Week 8 Rankings, Notes, RQS Update

equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 1. Oklahoma 197.990
Road Score 1 198.350
Road Score 2 198.175
Road Score 3 198.075
Home/Road Score 1 198.025
Home/Road Score 2 197.925
Home/Road Score 3 197.750
  • OU’s 4th 198 of the season on Sunday (198.175), following a Friday 197.675, cinches a program-best RQS. A 198.100 this coming weekend in Michigan would give the Sooners the all-time RQS record.
  • Nichols missed her shot at a 40 by sitting for meet 2 of the weekend, Senior Day Pt 2: Texas Edition, as Lehrmann and Wofford both received first-career 10s on UB.
  • Jackson and Capps both scored career-high-tying 9.975s on FX at the same meet.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 2. LSU 197.695
Road Score 1 197.700
Road Score 2 197.700
Road Score 3 197.675
Home/Road Score 1 197.975
Home/Road Score 2 197.825
Home/Road Score 3 197.575
  • LSU remains comfortably in 2nd with an away 197.675 at Auburn. With all the scores fairly tightly bunched in the high 197s, LSU’s RQS is unlikely to change all that much in the coming weeks.
  • 9.950s from Finnegan (BB) and Gnat (VT, FX) led the team. Hambrick returned to hitting ways to lead the AA. Edney did not compete.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.495
Road Score 1 197.425
Road Score 2 197.325
Road Score 3 197.125
Home/Road Score 1 197.975
Home/Road Score 2 197.900
Home/Road Score 3 197.700
  • The Gators recorded a second-consecutive home 197.9, featuring Alex McMurtry’s first FX 10 and fifth 10 of her career.
  • Hundley went 9.975 on UB and 39.675 in the AA, while Baker remains limited to only UB.
  • In RQS, while the home scores are stronger than LSU’s, the road scores lag behind, which takes some of the friction out of this weekend’s visit to LSU as Florida cannot pass LSU in the rankings even with a season-high. A strong road score will still be necessary, however, to ensure fending off UCLA and company.
green-up-arrow 4. UCLA 197.305
Road Score 1 197.500
Road Score 2 197.325
Road Score 3 197.150
Home/Road Score 1 198.125
Home/Road Score 2 197.725
Home/Road Score 3 196.825
  • The Bruins were able to erase that 195 from Monday with a 197.725 against Arizona over the weekend, accounting for the two-spot jump in the rankings.
  • Hallie Mossett’s career-high 9.975 on FX led the team, along with Kocian’s 9.950 on FX and season-high-tying 39.625 AA and Ross’s 9.950s on UB and BB.
  • It is possible for UCLA to pass Florida this coming week, but it would take at least a 197.800 along with a weak showing from Florida, so it’s not the most likely outcome. The focus will be on staying ahead of Utah and Alabama. A 197.450 guarantees UCLA remains 4th.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 5. Utah 197.180
Road Score 1 197.600
Road Score 2 197.150
Road Score 3 196.900
Home/Road Score 1 197.875
Home/Road Score 2 197.625
Home/Road Score 3 196.625
  • Utah recorded its own 197.600 at Arizona State, featuring Tom Farden’s literal dreamscape of how UB scoring might go that culminated in a 9.975 for Lee and 9.950s for Lewis and Skinner.
  • Skinner scored three 9.950s for a 39.750 AA total.
  • Utah can’t catch Florida this weekend, and with UCLA having a higher max RQS, the #4 ranking is in the Bruins’ hands. Utah is looking at needing to outscore UCLA by a little under a half point to move ahead.
reddownarrow 6. Alabama 197.085
Road Score 1 197.225
Road Score 2 197.050
Road Score 3 196.700
Home/Road Score 1 197.825
Home/Road Score 2 197.350
Home/Road Score 3 197.100
  • Alabama’s home 196.925 over the weekend was not high enough to break into the RQS picture, allowing for both UCLA and Utah to pass.
  • Limited without Winston, it was all a little too 9.850, though Sims, Desch, and Bailey did provide 9.925s (FX, FX, VT).
  • Alabama heads to Georgia this week, needing at least a 197.200 to have a chance at passing Utah, but probably needing more than that to do it in reality.
green-up-arrow 7. Denver 196.875
Road Score 1 196.900
Road Score 2 196.875
Road Score 3 196.500
Home/Road Score 1 197.150
Home/Road Score 2 197.125
Home/Road Score 3 196.975
  • Denver continued its assault on the name-teams with a 196.975 home score, following a 196.900 away total in a two-meet weekend.
  • Meet 2 was led by 9.950s from Karr on VT and Ross on BB and 9.925 from Chesnok on UB.
  • The lack of any of those big-team scores in the higher 197s inhibits Denver’s chances to move any higher for the moment, but also SEVENTH IN THE RANKINGS.
reddownarrow 8. Georgia 196.820
Road Score 1 196.975
Road Score 2 196.925
Road Score 3 196.800
Home/Road Score 1 197.075
Home/Road Score 2 196.875
Home/Road Score 3 196.525
  • Georgia scored another 196.9 on the road at Oklahoma but fell behind Denver by a hair, almost entirely on account of not having a 197 that counts. With Denver at home this coming weekend and unable to drop its lowest score, however, Georgia has the inside track to regain #7.
  • Snead’s 9.950 on VT and Marino’s equivalent score on FX led the team, as they so often do, in a meet where BB was the highest rotation score. Almost like Georgia is good on beam. Brand new world. It’s really vault and bars that we have to worry about.
green-up-arrow 9. Oregon State
Road Score 1 197.125
Road Score 2 196.825
Road Score 3 196.200
Home/Road Score 1 196.900
Home/Road Score 2 196.700
Home/Road Score 3 196.550
  • A season-high 197 away at Stanford sees Oregon State gain another spot in the rankings. Unable to drop that away 196.2 until Pac-12s (only remaining road meet), however, it may be difficult for OSU to keep up this spot and fend off the challenging teams with similar bold scores.
  • It was Gardiner taking the AA over McMillan in the great OSU AA battle this weekend, with 9.925 on BB and 9.900 on FX. Colussi-Pelaez also performed career-best routines on BB and FX, both for 9.900.
green-up-arrow 10. Boise State 196.605
Road Score 1 197.075
Road Score 2 196.700
Road Score 3 196.675
Home/Road Score 1 197.025
Home/Road Score 2 196.400
Home/Road Score 3 196.225
  • A 196.675 away at Alabama allows Boise State to drop a 195.300 from the first meet and move up two spots in the rankings. Unlike Oregon State, Boise State will have a chance to drop its 196.2 this weekend.
  • Means limited to one event and McGregor to two inhibited BSU’s scoring potential, though both did still manage team-high-tying 9.875s (BB, VT respectively)
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 11. Kentucky 196.535
Road Score 1 196.950
Road Score 2 196.150
Road Score 3 195.850
Home/Road Score 1 197.475
Home/Road Score 2 197.100
Home/Road Score 3 196.625
  • A bit of a missed opportunity for Kentucky after a 9.7-heavy floor rotation over the weekend still resulted in a usable 196.625 to keep the #11 spot.
  • The winner of the weekly four-woman AA battle was Hyland, using 9.900 on BB and 9.875 on FX to sneak ahead with 39.375.
  • Korth’s 9.925 on VT still led the team across all events.
  • With that 195.850 available to be dropped this weekend, Kentucky does have the most likely path among the 9-12 teams to get back to #9.
reddownarrow 11. Michigan 196.535
Road Score 1 196.475
Road Score 2 196.025
Road Score 3 195.725
Home/Road Score 1 197.825
Home/Road Score 2 197.225
Home/Road Score 3 197.225
  • Michigan exploded for a 197.825 over the weekend, and everyone was like, “Whaaa?” and they were like, “Yeah.” That’s exactly what happened.
  • Everyone ever got a 9.9, including the whole floor rotation, and Karas took the AA with 39.600.
  • Michigan falls in the rankings because that 197.825 can’t be counted, but it does open up a little more room for the Wolverines to move up even with a home meet this weekend, though the real work will be done the following two weeks in getting rid of those low road scores. Though Michigan has fallen to a tie for 11th for now, a late surge toward #7 is still quite realistic.
green-up-arrow 13. Nebraska 196.450
Road Score 1 197.125
Road Score 2 196.550
Road Score 3 196.050
Home/Road Score 1 197.125
Home/Road Score 2 196.825
Home/Road Score 3 195.700
  • Nebraska continues providing a good example of how a small and fairly injured roster can peak at the right time, erasing that tragic start with yet another 197.
  • Taylor Houchin is the real deal, scoring 39.650 in the AA, the #3 total of the week, even while leading off two events.
  • Nebraska is off this coming weekend but has opened up enough of a gap over the trailing teams to stay ranking safe.
green-up-arrow 14. Iowa 196.150
Road Score 1 196.550
Road Score 2 196.400
Road Score 3 196.175
Home/Road Score 1 196.475
Home/Road Score 2 195.975
Home/Road Score 3 195.725
  • Iowa traveled to the land of season-highs over the weekend to get 196.550 at BYU, featuring 9.925s for Snyder and Youd on FX and BB.
  • The Hawkeyes cannot move up even with a season high in the next meet, but you know, 14th. The real trick will be remaining ahead of the rest because teams 14-21 could basically end up in any order next Monday.
reddownarrow 15. Missouri 196.145
Road Score 1 196.750
Road Score 2 196.350
Road Score 3 196.225
Home/Road Score 1 196.225
Home/Road Score 2 196.075
Home/Road Score 3 195.825
  • Missouri went to the true and eternal Land of Season-High Road Scores, Florida, for a 196.750, a score that can’t yet be counted and therefore didn’t prevent a drop in the rankings. Missouri has scored consistently this year, but RQS doesn’t so much care about that. RQS cares about big scores.
  • Surprise, surprise, Britney Ward was the team’s leading scorer, but this time it came from a 9.950 on BB, not on VT, a score achieved mid-McMurtry-hoopla.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 16. George Washington 196.140
Road Score 1 196.725
Road Score 2 196.150
Road Score 3 196.000
Home/Road Score 1 196.400
Home/Road Score 2 196.050
Home/Road Score 3 196.000
  • Similarly, George Washington snatched a massive 196.7 on the road over the weekend but can’t count it and therefore stays relatively steady in the rankings. In gymnastics, it isn’t real unless you do it twice.
  • Winstanley was the big winner of this meet, going 9.925 on UB and 9.900 on BB for a 39.550 AA total.
green-up-arrow 17. Washington 196.130
Road Score 1 196.450
Road Score 2 195.825
Road Score 3 195.325
Home/Road Score 1 197.175
Home/Road Score 2 196.750
Home/Road Score 3 196.300
  • A fine-but-frustrating 196.450 for Washington does the job in erasing a low road score but could have been higher if not for vault errors.
  • A 195.325 still to drop this weekend, however, gives Washington another shot at it and the best opportunity among this bunch of teams to move up the rankings with a solid result. Theoretically, Washington could even go ahead of Nebraska with a season-high.
  • Burleson records another nationally competitive AA score of 39.475, achieving 9.900 on FX and another couple scores among the bushel of 9.875s that Washington received.
reddownarrow 18. Auburn 196.090
Road Score 1 196.450
Road Score 2 196.400
Road Score 3 195.800
Home/Road Score 1 196.100
Home/Road Score 2 196.075
Home/Road Score 3 196.075
  • A fine-not-great 196.100 at home against LSU keeps Auburn stuck in low-196 land and opens up what is becoming a very real possibility that this depleted team may end up unseeded unless the scores start heading into the higher 196s.
  • This weekend’s highlight was an exceptionally well-executed BB routine from Krippner that reached 9.925.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 19. Cal 196.000
Road Score 1 196.400
Road Score 2 195.725
Road Score 3 195.550
Home/Road Score 1 197.075
Home/Road Score 2 196.300
Home/Road Score 3 196.025
  • Keeping up with the Washingtons in their duel to see which team makes the evening at Pac-12s, Cal also recorded a fine-not-great 196.4 on the road to drop a low road total and will be looking to drop another one this weekend. TWINSIES.
  • Lead-off BB routines scoring 9.925 was kind of a thing suddenly, and Sofie Seilnacht joined Houchin and Howard (AZ) on that parade with a team-leading score that took Cal to its best event total.
green-up-arrow 20. Illinois 195.995
Road Score 1 196.625
Road Score 2 196.050
Road Score 3 195.450
Home/Road Score 1 196.550
Home/Road Score 2 196.025
Home/Road Score 3 195.900
  • A mixed-bag of meets for Illinois this weekend, beginning with a season-high road 196.625 and ending with a bars fall of a 195.450 that still has to be counted, keeping Illinois down in the rankings for the time being.
  • The first meet, the good one, featured Leduc going 9.925 on BB and FX, while the second meet…had a lot of 9.7s.
green-up-arrow 21. Southern Utah
Road Score 1 196.600
Road Score 2 195.800
Road Score 3 194.325
Home/Road Score 1 196.725
Home/Road Score 2 196.700
Home/Road Score 3 196.150
  • Well, look who decided to show up. Southern Utah finally has an RQS after deigning to compete a third time on the road for 196.600. Because of that 194.325, this ranking is misleadingly low and will remain so until SUU’s two-meet road weekend beginning March 10th. Watch out for a late surge from this one.
  • It was a 9.875-parade that took SUU to the 196.600 total, though I was most impressed by Becky Rozsa’s 9.850 on UB.
green-up-arrow 22. Utah State
Road Score 1 196.200
Road Score 2 195.725
Road Score 3 195.700
Home/Road Score 1 196.300
Home/Road Score 2 195.850
Home/Road Score 3 195.400
  • Apparently, everything is coming up Utah as Utah State continued challenging the big girls with a 196.200 road score in a third-place finish in Nebraska.
  • Madison Ward’s 9.900 led the team, aided by Peel’s 9.875 on BB.
green-up-arrow 23. Arizona 195.680
Road Score 1 196.275
Road Score 2 195.650
Road Score 3 195.425
Home/Road Score 1 196.100
Home/Road Score 2 195.850
Home/Road Score 3 195.375
  • Finally able to get rid of a hideous early-season 193, Arizona moves up closer to a rank the quality of the team merits after a season-high visit to UCLA.
  • Like Seilnacht for Cal, it was Krysten Howard’s lead-off BB score of 9.925 that caught the eye for Arizona, especially because it originally received 9.725, like the judges finally decided to be super critical, but just for her and never again. Schenider also landed her FX passes as well as she ever has for 9.900.
green-up-arrow 24. Eastern Michigan
Road Score 1 195.925
Road Score 2 195.400
Road Score 3 195.325
Home/Road Score 1 196.000
Home/Road Score 2 195.950
Home/Road Score 3 195.750
  • After a couple rough early-season meets, EMU is starting to peck around that 196 mark and has been rewarded by reentering the top 25.
  • Kendall Valentin’s UB routine has been a staple of the unheralded routines section below, but no more now that EMU is into the 25. She did lead the team once again with a 9.925 this weekend, obviously.
reddownarrow 25. Ohio State 195.595
Road Score 1 196.450
Road Score 2 195.950
Road Score 3 194.375
Home/Road Score 1 196.075
Home/Road Score 2 195.800
Home/Road Score 3 195.775
  • Ohio State drops a number of places after a home 195.225, featuring a three-fall beam catastrophe for 47.850, that couldn’t be counted. This does seem to be a temporary state because of the very low road score that can still be dropped, so expect Ohio State to move back up as early as this weekend’s visit to Denver.

I’m ready for the postseason. That was the overwhelming feeling coming from this most recent batch of meets. We’ve got it. We’re good. We’ve seen your routine like 8 times now, and we’ve got the gist. Let’s get to mattering. We still have two weekends of regular-season action remaining before the conference championships, but those need to be now instead.

A pretty clear top six has established itself. We may still see some repositioning among that group, especially in the 4-6 zone, but I would be quite surprised if the current top-6 doesn’t end up being our set of #1 regional seeds (something UCLA actually hasn’t done since 2013).

Within those teams, I’d say Alabama’s ultimate level is still the most uncertain. The recent performances haven’t been all that competitive but also haven’t been all that representative of the team’s ability. Whether Alabama is able to get on track with the 197.7s the other presumed Super Six teams are currently receiving is a question I’m still interested in for the remainder of the regular season. It makes the Tide’s upcoming visit to Georgia the most revealing meet of an exciting weekend slate.

The UCLA vault rotation is another top-team conundrum that will give us some answers in the next couple weeks. At this point, the most likely scenario is that we’ll end up seeing exactly the vaults we’re seeing right now, but a lineup of fulls is not going to win a championship. I say go MORE OMELIANCHIKS, MORE OMELIANCHIKS.

The race for seeded spots, however, is the story that’s really grabbing my attention right now. The Washington/Cal clash is fascinating to me because they’re fighting each other for the last evening spot at Pac-12s (which is mostly just a pride thing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter), but at the same time, it’s definitely in Washington’s best interest for Cal to perform well and get back up into the top 18. Though greatly depleted, Cal is still a dangerous team that has a 197 this year, and given geographical regional placement of unseeded teams, an unseeded Cal would likely go into the Washington-hosted regional, along with unseeded Stanford.

As the rankings stand right now, Washington’s regional would contain Utah, Georgia, and Washington as seeded teams, and then likely Cal, Stanford, and one of the Utah teams as unseeded competitors which is a HELLISH group-of-death regional. No one wants that, except for us, the impartial viewers who are already salivating at the prospect because PLEASE. Washington would prefer Cal stay behind them in the rankings but also move into the top 18. That way, Cal could get sent to some other region and be replaced in Washington’s own regional by a team like Utah State or BYU to lessen the severity slightly. Obviously, Cal would prefer to get into the top 18 and avoid this pileup entirely.

In the weekend’s action, Oklahoma made a statement with a 198 sans-Nichols, but there’s also so much ridiculous scoring among all the top teams, and many of the non-top teams, that these totals become like noise at this point and are significant only as much as they influence the regionals placements. (Oklahoma, for instance, needs to root for some movement from Michigan and Nebraska to avoid getting placed with both of those two.)

Still, on the topic of scores, the McKenzie Wofford 10—one that was inevitable but had also been inevitable for four years now—did finally happen and was hilariously missed by an Aunt Flo feed that cut out right then. Of course. For those behind the paywall, you can see it here. For those who aren’t, just imagine every other 9.950 bars routine you’ve seen Wofford do, and it’s exactly that, just a 10 this time. Actually, it’s maybe a little weaker in some of those cast handstands, which is typical of Career 10s. They’re never for the best set.

Taylor Houchin of Nebraska was a star in JO so it’s not entirely surprising how well she’s doing in NCAA, but it is still worth noting. Houchin went 39.650 in the AA, and the only event on which she didn’t hit 9.9 this week was on bars, with a 9.875 in the leadoff position on what was probably her cleanest routine of the four. It is the year of the freshman in NCAA, with most of the weekly leaderboards—especially in the AA—dominated by freshmen, but it hasn’t been entirely your Nichols, your Kocian, your Skinner, your Hundley. Edney, Dickson, and Houchin are right there with the rest of the group.

There was also that time Arkansas only had four floor workers and scored 185. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Arkansas also dropped out of the top 25 this week.

Unheralded stars of the week
Gymnasts from schools outside the top 25 who scored over 9.900

Majesta Valentine, West Chester – Floor, 9.925
Second 9.925 of the season, currently ranks 28th on floor and would be a challenger to make nationals as an event specialist if that didn’t require a ridiculous amount of luck.

Alecia Farina, Maryland – Floor, 9.925
Remember that time I had her on my fantasy team and then traded her? AH HA HA HA me too. (Although I traded her for Joslyn Goings, so that has worked out.)

Tyra McKellar, Towson – Floor, 9.925
A career 9.875er on bars and floor, it’s her first 9.925 ever on any event here in her junior season.

Kristi Hayashida, Seattle Pacific – Beam, 9.925
Seattle Pacific! It’s the team’s highest beam score in 16 years.

Kira Frederick, Michigan State – Floor, 9.925
This is her second career 9.925 on floor, from a meet that got Michigan State up to 39th and within striking distance of regionals. 

Sabrina Garcia, Penn State – Bars, 9.925
Celebrates the dawn of a new era with her fourth 9.9+ of the year.

Brittni Hawes, BYU – Bars, 9.925
Her second time on the list this season, following a 9.950 two weeks ago. Currently ranks 33rd on bars, tied with the likes of Dowell, Baker, Snead, Finnegan, and McMillan.

Rachel Stypinski, Kent State – Floor, 9.975 & Beam, 9.925
Every week. This time, gets a career-high 9.975 and does it at an away meet. Stypinski has hit 9.9+ on nine different routines this year.

Macey Hilliker, Central Michigan – Floor, 9.925
The obligatory 9.925 on floor for Central Michigan. It’s her third 9.925 of the season. Clements has two, and Pedrick one. No one has a 9.950 yet.

Meaghan Sievers, Iowa State – Vault, 9.925
So many! I’m going to have to start imposing a harsher standard for this list, although this is a rare entry for vault. It’s usually floor.

18 thoughts on “Week 8 Rankings, Notes, RQS Update”

  1. If you’re looking for a higher standard, maybe exclude teams that have been in the Top 25 in earlier weeks and/or preseason polls? Not sure how many of these that would exclude, but I think Iowa State was Top 25 at some point…

  2. Thank you for pointing out how meaningless the scores have become for the top teams. The overscoring has been both so rampant and so inconsistent in its intensity (some meets definitely seem crackier than others) that it seems there really is no use comparing scores of individual meets to assess performance, regardless of whether it’s comparing a meet from one team to a meet from another team or comparing one of a team’s meets to another one of that team’s meets. Obviously huge, multi-point differences in score indicate a difference in performance, but a 198.1 vs. a 197.7 (for example) may very well be solely the result of differing levels of overscoring. I really just want the post-season to arrive so we can cut the crap and actually evaluate the top teams on a somewhat reasonable, consistent level.

  3. Does anyone know why Kiana Winston didn’t compete this weekend? Resting? And Mollie Drenth from Iowa?
    fantasy gym problems!

    1. Apparently, Winston is being rested for a sore shoulder, presumably so she can be 100% come postseason. I don’t know if she’ll be back this week or not.

    1. Well, based upon the comments – and trust me – the observations of the scoring (completely absurd) She could have made a 45. I was horrified at some of the UCLA scores and the Oregon State scores. I know that there are others but that’s what I watched. Non vertical – hops, – wobbles – equal 9.90 or higher. Maybe everyone should sprinkle a little salt. I need to make time to watch some of the lower ranked schools and do a personal comparison on scoring. That will be my quest for next season. I have watched most of the schools in the top 15 or so and there is some over scoring at all of them. OK, FLA, UCLA the most benefited. I wish there was some oversight for the judges. If they are consistently “high” (that leave something to the imagination” they should be “counseled” and if it continues they should be gone. The integrity of the sport is disappearing. The use the term of they year – there should be some transparency. OK – totally off the subject – what is with all the butt crack leos this year. Holy Hannah, I expect some to split them in half. I must admit – my 15 year old grandson has been more willing to watch gymnastics with his old grandma this season – that could be the upside. Oh Well. These young ladies give me a great deal of joy to watch and I love that the teams are getting closer in talent. On to the post season

      1. If you do get a chance to look at the scoring of the lower ranked teams, please let us know your findings! I know I would love to get someone else’s impression on to what extent overscoring exists there.

  4. Kentucky has another home meet this weekend, so they won’t be able to drop that 195.850 until the following weekend when they are at Mizzou.

  5. Thank you for these comprehensive RQS updates and for taking the time to do them. I I’m also ready for post-season. Get these teams on the same floor with the same judges already and please judges, stop ignoring visible deductions.

  6. I kinda wish that Washington regional (Group of Death) would stay the same and be real – I know it won’t – because how fun and the nerves of the competitors and coaches will be frayed. Even Utah, who should be the one team guaranteed to come out of it with a nationals berth, isn’t completely assured of one given their tendency to have a disaster rotation at big competitions every now and then (beam).

    It would be a riot if Washington and Southern Utah came out with the NCAA berths. By riot I mean: A lot of fun for fans.

    1. Kind of a nasty comment. When I look at what would be “real” I think there are a lot of teams who have been gifted to a greater extent than Utah. I watch UCLA – Oklahoma – Florida – and they have had a cake walk this year. Hops, wobbles, more than 90 degree leg bobble/balances on beam multiple hops back on bars and still receive 9.0 and higher. This is the main reason for the ranking issues. Yes, Utah has received a fair number of questionable scores but look back at the Oregon meet – that was a travesty of underscoring for Utah and the best Christmas ever for Oregon St. That last floor routine was a positive joke for a 9.925. Large lunge forward on first pass and the turtle spin followed by a Rudi – that beat Skinner!! Really, if you want to pinpoint some wonky scores lets go down the list. Florida is the national poster child of over scoring this year. So maybe some nasty kharma could be sent their way. Or UCLA with their 9.90 bunny hop landings and leg lifts (which by the way are not part of the choreography). Utah seems to have been the whipping boy this year with very few positive comments being sent their way. My home team is in the sec and as much as I love my girls I am aware of the apparent flaws. I now wish Utah the absolute best – GO RED ROCKS!! with your depleted numbers this year I think you are amazing. Kari Welcome back – Sabrina and Kim – come back soon and stronger than ever and to Baley Rowe!!! thank you for years of smiles and class. Shannon – hang in there, I’m pulling for you.

      1. I didn’t see it as really an anti-Utah comment, just a more “yes let’s have a super close regional!!” comment. Utah was only directly pointed out because they’d be the top team at that regional and their history of messing up in those kind of situations would mean even they might not be safe.

      2. McMillan beat Skinner cause her routine was much cleaner. Why is this even being brought up again? Leave it alone.

  7. Okay – I sign at how really lazy I am – but can you link your excel RQS each week with your RQS update? Would make checking out the lower group actually doable for me – since no way am I going to manually update more than the top 6-8 … one of the faithful begs..

  8. I watched the UCLA vs Stanford a couple of weeks ago. It was exciting that Kocian and Lee both got perfect 10s. I noticed that while Kocian had a great routine her feet didn’t stick together on a couple of occasions. Lee came after that and did not have any issue with the feet gap. I think Lee deserved a 10 no matter what, but Kocian should probably have been 9.9? Perhaps her big skills compensate for the minor imperfection?

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