for most of it – an early arch on handstand, but the leg breaks were less extreme this time it seemed.

Mejia – UB – BSU – awesome giant full to gienge – clean on the bail handstand as well – great leg form – hitting handstands – DLO full, piking in the shape with a step.

Gnat is in the bars lineup today, really struggles on DLO, has to tuck her shape with a large lunge – will need to drop that.

Excellent stuck y1/2 from Bailey for Alabama!Gorgeous – I wouldn’t even mind a 9.950 for that.

Great height on tkatchev for Nilson (BSU) on bars – short on her bail and final handstand though, which will hurt the score – lovely DLO and stuck, great form throughout.

Finnegan nailing until shoulder-width step back on DLO.

Day – VT – Aub – big full, hop back.

Priessman – UB – good legs on taktchev – a leg break here and there, separation on the pak – whippy on the DLO but stuck – a good one.

A huge beam rotation for Illinois put them ahead of Washington after the struggles on vault. We’re just waiting on Kentucky’s final total.

Alabama 49.275, Boise State 49.125

LSU 49.350, Auburn 48.800

Oopsie. Kentucky and Illinois actually tied. Because I can’t read. Kentucky also gave away too much on floor there.

Final: Kentucky 196.625, Illinois 196.625, Washington 196.400, NIU 193.800

Still a very usable score for the top three. Not a usable score for NIU, though, in the quest to make regionals. Washington was at risk of counting a 195.1, so this is still a step up, though they’ll be disappointed with vault because a win was possible there.

DD is brave, going over to those painted up Auburn hussies.

Cannamela – VT – good height as usual but too deep in her landing this time with a hop back.

Becker – Aub – UB – a little close on that jaeger, shortish handstand a the end, clean DLO shape with a step back.

Finnegan – VT – gorgeous and high full, just a quiver of the feet – a shame we didn’t get a good angle. Probably will get hit for distance is my guess.

Remme – VT – BSU – nearly sticks her full – a little flat but not much, small step.

Aja Sims falls on a tkatchev for Alabama in the second spot.

Hambrick – VT – still going for the 1.5 – one of her better ones – she does bounce forward, but that’s much better than some of the mistakes she has had.

Krippner has nice toes on bars, very close tkatchev – deep landing on tuck full, hop back.

Mahoney – UB – Alabama – nice shape on shap – struggling with the cast handstands, just a touch short on most – tuck full hop forward

Ewing – VT – hop forward on 1.5.

Cerio – UB – strong piked jeger – broomstick legs on that bail, very nice – short final handstand – nice finish on the firant full to a stuck double tuck, though – one handstand but otherwise very clean.

Childers with a step on her crazy-legs back in half out – also a short bail.

Priessman lunge forward on 1.5.

Jetter – UB – good first hs – close tkatchev but hit – a little short on her bail but not too bad – close on some handstands – hop forward on double front – a couple places to take but should be usable.

No Means on vault today – McGregor with a 1.5 – knees and a lunge forward, but still a couple 1.5s for BSU, necessary.

Gnat – VT – small hop back on the DTY this time.

Wish Bailey didn’t start bars with a dead hang, lovely toe point on the jaeger – major arch on final handstand but saves it – step back on full out.

Very clean bars from Engler to finish for Auburn. Holds the stick on her DLO, hits vertical on bail.

49,.450 on beam for Oklahoma, Nichols and Capps with 9.950. No 10s yet in that one. Where am I, crazy town? Georgia with 49.300 on floor led by 9.950 for Marino.

Stanford and Oregon State getting started. Stanford’s seniors dressed in scrubs for senior night. Stanford.

D McNair – VT – solid full as usual, hop back. 9.800.

Khamedoost – UB – toe ton to toe shap to bail – legs in those skills but secure – shortish final hs – DLO, comes in a tad low with a hop forward. 9.750

Daum – VT – solid distance, just a little mushiness in shape, hop back. Pretty good one. 9.825.

Gardiner – UB – toe shapto bail – solid legs together vertical on the bail – arches final hs but holds on – stalder to double tuck, chest down, small step. 9.700.

Cole – VT – good height on her full but a large bounce back this time. Quite a bit of piking. 9.750.

Jacobsen – UB – great handstand and tkatchev to overshoot – vertical hs – late on giant 1/2 to double front, bound forward.

Hoffman – VT – good power on that full – a little too deep on landing with a bounce back as well. Better layout shape, though. 9.800.

McNeer sticks 1.5 on beam after a solid hit.

Singley – UB – giant full, right on top – taktcehv – short on hs and some hip angle on that bail – better final hs – whippy on DLO but good control on landing, chest down

D McNair – VT – best shape of the group so far, hop back as they all do – not much else to take besides the landing. 9.850.

Sanders – BB – ALa – check on aerial – swithc and straddle is strong – secure loso series –

McMillan – UB – jaeger to overshoot, solid shapes – one handstand – small shuffle back on DLO is only major thing – 9.825.

Zamardi – FX – Great control on double arabian this time – a little sqautty in the double tuck landing with a lunge back –

Aufiero – UB – OSU – great giant full to tkatchev – legs together through bail – wobble on her step up to high, the trend this season – precise on her cast handstands – sticks DLO –

Cerio falls on beam in the second spot for Auburn.

Apparently Nichols is not doing floor for Oklahoma today, which means someone else will win the AA this week.

Hambirck – FX – LSU – nails the landing on the DLO, she gets a hip angle in that second salto – 2.5 to front tuck, a little short with a step back to hold it – controls double pike, a little big on the lunge back.

Stanford 49.125, OSU 49.025

Engler has a check but not much else on beam, very strong side aerial, until a GAINER PIKE where she stumbled.

Priessman – FX – secure landing on the full in this time, still chest down but well handled with a controlled step back – 1.5 through to 2/1, large bounce back out of that one – good straddle positions, a little bouncy on the landings – very low and deep double tuck, got her chest up somehow not to fall on it but it will be a major deduction.

Kelley – FX – Mary Lou: 1, solid DLO, chest down – lunge forward out of front full – a little short on split on the split full – Mary Lou: 2 – just some chest landing issues

Sims – BB – smallest correction on loso series this time – brought back the double tuck but landed quite short on it with a lunge – not one of her better sets –

Good bars hit for Nicki McNair starting off.

Krippner gets through beam, meaning Auburn survives the rotation and will not have to count a fall – Awesome from Krippner, secure on loso series and a stuck 1.5.

One missed handstand for Yu on bars, but a stuck double tuck.

Gnat – FX – nailed DLO, excellent – 2.5 to front tuck, good ups into the front tuck this time, and looked on line – switch ring to split full – bouncy on the double pike which will take away the 10, but a good one.

Stuck DLO for Dani McNair. Stanford looks…good…on bars through the first three.

Jacobsen sticks her Tsuk full for OSU this week. It’s still rather piked, but good control.

Daum – UB – crazy legs and short on the bail – good height on tkatchev but catches close – dismounts double arabian – THERE’S that dismount. Great landing, had fallen the last couple weeks.

McMillan – VT – OSU – 1.5 – large lunge forward, a little foot cross in the air –

Price – UB – toe shap to clear hip to Church to bail – which was perfect as usual and then she just peeled off going for her shoot to high – sticks DLO.

Stanford is now VERY glad this was Daum’s hit week for 9.725. They can use that.

Dessaints – VT – OSU – 1.5 – AWESOME vault – stuck her 1.5 – keeps her leg form together – just a touch off to the side, but that’s really the only thing.

9.425 for Sprice still. Would have been so trolly to give her a 9.500.

Maxwell – UB – good first hs, right up – a little short on bail – toe shoot to high – giant full, late to double tuck – was there any content in that routine? Was that up to level?

Final: Oklahoma 197.675, Georgia 196.925.

LSU gets a hit from Macadaeg to start beam.

OSU 98.375, Stanford 98.150

Stanford still goes over 49 on bars.

Hambrick – L turn is fine – side aerial with a check to the side – switch and straddle 1/4 are excellent – very secure on loso series – how do we feel about this SEC beam-requirements graphic?  – shuffle back on 2/1

Pretty much all the gymnasts will meet the requirements unless they have an error, so it’s not really telling us that much, but I get that it is something to follow along at home.

Of course Stanford’s live scores don’t work. Of course they don’t.

Ewing – BB – strong layout, right on – sold standing loso to straddle 1/4 – sticks 1.5 – good –

N McNair – BB – smooth and secure loso series – smallest correction lean on a side aerial – switch to split to straddle 1/4 is excellent – hop back gainer full.

Jacobsen – FX – OSU – secure double pike – 1.5 to layout – rudi – controls most of the landings well but it’s not a big routine, which comes through in some chest-down landings each time.

Lauren Li has a check on loso series for LSU –

Fitzgerald – BB _- good full turn – a little short on her kickover layout to two feet but works out of it without much of a check – solid straddle shape – small check on aerial to bhs, I wouldn’t give connection series but of course she’ll get it – front lay full dismount with a corssover step backwards, which was awkward.

Ricci – FX – what is this music we’re hearing that isn’t her floor music – she’s going with it – back 1.5 to front pike second pass with a lunge – split 1.5 to wolf, low wolf shape is my petpeeve of the day – deep double pike, lunge.

Finnegan – BB – wolf single, good – smooth and easy loso series – switch to switch 1/2, awesome – solid side somi, as solid as side somis can be – side aerial to stuck full, another awesome one. Great.

Cole – BB – solid loso series, no movement – switch to switch, fine – aerial to beat, fine – she works so slowly that I’m about to scream, but she’s solid throughout this thing – just the smallest slide back on 2/1.

SCP – FX – Oregon St – whip to double tuck, pretty secure on the landing, just a hair short and hops a little –

Gnat – BB – LSU – aerial to beat jump, nice – switch with a balance check – beat to straddle 1/4 – switch side, good shape and horizontal – check on loso series, leg up – sticks 2/1.

Yai – BB – Stanford – bhs – loso – bhs series – off line working out of it and falls. Trouble now for Stanford, two more to get through and already two 9.7s counting – lands a little lock-legged on her 1.5 dismount but she’s fine – step back.

Lowery – FX – OSU – great stick on a double pike – rudi middle pass, also quite sure on the landings – hitting her straddles – front lay to front full, stuck. Excellent landings, probably her best one.

LSU 197.675, Auburn 196.100
Auburn still stuck in the lower numbers. LSU will take that no problem.

Alabama edges Boise State with a 196.925 to 196.675. Both will take that score but can do better. It does open up Alabama to being passed by UCLA and Utah tomorrow.

Daum – BB – works out of loso well, avoiding much of a check – aerial, also a little short but works out well with a little check – another small lean on sheep jump landing. Sticks 1.5.

Gardiner – FX – 2.5 controls it as always, just gets a touch ragged at the end – great switch side and wolf – 1.5 to 1/2 to straddle, a bit of travel – secure double pike, chest down.

D McNair – BB – solid loso series, not quite the extension this time but good – check on a full turn, dear – switch 1/2 is nice – secure side aerial – great switch to straddle – gainer pike hop back.

McMillan – FX – front 2/1, a little bouncy landing this time – great split shape and crisp finishing landing position on her leaps, which is rare, all the way around and securely landed on the full twist – 1.5 to layout is fine – good rudi.

After 3: Oregon State 147.850, Stanford 147.100

Well, Stanford is still on 196 pace. But it is Stanford and floor,so…. Oregon State can go 197 with a hit beam. That floor score was all about secure landings. They just didn’t really bounce.

I’m going to have to recap this UCLA/Utah all-access thing, aren’t I?

We see Ebee warming up floor.

“Top 4 in the conference on each event” isn’t really a thing.

After watching SEC meets, Pac-12 meets feel SLOW AS MOLASSES.

Rotation 4:
OSU: Jimenez – BB – kickover to beat jump, precise – small lean to hold loso series but she does – switch to straddle 1/4 – sticks gainer pike – useful leadoff set.

Fun fact, at my graduation there was a presentation to someone with the last name Jimenez, but the chancellor of the school pronounced it “He-Mayonnaise” and I think about that every time anyone is named Jimenez.

D McNair – FX – large bound back out of double pike but keeps it to her feet this time – only a half-Seda, not a full-Seda – solid double tuck – 1.5 to layout, a little lunge.

Gill – BB – check on full turn – split to stag ring is quite nice – aerial, large check, breaks connection – bhs loso series, pretty but a lean – switch 1/2 to beat – chest down gainer full with a small slide.

H Hoffman – FX – good double tuck, chest up – front lay front full is fine, not much amplitude and a little mushiness in the legs but a capable landing – rudi, pikes down with a slide back.

SCP – BB – love her handstand mount – split to stag, very nice shapes – good extension through loso series – check on full turn – side aerial to stuck full – GREAT set except for that full turn.

Cole – FX – 2.5 to front tuck, excellent stuck landing – her trademark insane straddle jump – short double tuck landing with a stumble forward – good split full – front full to front pike is fine, two good passes, one trouble. 9.825 still? OK?

McMillan – BB – kickover front to bhs, secure, fairly quick in connection all things considered – full turn – fhs to knee, solid, her usual – pause in between switch and straddle 1/4 – gainer full with small slide to the side. Good one. Wonder if she’ll get dance combo credit.

Tai – FX – deep landing on double tuck with a lunge forward, jsut did get that pass around – a little tight on that switch side – 1.5 to front tuck, also a low and squatty landing – she’s hanging by a thread but hanging – very deep double pike again with a lunge forward.

Dessaints – BB – calm full turn, good posture – solid loso series, right on – switch to stag with a check – kickover front to beat, a check in between – sticks gainer full. Officially now, it will be a big total for OSU

Daum – FX – fine double pike – 1.5 to layout – switch ring and switch 1/2 look fine – there are literally two cheerleaders here – controls her double tuck as well – good normal regular fine.

Gardiner – BB – wolf turn – good stag – aerial, precise and controlled – small lean correction on loso series – excellent side somi, hers is probably the best of all – sticks gainer full. That’ll work.

Price – FX – sight for sore eyes – small slide back on a high double tuck – front lay to front full – this is hilariously easy tumbling for her – high switch side to popa – nails double pike. Good.

Final: Oregon State 197.125, Stanford 196.325.

Look at you Stanford! That’s almost a real score. It will certainly help put to bed the “are they even going to make regionals” issue, though it’s still not going to help get competitive with the seeded teams. The more Price, the better, so today was better.

Oregon State is legit.

The end.

Results and weekly leaders.

60 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – February 24, 2017”

  1. …so do we not get to see any of the other teams in this UK broadcast? Way to turn the most interesting meet of the night into garbage.

    1. Its because its on the SEC network. They will show all of Kentucky’s routines and only a smidgen of the rest. Did the same thing last week at another SEC venue with other (outside SEC) schools.

      1. Don’t protect the other venue. When they do stuff like this they deserve to be called out so, hopefully they’ll be embarrassed enough it won’t happen again.

        It was @ LSU (George Washington and Iowa were the visitors).

      2. SEC network is fine for dual meets. It turns into a hilarious disaster for tri or quad meets.

      3. Anon-How the h* is not remembering where protecting another venue?
        …LOL. I have no vested interest one way or the other. Just couldn’t recall off the top of my head WHICH meet it was.

  2. When Florida’s vault rotation is done, can someone rank the vaults best to worst so I can compare to the scoring? Just our of curiosity!

  3. These Florida vault scores 🙄. Now I love Florida but I just wanna know what type of crack the judges are on

    1. Mm delicious crack.

      But also I now have a strong desire to become a judge. NO ONE GETS A TEN. NO ONE. Ha.

  4. Judge that gave Slocum a 10 gave McMurtry a 9.95, gotta say Alex’s was much much closer to a real 10.

  5. It’s become impossible for me to root for Florida. These inflated scores, week after week, are a joke.

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I want to watch the meets without the scores so I can appreciate great gymnastics without getting annoyed by the scores and having it detract from fantastic performances.

    2. I just watch them on the road. I think they are generally scored relatively reasonably on the road. Well. As much as anyone is scored relatively reasonably these days. Eventually you have to either stop watching or find a way to laugh about it, because there’s no sign of any imminent change.

  6. Anyone else over John Roetglisberger calling the standout gymnasts “Studs?” He has been doing it all season 🙄

      1. Kelly Garrison is the worst. She is obsessed with gymnasts who are built talk and thin and just – ugh. And her screeching. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I hear Kathy Johnson’s voice.

    1. Yeah, I can handle repetitive, but calling female gymnasts studs is just weird.
      Worse, though, I think, is when commentators call a gymnast the “heart and soul of the team.” Like, what about everyone else? I think it was Kathy who said that of Lauren Beers all last year.

  7. Touching the equipment is not a deduction, only touching the gymnast. OK it probably would only have been a 10.50 for Gnat.

  8. Someday Kennedy Baker will compete AA for Florida again, and then snakes will sprout legs

      1. I used the App on an iPad and it worked. If you bought the one-day $2.99 pass, you can still watch the replay of the meet.

  9. Nichols took two steps back on her vault. Can’t remember if she didn’t have enough power or if she was just trying too hard to stick. I came to Oklahoma mainly to see her so I hope I’m not her jinx!

    1. I’m not watching the LSU meet tonight, but I often think Finnegan gets underscored. Her form is beautiful.

  10. Really wanting to see where people think LSU gets overscored, especially seeing UF AND OU’s outlandish scores.

    1. I thought OU judging was pretty fair tonight. What routines were outlandish? Nichols on UB was high, but I didn’t think it was crazy, especially when compared to UF tonight or UCLA/Utah last weekend.

      I thought UGA’s scores were all pretty right on. Snead had an amazing stuck vault for a 9.95 and their beam rotation (minus Schick) was excellent.

  11. Alabama looks kind of like an early season team, not one with 2 meets left in the regular season. It’s probably all of the injuries, but there’s a lack of sharpness and precision that you would expect to see at this point in the season.

    1. I feel like this could be a BAMA team that looks sluggish all season (maybe loses to UGA next weekend) and then somehow pulls off an upset SEC championship win. I feel like BAMA either underperforms during the season and then pulls a post-season upset or they are hot during the season and then get beat out at the end.

  12. I actually thought scoring for the OU/UGA meet was pretty fair. Not OU’s sharpest meet, for sure, but I’d rather see that now than in post-season.

    As for the steaming, we too had to switch browsers from Safari to Chrome for it to work. Happily, the video showed the meet from the start, which was nice given that the first rotation had ended by the time we got the video to start.

  13. Anyone know why Boise State only put up five beam workers and five floor workers? Did someone get hurt?

    Also, did Alabama have any exhibitions tonight? Who did them? What events? How did they look? Specifically did Brannon exo on bars?

    1. They said that McGregor scratched both events. But then they had an exhibition on beam, which to me makes no sense.

  14. YES! Please recap the UCLA/UTAH all-access show. I feel like it could be fluff gold. In 20 years people will use clips of it to laugh at the gymnastics of today.

  15. The Stanford floor scores are high. They aren’t having falls, but they are having landing issues that aren’t reflected properly in the scores. Clearly, the “overscoring” isn’t just a thing for the top 10 teams.

    I also think I need to change my scoring expectations. If everything is an overscore, maybe I’m just too harsh.

    1. I thought the FX and VT judging at Stanford was generous for both teams, and the UB and BM a little tight for both teams (more like championship scoring than regular season).

    2. It was over scored, but I felt like at least it was consistent for both teams. And it was senior night, so. I am so excited for senior nights at LSU, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Utah and UCLA. It’s going to be hilarious. If I were a coach for a 10 – 20th ranked team, I would schedule my team to compete on as many senior nights as possible at opposing schools. If you could arrange even three, it would potentially be a huge bump to your RQS.

  16. Anyone know what happened w/ Bama’s beam lineup? Childers was listed to the very last second but swapped out? Even the broadcasters didn’t realize. Was she injured during touch warmup?

  17. Kiana was rested last night because Dana. I’m sure they want her 100 percent at UGA next Sunday. Otherwise it was a sluggish night all-around for the BAMA team. Wynter had a cramp during touch warm up on beam so they went with Sanders in the line up instead of exhibition. Other exhibitions were Valentin on vault resulting in a cannonball. Also Valentin on floor. Ari Guerra exhibitioned on bars and had some form issues but nailed her DLO dismount.

    1. I believe they just took her out so that Nicole Turner could have one last performance in the LNC. I don’t believe she’s injured or anything; they did the same thing with Brenna Dowell a few weeks ago.

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