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The time is now. The day is here. People are finally going to be eliminated!

Saturday, April 1
Scores Watch
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – West Virginia Regional LINK LINK
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Florida Regional LINK SEC+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Arkansas Regional LINK SEC+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Illinois Regional LINK LINK – AA
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Nebraska Regional LINK LINK
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Washington Regional LINK LINK

For more details, check out the Regionals HQ.

The first two regionals to begin are supposed to be the most straightforward of the day, with Florida and Georgia expected to advance and Alabama and Michigan expected to advance, so in the first hour, eyes will be on seeing if those teams avoid disaster and whether Missouri is putting up the kind of early numbers that may challenge Georgia.

After the first hour, all hell breaks loose and we’re all going to miss everything. Here’s the composite schedule again:

Fair warning: there will be an interruption in the blogging toward the latter end of the day.

I tried printing out the schedule and highlighting the important rotations, which just ended up looking like a 7th grader’s history book. Dipped in highlighter. Worthless.

We’re supposed to be eased into the day. Nothing crazy is supposed to happen in the first rotation.

In the race to see who has it together with the live scores, the winners are everyone except Illinois and Washington. I’m not thrilled that Illinois has decided to put their scores on the same page as their individual video feeds so that to look at the scores, you also have to have five streams going. Ain’t nobody got bandwidth for that.

We’re nearly there now. Raise your hand if you can’t even.

Anthems in Florida. Periodic blank screen in West Virginia. Oh good.

Warmups in Florida. Periodic intros in West Virginia, but it keeps cutting in and out. (In Firefox. Doesn’t work at all in Chrome.)

Heehee. Jason Butts.

We’re ready to go in Florida.

Reynolds – VT – one of her good fulls, nearly a stick, small step, and then the usual amount of off line.

Boren is hitting bars? – short on DLO with a lunge forward, not her best dismount. You say she went over on a handstand? Must have missed the beginning.

Georgia is totally reinventing its vault lineup today. Reynolds first, Marino second.

Penn State opens with a hit on beam. Sure took a long time to give Reynodls a 9.825.

Marino – VT – strong 1.5, one of her best of the year – usual knees but just a small hop-salute, controlled landing.

Chant – UB – tkatchev, flattish but fine – bail – a little floppy but hits vertical – sticks tuck full.

Roberts vaulting for Dickson today. Not ideal.

So it’s a 9.425 for Boren. Thanks for letting me know she went over on a handstand.

Broussard – VT – small hop back on full – fine

Gowey – UB – Falls on opening Ray. Florida is counting a 9.425 from Boren now. BUM BUM BUM.

This is not devastating for Florida as yet. They have some margin for error, but it’s already getting real here. Missouri will be lip-licking.

Johnson – VT – good power, dynamics – medium-sized hop back.

Georgia staying comfortably 9.8 so far on vault, not big but what they need to do.

Snead – VT – solid 1.5, hop forward this time, but solid form and should be a good score. 9.950 is too high for that landing.

Baker appears to right things for Florida as of now with a stick on her double front.

Hundley – UB – toe shap to to pak, toe shap 1/2 is hit – one short handstand toward the end – solid full in. Getting the hits now.

Georgia 49.325 on vault. They’ll take that any day.

Tsang on beam – check on a switch side –

McMurtry – UB – solid Ray this time, one of her good ones – bail, clean – good counter on shoot to high – sticks tuck full. Florida is back.

Funk – VT – Michigan – a little flat but not a problem landing, just a step.

Brannan sticks a DLO for Alabama on bars.

McMurtry goes 9.950 so Florida is 48.975 on bars. They can work with that, but the margin to accept a beam fall is gone.

Zaziski – VT – Michigan –

Mahoney -UB – toe shap, solid – a little floppy in bail but comfortable – good final handstand – strong landing on tuck full. Good one.

“Hopefully this will be a fairly quick competition.” LOLOLOLOLOL.

Excellent landing from Zaziski on vault.

Morgan Lane goes 9.850 on floor, good start for her AA quest.

Artz – VT – full, fine – some piking, hop back.

Guerras – UB – hits jaeger – leg break on the bail – one hs – sticks DLO. Alabama starting comfortably.

It’s a 48.8 for UNC on floor and for Penn State on beam. Fine scores but nothing that’s going to be upset-level.

Koskinski on beam, hits loso series –

Jetter small hop on double front.

Chiarelli a comfortable landing on her full (so still not doing the 1.5)

Because we wouldn’t want to know what the scores are…

Winston – UB – awesome Ray – gorgeous pak as always – pretty vertical on her half turn on the low – sticks DLO. Excellent. Alabama doing the job.

Karas – VT – Michigan – big 1.5, pace forward, some knees – a little off line this time as well.

Bailey – UB – good jaeger – solid hs – a little hip angle in that bail – full out – hop back, but good.

McLean – VT – 1.5 – hop to the side this time and some knees.

We don’t have the scores in this one (THANKS SO MUCH), but Michigan and Alabama hit and didn’t do anything to jeopardize their qualification statuses through one.

Majesta Valentine hit a solid gienger on bars, just some foot form – really the main thing to take throughout – secure double tuck.

Doggette – BB – West Virginia – kickover front to bhs, a little slow in combination but secure – sheep jump to split, NCAA sheep – beat to sissone, short of position on some leaps – sticks gainer pike. WVU stuck in the 9.7s.

49.350 for Alabama on bars.

Stypinski – FX – strong DLO, high, chest up – controlled step back out of double pike – split leap 1.5 – 2.5 to front layout, struggles to pull around that loyout with an arch and a hop to the side.

Comport – BB – falls on her aerial walkover. NO NO NO NO. ” A little fall”

Big full in from Reimers for Bridgeport, short landing with lunge.

McLaughlin – BB – Florida – aerial to bhs, small hesitation in combination but that has never mattered – stag ring, secure – small lean on side aerial – step back on gainer full, but a useful hit.

Missouri first up on floor, solid landings, will get hit for some leaps – a litlte under-rotated on final 2.5, crossover step.

Hundley – BB – Florida – hits aerial well – some knees on loso series but again super secure – switch side – a little ragged on full turn – side aerial to a stuck full – some form things but did her job.

Gowey – BB – Florida – switch to split – two loso series, saves it with a minor leg-up wobble – aerial, smooth – full turn – hop back on gainer full.

First three Missouri floors have been a little too bouncy on landings but no major errors.

Holy crap, three more regionals are about to start. THIS is already too much.

Boren – BB – solid loso series – gainer loso, small lean – slide on gainer full – a little thing, but they’re not sticking their gainer fulls – that’s like the entire point of that dismount.

Schugel lamost all the way around on her 3/1, hop to the side – slide back out of double tuck –

McNeer struggling early on beam – check on aerial and on bhs after it, she did her best to keep it moving but more than a simple half tenth wobble on that bhs – loso series is much better – she’s working through it – sticks 1.5 dismount. Endured.

Mcmurtry just looked a little shaky on a full turn – sticks 2/1. Not a huge beam rotation for Florida but they’re doing enough so far.

A Sims – BB – Alabama – good extension on loso series and secure – switch to straddle 1/4, excellent obviously – double tuck with a  hop back.

It’s 49.225 for Florida on beam and 49.025 for Missouri on floor.

Childers – BB – Alabama – loso series, dances out of it – lovely full turn – split and sheep, secure

Winstanley’s gienger was a treat.

First rotation nearly up at the next set of regionals, with UCLA, Utah, and LSU on bars.

Alabama getting the 9.8s to erase the McNeer score, while GW and SUU are not getting the scores needed to truly challenge here on their first events.

Florida not in an ideal position after the bars problems but still comfortable enough that hit floor and vault should see them through. Floor is typically Missouri’s high scoring event, so while 49.025 is fine, it needed to be higher.

Alabama will be counting a 9.650 from Winston now on beam.

Intros elsewhere.

Georgia’s bars is underway with 9.800 from Reynolds.

Alabama escapes beam with 49.000. Still fine shape.

Johnson – UB – Georgia – a short hs early, and falls on her gienger. It’s always a little scary but she had been hitting this year. good shape on DLO with a hop, but three pretty huge routines coming up now.

Ward – VT – Missouri – solid on the Omelianchik but not one of her biggest, has to take a medium step back to control it.

Snead – UB – Georgia – clear hip to tkatchev, hit – solid bail – big high DLO, pretty and controlled. Necessary. One down, two to go.

SUU overcame some early low scores for a 49.125 on floor to stay in this.

Dickson – UB – Ray, nice and high – short on a handstand – hits her bail – struggling tight on the casts – but another stick on DLO – good.

Schick – UB – catches piked jaeger – a little floppy on bail but fine – hop back, fairly large, on DLO but another hit. Georgia avoids the scare and avoids giving Missouri an opening.

Georgia up .425 on Missouri at the halfway point. Florida up just .100 but with better-scoring events to come, so it’s not a nervous time. Yet.

“Madison Kochain” “Kayla Ross”

Meraz – UB – UCLA – solid Ray – toe on – crazy legs on the bail, more than usual – step back on DLO. OK, but gave away too much in the bail legs.

Boise State with a couple 9.800s so far on vault. LSU fine through first two bars routines

Honest – UB – hits tkatchev – comfortable straddle back – some shrot handstands, and the feet – flings out tuck full the usual amount, small hop. Fine.

Gill 9.700 for Oregon State on vault.

Iowa State already counting a fall on beam.

Michigan huge on bars for 49.450, so everything looks fine there so far.

Savvidou – UB – short first hs – solid piked jaeger – clean bail – hesitation stepping up to hgih but small – sticks her cowboy double tuck.

Lower early vault scores for Oregon State. None of the first three hit 9.8. I only have the bars feed open for that one right now. Realistic?

Kocian – UB – nice shap to pak, comfortable – hits shap 1/2 – some tight handstands and some moments of Kocian legs – sticks tuck full – there’s that stick – saving it for the postseason I guess.

Skinner sticks bars dismount with a lean.

It’s a 48.950 for Boise State on vault. Consider the door open for Nebraska.

Vega BB – Georgia – second half – hit side somi – leaps look OK – full turn –

Ross – Clean though shap and bail – hitting hs – step back on DLO this time – and of course she doesn’t stick this one.

9.800 for Vega on beam.

9.800 for Reinstadler on bars.

Sanders – BB – Georgia – hits loso well, small lean – pulls out that standing front tuck, ssuper deep but just a lean working out of it.

Peng – UB – strong Ray – catches Bhardwaj well, good hs – strong shap 1/2 – nailing hs – stick or near stick on DLO, one of her good ones.

Lewis – Ub – Utah – clean bail, legs together throughout – one short final hs – hop back DLO –

Denver ends vault with a  mostly-stick – not the biggest but controlled that landing.

UCLA 49.425 it looks like on bars. Far cry from Pac-12s. They’ll take it. Oregon State stuck in the 49.0s after vault, more vulnerable.

49.225 for Denver on vault. Good start.

Broussard – BB – Georgia – feet on loso series but secure – strong side aerial – bounce in place on gainer full.

Minnesota 48.875 on floor. Needed more to be a spoiler here

K Lee – UB – Utah – good piked jaeger – like Lewis, a little tight on that final hadnstand – step on tuck full.

Boren – FX – Florida – good big full in,just a touch of lack of control – 1.5 to layout, hit – very secure double tuck. Florida sailing now.

Babalis – BB – Georgia – large break on aerial, bend at hips – redoes it and gets the connection in loso – switch to split – small keck on kickover front – 5th hit. May have just closed out Missouri with that. Not over yet though.

49,075 for Arkansas on beam is nice. Stays at least somewhat close to Utah and Denver in the 49.2s.

Baker – FX – Florida – excellent Dos Santos but probably will get hit for a slide – great double tuck, chest up and controlled – one of her stronger ones

Schick – Bb – Georgia – check on aerial connecting to traddle 1/4 – good switch to beat – moments slightly ragged – nice side aerial – weird gainer full with a lean forward but another hit.

Karas and Zaziski hit beam for 9.850 for Michigan.

Georgia and Florida both in the 147.6s after three. Missouri’s chances dwindling dramatically now.

Cal is heading to floor now. Utah and Denver both start with 49.2s, so Cal needs at least to stay with on floor.

Gerber – BB – wolf turn is hit – I almost said “nice wolf turn” and then washed my mouth out with soap – aeiral to split, well done – lean correction on loso series – switch and split – weirdly weak landing on gainer full with a lunge forward, but they start with a hit.

Mossett – BB – UCLA – full turn – split jump to split ring jump, very secure – strong loso series as well – side somi to layout full – pretends a stick but it wasn’t, step-salute.

Stover – BB – Utah – second half, switch and split – really pauses after that aerial to make sure she connects into the bhs, but she’ll get credit – and we’ve cut away. FUN.

Kocian – BB – UCLA – aerial to sheep, fine – large break on the loso series, bend at the hips – UCLA tight so far on beam, needed that bars edge they got – switch to split is excellent – short on 2/1 with a hop forward.

Merrell – BB – Utah – tight on a split jump position – large break on her series but stays on – just wobbly in a lot of places – gets away with a 9.700 there.

Ross – BB – UCLA – strong loso series, secure – switch ring to beat, pretty – full turn – aerial, clean – side aerial to full, stuck – that’s more like it.

LSU has a fall on beam from Ewing.

CMU has a fall on vault.

Reinstadtler – BB goes through smoothly, should be a useful score. Does give away too much with a hop on a gainer full – theme of the day.

Peng – BB – UCLA – flares excellent as always – lovely switch – nails layout series this time – larger check on double turn, bend at hips – punch front looked strong, small lean working out – sticks front full dismount. Will still be an OK score.

It’s a 9.650 for Edney on beam. Will have to count.

Skinner – BB – finishes with her double tuck, a little short this time with a hop forward.

Robinson – FX – Cal – fine double arabian, but a bound forward – 1.5 to layout with a lunge, just need a little more landing control.

Delay on the Peng beam score. Presumably discussing the rules of the Peng Bonus.

Huge 49.375 to start on bars for Auburn. It just. Got. Interesting.

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – check on layout series but holds it – switch to split looks good – comfortable aerial – crappp, missed her foot on the dismount like last year. First thing she does is grab her sternum, but looks like she’s fine. Not dangerous like last time. Just a fall. It does mean UCLA is counting all those 9.750s though and has opened the door a little.

Rowe – BB – Utah – smooth full turn – sticks 1.5 dismount.

Draghi on floor with good control on her opening double tuck, chest up – lay to front full, good height, small lunge – slide back on rudi but still best of rotation so far.

McNatt on beam – WHAT WORLD IS THIS – didn’t she like die on vault two weeks ago? – finishes with a stuck gainer full.

49.025 on beam for UCLA. They can endure it, but they’ve let other teams back it.

EMU hurt itself with that 48.5 on beam, and Illinois and Iowa would have like more than 49.0 on bars and floor respectively, but they’re right in it with Oregon State right now. That one is still very much live. And UCLA has to hit floor and vault, which is not a given.

Florida finishes 197.125 and is safe.

Georgia leads Missouri by .375 going to floor, while Missouri is on beam, so big advantage to Georgia there.

It’s a 48.900 for Nebraska on floor after Lambert’s 9.575, so they’re tied with BSU after one, and Minnesota and Arizona are still right in it.

LSU gets through beam with 49.1, which will still be fine because of the other scores.

Cal just 49.000 on floor, passed by Auburn and Denver so far. Big rotation on beam coming up for Auburn to see if they’re in this. Everyone is over 49 pace except Central Michigan right now. Not much in it.

Oregon State to bars, Illinois to beam, and Iowa to vault, they’re all very close now. Important scores particularly for Illinois and Oregon State, since those can be huge events.

Williams on vault for Nebraska, good control on landing the full.

Schweihofer – VT – Nebraska – sticks her full, lean forward and legs apart –

Collantes – BSU – UB – good jaeger – small amount of angle on the bail – short hs – sticks DLO. Nice.

I just heard “unparallel bars” you guys. I can’t.

Rough vault rotation for Alabama (weird) ends with 196.625. Likely too much for SUU to hope to catch, but they will at least have a hope going to beam.

Roe – BB – Illinois – step back for 1.5. Hodan opened with 9.850.

Gallarzo starts vault for Cal with hop forward on y 1/2

Hlawek on beam – some leg form on loso series and small lean – kickover to beat jump, solid – sticks 1.5. They’ll take it.

Jacobsen on bars for Oregon State – – full to tkatchev is nice – a little angle on that bail – hits final handstand – very forward on DLO with a lunge.

Heads up: Southern Utah needs 49.325 on beam in final rotation to catch Alabama.

McMillan – Ub – strong jaeger – small hop on DLO.

Auburn stuck in the 9.800s early on beam. They need more from the last three.

Palomares – VT – Cal – small hop back on full.

Nebraska and Boise State keep matching each other. 49.250s each in the second event.

Richardson – VT – Cal – hop back on tsuk full but OK.

Pretty side aerial from Engler on beam – gainer full hop back.

It’s just a 48.850 for Oregon State on bars. Illinois in control after two events.

Denver will be ahead of Utah after two –

Krippner finishes beam for Auburn with a side aerial to stuck full.

The SUU beam rotation with start with Jorgensen – BB – smooth loso series – video falling out –

Denver – 98.575
Utah – 98.450
Auburn – 98.375
Arkansas 98.300
Cal – 97.975
CMU 97.850

Just 9.725 for Jorgensen.

Yee – BB – Strong kickover front – hitting her leap positions well – aerial with a large break and a fall. Well, after the 9.725, there basically goes the chance to catch Alabama.

Qualification has officially wrapped up in Florida. Florida and Georgia will advance to nationals.

Morgan Lane fell on beam and will miss an AA spot by five tenths. Looks like AA spots are going to Tsang and Garcia for Penn State right now.

Oregon State has a lot of work to do against Illinois but will welcome the final rotation situation (floor v vault)

West Virginia will end up being the one to get closest to Alabama, but the deficit was too large heading to bars. It will be Michigan and Alabama as long as Michigan gets one more hit floor. And they get it. Michigan will win the regional comfortably.

utah starting with Roberts on floor – good double pike – chest down on second pass but secure –

Large check for Denver in first spot on beam – finishes stuck gainer pike.

Some solid vaults for Arkansas early, just some hops back.

Stick from Elswick on vault, chest but great landing

McGlone – VT – small slide back on full – this is pretty much as well as I’ve seen Arkansas vault this year.

Speed – VT – Ark – sticks her full, great open, chest up, just legs apart on landing.

Arkansas hitting as well as they possibly could, just a matter of if they have the routines.

Merrell in on floor instead of Lee for Utah. good front full to front pike second pass. Rudi to straddle jump.

Denver hitting into the 9.8s on beam as needed. Utah getting the scores on floor.

Lewis – FX – Utah – slide back on double pike – controlled front lay to front full –

Preston has a fall on floor for UCLA. It’s real now.

Maddie Karr sticks her 1.5 off beam. 49.225 there for Denver keeps them on track going to floor. Denver and Utah starting to run away in this rotation.

Boise State is able to drop a fall from Stockwell on beam and score 49.050. That’s the mark Nebraska will look to beat on bars, which should be very doable for them.

Oregon State with a much-needed 49.250 on beam. That’s more like it.

Solid double double from Skinner. Just a touch short on her full in landing this time, but Utah was close with a bunch of team and will move into the lead with this I’d imagine.

Auburn needs a huge floor rotation coming up.

UCLA avoids counting the fall from Preston with a Mossett hit for 9.850. UCLA in very comfortable position heading to vault. No need to vault Kramer here, since a hit rotation of any stripe will do it.

Illinois only needs 48.875 on floor to catch Oregon State for the moment, but they’ll need a lot more than that to hope to stay ahead at the end.

Big bars rotation coming up here for Nebraska as well.

And SEATTLE is starting. Lord and butter. This can’t go on.

This Nebraska stream is such physical and emotional turmoil, but the meet is REALLY close for second. LSU is running away with it, obviously.

Minnesota isn’t all that far back heading to beam. If this were last year, they’d be in it.

Here’s our interruption, guys. Sorry.

OK back! Washington qualifying. Iowa almost catching Oregon State! Exciting!

We were doing a GymCastic experiment of what it would be like if we did commentary along with meets. Work in progress but fun and maybe something to look for in the future.

So, we ended up with all of our favored seeds going through except our two hosts at #13 and #14, which can’t really be considered upsets because they were so close to their #2 seeds and were at homne. But it sure did get close in quite a few places.

Phew, Ebee Price in under the buzzer to make nationals for bars with 9.975.

We actually had quite a few people make it for individual events, mostly from the Arkansas regional, which is exciting.

So, at nationals, one semifinal will be Oklahoma, UCLA, Utah, Washington, Oregon State, Denver. The other will be LSU, Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Nebraska.

Individual AA qualifiers are
Zaakira Muhammad, West Virginia
Cami Drouin-Allaire, George Washington
Briannah Tsang, Penn State
Sabrina Garcia, Penn State
Katie Becker, Auburn
Jessica Yamzon, Arkansas
Angel Metcalf, Iowa
Alexis Mattern, Ohio State
Haylee Young, Iowa State
Shani Remme, Boise State
Alex Hyland, Kentucky
Mollie Korth, Kentucky

Individual event qualifiers are
Chelsea Raineri, George Washington, vault
Denelle Pedrick, Central Michigan, vault
Braie Speed, Arkansas, vault
Samantha Cerio, Auburn, bars
Katy Clements, Central Michigan, beam
Desiree Palomares, Cal, vault
Clair Kaji, Iowa, beam
Elizabeth Price, Stanford, bars

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